TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 228


C 228

Rimmer was scorched black, and Sheryl threw the fallen elf into a corner before walking up to Glenn.

“My lord, were you really making that expression earlier because you were trying to hold back your smile?”

Glenn simply frowned without answering and stretched out his arm.


Lightning appeared from the ceiling and fell on Rimmer’s shoulder on the ground.


Although Rimmer was almost unconscious, he screamed and instinctively stood up.

“Why? Why me…?”

He couldn’t even properly complain, slamming his head on the ground once again.

“Because you started this.”

Glenn clenched his fist, showing his disappointment that he couldn’t beat him up anymore.

“My lord.”

Sheryl closed her eyes and took another step towards him.

“I understood why my lord asked me to bring Raon on a mission.”

She opened her eyes while smiling faintly.

“At first, I thought he was just a lucky boy blessed with heavenly talents, but that wasn’t the case at all. He focused on his training whenever he had time, even during the mission. Even though no swordsman in Zieghart takes their training lightly, I’ve never seen anyone work as hard as Raon.”

At the smallest breaks he could find, Raon practiced his sword or started meditating. Sheryl had witnessed countless swordsmen before, but it was her first time seeing someone as obsessed with training as Raon.

“I thought he had a cold-hearted personality from his appearance, but he actually watches everyone in detail despite his lack of expression. I took a liking to him during the short time we’ve been together, and I ended up looking after him in various ways.”

Sheryl’s voice was filled with her affection towards Raon.

“I understand why that idiot called him the future head of house, and why he is special to my lord as well. It was really interesting to watch him.”

“Ahem. I see.”

Glenn cleared his throat and slightly raised his chin. The corners of his mouth that he’d been suppressing started to rise.

“That boy has the potential to become a great swordsman and a great leader. I’m also going to watch him closely from now on.”

“That’s up to you.”

He rested his chin on his hands, pretending he didn’t care about it, but the corners of his mouth were rising to break through the stratosphere.

“Ah, by the way.”

Sheryl frowned, looking up at Glenn.

“Raon is apparently planning to see the Gambling Monster.”

“Gambling Monster? Why would he do that?”

“I think he wants to visit him because he found out how that idiot lost all his money.”

She pointed at Rimmer, who was panting in a corner.

“I was wondering why you became dirt poor again. It was because of gambling?”

“I-It was really close this time.”

Rimmer scratched his head while trying to see if Glenn was angry.

“I would’ve won everything if I got that last card, but I missed that one…”


Sheryl sighed and shook her head.

“Isn’t it about time you stopped?”

Glenn furrowed his brows. He looked different from the other times he scolded him.

“I don’t think that’s what everyone wanted from you.”

“This is the only method I know.”

Rimmer smiled bitterly and shrugged.


Glenn sighed briefly and turned his head.

“Putting aside that idiot, why is Raon going to visit the Gambling Monster?”

“Since he smiled after mentioning the Promise of Three, I’m pretty sure he is planning to win back the money that gambling addict lost.”

Sheryl told him about the conversation they had with Raon a moment ago.

“We need to be careful, since the Gambling Monster isn’t a Zieghart anymore, even though he’s still affiliated with Zieghart. Shall I stop him?”

“That’s not necessary.”

Glenn slowly shook his head.

“He needs to experience a defeat coming from his mistake. Leave him alone.”


Sheryl stepped back without arguing with him.


“Uh? Uuh?”

Glenn stretched his arm, and Rimmer floated in the air even though he was trying to leave the audience chamber without making any noise.

“Why are you doing this to me…?”

“Because you are the one who taught Raon about that useless gambling.”

“I said this before, but I’ve never done that! It’s true!”

“Who else would’ve taught him about gambling if it wasn’t you?”

“No, but I said I didn’t because I really didn’t… Kuaah!”

Rimmer’s voice as he tried to prove his innocence from the false accusations was buried in the ground by thunder.


Glenn removed the grimace from his face and waved at Roenn, who was watching them with a smile on his face.

“Yes, my lord.”

“About what you mentioned earlier.”

“Which one…?”

“About how you would’ve spread the rumor everywhere if Raon was your grandson, you know.”

“Ah, yes.”

Roenn nodded.

“Just like you said before, how about we spread Raon’s story a bit more? I mean, it’s not exactly because of Raon, but in order to raise our house’s reputation as the place where the youngest Master has been born. Hmm, that’s right. We are doing it for the house.”

Glenn was maintaining his cold-hearted facade like always, but his voice was trembling slightly, which only the closest people to him would notice.

“We could promote our house. That sounds rather good. I’ll take care of it.”

“I also agree it’s a pretty good idea.”

Roenn nodded with a smile, and Sheryl smiled faintly.

