TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 222


“Can you really do it?”

Federick came up to him with his eyebrows lowered in worry.

“It’s a bit different from my expectations, but I think I can.”

Raon nodded, then took his hand off Encia’s wrist. Once Glacier’s coldness left her, she started to groan once again.

“Heavenly Blade division leader.”


“I’m sorry, but can you find me a transparent glass bottle with a lid?”


Sheryl left the room without questioning the request. Raon must’ve gained quite a bit of trust through the last incident.

“Sir Saint, please watch Lady Encia’s condition. I’m going to need to gather some aura.”

“Sure, I can do that much.”

Seeing that Federick had grabbed Encia’s wrist, Raon sat on the ground and closed his eyes.

‘I need to use both Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation and Glacier.’

He needed all three—Ring of Fire, Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation, and Glacier—in order to absorb the hell worm’s energy and remove it alive. Even though the Evil Eye of Wrath was difficult to use, it would allow him to precisely locate where the hell worm was hiding.

Raon circulated the Ten Thousand Flames Circulation while drawing the image of removing the hell worm in his mind with his eyes closed. All three energies were important, but the Five-Star Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation was the protagonist of the day.


He activated the formerly stiff Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation and opened his eyes. Sheryl had already returned, and a glass bottle was placed on the table.

“A-Are you starting it now?”

“Yes. Everything will be done once you wake up from a short sleep.”

Raon smiled, pressing down slightly on a specific place on the back of Encia’s neck. She briefly groaned before closing her eyes, her head hanging down.

“I’m going to begin. Sir Saint should improve Lady Encia’s vitality.”

“I don’t even remember the last time I assisted in a treatment.”

Federick put his hand on Encia’s shoulder while standing on the other side of Raon. He had apparently decided to trust him until the end since it had already started.


Raon gently controlled Glacier’s coldness, as if he were dealing with a baby, and inserted it inside Encia’s mana circuit.

Even though it looked like he was cooling down Encia’s body and starting from the bottom, he didn’t completely fill her mana circuit with coldness—he left the bottom part empty. That space was going to be the passage to enable him to absorb the hell worm’s energy.


Glacier’s pure coldness cooled down her mana circuits one after the other. The moment it was headed to Encia’s neck, the hell worm came out of hiding to spread heat.


Although Encia was put to sleep, her body was shivering. Raon could feel the hell worm’s heat even though her wrist was the only contact he had.

‘It’s only getting started.’

Raon resonated with the Ring of Fire to increase his focus to control the Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation. The Five-Star Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation smoothly seeped into the empty space of Encia’s mana circuit, the area that had been filled with Glacier.


Raon sent the Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation to the mana circuit in Encia’s head, pretending it was the hell worm’s heat. The hell worm was only paying attention to the coldness, while believing that the pure heat from the Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation belonged to it.

‘I knew it!’

It was going according to plan. He needed to progress to the second stage.


Raon used Absorption, which became available once Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation reached five-stars.

‘I can devour its heat by using this technique.’

The Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation’s Absorption was a special technique capable of absorbing heat. Even though it wasn’t capable of taking a lot of energy at once, it was a perfect ability against opponents like hell worms, which slowly spread heat around.


He controlled Absorption at an extremely slow pace to take in the hell worm’s heat.

The heat neatly piled up in his lower energy center, which had enough room to spare after he became a Master, resulting in a faster recovery speed for his body.


The hell worm kept emanating heat without even realizing it was getting taken away.

‘It’s pretty much a frog in boiling water.’

The frog would jump out right away if it were placed inside boiling water, but it wouldn’t realize the danger if the water’s temperature gradually increased until it was boiled to death.

The hell worm was no different from that frog. Forcing it to continuously emit heat would leave it empty once it exhausted its power.

‘And I just need to absorb all of it.’

All the wasted energy from the hell worm became Raon’s aura and stamina, without any exceptions, while even increasing his proficiency in Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation. It was pretty much an elixir getting automatically absorbed.

While feeling the exhilaration of his injuries getting healed and Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation’s aura being accumulated, Raon easily took in the hell worm’s heat.

Once three hours had passed, the hell worm’s heat had become significantly weaker, and Raon’s energy center was completely full of Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation’s energy.

‘It’s even more than before.’

He could only laugh. He was still injured, yet he already had much more aura than before he fought against the Masters.

‘He’s going to be pretty angry once he finds out.’

The hell worm developed by Derus Robert through dozens of years of research became an extremely delicious elixir for Raon. A smile appeared on Raon’s face from the joy of having completely shattered his plan.

