TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 221



[A random trait of ‘Wrath’ is being generated.]


Raon narrowed his eyes as he looked at the message.

‘It was a trait.’

He didn’t realize since he’d accepted the bet without even checking the rewards, but Wrath had apparently wagered a trait as reward.

‘The title ‘Monarch of Devildom’ suits him at a time like this.’

As a demon king, Wrath never lied or scammed during bets. He was similar to Glenn in that aspect, since he gave away what he needed to, no matter how much he disliked Raon.

‘A trait is pretty good.’

Wrath’s trait ‘Perception of the Snow Flower’ had allowed him to avert crises and gain opportunities countless times in the past. Raon gulped nervously, hoping for a good trait to appear once again.


[The ‘Evil Eye of Wrath’ has been chosen.]


[The ‘Evil Eye of Wrath (One-Star)’ has been added to traits.]


Raon had never heard of the Evil Eye that was created. He couldn’t even begin to guess what kind of trait it was from the name.


Wrath briefly gasped upon reading the message.

‘It must be a good trait.’

Considering the fact that he was reacting even more violently than when he obtained the Perception of the Snow Flower, it must’ve been a pretty good trait.

‘Let’s see.’

He pressed the message to check the trait’s abilities.


Evil Eye of Wrath (One-Star)

You can see even more.


Raon frowned upon reading the message.

‘I knew it…’

The explanation was so simple that he had no idea what kind of ability it was. He remembered asking Wrath about the Perception of the Snow Flower because there was no explanation about it at all.

‘What kind of trait is this?’

Hmph! Why would the King of Essence explain it to you?

Wrath snorted, having no intention of helping him.

The King of Essence has nothing to teach to the scammer who keeps stealing away the King of Essence’s power and abilities, one after the other!

‘Why am I a scammer?’

You used an urgent situation to scam…

‘I did suggest a trade, but who do you think suggested a bet?’

Th-The King of Essence did…

‘And who set the conditions for the bet?’

Th-The King of Essence did that, as well…

‘Then why am I the scammer here? I only accepted the conditions of a bet that you created.’


Raon cheerfully smiled at him, and Wrath fell speechless, his shoulders trembling.

‘Moreover, I’m not even stealing from you. The stats are just flowing into me while I’m not doing anything. Shall I throw them away? Would you throw them away if you were in my place?’

Damn it! This demon’s life is doomed!

Wrath scowled and quickly looked away.

‘So, what kind of ability is this?’


He wasn’t even responding because of his grudge.

‘I’m not sure if it’s going to work, but I guess it’s worth trying.’

Raon slowly opened his mouth while looking at Wrath’s smooth head.

‘I’ll add one more specialty dish.’


Wrath’s round tail started wagging very slightly.

‘I’ll add two specialty dishes.’


His head looked like it would turn around with one more push.

‘And I’ll order two more desserts that you want!’


Wrath turned around with his eyes wide.


The irritation filling his blue eyes had completely disappeared. His desire for food was the only thing that remained.

‘He really is too easy…’

Was he really a demon king?


* * *


In short, this ability allows you to see what you couldn’t see before.

Wrath narrowed his eyes slightly while pointing at the Evil Eye of Wrath.

‘See what I couldn’t see before?’

One-Star should only slightly increase your eyesight or allow you to see through things. The effect should gradually increase each time it levels up and will allow you to see more.

‘It allows me to see through things and grants enhanced vision…’

Raon licked his lips. Although the aura perception had been mostly replacing his five senses recently, having better vision or being capable of seeing through things wasn’t exactly bad. How one used the ability was more important than the ability itself, anyway.

‘It’s not bad.’

Raon liked the part where he could see more once it leveled up more than the see-through and vision enhancement that were immediately available.

However, you shouldn’t be able to use it.


Look at the name of the trait. It’s the Evil Eye of Wrath. Since you aren’t a demon, you shouldn’t be able to use it.

‘That’s not true.’

Raon stared at the Evil Eye of Wrath before shaking his head.

What is not true?

‘I’m not related to the ‘evil eye’ part, but I’m related to the ‘wrath’ part.’

What are you talking about? Why are you related to wrath… Huh?

‘You gave me wrath.’

Even though he wasn’t a demon, he still had a whole 45 points of wrath that he’d received from Wrath.

