Revenge of the Iron-Blooded Sword Hound (Novel) Chapter 38

C38: Sponsor (Part 1)

Club 'Burning Suspension' has closed its doors.

Did it just close the doors? It burned down completely.

Vikir set the entire large hotel building where Burning Suspension was located on fire.


The massive bonfire, the blazing club Burning Suspension.

The enormous devil's lair where the second and third generations of the Sado family indulged in luxury and pleasure was engulfed in flames in front of all the citizens' eyes.

Even though it was nighttime, the city was brightly illuminated as if it were daytime due to the blazing Burning Suspension.

Some young people who were lingering around could not help but feel regret.

"Why? Are you disappointed, you bastards?"

They had to flee without looking back, avoiding the fiery gazes of the Pitbull Knights standing in front of the burning building.

Vikir didn't just burn down the club.

He placed the seven siblings from the seven families, the VVIPs who spent the most money and indulged the most extravagantly, in front of the burning club.

Their heads were left behind, severed.

There were traces of torture on the severed heads.

Below them, the heinous deeds they had committed during their lives were listed one by one.

The next morning, Vikir announced his position from the execution office.

He came out to the square without a spokesperson, speaking directly.

"In the face of the law, social status is meaningless. What everyone should uphold is the law."

Although his tone was indifferent, the impact was tremendous.

The public opinion about Vikir was divided into favorable (好) or extremely favorable (極好).

Disapproval was nearly impossible to find.

Whenever three or more members of the Underdog City gathered, they praised Vikir as a brilliant subconsul.

Of course, the indigenous clans who had lost their beloved children did not remain silent.

The Montblanc family, the Pierre family, the Louis-B family, the Chanel family, the Ferragamo family, the Hermes family, and the Prada family each sent a letter of protest to the subconsul office.

However, Vikir's stance was firm.

"They were involved in various crimes and directly engaged in the 'illegal slave trade,' which is the most forbidden act in the imperial court. There can be no other outcome except execution."

The Emperor of the Empire regarded the illegal slave trade as the gravest crime.

The reason was that the majority of slaves traded illegally were foreigners from outside the Empire.

Of course, the Emperor wasn't concerned about the human rights of foreigners outside the Empire.

The reason was to prevent the occurrence of piracy, which would lead to another war.

To carry out piracy, local nobles had to raise private soldiers, which could easily lead to treason and rebellions.

The hidden slave hunting activities carried out beyond the reach of the imperial court had the risk of degenerating into uprisings or coups.

In fact, it was backed up by the fact that several large-scale rebellions that occurred a few years ago were organized by armies formed for slave hunting.

Therefore, the Emperor formally stated the following:

"While it is inevitable for slavery to arise from wars, it is forbidden to wage wars for the purpose of creating slaves."

Since then, illegal slave trading had been treated as a first-class crime in the Empire, carrying the same weight as treason.

Vikir spoke bluntly.

"I have obtained all the promissory notes issued by the seven executed prisoners, the records they kept, and the cash transaction details they spent. These incidents are currently being officially investigated in Baskerville, and they will be reported to the royal court."

In summary, it translates to 'Yeah, no rebuttal; they've become rebels.'

After this audacious statement, the protests from the seven noble families came to an abrupt end.

It wasn't the time to whimper to Vikir about the anger and sadness of losing their sons.

With the imminent threat of their families being annihilated, they couldn't afford to stand idly by.

Eventually, the proud heads of the seven noble families themselves went to the magistrate's office, kneeling down and confessing their sins, an unprecedented event.

To bow their heads before the one who killed their sons, begging for the survival of their families.

The consequences of improperly raising their children were this terrifying.

They pleaded while pressing their foreheads against the marble floor, but... Vikir showed no mercy.

"I have already investigated all the black ledgers that were within the burning suspension. Those who are guilty will soon be summoned, and their fate will be determined according to their crimes."

If we were to put the results into words, it would fill countless pages and still have more left.

But if we summarize the essential results, they are as follows:

Clause 1: Confiscate all the assets of the Montblanc, Pierre, Louis-Vi, Chanel, Ferragamo, Hermes, and Prada families, and return them to the national treasury.

※ Originally, only the assets acquired through illegal acts should be confiscated. However, it is practically impossible to distinguish between legal and illegal assets at this point, so all assets will be confiscated.

Clause 2: Based on the remnants of the Montblanc, Pierre, Louis-Vi, Chanel, Ferragamo, Hermes, and Prada families, exterminate three generations for the crime of treason.

※ The reference point is based on the seven individuals executed on the 0th month, 0th day.