How is this even happening?

Wrath popped out from the bracelet and ground his teeth.

Are you even obtaining power from a worm now? Why does the entire world crave giving you all of the power?

He pounded his chest while blaming the unfair world.

Take care of the King of Essence now!

‘I’ll take care of you later, so calm down for now.’

Raon stopped the Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation’s Absorption while leaving Glacier on one side only.

‘I need to finish it now.’


He secretly caught his breath and pulled out his wrath to focus on his eyes.


Once he thought he wanted to see the hell worm inside Encia’s head, his vision became capable of seeing inside of her head. A very small red worm was extending its body on top of an unidentifiable membrane located inside her skull.

‘It became even more grotesque than before.’

The hell worm had a repulsive appearance, with four teeth protruding from its mouth and ten legs as sharp as thorns attached to its body. It was trembling significantly, like a man panting from exhaustion.

‘It must be hungry, since it lost a lot of energy.’

The hell worm had used up most of its heat. Since the despondency should’ve been unbearable, it was bound to be attracted to the heat.

Raon brought Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation’s heat, which had achieved an even higher purity, around Encia’s head. He controlled the aura’s movement while examining the hell worm’s state through the Evil Eye of Wrath.

‘It’s moving.’

The hell worm carefully moved its legs upon feeling the Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation’s heat. It moved towards Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation’s location while paying attention to Glacier, which was located in the mana circuit on the other side.

‘I’m glad I took it out in advance.’

The hell worm moved away from where it had been staying for several years, following Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation’s aura to the lower part.

Raon controlled the Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation’s energy like a fishing pole to lure a fish, slowly making the worm move down. Thanks to the Evil Eye of Wrath, it wasn’t difficult to lead the hell worm to the exit.


His head was hurting, probably because his body wasn’t suited to use the Evil Eye of Wrath, but he endured the pain to maintain his focus in order to lead the hell worm towards Encia’s nasal cavity.

‘It’s almost there.’

Raon opened his eyes and looked at Encia’s nose. The moment the tip of her nose trembled slightly, he put his finger inside to grab the hell worm.

“Heavenly Blade leader!”

“I got it!”

Sheryl immediately realized what he wanted, throwing the glass bottle in her hands at him. Raon caught it right away, putting the hell worm inside before closing the lid.

Tap Tap Tap!

The hell worm finally realized it had been tricked. It started to scratch the hell out of the bottle. The way the ten legs wriggled at the same time was extremely creepy.

‘I’m glad she’s sleeping now.’

Raon sighed while looking at Encia. No matter how cool her personality was, she was bound to be shocked if she saw the worm coming out of her nose. Making her fall asleep before starting the treatment was the correct decision.

“W-Was this inside Encia’s body?”

Federick came next to him with his eyes wide and examined the hell worm.

“Yes, this worm is the one that has been emanating heat from Lady Encia’s head.”

Raon nodded and showed the worm to Federick and Sheryl.



Unlike Federick, who was speechless, Sheryl freaked out and took a step back.

“Can you bring this worm with you and research it, Sir Saint?”


“Considering the fact that Temas was targeting Lady Encia, there should be more worms like this. Since it might have been used on other people as well, we need a systematic method to remove it.”

That was the reason he removed the hell worm.

“Hmm, I’m sorry, but I can’t guarantee success. I’ve never seen this before.”

“That’s alright. And can you also look into how to deal with rage worms?”

“Rage worm… That also must be because of Temas.”

Since Federick had heard the entire story, he was aware that the rage worm was the cause of Temas’ death.

“I’ll do my best.”

He gave a big nod, despite the difficulty of the issue.

“Ah, and one more thing.”

“Again? Is there one more?”

Cold sweat appeared on Federick’s forehead. He really started feeling uncomfortable about it.

“The maid who injected that worm into Lady Encia must’ve been brainwashed.”


“I’d like to find a way to undo that brainwashing.”

A crimson flame was ignited in Raon’s eyes.

‘It’s the foremost priority in order to shatter Derus’ plans.’

Dealing with the people manipulated by him was necessary in order to destroy Derus Robert. Destroying the hell worm, rage worm, and brainwashing should remove one third of his power.

And the best expert suitable for the job was the Ragged Saint Federick standing in front of him.

“You must be worried about the ringleader behind this incident.”


“Alright, I’ll do my best to investigate them.”

Federick nodded with serious eyes.

“About brainwashing, I know an expert in that area. Talking with him should do the job.”

He apparently already had a plan, as his eyes sparkled while looking at the hell worm inside the bottle. He looked rather interested in it himself.

