Revenge of the Iron-Blooded Sword Hound (Novel) Chapter 28

C28: Vikir's Special Law (1)

Vikir headed towards the city hall in the center of the Underdog City on that path.

As he walked across the buildings where numerous employees were working, he could see the magistrate's office located at the innermost part.

"Today, the new subconsul is coming, so make sure to clean up."

"I wonder who it is."

"It doesn't matter who it is, but I hope they are knowledgeable about the job."

"Ah, don't expect too much. I heard they're only fifteen years old."

The employees were sweeping, mopping, and cleaning the buildings.

On the high walls, there was a banner welcoming Vikir van Baskerville, the newly appointed subconsul and acting magistrate.

Vikir casually passed by those employees.

Since it was known that Vikir was taking office tomorrow, the city hall employees didn't pay much attention to him.

"Whose kid is this? Did an employee bring them?"

"Hey, they're not supposed to come in here."

"Temporary restricted access because of the visit from a high-ranking official tomorrow."

"Go play outside. There's a playground for employee kids out there."

Although some employees tried to block Vikir.

"Move aside."

As soon as the employees saw the appointment letter Vikir pulled out, they became flustered and bowed their heads.

"......Y-You arrived early, Magistrate-...sir."

The employees prostrated themselves as if they had seen a ghost.

Vikir lowered his head in a state of confusion as he presented the appointment letter.

"....You've arrived early, Magistrate."

As Vikir entered the office, he sat down on the soft chair.

As soon as he took his position as the de facto magistrate, his first directive was as follows:

"Command the availability of alcohol and women."

Chihuahua Baskerville.

He had been in charge of the office work at the city hall for over ten years, and he felt a pang of discomfort.

"To be dealing with alcohol and women on the first day of duty."

And to make matters worse, wasn't it just a little kid who was not even fifteen years old yet?

With all the previous officials being dismissed and fired on bribery charges, causing a major disruption in the work, now a blue puppy came in and caused a mess. It was impossible not to feel annoyed.

"And in such a sacred workplace! How mischievous can the child of a young brat be?"

Chihuahua Baskerville rubbed his forehead with his hand.

He was from an external family but had outstanding administrative skills, which earned him the recognition and the Baskerville surname.

Although he didn't have middle names like 'Le' or 'Ra' or 'Van,' which limited him to the position of an office manager, he was still working diligently in his own way.

"Oh my, there's a pile of work to be done, and now a troublemaker comes barging in... Still, it's an internal appointment from Baskerville, so I had some expectations."

Even the slightest hope he held onto when he heard that a fifteen-year-old kid was taking office has now become a bubble.

Even now, outside the window, there were sounds of clinking glasses, women's laughter, and the voices of jesters singing merrily.

Chihuahua Baskerville nervously twisted his goatee and threw the documents onto the filing cabinet.

"Fine! Let it all go to ruin! Let the Underdog City go to ruin... Maybe then I'll regain my senses... just like that...!?"

However, he couldn't voice his complaints until the end.


The office door opened, revealing a young boy.

Vikir van Baskerville. The newly appointed subconsul.

He had finally arrived at this office officially.

"Are you the office manager?"

In the face of Vikir's command, Chihuahua Baskerville put on a polite expression.

"Yes, I am Chihuahua Baskerville."

"No middle name, huh?"

Vikir's words made Chihuahua's expression stiffen slightly.

Not having even a middle name, which even commoners and illegitimate children possess, meant that he was entirely from an external family.

Normally, when someone is brought in from the outside, they work as a contract worker in Baskerville for three years before receiving the Baskerville surname and officially becoming a member of the family. Highborough and Chihuahua were exactly such cases.

Strictly speaking, they were not blood relatives but servants.

Subconsuls who came in as newcomers often raised this point to discriminate against the external blood transfusions.

That's why Chihuahua had to endure this familiar atmosphere once again.


"That's good."

Vikir's evaluation was unexpected.

While Chihuahua widened his eyes, Vikir was reminiscing about the past.

"Chihuahua Baskerville. Yes, I know that name."

He had a lean physique and a cunning appearance, giving the impression of a treacherous lackey, but surprisingly, he had a sincere side.

Furthermore, because he was from an external family, he unknowingly faced a lot of discrimination, and most of his achievements were disguised as those of a subconsul or a consul.

Vikir felt a sense of camaraderie with him in this regard.

As someone who didn't trust the family members within the clan, Vikir found the externally recruited individuals with proven abilities much more trustworthy.

"I glanced at your personal information. You're from Underdog City, right?"

