Revenge of the Iron-Blooded Sword Hound (Novel) Chapter 27

C27: The Graduate (2)

In Hugo's office, where he hadn't been for a long time, the air was still filled with a musty smell.

Dust accumulated on old books, the strong scent of tobacco, stale coffee, and a faint hint of blood.

Vikir, like an experienced hunting dog, read the atmosphere through the smell.

Then, behind the desk, a middle-aged man who had been looking out the window turned his body and faced Vikir.

Hugo Le Baskerville.

The iron-willed leader of the Baskerville bloodline.

His face, seen after a long time, resembled Hugo's face from Vikir's last memories of his return, but slightly different.

Suddenly, Vikir noticed a faint scar running across Hugo's nose, hidden by his return.

Although it was a scar that existed even before his return, Vikir was intrigued by how it had come about.

"Are you well?"


Hugo replied curtly and nodded his head.

Vikir continued the conversation casually.

In response to Vikir's question about the scar on his nose, Hugo replied as if it was nothing significant.

"I was shot by an arrow while subduing the savages of the Red and Black Mountains."

Vikir was slightly surprised.

To think that there is someone capable of inflicting an arrow wound on Hugo Baskerville, the hero of the land.

Hugo, who had reached the level of a Sword Master, couldn't have been hit by a blind arrow. There must have been a sniper aiming for him.

Hugo chuckled.

"There was a woman who was good at shooting a bow."

"Did you catch her?"

"I didn't. But I did give her the same mark on her fox-like face."

If it were someone like Hugo, a skilled swordsman, he could have scattered the aura of his blade and launched a counterattack even against distant enemies.

Hugo briefly touched his nose, where the scar extended across it, still lingering.

Then, after a moment of silence, he spoke.

"Anyway, congratulations on completing your training."

"Thank you."

"From now on, it will only get harder."

Vikir nodded in response to Hugo's words.

It was just like what Staffordshire Baskerville, the Guardian Knight, had said when he completed his training. Now was the real deal.

Basic training included acquiring combat theory, physical conditioning, and fostering an attitude towards adversaries, lasting for three years and six months.

Then, another three years and six months of training involved actual combat against demons and humans, survival skills in the wild, and other practical training.

However, the upcoming battles against formidable enemies and the deep valleys of the Black Mountains would challenge and invalidate all the survival tactics they had learned so far.

Regardless of whether it was due to a noble lineage or a genuine readiness to die, they had to make every effort to survive.

"I will be assigned to the conquest of enemies and the development of the Black Mountains for the next 21 months."

Vikir thought, recalling his memories before his return.

If things had gone as planned, he would have become a squire of the Pitbull Knights at this point, sent to fight against enemies and explore the Black Mountains, traversing countless battlefields for the next 21 months.

He would have been thrown into real combat as a hunting dog to be used and discarded multiple times.


Hugo had made a somewhat unexpected proposition to Vikir.

"Take on the role of a Lower House member."

It was truly unexpected.

Hugo had offered Vikir the path of a bureaucrat.

Of course, being a member of the Baskerville family, comprised entirely of skilled warriors, being a bureaucrat did not mean they couldn't engage in combat.

However, among the young children of Baskerville, there were many who showed exceptional talent and outstanding skills, and they often took a detour by serving as officials before transitioning to non-military positions.

Hugo's eldest son and his second son were also following the same path.

"A man should be strong. Just as a sword represents power," Hugo said, and Vikir nodded in agreement.

While other expendables perish in actual combat, the elites learn about politics and administration both inside and outside the family.

And when an elite, who has reached a certain age, finally draws his sword for real combat, the expendables who have become seasoned through numerous combat experiences will assist him.

The elites start a little later but, like a dog herding expendables, they accumulate their own skills and achievements, growing into even greater giants through their political and administrative experiences.

"...And only the elites can learn Baskerville's Style 5 or above."

The reason why the expendables are not taught Baskerville's Style 5 or above in combat is precisely for this point.

It is an arrangement to allow the elites, who have entered combat later, to easily catch up and surpass the expendable hunting dogs with just a little effort.

It can be likened to why high-ranking officials do not teach the commoners how to read and write.

"I will follow your instructions," Vikir politely bowed his head.

He tried to distance himself from Hugo's side but ended up getting even closer.

However, since his concealed skills were not particularly remarkable, it did not matter much, and this opportunity brought various favorable circumstances for Vikir, as he could get even closer to the center of power.

Hugo briefly explained the role Vikir would undertake as a member of the lower house.

"A member of the lower house assists in the administration, legislation, and judiciary within the Baskerville territory. They attract businesses and handle affairs for the constituency. In simple terms, they oversee the major and minor affairs within the family."

A member of the lower house who achieves good results will be promoted to a member of the upper house, where they will handle external matters related to the family. However, this was not of great interest to the current Vikir.


Hugo opened a drawer and took out several documents.

Butler Barrymore quickly brought a seal and an inkwell and stood by his side.

"You will be appointed as the Subcónsul of Underdog City," said Hugo.

Vikir was well aware of Underdog City. It was the busiest town in the vast territory governed by Baskerville, or rather, an area closer to a metropolis than a town.

