Revenge of the Iron-Blooded Sword Hound (Novel) Chapter 39

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At an ambitious hour when the moon had not yet risen.

Vikir visited the underground prison beneath the City Hall.

The nearly empty prison was filled with a putrid odor of decay.

The prison itself was already a chilling place, but seeing it locked and completely empty in the darkness made it even more eerie.

The guards had all left early. Unusually, not a single light was on.

The prisoners had either been executed or pardoned, leaving the area completely deserted.

Vikir headed towards one of the deepest cells among them.

The darkest and foulest-smelling place.

The isolation cell.

The door to this particular cell, located in the most remote corner of the underground prison, was securely locked.

And there was only one prisoner left in this underground prison.

She was the former secretary who had served Count Gambino, a major figure in the underground economy.

A short-haired woman with greenish blond hair, wearing a prisoner's uniform and heavy shackles, was seen sitting in a corner of the isolation cell, huddled up.

Vikir pulled a chair and sat in front of the iron bars.


The sound of the iron chair leg scraping against the stone floor reverberated loudly in the empty prison.

"Your name... is Sen Rose Sindywendy, right?"

She didn't respond to Vikir's question.

She simply kept her empty eyes lowered, staring at the floor.

"Why did you spare my life?"

Sindywendy's question was hollow.

Freak Show. And the Pitbull Knights.

On the night when everything that moved was dying, Sindywendy clenched her teeth and escaped.

She couldn't possibly die like this.

Even if she didn't die, it would be the end if her wrists and ankles were cut off.

There was something she had to do, and because of that, she couldn't die or become a cripple in a place like this.

Among those who were dying, who wouldn't want to avoid it? At least Sindywendy thought she was far more desperate and urgent than others.

However, the fangs of the Pitbull Knight in front of her were ruthless.

One member of the Pitbull Knights blocked Sindywendy's path, which was tantamount to a death sentence.

As the sharp blade approached her neck, Sindywendy gritted her teeth.



The sound when the blade pierced her neck was somewhat unexpected.

That's because the Pitbull Knight's sword did not penetrate Sindywendy's neck.

Vikir, the newly appointed subconsul, held a bundle of chains and blocked the Pitbull Knight's sword.

The Pitbull Knight was surprised that Vikir had blocked his sword, but he quickly saluted in response to Vikir's subsequent words.

"This woman is an exception. Don't harm her even a bit, just capture her alive."

Afterward, Sindywendy was imprisoned in the underground dungeon.

Vikir silently stared at Sindywendy for a while.

Eventually, he asked, "If you sincerely answer my question, I will release you from here."


It caught Sindywendy's ears by surprise.

But soon, Sindywendy lowered her head and murmured self-pityingly.

"The will to escape disappeared from the moment I was imprisoned here. There is no reason to do so now."

Regardless of her response, Vikir's questioning had already begun.

"Was it you who caused the recently rapid rise in the influence of Gambino Viscount, who was nothing more than a small-time gangster?"


"I investigated and found out that you have exceptional money-making skills. If you had cultivated that talent somewhere other than the underworld, you would have become a successful merchant or financier."

Upon hearing this, Sindywendy smirked.

It was a mocking smile, as if asking, "What use is such things now?"

Vikir calmly gazed into Sindywendy's eyes.

And with a pleasing tone, he began to speak.

"I assure you."


"If you answer my question, I will let you go from here. However..."

Vikir paused for a moment and tilted his head towards the iron bars, making eye contact with Sindywendy.

The flickering red light pierced through her green retina.

"If you don't answer, you will regret it for the rest of your life."

His voice carried an inexplicable and eerie power, instilling not only fear but also a different kind of intimidation in the listener.

Sindywendy, without knowing what emotion it was, opened her mouth.

"If I can answer, I will."


Vikir asked directly, "What do you think?"

"What are you saying?"

"Do you think I'm doing the law enforcement wrong?"

In response, Sindywendy replied in a casual tone, "Is the opinion of a petty criminal like me really that important?"

"I am asking you, a petty criminal like yourself."

"In that case, I'll answer. I think you're doing it wrong."

Upon hearing that, Vikir nodded his head.

"Why is that?"

"In all imperial studies, the essential virtue attributed to the Prime Minister is 'virtue.' While a strong rule of law may have some immediate effect, in the long run..."

"Virtue, you say. What is it?"

"It's not riding a carriage even when tired, not covering the carriage canopy when it's hot, and not arranging armed soldiers during the procession. When the ruler dies, it's when all citizens shed tears, even children refrain from singing, and even those who mend pots don't hum. That is virtue."

"So, you're saying I lack virtue?"