Th-That can’t be…

Wrath realized his mistake and his jaw dropped.

‘How do I use this?’

Can he use it the same way Wrath controlled his wrath?

Raon closed his eyes.

‘He should be a good enough target.’

Raon thought about Derus Robert and copied the Wrath was rampaging earlier to pull up his emotions of wrath, the ones that were seething at the deepest parts of his soul.


His wrath slowly came out to spread into his entire body.

‘I can’t move it properly.’

Unlike the Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation or Glacier’s energy, wrath just moved around on its own uncontrollably. Even though it resided in his soul, the fact that it originally belonged to Wrath was probably the reason why.

Y-You idiot! Did you honestly believe you could control the King of Essence’s energy so easily?

Wrath shook his head, telling him he stood no chance.

‘I know a method that works in a situation like this.’

Raon rotated the Ring of Fire. The rings resonated violently with each other to increase the level of his soul, where the wrath was residing.


With the soul level soaring to the next dimension, the wrath that was romping like an untamed animal gradually started to come under his control. Raon endured the pressure created by wrath, filling his two with its energy.


Once the energy of wrath dwelled in his eyes, he could see a luxurious corridor painted in red through the thick door. A black-haired woman was walking towards his room from the end of the corridor, carrying a basin and a towel.


The black-haired woman was Martha. He wasn’t feeling her presence through his perception, but he could see her directly through the door.

‘Is this how I use it?’

It was a strange sensation, as if he were using a strange sword with blades on its hilt that could even harm its owner.

‘This is so tiring.’

Probably because he wasn’t suited to using it, just like Wrath had said, his entire body was filled with extreme exhaustion. He figured it would be difficult to use it in an actual battle if straining his eyes was enough to exhaust him to that extent. He immediately released it because of his body’s condition.

H-How? Did you… Huh?

Wrath was unable to finish his sentence in disbelief. A huge amount of blue coldness left him through his dropped jaw.

H-How could this happen? How are you using wrath?

‘There’s a saying that even a dog can use an aura blade if it lives in Zieghart for three years. It would be strange if I couldn’t do this much, since I’ve been watching you using wrath for six whole years.’

Raon shrugged, saying that it wasn’t a big deal.

What the hell are you? You must’ve been targeting me from the beginning! Who sent you as a spy?

Wrath even forgot to speak like a king, instead starting to yell like a kid.

Who the hell are you?!

Raon was even using the wrath he had planted inside him to take over his body one day. Wrath couldn’t even understand how someone could be so crazy. He felt like fear or giving up didn’t exist in Raon’s head.

‘There’s no such monster, even in Devildom…’

Utilizing a demon king’s energy on top of overcoming it was completely unimaginable. Wrath had never seen a freak like him in his long life.

Are you sure you are human? Maybe you are half dragon, or…

‘I’m not really sure. I don’t even know who my father…’

The door opened and Martha entered the room before Raon could finish his response.

“We are switching. You should return… gasp!”

Martha dropped the basin she brought on the ground upon realizing that Raon was out of his bed.

“Hey! Why are you out of your bed?”

“I’m out of my bed because I woke up.”

“You were unconscious for a whole week! You idiot!”

“One week? That was a pretty long sleep.”

Raon smiled faintly, then tried clenching his fist before opening it.

“You are insane! You were seriously almost dead back then! Lie back down already!”

Martha ran up to him and grabbed his shoulders to return him to the bed.


Upon hearing Martha’s loud voice, Runaan raised her head and blinked her eyes.


Her voice was at least two pitches higher than usual as she called out to him.

“Are you okay now?”

“I’m alright.”

Raon nodded, while looking at the frowning Martha and wide-eyed Runaan.

“You aren’t alright at all!”

Martha threw the towel she brought at him before turning around.

“I’ll bring the Saint, so stay right here without moving a single finger!”

She ran outside after saying that.

“We are currently at Retran, right?”

“Yes. We’ve finished cleaning up.”

Apparently, Raon’s awakening was enough to make Runaan happy, since her expression had become brighter. However, her eyes were even more blank than usual, probably because she just woke up.

“Eden’s demons came back afterward, but we defeated all of them.”

As expected, there were apparently more demons from Eden.