“As the last one.”

Raon grabbed Encia’s wrist once again. He absorbed all of the remaining hell worm’s heat inside her before cleansing her mana circuit with Glacier.

Federick treated her after that, and her skin—which used to be swollen and red—returned to the original color.

“Lady Encia.”

Raon called out Encia’s name while standing next to her.


Encia slowly opened her eyes before slowly raising herself.

“Wow, Sir Raon is so damn handsome, even though I was looking at you sideways while lying down. How is that even possible?”

She exclaimed while staring at Raon’s face.

“It’s literally a piece of art… Huh?”

She raised her hand to express her feelings, then suddenly stopped.


Encia turned her head once she noticed that her arm and hand had become thin and white.

“What is happening…?”

Her lips were trembling as she looked around at Raon, Federick, and Sheryl, one after the other.

“I-It doesn’t hurt, either. It’s not painful at all! And my body feels cool!”

Tears started to drip from her big eyes.

“Am I cured now? A-Am I not going to suffer anymore?”

Her lips were shivering.

“I-I can work again, right? Can I chase my dream once again?”

“You are fine now.”

Raon nodded at her while looking at the wave pouring from Encia’s eyes.

“Th-Thank you. Thank… sniff!”

Encia covered her face with her hands and burst into tears. Her cries were storming with all kinds of emotions, the ones that she had been suppressing so far.

Raon, Federick, and Sheryl smiled faintly as they silently watched Encia’s lamenting wail.

“My lord! My looooord!”

Rimmer shouted while kicking the audience chamber’s door open to enter, just like when he usually entered the training ground.

“Th-That news is apparently true!”


Glenn briskly stood up from the throne. It was an extremely rare reaction coming from him, but neither Rimmer nor Roenn paid any attention to that.

“It’s true that Raon became a Master and saved the Saint by slaying the Blood Raving Demon, Red Wolf Demon, and Black Winged Demon! The Shadow Agents have confirmed it!”

Rimmer violently shook the letter in his hand. He was so surprised when he first heard the news that he figured it must’ve been a lie or an exaggeration at least. However, that wasn’t the case.

Raon really became a Master to slay three Masters from Eden and managed to save the Saint. Because of that outrageous feat, his name was spreading throughout the continent, let alone inside Zieghart.


Glenn narrowed his eyes, and the letter in Rimmer’s hand floated by itself to fly towards the throne. He opened the letter to read the contents. Just like Rimmer had said, it was about Raon’s actions, and the seal of the Shadow Agents leader was stamped on it.

“I knew he would become a Master sooner or later, but I didn’t expect it to be so soon, and I never imagined he would slay three Masters right after becoming one!”

Rimmer fell onto his back while speaking about how ridiculous that was.

“Honestly, I can only describe it as crazy.”

Roenn was also standing there dumbfounded, his jaw dropped, despite the way he usually maintained his smile.

“Eighteen years old! Our Raon is the youngest Master in the continent’s history!”

Rimmer started dancing, rejoicing Raon’s feat as if it were his own business.

“Calm down a little.”

Glenn narrowed his eyes and shook his hand, but he couldn’t hide the fact that the corners of his lips were about to reach the ceiling.

“You should say that again after hiding your smile.”

Rimmer giggled, pointing at Glenn’s mouth.


Glenn cleared his throat and forced himself to grimace, but a faint smile reappeared on his face before he knew it.

“Was he injured?”

“I read about that as well. It said he was severely injured, but there won’t be any lasting effects! I guess that’s obvious, since the Saint is right next to him.”

Rimmer immediately responded, since he’d already checked that part as well.

“Honestly, we all knew that Raon would become a Master.”


Roenn nodded.

“However, I’m sure no one would’ve even imagined that he could slay the Blood Raving Demon before becoming a Master, and slay both Red Wolf Demon and Black Winged Demon together right after becoming one. He doesn’t just surpass common sense, but even imagination!”

Rimmer jumped around in excitement, just like when he won a large amount of money from gambling.

“My lord, you should give him a grand welcome once he returns! He’s the youngest Master and has slain three Masters of Eden, and even managed to save your dear friend the Saint, after all!”

“Of course. I’m planning to reward him accordingly…”

“I’m not talking about that! Not as the head of house!”

Rimmer pounded his chest in irritation.

“I’m saying that you should praise your grandson and tell him that he did a good job, as a grandfather! How long are you planning to sit back and watch? You love him so much, yet why do you never tell him about it?”


