Revenge of the Iron-Blooded Sword Hound (Novel) Chapter 26

C26: The Graduater (1)

The number of births in Baskerville was still high, as was the number of deaths.

The waves in front of the Styx River pushed back the waves behind as they flowed.

Seven years had passed since the day when the two eight-year-old kids had their duel.

"The outcome of these young lords' actions can make them either angels or demons!"

A Working Dog with a short beard shouted in a booming voice.

His name was Staffordshire Baskerville. He was 35 years old this year, a seasoned knight of the Sword Graduate level.

Not even receiving the middle name 'Ra,' an outsider who didn't even receive Van's middle name, he was of commoner origin. However, due to his outstanding talent and upright character, he was granted the Baskerville name and his lineage was cleansed—an established figure with a clean slate.

Especially, his swordsmanship, the 'Piercing Fang,' was said to have reached the level of Baskerville Style 4.

Four teeth depicted vividly.

With this level of skill, it is more than enough for him to command and teach the young Baskervilles present here.

"Now, it's the final practice! Treat the practice like a real battle! Treat the real battle as a real battle! I trust that you all know this well!"

Staffordshire glanced over the 15 and 16-year-old Baskervilles in front of him.

They all looked tired and worn out. However, the determination and venom emanating from their eyes were growing stronger.

The young Baskervilles, aged 15 to 16, present here were all sword novices, adept at Baskerville Style 1.

After checking the trainees' momentum, Staffordshire turned his head again.

In the center of the training ground, surrounded by them, stood a massive bear on its hind legs.

With a weight of 800kg and a height of 3 meters, this enormous bear had something unique apart from its size.

Sharp horns curved on top of its head.

Danger Level: A

Size: 5m

Location: Red and Black Mountain Range, Sector 7

A giant bear with two enormous horns.
Belonging to the Ursidae family, it is the ultimate terrestrial predator and possesses a nearly perfect lethal weapon. It reigns as the strongest and apex predator in the ecosystem of the Red and Black Mountain Range, Sector 7.

Apart from its own species, there are virtually no natural enemies for this demon.

A bear that roams with two massive, curved bison horns attached to its head.

It is a powerful demon covered in thick muscles, fat, and dense fur all over its body.


The current specimen released in the training ground appeared to be a young individual that had not fully matured yet.

Moreover, it had been trapped within us for a long time, so its nutritional condition was not particularly good.

However, that also meant that this demon was aggressive and easily agitated.

Staffordshire swung his sword, simultaneously threatening the Oxbear and evaluating the young Baskervilles behind him.

"Now, just follow what you practiced against the demon's corpse. In the previous sessions, we practiced dissecting the Oxbear's carcass, right? You all should already know how tough its skin is, how firm its muscles are, and where its internal organs are located."

The mild-mannered Staffordshire transformed into a completely different person as he stood in front of the Oxbear.

An intense vitality emanated from his gaze, and an aura surged from his sword like massive claws.

Staffordshire exuded such a terrifying aura, overwhelming the Oxbear, but he did not launch an attack.

It was not his role to do so.

And then...


The Oxbear began its charge.

A bear charging forward with its horns raised like a bison.

The young Baskervilles retaliated according to their preferences.

Some evaded by splitting left and right, while others swung their swords head-on.


Those who evaded survived, while those who collided head-on were thrown back.

Staffordshire spoke up.

"When facing an opponent stronger than yourself, it is wise to avoid a direct confrontation. However, don't create too much distance and instead evade swiftly from the sides while delivering small attacks."

The advice from the Working Dogs followed.

The young hunting dogs gleamed in their eyes as they absorbed the teachings like water.

"Don't be too eager to aim for vital points from the beginning. It will most likely invite a counterattack. Instead, focus on diminishing their movement speed or reaction time by targeting the central part of their body, in this case, the right hind leg. Prioritize attacking such areas."

Following the instructions of the Working Dogs, the young hunting dogs attacked the bear's legs one after another with their two paws.