"If you lack it, then it's a significant flaw. That's why you won't live long. You may have established an imposing authority with your cruel laws, defeating cheap villains for the time being, but eventually, you will kill and hurt many commoners, accumulating resentment and anger in the long run."

"Am I supposed to fear the resentment and anger of the commoners?"

"The commoners may do so, but even Baskerville's side won't be pleased. Although it's limited to the Underdog era, the citizens will fear you more than the family boss of Baskerville."

"Hmm. That's true."

"Even if your superiors or successors come into office, it will be the same. The purpose of your law reforms is to assert your authority and fabricate achievements, which will provoke many local factions. The Dark Valley exists in other cities as well. Considering their public sentiment, it seems unlikely that you will live long."

"So, what should I do from now on?"

"You are currently in a precarious position. If you want to live according to my name, step down from your position as subconsul and relinquish all your authority to Baskerville. Redirect your efforts here to Baskerville and the imperial court. And go to a suitable place for your age, like the wilderness of the enemy and the Academy in the heart of the empire, and await your future."

"And then?"

"Conceal your strength and pursue learning without attracting attention. Recruit hidden talents and respect the elderly. Take care of orphans and praise those who haven't received recognition for their merits. Recommend to your superiors to respect and admire virtuous individuals."

"What benefits do I gain from all this?"

"First, you'll find peace of mind. And by that time, Baskerville's family head will receive all the criticism you should have received. Even if you lose your immediate achievements, after all, you're only fifteen years old. Even if it's just an illusion, isn't it enough to have a reputation that has spread to the emperor?"

Rarely, Vikir smiled cheerfully at Sindywendy's long advice.

Her advice aligned quite well with the plans Vikir was building for his future.


Vikir nodded his head.



The iron door opened.

Vikir, with his strong claws alone, grabbed the lock and tore it apart, then proceeded to release all of Sindywendy's restraints.

"As promised, you are now free."


Sindywendy raised her head and looked at the iron door in front of her.

Then she turned her gaze towards Vikir.

"Are you really setting me free?"

"Yes, I keep my promises."

"You will regret this."

A spark of life returned to Sindywendy's eyes.

Seeing that, Vikir smiled faintly.

"I hope so."


Sindywendy tilted her head in confusion.

After a moment, Vikir spoke up.

"You spoke kind words to me, so I will return the favor."

Sindywendy paused, no longer trying to leave the prison, and stood still.

With her in that position, Vikir opened his mouth.

"During the Age of Destruction, there were seven famous indigenous families known as the Working Dogs. The ones that recently became extinct were the Montblanc family, the Pierre family, the Louisbi family, the Chanel family, the Ferragamo family, the Hermes family, and the Prada family."


"But a few years ago, their number wasn't seven, it was eight."

Vikir didn't miss Sindywendy trembling slightly at his words.

"Originally, there was an eighth family called the Messinadnaro family. They were the wealthiest merchant family among them."


"However, they were wiped out overnight. All the members tragically perished. Do you know the reason?"


"They had stolen the Baskerville Swordsmanship Scroll. Their eight-year-old son, who learned exceptional swordsmanship somewhere and impressed everyone."


"The head of the Messinadnaro family invited everyone to a grand feast on his son's birthday and asked him to demonstrate the new swordsmanship he had learned."

"...... Enough."

Sindywendy raised her hand to stop Vikir's words.

But Vikir ignored her gesture and continued his dialogue.

"Amongst all the people gathered, the demonstration of the son's swordsmanship began. However, everyone there had to be greatly astonished. What the son showed was the Baskerville-style swordsmanship, a secret shared only within the Baskerville family."

"...Th-That's enough."

"Immediately, the information was reported to the Baskervilles. They cherish their family's swordsmanship greatly. The family head of the Baskervilles, considering the leakage of a top-level military secret, released their hunting dogs, and from that day onwards, the Messinadnaro family vanished from the world."

"Stop it, you bastard!"

Sindywendy shouted sharply.

However, Vikir didn't stop.

"But it turned out that the Messinadnaro family was innocent. Those who instigated the child, saying they would show him a good swordsmanship scroll, were the brats from the other seven families. They lured one young child from the Baskerville family and took the swordsmanship scroll, teaching it to the child of the Messinadnaro family. And the naive child performed it in front of the gathering of adults. It was a trap."

"...I said stop. Please."

"But there was one survivor in the Messinadnaro family, which was believed to have been completely annihilated. She was a one-year-old girl, and the seven villains secretly took her out of the massacre's tragedy."

"...Ugh. Ugh!"

Sindywendy staggered and leaned against the wall.

Her eyes were intensely bloodshot.

Vikir continued speaking.