"Yes? Yes, yes. I'm a native born and raised in this city."

"Then you must have a good understanding of the city's situation. More so than me, who is visiting this city for the first time."

"...Y-Yes, that's correct."

Chihuahua hesitated for a moment before responding.

Based on his past experiences, it was clear that responses like "If you know so well, why don't you do it yourself?" or "If you're so talented, why are you under my command?" or "Are you daring to challenge my authority?" or "Do you think you can handle everything?" would follow.

However, Vikir once again gave an unexpected answer.

"I understand the hard work of those who are actually out in the field. I have no intention of interfering with their principles, customs, or styles."

Chihuahua's expression turned blank at his words.

He couldn't have imagined hearing such words from someone within the family.

Naturally, he had assumed that they would criticize the existing customs and practices as bad habits and dismantle them all due to their sense of privilege.

"At least he doesn't seem like a cancerous character for now. It may not be beneficial, but at least it won't be harmful."

While Chihuahua let out a sigh of relief, Vikir skimmed through the documents on the desk.

Shuffle, shuffle...

Chihuahua didn't expect Vikir to actually look at those documents properly.

Surprisingly, Vikir was meticulously examining everything.

Finally, Vikir closed the documents and spoke.

"The legislative system itself seems fine. However, there are many peculiarities in the judicial system."

"Yes? You... you've read them all? Already?"

Chihuahua was astonished. Considering the number of pages alone, there were hundreds of them.

But Vikir already knew a lot about Underdog City.

It was one of the major cities where he had conducted covert espionage and small-scale operations before his regression.

"It seems that there are illegal gambling dens, entertainment establishments, slave auctions, and various forms of underground finance within the territory. The underground economy of Underdog City alone must be at a significant level."

Chihuahua's eyes widened in surprise.

Vikir continued speaking.

"It's probably because of these factors that they sent away the previous subconsuls. Breaking this vicious cycle won't be easy by compromising to some extent."


"That's right. What do you, an Underdog native, think?"

Vikir asked the question blatantly, and Chihuahua merely grinned in response.

Not only did he grasp all these numerous documents at once and penetrate the core issues of Underdog City, but he also consulted him about the most important matter without disregarding him as an outsider and subordinate.

And all of this happened on his first day of duty, no less, even before his official appointment!

Beyond common sense, Chihuahua could only fumble around without giving a proper answer to the sudden turn of events.

Vikir smirked.

"It's actually an easy problem. The way to eradicate the underground economy is quite simple. You need to penetrate the core hidden among the remnants of illegal organizations that look like point organizations."

In his previous life, Vikir had fought a long war against the illegal organizations of Underdog City.

Therefore, he knew almost everything about who was committing what crimes, where they were hiding, and even the identities of corrupt officials who received bribes.

"It feels rewarding to have seen all those black records after eradicating the illegal organizations from the previous life."

Creating and enforcing the law was the job of a subconsul.

Vikir immediately got to work.

"I respect all the laws that have existed until now. However, I will add one new law to them."

"A new law?"

"Yes. It won't be too long. At most, it will be a simple law of a few lines."

Vikir's eyes gleamed.

"I will dry up the seeds of the underground economy in Underdog City within a week."

He would swiftly and decisively end it and rise to the academy.

There would soon be a war with the ensuing crimes, and for that, a few necessary laws were required.

"And to create and enforce this law, we need a justification."

Upon hearing Vikir's murmuring, Chihuahua unknowingly found himself being drawn into the peculiar atmosphere emanating from the boy.

So, without realizing it himself, he asked.

"A justification? Why do we need a justification to eradicate illegal activities?"

"Well, I'm still young, and above all, aren't you the rookie who will take office tomorrow?"

Vikir turned to look at Chihuahua and smiled faintly.

"Wouldn't it be appropriate for the industry veteran to give a 'warning'?"


Chihuahua could not understand Vikir's words and could only tilt her head in confusion.

However, Vikir didn't feel the need to provide any further explanation.

He simply lowered his gaze to the chessboard visible outside the subconsul's office window and stroked his chin.

Pour it. Drink it. The event welcoming the newly appointed subconsul, Vikir, had already gained momentum.

Ironically, even without Vikir, the party was continuing splendidly.

And the one who should have been the center of attention at that moment, Vikir, was sitting in this lofty subconsul's office, planning the upcoming event for tomorrow.

"...Yes. To catch the flies, you have to lay the dung."

Vikir's murmured words carried an energy that didn't seem to belong to a 15-year-old.

And Chihuahua thought to herself that perhaps this encounter with the boy in front of her might completely change her future life.

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