TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 220

Chapter 220


Federick grabbed Raon’s wrist. His eyes were closed.

‘His wound became even worse.’

His condition had worsened because he strained himself when he should’ve been focusing on his recovery. At that rate, he really could end up dying after fainting.


He controlled Syltia’s energy that he’d barely managed to gather. He used the flow of the high purity mana to melt down the remnants of the combative energy that was killing Raon’s body.


Sheryl bit her lips after examining Raon’s condition. His bones, muscles, and mana circuits—she couldn’t find anything in his body that was uninjured.

‘Such injury…’

Although she’d experienced countless battlefields, it was her first time seeing such a broken state on a human body. Most people would end up dying before reaching that state.

”Damn it!”

She was relieved that Raon had managed to reach Master level and save the Saint and the boy, but it was a huge mistake.

‘I was wrong to believe that everyone had returned safely.’

He must’ve sacrificed himself.

She was certain that Raon had sacrificed himself in order to save the two. That was the only way to explain his body’s condition.

“What even happened?”


Federick exhaled heavily while inserting Syltia’s energy in Raon’s body.

“When I was prepared to die, Raon appeared. Even though he was still an Expert, he didn’t lose against the Red Wolf Demon and the Black Winged Demon.”

“Red Wolf Demon and Black Winged Demon…”

They were both at Master level. Moreover, the Black Winged Demon had a sturdy body with a flying ability, making it impossible for anyone less than Master to face him.

“Raon endured over and over, looking for an opportunity…”

Federick told her everything about the way Raon became a Master to kill the two demons, and even ended up in a draw in a single strike match against the Evil Goat Demon.

“…This boy held out until the end, and me and Yulius managed to survive thanks to that.”

“Oh no…”

Sheryl bit her lip so hard that she could bleed while looking at Raon.

‘It was a mistake, and an extremely huge mistake…’

The tips of her fingers were trembling. She’d ended up making that decision to make her life easier after getting caught up in the atmosphere, trusting the boy’s potential.


Sheryl smacked her own face and knelt.

“Sir Saint, please return him to his original condition by all means. I’ll do anything!”

She stared at Federick, without even wiping the blood flowing from her mouth.

“I feel the same way. I’m going to do everything I can, since I only managed to survive thanks to Raon.”

Federick nodded respectfully, then closed his eyes. He endured the pain from his internal injury in order to continue using Syltia’s energy.

‘I need time…’

He couldn’t use his usual energy because he was also severely injured, and the medicine he usually brought with him had been left behind in the city. It was a bad situation in many ways.

‘I can’t use Raysin either.’

Although Raysin was certainly an extremely effective medicine, it needed to be refined before being used because its healing and poisonous properties were too strong. The only thing he could do was to stop Raon’s condition from worsening.

“Ah! About that, we have the stuff he brought!”

Sheryl took out the hemostatic and the internal injury medicine Raon had gotten from Dorian.

“They are pretty high-quality medicines. They will be helpfu…huh?”

Fedrick’s eyes widened.

‘What is going on?’

Although Raon was about to die, his body condition slowly started to recover. It wasn’t the effect of Syltia’s energy, since his recovery wasn’t limited to the mana circuit and energy center, but even his bones and flesh were repairing at an extremely slow pace.

‘Breathing. Is it because of his breathing?’

It looked like nature’s mana was healing his body each time he slowly inhaled and exhaled in his sleep.

“This is amazing.”

Federick’s jaw dropped. Surprise wasn’t enough to describe his astonishment as he witnessed such a broken body recovering just from sleeping.

“I-Is there a problem? No way…”

Sheryl moved right next to Federick with trembling eyes.

“No, it’s a good thing!”

Federick shook his head and pointed at Raon.

“Carry him, since we need to return to Retran to immediately.”

“But if we move him…”

“I don’t know why, but Raon’s body is currently regenerating itself. He should survive without any problem until we return.”


Sheryl nodded and gently carried Raon in her arms. Although he was a lot taller than her, she didn’t mind the appearance and focused on figuring out how to carry him while minimizing her shaking.

‘I’ll return you to your original state no matter what, at all costs.’

She closed her eyes, resolving herself like a knight pledging to his king.


* * *



Yulius stared at Raon, who was being carried on the Heavenly Blade division leader’s back.

When that young swordsman named Raon made his first appearance, he looked like a hero of the old stories.