Due to continuous attacks on its hind legs, the Oxbear could barely use one of its legs due to the widening wounds.

The threatening horn charge technique had been sealed.

By that time, the young Baskervilles revealed their teeth in full force.

Now, even without the guidance of the Working Dogs, they were capable hunting dogs.

Baskerville Style 1. Over thirty sharp fangs sprang forth from various places, tearing apart the Oxbear's entire body.

Among them, the triplets Highbro, Middlebro, and Lowbro displayed the most prominent aggression.


They, as the leaders, hunted down the bear.

Without hesitation, they pushed aside arrogant brothers or weaker siblings who lagged behind them.

And then...


The Ox Bear charged.

The bear ran forward, horns raised like a water buffalo.

The young Baskervilles counterattacked according to their preferences.

Some dodged left and right to avoid it, while others swung their swords directly at the front.

...Clang! The Ox Bear fell.

"Well done," said Staffordshire.

He raised his sword and approached the lifeless body of the Ox Bear.


Soon, the bear's belly split open, and its innards and flesh spilled out.

After the fourth training session, lunchtime naturally arrived.

Staffordshire distributed the innards and flesh of the Ox Bear to the young hunting dogs on the spot.

Steam rose from the hot, red chunks of meat.

While an ordinary person would lose their appetite and couldn't even bear to put them in their mouths, the young Baskervilles chewed on them raw with gusto.

Staffordshire spoke to the trainees as they ate.

"Listen while you eat. As of this hour, the foundational training of three years and six months and the practical training of three years and six months have come to an end. Congratulations on your graduation."

Seven years had transformed the playful puppies into formidable warriors.

Now, everyone present not only had the ability to infuse mana into a sword but also to wield a perfect set of fangs.

However, Staffordshire spoke as if they were just beginning.

"To be honest, practicing with captured monsters is nothing more than an embarrassing tutorial that resembles real combat. From now on, you must create and accumulate your own experiences."

The advice of the seasoned working dogs who had experienced various battles was always worth heeding.

"The monsters in the Black Mountain and the Wild Mountain, unlike the monsters we have kept confined for a long time, are not only physically healthy and robust but also have cunning and calm personalities. Even the old and feeble individuals you occasionally encounter are formidable opponents."

The recently slain Ox Bear was a testament to that.

If they were subjected to receiving the charges of fully grown wild Ox Bear horns, followed by consecutive strikes from its front paws and bites to the head, even a Sword Graduate would be in danger.

Controlled variables, a safe environment, predetermined rules.

And yet, even with the training in such an environment, they could not survive in the untamed wilderness.

These young hunting dogs had to venture into that territory from now on.

The young Baskervilles were well aware of that fact.

Staffordshire spoke, his face contorted with numerous scars.

"From now on, you must face the hell that unfolds on your own. Overcome it with your innate lineage or through your own experiences. I have nothing more to say. That's all!"

With a short salute, he relinquished his position as a working dog.

The young Baskervilles temporarily set aside their torn flesh and innards. They prepared themselves for the upcoming exploration of uncharted territories that would last about 21 months.

After Staffordshire disappeared, they gathered in groups of three or five and began chatting among themselves.

"Hey, which knight order did you apply for?"

"I chose Doberman as my first choice. Pitbull as my second, and Rottweiler as my third."

"Oh, none of mine overlap with yours. I'm interested in the Wolfhound Knight Order. After that, I'm considering the Shepherd and Bull Mastiff Knight Orders."

There are seven knight orders in Baskerville.

Each order was established for various purposes such as defense, reconnaissance, protection, assassination, suppression, and full-scale combat.

Among them, the Wolfhound Knight Order, symbolizing the power of the family, was considered the best.

"I want to join the Wolfhound Knight Order too."

"But is it possible for you to go there just because you want to? You have to be selected."

"Realistically, I'm considering supporting the Doberman Knight Order. Besides the Wolfhound Knight Order, it's practically the number one choice."