‘They must’ve been trying to make the Blood Raving Demon into a hero.’

Eden must’ve been planning to have Stain Trian return to the city to defeat the red and green demons, all to make him a hero and bring the city under their control. Leaving the swordsmen in the city was the correct decision.

“Did anyone get injured?”

“No one except Raon.”

“That’s a relief.”

Raon chuckled. Runaan and Martha had both grown up slightly, thanks to the battle they went through.

“Then, how about Lady Encia…?”

When he was trying to ask about Encia, Martha and Federick entered the room along with hasty footsteps.


Federick even used footwork to reach Raon.

“How did you wake up?!”

His jaw dropped. He apparently didn’t expect him to wake up in a single week.

“My eyes just opened…”

“C-Can you give me your hand for a moment?”


Raon nodded, letting Federick hold his wrist. A warm and pure energy entered his body from Federick before spreading throughout his body.


A moment later, Federick took his hand off with an expression of disbelief.

“Even though Sheryl fed you Dawn’s Glow, how could you wake up so early…?”

‘Dawn’s Glow…’

Dawn’s Glow was a medicinal herb with an unsurpassed invigorating effect for the human body, even though it didn’t have any enhancement effect for aura or body. Sheryl apparently acquired the herb and fed it to him while he was asleep.

“Did you find some dragon heart to eat while sleeping or something? How did you recover so quickly?”

Federick’s eyes were trembling in disbelief.

“It must be thanks to the martial art I’ve learned.”

Raon shook his head with serious eyes.

‘It must be the result of a combination between Sloth, Ring of Fire, and the Dawn’s Glow.”

He must’ve recovered quickly thanks to Sloth’s sleeping effect and Ring of Fire maximizing Dawn’s Glow’s healing abilities. It wasn’t strange that even Saint Federick was surprised by that.

“I’ve tended to countless patients in my life, but it’s my first time seeing someone like you.”

Federick shook his head, sounding like Wrath.

“What happened to Lady Encia?”

“Ah, about that…”

Federick interrupted himself and looked at Martha and Runaan.

“…Let’s go. We have something to do.”

“I don’t, though?”

“You do!”

While Runaan was standing there blankly, Martha grabbed her wrist and dragged her out the room.

“She is more sensible than I thought.”

“She is.”

Raon nodded and turned around.

“Raon, why did you lie about being my disciple to push Temas away?”

Federick narrowed his eyes.

“When I first heard about that, I was so surprised that I couldn’t even think anymore.”

“I’m sorry.”

Raon lowered his head. Even though it was an emergency, taking advantage of his name was clearly his fault.

‘That is indeed problematic.’

You always blame shitty ears, though?


Raon didn’t respond, pretending he didn’t hear him.

“You don’t need to apologize. Since you saved my life, I wouldn’t mind it even if you said you were my teacher.”

Federick shook his hand, saying that he didn’t mind it.

“What I’m curious about is what aspect of Temas made you doubt him.”

“When I visited Cameloon’s underground auction house, I happened to hear that the houses treated by Temas gradually changed over time.”

Of course, that never happened. He was just making up a believable story, since there were all kinds of rumors in Cameloon’s underground auction house.

“I saw his eyes at House Yonaan, and I noticed a very small amount of obscurity in his eyes despite the rumors of him being the next saint.”

That was true. A small amount of obscurity flew out from his eyes when he was diagnosing Encia.

“I tested him, just in case, and I ascertained that he wasn’t the rumored saint by judging the way he changed his words each time.”

Raon told him about how he confronted Temas at House Yonaan.

“Good job.”

Unexpectedly, Federick patted his shoulder.

“Temas has been getting close to the rich and powerful houses while pretending it was a coincidence. Just as you said, the houses that he’d visited have all changed in a bad way, little by little. I was planning to find him soon, but you did a good job.”

He had apparently already guessed Temas’s identity to a certain extent.

“You don’t need to worry about having killed him, either. I personally confirmed the proof of Temas’s assault on your group, so no one is going to harm you.”

Apparently, Federick had already solved the issue Sheryl was worried about.

“Thank you.”

Raon nodded. Since Federick’s achievements were incomparable to Temas’, hardly anyone would doubt his words.

“Is Lady Encia alright?”