He believed that the hero would defeat the evil monsters of Eden and save himself and the Saint, just like in the novels and myths.

In fact, he did manage to endure the fearsome attacks of the two demons on his own and managed to defeat both of them. That remarkable performance was exactly what he would’ve imagined from a hero.

He believed that he would also defeat the goat head monster and casually allow them to return home.

However, that wasn’t the case.

He was completely exhausted from fighting the two monsters, and his body was injured all over.

Although he wasn’t in a condition to keep fighting, he still challenged the goat head monster, clashing against him in a single strike.

Raon’s face didn’t look like a hero when he clashed against the goat head monster.

He wasn’t slaying his enemy in a single strike like a hero from a story or novel—he endured and held out while contorting his face from the deadly pain.

He wasn’t the hero that he’d imagined.

He was just a human being, filled with determination to endure and save them, no matter what.

That was why he touched his heart. Yulius was completely speechless because he could perfectly feel Raon’s emotions.

No, he couldn’t even open his mouth.

When he witnessed Raon pointing his sword against the Evil Goat Demon once again after the match, while standing on his faltering legs, Yulius could feel his heart pounding more violently than ever in his life.

Because he understood why he was doing that, his emotions went out of control.

The goat headed monster acknowledged the draw and left, and Raon’s breath sounded like he was dying as he sank to the ground.

His breath was so weak that even his grandfather’s dying breath wasn’t as weak as Raon’s.

However, he still didn’t faint despite that condition.

He left the forest and helped to defeat the magician, the one who was the perpetrator behind the incident. The fact that he held his sword and expressed his intention to fight in that condition was a shock, and Yulius was filled with admiration.

“Raon Zieghart.”

Yulius clenched his fist tightly while murmuring Raon’s name to himself.

That was the moment a boy, who was suffering through hardships, decided his own path from meeting a human who wasn’t a hero—one who stood up with his own determination.


Raon groaned and opened his eyes. He could see an unfamiliar ceiling, the color of the ocean.

‘Argh, it hurts so damn much.’

He could feel the pain as soon as he regained consciousness. He hurt everywhere, from head to toe.

‘Am I still not completely recovered despite Sloth’s effect and the Saint’s treatment?’

Considering the fact that so much pain still remained despite Federick’s treatment and Sloth’s sleeping effect, he seriously must have been on the verge of death.


When he sighed and was about to get up, he saw Runaan’s head on the bed. It looked like she fell asleep while nursing him, since she was purring with her eyes slightly wet.

The ice cream girl isn’t the only one. Everyone visited you and literally started rampaging around in order to save you. It was so damn noisy.

Wrath’s cold voice could be heard as he came up on the bracelet.

‘Is that so?’

Raon silently stared at the sleeping Runaan. It wasn’t a bad feeling to have someone worrying about him. Honestly, it was a heartwarming feeling.

You idiot. You strained yourself way too much. You really were on the verge of death!

Wrath continued, looking at him sharply in displeasure.

Your idiocy is unmatched even in Devildom!

‘I see.’

Raon chuckled while looking at the quivering Wrath. He did all that because he was certain he could reach Master level, but he was too foolish, just like Wrath said.

However, his choice wouldn’t have changed even if he’d returned to the past. A life had to be repaid with life. He would’ve chosen to save Federick, even if that cost him his life.

Moreover, is fainting a habit of yours now?


The King of Essence is suffering because of your weak constitution that makes you faint whenever something happens.

‘No, but you didn’t really do anything…’

You keep causing problems even though you are just a weakling! Know your place!

Wrath clicked his tongue at his hopelessness.


Raon licked his lips.

‘He isn’t exactly wrong.’

Raon admitted that he did cause many problems, despite not having achieved anything yet.

He didn’t originally have that kind of personality, but he figured he must’ve changed during his current life, even though he couldn’t tell whether that was for the better or worse.

Because of you, the King of Essence was unable to ea…


As Wrath was about to grumble about his gluttony once again, messages appeared in front of his eyes.


[You have reached Master level.]


[Your soul level has increased greatly.]


[All stats have increased by 10.]


[Your middle energy center has been opened. Your aura’s condensation will be a lot harder and denser, with a decreased aura consumption.]


[You’ve achieved the title ‘Youngest Master’, unprecedented in the continent.]


[All stats have increased by 10.]


The messages he saw before closing his eyes had come back in more detail.