“N-No, rather than that…”

Rimmer stood up while breathing heavily.

“Forget about promotion or whatever, and just show how much you cherish Raon on the outside! I mean, you don’t even need to promote him. You just need to hug your grandson tightly as a grandfather and tell him, ‘Good job, Raon. My beloved grandson!’. What’s so hard about i—Kyagh!”

He got hit by crimson lightning that emerged from above and below at the same time, then rolled on the ground.


Black smoke was rising from his body and clothes.

“You need to take more time to think when it comes to suggesting something like that.”

Sheryl shook her head while looking at Rimmer, who was still alive after getting hit by the lightning four times in total.



* * *


Raon went past the annex building’s garden with Yulius. Yulius’s hands started to shake slightly once they got close to the annex building.

‘He must be nervous.’

Since he was about to settle down in a new place after leaving his hometown, Raon could completely understand why Yulius was trembling nervously. He remembered that Yua was similar to him when he brought her there before.

“Don’t be so nervous. They are all nice people.”

“Yes, I see.”

Yulius took a deep breath and nodded.

“Ah, there’s a child there who is the same age as you.”

“Did you just say that they are the same age as me?”

Yulius’s eyes sparkled upon hearing that she was the same age. He must’ve felt rivalry towards her.

“Yes, I hope you get along.”

Raon chuckled, then opened the annex building’s door.


Yua’s eyes widened. She was carrying a food tray with a beret on her head.

“Young master!”

Yua came running to him while carrying the food tray, which had a freshly cooked pie on it.

“You’ve finally returned!”

The twin tails flowing down from her hat fluttered like a butterfly in the wind.

“How have you been?”

“Great, of course!”

Yua nodded far more cheerfully than before.

“We’ve been preparing food with everyone because we heard you were back. Please wash yourself quickly and join us, since it’s almost done.”


“But, erm…”

Raon nodded, and as he was about to leave for the washing room, Yua tilted her head while looking at Yulius.

“He’s going to be staying with us from now on. Since he is the same age as you, please get along with each other.”

“Same age? Wow! My name is Yua. Nice to meet you!”

Yua smiled cheerfully, tilting her head slightly. Even though she was carrying a food tray, she greeted him as kindly as possible.

“I’m Yulius Porzan.”

Even though she was introduced as being the same age as him, he bowed politely.

“You should also wash yourself quickly and come to the table!”

Yua smiled gently and ran towards the kitchen.

“Is she the one that you mentioned earlier?”


A sense of relief could be seen on Yulius’s serious face.

“She’s a warrior.”


“She’s only recently started, but she is currently walking the path of warrior. And just like you, she was targeted by Eden because of her talent.”


Yulius’ jaw dropped. His eyes burned with passion, showing that his rivalry had returned to him.


“Young master!”

Sylvia and the maids came running out of the kitchen and the dining room. Yua must’ve told them about Raon’s return.

“M-My son, you look so much thinner than before! Are your injuries completely healed? Tell me!”

“I’m sure you went around without having proper meals like always! Hey, girls!”

“Yes! We will prepare the food immediately!”

Sylvia sniffled while touching his face, and Helen bit her lip while holding his hand. The other maids also sighed bitterly as they ran back to the dining room.

Raon smiled faintly while watching everyone’s reaction.

‘They are always the same.’

Sylvia and Helen hadn’t changed in the slightest, even though he’d become a Master. They were more worried about his well-being and his injuries than the fact that he’d slain the demons of Eden. Raon could feel comfort in his heart.

“I’m completely healed. I’m okay now.”

Raon tightened his grip and nodded.

“I just grew taller, not thinner. Don’t worry about it.”

“Are you sure?”




Sylvia had to confirm three times before she breathed out a sigh of relief.

“By the way, who is this boy…?”

Her eyes widened upon seeing Yulius, who was standing on Raon’s right.

“He’s going to live with us from now on. What happened in Retran was…”

Raon briefly told her Yulius’ story.

“Those demonic guys did it again…”

Sylvia bit her lips and leaned forward to meet Yulius’ eyes.

“Welcome. Monsters won’t attack you anymore.”

“No, since I’m aspiring to be a warrior, I need to be prepared to fight whenever and wherever…”

“Don’t worry.”

Sylvia hugged Yulius tightly while he was shaking his head.

‘Did she remember that again?’

Because Sylvia had lost her husband and her daughter to the demons of Eden, she despised Eden and feared them at the same time. The turbulent emotions she was showing must’ve been because she remembered those memories.

“Ugh, wh-why are you doing this…?”

Yulius was confused, but he was enduring it while biting his lips tightly. He apparently didn’t dislike the warmth that came from the bottom of her heart. Even though he had been suppressing his emotions, he was still a kid. It must’ve been hard for him.