Clause 3: Among those affiliated with the Montblanc, Pierre, Louis-Vi, Chanel, Ferragamo, Hermes, and Prada families, those involved in this incident will receive a punishment twice as severe according to the 'Nobles Oblige' special provision.

※ The contents of Clauses 1 and 2 do not overlap.

In short, it can be summarized in three lines:

You guys.
Since the new subconsul took office, there has been no bloodshed on the floor of the execution grounds for some time.

It refers to the filthy blood of the vermin that had been gnawing on the city.

"The flowerbed will become even more abundant."

Vikir murmured as he looked at the flowerbed and the blooming flowers in the vicinity of the execution grounds.

The white lilies carefully cultivated by Chihuahua had transformed into red lilies before they knew it.


The influential factions that had been creating disturbances with their criticisms of the policy decisions made by the Subcónsul's office have now fallen silent, as if they were struck dumb, and the local chieftains who used to fart and gossip are now trembling at the mere sight of government officials.

The seven indigenous clans, who had managed to hold their ground in the face of Baskerville's power games, have practically been wiped out, root and branch.

Moreover, rumors circulated in other cities that Vikir held some of Baskerville's military authority, making everyone wary.

Who could possibly escape unscathed in the presence of the military ruler of Baskerville?

There were no longer any contenders in Underdog City who could stand up to Vikir's front.

No, on the contrary, there were people emerging one after another who would support Vikir's actions without hesitation.

"If you want to criticize the cruelty of the new Subcónsul, you might as well start by insulting me."

"You say he's become even more ruthless? It's necessary to cut off the rotting flesh. It was indeed the appropriate action."

Clean officials who had suffered disadvantages for being honest, or nobles who had been dismissed or exiled for being too virtuous, consecutively declared their support for Vikir.

They had neither power nor wealth, but they were individuals respected by the general public as "intellectuals," "teachers," "mentors," and so on, people with strong reputations and honor.

Following their lead, intellectuals belonging to the Confucian circle rallied in support of Vikir's bold reforms, and their approval rating continued to rise day by day.

Vikir used this incident as an opportunity to reinterpret all the precedents from the past and, accordingly, released all unjust prisoners and conscientious objectors.

As the need for a large workforce in the investigation of past historical truths arose, the hiring of government officials and related subcontractors increased significantly, leading to a significant decrease in unemployment rates in Underdog City.

The depleted salary budget was compensated by the substantial increase in tax revenue resulting from the eradication of illegal underground economies, causing no major disturbances.

As a result, the citizens of Underdog City staged large-scale protests in front of the city hall day after day.

"Subcónsul Vikir's Permanent Tenure!"

"We strongly demand that Subcónsul Vikir remain in Underdog City forever!"

"We love you, Vikir!"

It was a protest fueled by overwhelming support.

The Chihuahua manager is smiling day after day.

The skepticism and disdain that were shown when Vikir first took office had disappeared as if washed away.

"Has the subcónsul arrived? I've brought you coffee."

"As a manager, be dedicated to your own work. There's no need to bring coffee."

"This is a personal token of gratitude. Didn't you save me from getting stabbed by the clown last time?"

"Then a cup of coffee seems too much for a savior of lives."

"Well~ I put two sugars, two creams, and just enough water."

Between the two, they had become quite friendly, to the point of exchanging such jokes.

Vikir was currently learning how to write from the Chihuahua.

More precisely, he was learning how to imitate various styles of handwriting.

With the learned writing, Vikir was creating new laws and amending previous ones.

He was involved in projects for developing the ruby mines with Morg, stabilizing the prices of agricultural and livestock products, compensating those who had worked for the territory, establishing a system for the protection of slaves when they worked for the public good, equal development of underdeveloped areas, ensuring institutional benefits when laws were upheld, taxation on external merchants, increased taxes for the wealthy class, reduced taxes for poor farmers, dispelling superstitions, and nationalizing land, and more...

Vikir carefully selected and refined the laws that had proven effective for future implementation, focusing on those that were suitable for the current social atmosphere.

Naturally, the legislators were impressed by Vikir's profound knowledge of the law and held him in even higher regard.

Underdog City was continuously advancing and prospering at this very moment.

"...Are you really fifteen years old?"

Vikir smoothly chewed on Chihuahua's awe-inspiring question.

Eventually, Vikir started one of today's most important tasks.



Chihuahua rushed over and stood by his side.

Vikir gave instructions with his usual indifferent tone.

"Is there any trace of Tio remaining in the underground prison?"

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