Wrath bit his lip upon seeing the messages. He was apparently getting another flash of anger, despite having seen those messages before.


Raon clenched his powerless fist. His heart was racing as he realized that he’d achieved the level that he had never been able to reach in his previous life.

‘I’ve finally achieved it.’

He couldn’t afford to think about it during the fight, as the situation was far too urgent. He was fully focused on finishing the fight as quickly as possible.

Reading the message about becoming a Master after his safety was secured filled him with uncontrollable emotions.

‘So, this was the middle energy center.’

The middle energy center that was supposed to open upon becoming a Master was located near the solar plexus. The feeling he had when something similar to a boulder blocking the middle energy center was unclogged, allowing him to create astral energy, was extremely thrilling.

‘Its effect is so overpowered.’

That was why an Expert couldn’t win against a Master.

Creating astral energy wasn’t the middle energy center’s only function. It also reduced aura consumption, and condensed aura more strongly to help one last longer in battles.

The difference in one’s middle energy center was the reason no Expert had defeated a Master before him.

‘And the stats are bonuses.’

He had gotten an extra ten stats thanks to the title stating he was the first in the continent. Those messages told him he already received twenty stats, which was a ridiculous amount of reward.

‘And that’s not all.’

Raon smiled, looking lower.


[Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation has reached Five-Stars.]


[Fire Resistance has reached Five-Stars.]


[Glacier has reached Five-Stars.]


[Water Resistance has reached Six-Stars.]


The messages informed him that Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation and Glacier had both reached five-stars. He didn’t need the message to tell him about them, since he’d already checked his aura in his energy center right after waking up.

Even though he wasn’t completely full yet, he already had more aura than before becoming a Master. He guessed he would be able to defeat the Red Wolf Demon and the Black Winged Demon even more easily in his current state.

‘The resistances have increased as well.’

He could fight an average fire magician or water magician while tanking their damage with his resistances.

However, there were even more messages.


[Two strands of ‘Curse of Frost’ have melted down.]


[The ‘Curse of Frost’ has disappeared from your status.]


[Title ‘The One Who Overcame the Frozen Fate’ has been added.]


[Soul level has increased.]


The next message was about the Curse of Frost that had been stuck with him like a leech since he was born.

‘I wasn’t mistaken.’

He had the feeling that a string binding his wrists and ankles was broken upon becoming a Master, and he was right. It was the effect of his body returning to normal from the disappearance of Curse of Frost.

‘The repressing feeling has completely disappeared.’

He used to feel uncomfortable upon moving or using aura, but that had completely disappeared as well. He figured he would be able to feel the difference even more clearly once his body recovered.


The One Who Overcame the Frozen Fate

This title is given to someone who overcame an ordeal given to them by heaven.

Effect: All stats increased by 15, Cold Resistance greatly increased.


In addition to 15 points in all stats, it also increased his cold resistance—and greatly, on top of that.

Having the six-star water resistance and cold resistance together should allow him to be completely unscathed from up to sixth circle cold magic.

“I hit the jackpot.”

Raon smiled after reading all the messages. Every single one was a jackpot, as if they were telling him that it was worth the wait. He wanted to test how much stronger he’d become right away.

‘I need to recover quickly…’

It’s crazy! You and the system are both crazy!

Wrath was glaring at the message as if he wanted to kill it while grinding his teeth.

How could it give you so many rewards for becoming a mere Master? Ridiculous!

‘Because I’m not a mere Master. I became a Master at eighteen years of age.’

That’s why it’s a ‘mere’ Master! The King of Essence would’ve become a Master at ten years old!

‘I met you when I was twelve years old. Ten is simply impossible.’


Wrath barked and gathered the energy of wrath.

I don’t like those stupid rewards, but I hate it even more because all I could eat during the week you’ve been unconscious was watery porridge! I almost died from boredom!

He was apparently angrier about being unable to eat proper meals than the rewards.


An enormous amount of energy emerged from Wrath. Even though Raon had become a Master, his stomach hurt from the sheer amount of emotion and cold.


Raon frowned, grasping his chest.

‘I did receive wrath from him, I see.’

He had received twenty points of wrath from Wrath in order to survive in the forest. The pressure felt as powerful as when he first met Wrath, probably because of the significant increase in wrath.

You’ve made a mistake. You shouldn’t have taken in the King of Essence’s wrath so easily!