Glenn was unable to respond, simply closing his eyes. Once he managed to sort out his thoughts, he shook his head.

“It’s true that he’s my grandson and has achieved a great feat. I’m going to give him enough rewards for his achievement. However, I’m only doing that as the head of house. I’ve never given any special treatment to my sons or daughters.”

“Argh! Seriously!”

Rimmer violently shook his head.

“I don’t even know anymore! I’m so annoyed that I need to gamble today!”

He swirled his hand before leaving through the door of the lord’s manor.

“Hmm, I agree with Sir Rimmer this time. I think it would be better to at least express some of your feelings.”

Roenn politely bowed before leaving the lord’s manor, just like Rimmer.


Glenn stared at the door for a moment before leaning back on his throne. He frowned while looking at his right hand, where a long scar still remained.

“Of course, I know that. However…”

When Sylvia had a hard time in the house, with no one to help her, and when she gave up everything and left the house… He’d never done anything for her. He completely forgot about his youngest daughter’s existence and focused on getting stronger and shedding his enemies’ blood.

He looked for Sylvia when he finally realized his mistake, but it was too late. His granddaughter and son-in-law were already dead before he could even see their faces.

It was impossible for him to show affection to Raon and Sylvia after everything he’d done.


Glenn closed his eyes. His face wasn’t an emotionless god of war anymore, but a human being in distress.


* * *


Every member of Light Wind, including Runaan, were gathered inside Raon’s room. It was an unusual sight, since they were calmly staring at Raon’s mouth.

“First of all, the middle energy center opens once you become a Master. You get a shattering feeling of a small wall inside your body, and your aura becomes a lot sturdier.”

Raon pointed at his middle energy center at his solar plexus.

“How did it feel when your middle energy center opened? Did it feel refreshing?”

Dorian asked, his eyes wide.

“Rather than refreshing, it’s thrilling. It felt like lightning passed through me from head to toe.”

“Then, do you become capable of using astral energy as soon as that middle energy center opens? Do you automatically get knowledge about astral energy?”

Burren shoved his head forward, with nervous gazes.

“You don’t get the knowledge, but you instinctively realize how to use the middle energy center.”

“Doesn’t it become slower to circulate your aura if it goes past the middle energy center?”

“That makes sense, but the mana circuit becomes more activated once the middle energy center opens, making the circulation even faster overall.”

“How much faster does it get?”

Martha, who was pretending she wasn’t interested, also stepped up to him and asked.

“It becomes at least twice as fast, and the aura’s quantity and qualities also increase. It almost felt like I became a completely different person, even though it was a single wall’s difference.”

Since Raon also used to be curious about Master level when he was an Expert, he answered every single one of their questions.

“Which ice cream do you prefer?”

Runaan asked a strange question. She apparently thought that was enough questions about Master level.

Mint chocolate!

Raon ignored Wrath and looked at Runaan, and her face was serious. It was apparently a serious question.

“Hmm, I prefer cookies and cream…”

When he was about to answer, a knocking sound could be heard at the door, and Federick entered after opening the door.

“Sir Saint?”

“I heard you are leaving in two days.”

Federick smiled faintly while walking inside.

“Yes. We shall return to Yonaan, since we’ve finished Lady Encia’s treatment.”

“Since the war has ended here, I’ll go with you. I need to observe Encia’s condition for a bit longer, and I also need to see the maid over there.”

“Thank you.”

Raon nodded.

“Hmm, and I need to talk to you about something…”

Federick cleared his throat and averted his eyes.

“Let’s go, since there’s nothing more for us to hear.”

Martha was once again the first one to realize his intentions and stood up.

“I didn’t get his answer though? About the ice cream…”

“You can do that later!”

She took the slow Runaan out of the room, and Burren, Dorian, and Krein followed them.


After confirming that the door was completely closed, Federick straightened his back and walked up to Raon.

“I realized that I hadn’t properly said this to you yet.”


“You saved this old man’s life, and Yulius’ as well. I’m really grateful.”

He politely bowed, despite his position and rank.

“Please don’t do this!”

Raon briskly stood up in surprise. He never thought the Saint would do that to him.

“I was only returning the favor for your actions during my childhood. I actually didn’t even manage to return it completely, since there’s a lot more left to be repaid.”

He wasn’t being humble. He only managed to become a Master at a young age because of Federick visiting him every year to activate his body and give him an elixir. What he did was only a portion of what needed to be repaid.

“Yes, I need to talk about that, as well.”

Federick sighed deeply and sat on the ground.

“I have something to tell you about your childhood.”

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