“I’ve improved her body’s condition, since that was the reason you came looking for me. However, there’s a problem.”

“A problem…?”

“Once her condition improved, the heat in her head also became stronger. It’s as strong as a mythical creature, and I have no idea how to approach her treatment.”

He regrettably shook his head.

“I think that heat is alive. It might be a bug or a plant.”


Raon gasped. Federick had almost figured out that there was a hell worm inside Encia’s head in a single week. He wasn’t called Saint for no reason.

“I’m sorry. You came to me because you believed in me, but I think it’s going to take more time. I need to research and investigate it.”

“You said you’ve improved her condition, right?”

“Yes. Though, the pain got even worse for the patient.”

“You don’t need to worry in that case.”

Raon smiled faintly and stood up.

“I can take care of the rest.”

Federick tried to dissuade Raon by telling him he should rest one more day, but Raon refused it and went to the room Encia was lying down in.


She was groaning as if she were going to die, her eyes closed.

“Why are you here?”

Sheryl was by Encia’s side but started walking to him with an angry glare on her face.

“Why is a patient walking around?”

“I figured I’d rest after finishing my job.”

Raon smiled while looking into Sheryl’s worry-filled eyes.

“Your job?”

“I have to settle the reason why we came all the way here.”

Raon pointed at Encia, whose flesh had become completely swollen from the heat.

“The treatment isn’t over yet.”

“That’s true, but you should worry about yourself for now…”

“I got a lot better.”

He clenched his fist then opened it, before shaking his hand at her.

“I can treat her without straining myself.”


“I’ve been bedridden for only a few days, but it was painful enough. Since Lady Encia has been enduring that pain for several years, I’d like to treat her as quickly as possible.”


Sheryl exclaimed. She was making a dumbfounded expression that Raon had never seen before. What he had just said apparently surprised her a lot once again.

“Sir Saint!”

“Let’s watch him for now.”

“Haa, seriously, you are…”

Since even Federick gave his approval, Sheryl had no choice but to withdraw while frowning.

“Thank you.”

Raon bowed at Sheryl before going to Encia.


Encia barely managed to open her eyes, smiling weakly.

“Y-You are still so damn handsome, even though you just woke up after a week.”

She smiled like always, despite the heat making her semi-conscious. She was a strong person.

“You will be okay now.”

Raon smiled at Encia in return, then knelt in front of the bed.

“Please excuse me.”

He grabbed Encia’s red and swollen wrist, then injected Glacier’s coldness into her mana circuit.


The entire mana circuit was filled with heat, as if lava were flowing inside. Even though the circuit itself had become broader, it was completely filled with an intense heat.

‘It’s just like the Saint’s description.’

The medicine and treatment he gave Encia in order to improve her condition had also strengthened the hell worm inside her head.

‘It must’ve been painful to endure.’

Contrary to her improved condition, the pain must’ve increased exponentially. It was surprising that she managed to endure so far without fainting.

‘I need to cool down the heat first.’

He cooled down the heat in her mana circuit with Glacier’s frost, reducing the strain on her body.


Encia’s eyelids were shivering as she exhaled heavily from the subsiding heat. She normally would have called him handsome once again, but considering she didn’t do that, she must’ve been going through a lot of pain.

‘I need to remove it quickly.’

Once the coldness in her wrist flowed past her lower body to reach her shoulder, the hell worm hiding in her head started to move.

Raon was moving the coldness in all of her mana circuits around her head in order to threaten it like before, but the hell worm started to emanate even more heat instead of running away or hiding.

It felt like a threat, telling him that it would attack Encia if he approached even further.

‘This bastard…’

He should’ve removed it immediately once Encia’s condition was better. Taking his time while scaring it away must’ve been a bad move.


Raon briefly clicked his tongue.

‘What shall I do with that heat…?’

The hell worm’s heat was as powerful as a young mythical creature thanks to Federick’s treatment. It was difficult to deal with because it was too close to her brain.

‘If only I could reduce the heat…hmm?’

While he was blocking the passage with Glacier’s coldness, the Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation’s energy emerged on its own from his energy center.


Raon licked his lips while feeling the Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation’s energy, which had become even stronger upon getting to five stars.

‘Wait, it might be possible to…’

Take the hell worm’s energy for himself.

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