The position of Subcónsul referred to the role of assisting the Magistrate in various aspects, who oversaw the legislation and judiciary of the region.

Vikir spoke while looking at the appointment letter.

"So, it involves creating and enforcing laws."

"That's correct. Currently, both the position of Magistrate and Subcónsul are vacant."

There was a reason why both the position of Magistrate and several Subcónsuls were left vacant.

Originally, the Magistrate of Underdog City was Hugo's eldest son, and the Subcónsuls were trusted individuals from Baskerville who served as deputies.

However, Hugo's eldest son had entered a long period of seclusion, and the Subcónsuls who were supposed to take his place were simultaneously dismissed and discharged on charges of bribery.

Now, Hugo intended to hand over the authority and responsibilities of those vacancies to Vikir.

"The city has become ownerless. Do you think you can handle it?"

Vikir nodded his head.

Subcónsuls are usually individuals in their thirties, but occasionally, those hailed as geniuses among geniuses take up the position in their early twenties.

These young elites had a high likelihood of assuming key roles representing their families in the future.

"For example, gaining admission to the Academy," Hugo proposed.

After completing four years of education at the Academy, they would return to their families and immediately take up the position of Magistrate.

It was truly an elite path among elites.

Hugo's offer to Vikir was as revolutionary as it gets.

"You are entrusting me with an extraordinary authority."

"It is also a heavy responsibility," Hugo added with a dry smile.

"Your achievements are at least ten years ahead of the children hailed as geniuses within the family. Therefore, I will treat you accordingly."

Treatment encompassed both rights and obligations.

As power strengthens, so does the weight of responsibilities.

On the other hand, as the responsibilities become heavier, the power also strengthens.

"I will do my best to meet the expectations of the family boss."

Hugo nodded silently.

And finally...


Hugo's seal was stamped on a document.

With this, Vikir became the Subcónsul of Underdog City, a de facto Magistrate of the city with a population of 500,000.

"This is a great outcome," Vikir thought.

If he could effectively utilize the power of the Subcónsul, he could safely enhance his abilities much more than by immediately plunging into real action.

His hidden fangs and claws would be sharpened even further.

Finally, Vikir opened his mouth.

"Family boss."


Hugo raised his head.

A slight warmth returned to the attention that had faded after the matter was settled.

Vikir didn't miss that fleeting warmth and captured it.

"I would like to talk about the incident with Morg and the ruby mine."

Seven years ago, when Vikir was only eight years old, he had bravely faced Morg's envoy and had done something daring that had relieved Hugo.

At that time, Hugo had promised a reward to Vikir, who had pleased him. However, Vikir hadn't specifically demanded the type of reward at that time.

And now, Vikir was requesting a rather clear reward for his past actions.

"Could I borrow...?"

Upon hearing those words, Hugo displayed a slight hint of hesitation.

"Hmm. Yes, that's right. I definitely promised you a reward back then. I said that if you ever wanted something, you could ask for it."

"If it's difficult, you don't have to grant it."

Upon hearing those words, Hugo's thick eyebrows twitched.

"It wouldn't be difficult."

He immediately nodded and took out another document from the drawer, imprinting the family boss's seal on it.

"I believe you won't do something futile, my son."

That 'son' sound still didn't sit well with him no matter how many times he heard it.

And in truth, Vikir was more surprised that Hugo readily agreed to his request rather than being addressed as his son.

"...If it had been before the regression, I wouldn't have even dared to imagine making such a request."

It seems that things are progressing more smoothly than expected.

Vikir stepped back from the family boss's office and walked along the long corridor.

Behind him, Butler Barrymore wore a gentle smile.

"Young Master."


"The family boss cares a lot about you."

Vikir closed his mouth without any particular response.

Then, Butler Barrymore spoke up.

"By entrusting you with the de facto magistrate position instead of directly deploying you to the front lines, we can see that the family boss is practicing the art of emperorship. He will certainly use you in significant and important ways."

Literally, if you want to raise a hunting dog to use and discard, you have to send them to the battlefield right away and roll them to death.

While the hunting dogs become skilled through encounters with death, those who become their owners arm themselves with knowledge and wisdom in safe places.

And thus, with the foundation laid out, the hunting dogs leap towards an unattainable and formidable realm.

In the end, a lower-class life can never surpass an upper-class life, neither in culture nor in martial prowess.

For Vikir, who is feeling it once again, it is a bitter taste.

"That must be a story of when I fulfill my duties as a subconsul."

"If it's Young Master, you will surely excel. Even if you achieve moderate results there, the next academy entrant will undoubtedly be Young Master."

Butler Barrymore had noticed that Vikir himself was also interested in the academy.

...Although it seemed that he couldn't guess the exact reason.


Vikir was recalling the policies and eccentricities of famous bureaucrats that he had heard before the regression.

Finally, the subconsul appointment letter bearing the seal of Hugo Le Baskerville, the head of the resolute sword clan Baskerville, settled deep into Vikir's pocket.

"I have to show results quickly."

There were countless ways to gain recognition and climb higher in a short period.

And among them, Vikir chose the fastest and most reliable path.

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