Just as he said, his wrath was on another level as it seeped into his entire body and crushed his soul.

‘It’s still okay.’

Raon shook his head. Stats weren’t the only things he had obtained. His soul level and resistances had increased, while the Coldness of the Frost had completely disappeared.

Twenty points of wrath was definitely a huge disadvantage, but his growth was even greater than that. He was fully capable of enduring it.

Most of all, his mana circuit was as clean as a newborn baby’s because of the disappearance of the Coldness of the Frost.


Glacier moved in an instant to block Wrath’s coldness, and the Ring of Fire rotated more violently than ever to increase his soul level.


His entire body trembled from the explosive clash of power inside his body. His injuries worsened to make it extremely painful for him, but he gritted his teeth and endured in order to leave no hope for Wrath.

Stop enduring it and give your body to the King of Essence! The King of Essence is going to eat with his own mouth from now on!

As expected, the reason he was angry was because of the food.

‘That’s not enough.’

Raon smiled coldly and continuously controlled the Ring of Fire and Glacier.

‘I won’t lose in a fight of tactics and endurance.’

It was pretty much chess, since he needed to defend where his opponent was aiming in order to show his strength. Raon blocked all of Wrath’s attacks while maintaining a peaceful expression.

I won’t lose this time!

Wrath kept flooding him with wrath and coldness without giving up. He seemed to be counting on the increase in the emotion of wrath.

‘This is a necessary stimulation.’

Raon chewed the inside of his cheek and endured the pain that felt like his soul itself was turning upside down. It was a good amount of exercise after staying bedridden for an entire week. He smiled, enduring the extreme pain.

Are you smiling? Are you seriously smiling?

Wrath’s pressure became even more powerful, angered by his smiling face. He poured all of his gathered energy at once into Raon’s body.

‘Come at me as much as you want.’

It happened when Raon was continuously circulating the coldness at the same time as catching his breath.


[Your sleep’s extreme quality and duration has enhanced Sloth’s effect.

All stats have increased by 1.]


The message appeared, telling him that he gained another point in all stats thanks to Sloth’s effect.


The moment Wrath lost his focus from the surprise, another message appeared.


[You overcame Wrath’s interruption.

Stamina has increased by 1.]


The message was declaring his victory against Wrath.

Daaamn it! Why the hell?

Wrath started to scream while grasping his head.

I gave him twenty whole points of wrath, so why am I still unable to win? You nasty bastard! Does the sensation of pain even exist for you??

‘It did hurt.’

Raon shook his head.

‘However, I’m used to pain like this.’

Ever since his previous life, he’d constantly been feeling physical and mental pain. Even though it was painful, it was nothing he couldn’t endure.

H-How dreadful. You really are dreadful!

Wrath’s chin was trembling in disgust.

Meeting you was the worst mistake in the King of Essence’s life. The King of Essence shouldn’t have associated with you…

‘Don’t hate me so much.’

How can I not hate you…?

‘I’ll buy you the specialty food in this region.’

Wrath closed his mouth tightly upon hearing the words ‘specialty food’ from him. His lips slowly parted after a moment.



Well, in that case…

Wrath tried to see if Raon was angry before nodding.

Th-The King of Essence saw that this city is famous for its seasonings. There must be dishes utilizing those, so look out for them.


Recover quickly, you need to recover quickly so that you can go out to eat.

Wrath was now worrying about his body as if he’d never tried to kill him. He really was a simple and easy demon king.

‘Then… huh?’

As Raon was about to raise himself up, a new message appeared.

What? What else this time?

‘Was there something else?’

Raon tilted his head and checked the message.


[You’ve won the bet against Wrath.]


The message was about the bet he’d made upon receiving wrath from Wrath.

This is so wrong!

Wrath quickly shook his head.

You didn’t manage to win against those three! Victory belongs to the King of Essence! You should be taking in more wrath instead…

‘That’s not the case.’

Raon managed to grasp the situation and smiled subtly.

‘What you said back then was, word for word, ‘All three of them have to disappear!’. Since all three of them disappeared from the forest, I’m the winner of this bet.’

Th-That obviously means to kill those three!

‘You should’ve said that from the beginning.’

Raon simply shrugged it off.

‘Let’s see what rewards I got from this bet.’

Damnnn it!

‘How nice.’

Wrath’s scream was a good lullaby, but it wasn’t too bad as an alarm, either.

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