Raon smiled gently at Yulius, whose face was turned completely red in embarrassment.

“Welcome to Zieghart’s annex building.”

Raon entered the dining room after washing himself.

Dishes filled the long and rectangular table, and the maids were standing behind the chairs with a smile.

A moment later, Helen, Yua, and Silvia brought out a pot filled with a white stew and placed it on the table.

“Sit down, everyone.”

Sylvia signaled, and Raon and the maids sat in their respective seats.

“To commemorate Raon’s return today, and Raon becoming a Master! And Raon becoming a hero, and Raon being awarded a golden tablet, and Raon gaining the title Frostfire Sword of Valor…”


Sylvia finally stopped once Raon frowned and shook his head.

“Ah, alright. Let’s stop there.”

Sylvia smiled brightly and clapped her hands.

“Since everyone must be hungry, before you eat! Give a round of applause for Raon, who became the youngest Master!”



“I knew Sir Raon could do it!”

“That’s right! You’ve been working so hard!”

Helen and the maids applauded for him with smiles on their faces, congratulating him.

Raon met everyone’s gaze and smiled.

‘This feels so much better.’

Their heartfelt applause was making him feel so much warmer and more comfortable when compared to him dealing with the swindlers who only pretended to applaud him while talking behind his back.

“Let’s start eating before it gets cold!”

Before starting to dig in her own dish, Sylvia scooped a bowl of stew and placed it in front of Raon.

“This stew is a new recipe. We’ve used lots of beef, vegetables, and fruits in it!”

Ooh! My mouth is watering already just from listening to her!

Wrath splashed on the bracelet like a carp.

Eat it already! Lead the King of Essence to the new land of taste!

Wrath majestically declared, as if they were going to war, and Raon pushed him away before grabbing the bowl.

“Thank you.”

He nodded at Sylvia and put a spoonful of the stew in his mouth.

It was such a mysterious taste, filled with the concentrated flavor of beef at first, with the salty softness of stew following it. The fruit’s delicate and sweet flavor marked the end.

Haa, the three tastes are stirring the tongue in harmony. What an amazing piece of art.


Raon nodded. He thought it wouldn’t be that good because fruits were used as ingredients, but it was perfectly harmonizing with other ingredients as if it were all calculated.

And it doesn’t stray away from the basics either. The new flavors are properly incorporated in this heartfelt dish. The King of Essence likes it.

Wrath nodded in satisfaction.

Nothing beats a meal from home.


Raon fell speechless as he stared at Wrath.

‘Devildom is your home, though.’


* * *


How nice.

After finishing the meal, Raon returned to the room with Wrath, who was patting his stomach. While he was unpacking his bag, he could hear three knocks.


Judiel opened the door without responding and entered, bowing at him.

“Did anything happen?”

“Nothing happened until recently, but…”

Judiel briefly licked her lips and continued.

“I’ve received an order from the Central Martial Palace to check whether Sir Raon had any noticeable injuries or is suffering from any aftereffects.”


Raon snickered. He had the thought that Karoon really didn’t change.

“How shall I deal with it?”

“Don’t do anything for now. He will suspect you if you reply immediately.”


Judiel immediately nodded. She was apparently thinking the same thing.

“I have a request.”

“I’m listening.”

“Can you investigate the Gambling Monster?”

“Are you talking about the Gambling Monster of the famous Gambling Monster’s Promise of Three?”


Raon nodded after placing the unloaded bag aside.

“Apparently, the squad leader hasn’t been losing all of his money in gambling house to an ordinary gambler, but to the Gambling Monster. I shall take my money back, in that case.”

I’m telling you, it’s not your money.

Wrath shook his head and corrected his statement.

“Understood. It will take some time, since he was only active in the past, but I’ll look for the newest information as much as possible.”

Judiel left the room after giving a reliable response.

What is the Gambling Monster that you’ve been talking about?

‘He’s an old man who likes gambling, drinking, and fighting.’

Raon smiled faintly and sat on the bed.

“Wrath, are you in a good mood?”

Hmm, kinda. I’ll feel even better if you have a good rest now.

“Don’t you want some ice cream?”

I do! I really want an ice cream, probably because we just finished eating!

Wrath immediately nodded, his tongue sticking out of his mouth slightly.

Raon grinned while enjoying his reaction.

“Then I have a job for you.”


* * *


The next day, Raon brought Yua and Yulius to the garden managed by Roenn.

“Sir Roenn!”

Yua must’ve gotten a lot closer to him in the time Raon was gone, since she ran towards him while waving her hand. Meanwhile, Yulius awkwardly followed behind Raon.

“The vice-squad leader is also here today.”

Roenn smiled gently at Raon after grabbing Yua’s hand.