"That young girl, described as clever and exceptionally beautiful, had to endure all kinds of cruel, vile, and humiliating tortures. The details of those tortures... I can't bring myself to utter them."

"I don't want to hear anymore. Thank you for your hard work," Sindywendy said as tears of blood streamed down one of her eyes.

She peeled herself off the wall and staggered outside.

At that moment,

"I told you. If you don't listen, you'll regret it for the rest of your life."

Vikir stood still, without moving an inch, and continued speaking.

"There's a sequel to this story, you know."


Sindywendy's footsteps came to a halt at his words.

Vikir shrugged his shoulders once.

"And a considerable amount of time has passed, with a new subconsul taking office in the city."


"That subconsul expelled and punished all the long-standing evils within the city."


"And the trigger of the incident was the seven villains who brought the Messinadnaro family to ruin."

Sindywendy turned her head to look at Vikir.

Vikir stared back at her intently and opened his mouth.

"The new subconsul subjected those seven villains to severe torture."


"The torture was so terrible that it made a seasoned torturer who had worked in the castle for thirty years vomit what he ate the day before."


"And those seven villains confessed to all the sins they committed as they approached death. Some of those sins were directed towards the Messinadnaro family. They confessed and apologized for all their crimes."

Upon hearing that, Sindywendy let out a sharp scream.

"Apology? How dare those insignificant beings apologize to anyone!" she exclaimed.

"...The sole survivor of the Messinadnaro family. To that girl. She is currently using the alias 'Sen Rose Sindywendy' and her real name is 'Messinadnaro Sen Sindywendy.'"

Upon hearing those words, Sindywendy staggered with a vacant expression.


She vomited what was inside her.

Her vision spun around.

The darkness of the underground cell where she couldn't see an inch ahead.

The foul stench that had been lingering in the isolation cell seemed to grow stronger.

Sindywendy leaned against the wall with one hand and held her forehead with the other.

She spat on the floor and asked,

"How am I supposed to believe your words?"


"How can I believe your claim that they were captured, tortured, investigated, and even received apologies?"

Sindywendy shouted in frustration.

Vikir remained silent, offering no response.



Vikir simply ignited the torch by pulling fire to the stick he held in his hand.

Gradually, the dark cell in the underground prison became brightly lit.

And at that moment...


Sindywendy's eyes widened as if they were about to burst.

Seven headless corpses knelt in the corner of the room.

Each of those corpses had fingers worn away and gone, and the blood that dripped from their fingers had painted the floor, walls, and ceiling thoroughly.

The entire room was stained red with blood, and upon closer inspection, the red color on the floor, ceiling, and walls seemed to be completely covered with countless characters overlapping one another.

"Please... please forgive our wrongdoing. Even if I die, please refrain from touching my family... I beg you..."

"It was us who brought ruin to the Messinadnaro family. Please forgive our sins..."

"Sincerely apologize to Lady Sindywendy. We have committed the crime of killing..."

"We were wrong, we were wrong, we were wrong, we were wrong, we were wrong..."

"Save me, save me, save me, save me, save me..."

-I don't want to die, I don't want to die...

-I'm scared, I'm scared...

Decaying corpses emitting a foul smell.

And the apple letters that were smudged on the floor to the point where all ten fingers were worn out when they were alive.

The blood writings that make up the apple letters were enough to completely stain the entire room in a deep crimson.


Sindywendy stood in the center of this crimson room, looking at Vikir with a renewed expression.

Soon, Vikir approached her.

"But the vengeance of the Mesimadunaro family is not over."


"There is still one family left."

Vikir's meaning was clear.

It meant that the biggest enemy, the Baskerville family, still remained.

Vikir said,

"Blame the Baskervilles. You have the right to do so."


"And separately, I will speak on behalf of all the Baskervilles."

Soon after, Vikir's waist slowly bent in front of Sindywendy.

"I'm sorry."

And at the same time,

Thump, thump, thud.

Tears started to fall from Sindywendy's eyes and onto the stone floor.



For a while, they stared at each other without moving.

Then, Sindywendy spoke.

"You're also a Baskerville... Why are you helping me?"

Vikir didn't respond to her question.

And Sindywendy, who was perceptive, understood the meaning behind that silence.

Whether it was inside or outside, hating and resenting the Baskervilles were the same.

In that regard, Vikir and Sindywendy understood each other well.

Soon after,

Sindywendy walked out of the prison.

And facing Vikir, who was still inside the prison, she said in a calm and lowered voice, different from before.

"No matter what you did in your past life, I'll ensure you never lack money for the rest of your life."

It was the moment when Vikir gained a reliable sponsor.

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