"If you join the Doberman Knight Order, you'll spend your entire life guarding the city walls, you know? I find that kind of boring. I'd rather be in the Pitbull Knight Order, always out on the battlefield."

The children murmured.

And naturally, their gazes slowly gathered in one direction.

"...But where will that bastard end up going?"

That was the common question in the minds of all the children here.

Even the triplets who had been the most active during the recent Ox Bear hunt stopped eating their meat and began paying attention to the figure sitting alone in a distant place.

Vikir Van Baskerville.

A child rumored to be Hugo's illegitimate son, brought in from outside the family.

He hadn't participated in the Ox Bear hunt and was sitting quietly in a secluded spot.

And beneath Vikir, there lay a large Ox Bear that was dead.

It was much larger than the one that had been killed by the combined efforts of more than 30 children just moments ago.

The young Baskervilles who stole glances at Vikir couldn't help but feel a sense of awe.

"Is that guy really the same age as us, 15?"

"How did he manage to catch a single Ox Bear alone?"

"I heard he's already a Sword Expert High Rank."

"They say he drew three fangs."

"Crazy! You know how to use Baskerville Style 3? You're practically a working dog!"

Idolizing the strong is a common occurrence in any group, but it is particularly prominent in the Baskerville family.

However, Vikir himself didn't pay much attention to such rumors.

"I'm a Sword Expert."

Being a Sword Expert implies reaching a level where the aura of the sword's tip becomes dense enough to traverse between gas and liquid.

While Baskerville children usually reach this level between the ages of twenty and twenty-five, there are rumors that Vikir achieved it at the age of fifteen.


The power that Vikir actually concealed surpassed that of a Sword Graduate.

It was a level two steps higher than a Sword Expert and a skill that could rival Staffordshire, who was once a working dog.

Moreover, considering the protection of Styx's teachings or the power of the demon sword Baalzephon, Vikir's combat capabilities would be much stronger than that.

If the world knew, it would be truly shocking.

"...The Baskerville Style I've mastered so far is Style 5. In terms of swordsmanship alone, I've already surpassed the level before regression."

Skills beyond Style 4 were something Vikir had never learned even in his previous life.

Because of this parallel process, it took a little longer than the original plan to become a perfect Sword Graduate.

Meanwhile, Vikir closed his eyes and recalled the Oxbear he had just killed.

Although there were a few close calls, the weakened specimen due to long periods of confinement was easy to hunt down even with his concealed abilities.

Vikir's mind was complicated as he thought about his current level of skill, how it compared to his level before regression, and how much he had declined.

The babbling of the newborn Baskerville puppies who had just started growing teeth was of no concern to him.


Even Vikir, who was lost in thought, became interested in a certain topic.

It was something mentioned by a young Baskerville without much thought.

"...So that guy is going to enroll in the Colosseo Academy within our ranks?"

The "Colosseo Academy."

It was the Empire's mandatory educational institution where the seven noble families sent their young heirs for education.

The number of admissions to the academy is limited even among the noble families.

As a result, naturally, only the elite youths of each family gather here, and Vikir was also interested in this.

Of course, he had no desire for honor or a longing for education like other children.

"It's an opportunity for me to leave Hugo's side and improve my skills."

Of course, there are other things to do as well. Repaying the debts from his previous life or monopolizing hidden artifacts.

While Vikir was contemplating his future actions,

"Young master."

There was a voice calling him from behind.

An old but still strong voice. Warm and gentle in its demeanor.

John Barrymore, the butler, approached Vikir and stood by his side.

He was one of the few individuals who had looked down on Vikir even in his previous life, and Vikir, in his own way, had some trust in him.

Eventually, the butler came closer to Vikir and whispered in his ear.

"The family boss is looking for you."

Hugo Le Baskerville?

It was always an unusual occurrence for him to seek out his child.

Seeing Vikir's puzzled expression, Barrymore smiled and continued speaking.

"It seems the family boss has made a decision regarding your position."

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