“I wanted to see how much Yua has learned. And…”

Raon gave a small push on Yulius’s back to send him forward.

“I taught him the basic postures on our way back, but I’d like to entrust him to you as well, since he needs a good teacher.”

“Huhu, it’s not a bad idea to have them learn together, since they are almost the same age.”

Roenn nodded while looking back and forth between Yua and Yulius.

‘He understands quickly, like always.’

He must’ve also figured that it would be a good idea to grow a rivalry between Yua and Yulius.

“Then let’s warm up before we start.”

Roenn turned his wrists and ankles to demonstrate. It was a warmup exercise that started with a small motion that gradually became bigger in order to warm up the entire body.

“What did Sir Yulius learn from Sir Raon?”

“I’ve learned the basic postures of martial arts. I’ve learned the waiting posture, the three basic postures, and training methods like the horse-riding stance.”

Yulius told him about the basics he’d learned on the way, one after the other.

“I see.”

Roenn calmly examined Yulius and nodded.

“In that case, you should start with running.”


“This garden is good for running, since the ground is soft. How about running ten laps as a start?”


Yulius stared at Roenn with round eyes before biting his lip.


He got himself ready and started running around the garden.

“Hmm. Surprisingly, he didn’t refuse.”

Roenn shrugged, saying that he didn’t expect him to do that.

“He acknowledged you.”

Raon smiled faintly while looking at Yulius’ back as he ran.


“He said he only listens to those he has acknowledged. He must be following your orders because he has acknowledged you, Sir Roenn.”

“That’s interesting.”

Roenn watched Yulius until he disappeared between the bushes, then turned his head.

“We should also get started.”


Yua followed Roenn to the center of the garden.

“Sounds can be heard from everything in the world. The wind brushing past your head, this beautiful and lively flower, and even the sword made from tempering steel create sounds.”

“Yes! I know.”

Yua pricked her twin tails like a rabbit.

“It’s fine to enjoy nature’s sound as-is, but people like us can make that sound even more enjoyable to the ears.”

Roenn raised his left and right hand at the same time and clapped lightly.


The moment the clear clapping sound spread throughout the garden, Raon’s mind was refreshed as if he was enjoying a cool wind, and the fatigue and drowsiness from the trip disappeared in an instant.

“Wow! It’s so cool!”

Yua jumped on the spot and nodded. She must’ve felt the same thing.

“I created the sound earlier by incorporating a special method to clear your mind into the atmosphere’s mana.”

Roenn smiled gently.


Raon’s jaw dropped. He knew about the existence of a martial art utilizing sound, but he never expected a single clap of the hands could make him feel like he’d been meditating.

“Sir Roenn.”

Raon raised his hand.

“Contrary to the sound just now, is it possible to ki… I mean, attack the opponent with a single clap?”

He was about to say kill, but he changed the word once he realized Yua was listening.

“Of course you can.”

Roenn turned around with a scary smile on his face.

“Do you want to try experiencing it?”


Raon nodded. He resonated the Ring of Fire and focused on Roenn.

“In that case…”

Roenn spread his hands a bit wider before clapping them. The aura in his energy center engulfed the atmosphere and created a ferocious wave.


Since Raon didn’t take any countermeasures in order to properly feel its effect, his body froze up as if it were paralyzed alongside an intense tinnitus, and he felt nauseous.

‘It’s done by spreading aura into the atmosphere through the clapping sound.’

The martial art of sound, capable of both awakening and harming the mind, was pretty much the same as swordsmanship. It just consisted of incorporating aura into the produced sound to attack or encourage the target.

‘I’m not sure about the principles, but I think I can somewhat copy him.’

Since he was resonating the Ring of Fire and Roenn’s demonstration was really clear, he had the feeling that he could copy the ferocious clapping he’d witnessed.

‘I can use sword resonance instead of clapping.’

The sound coming from the friction upon drawing the sword and the vibration of sword resonance, which was the sword’s howl, could be used to imitate it.

“The young master really knows how to learn.”

Roenn smiled pleasantly, since he wasn’t expecting Raon to take on the attack without using his aura.

“Can I give it a try?”

“The technique I showed you just now?”


“Of course. Go ahead.”

Roenn nodded while spreading his legs shoulder’s width apart in anticipation.

“Yua, come behind me.”

“Ah, yes.”

Raon sent Yua behind him, then checked Yulius’s position. After confirming that he wouldn’t be damaging those two, he grabbed Heavenly Drive by its hilt.

‘The key point is almost the same.’

There wasn’t a big difference between swordsmanship and the martial art of sound. The important part was how quickly he could properly incorporate his aura into the sound.

“I’m starting now.”

The moment crimson light flashed in Raon’s eyes, Heavenly Drive howled while baring its silver teeth.

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