TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 197

 C 197

“Since it will begin soon, you should warm yourselves up.”

When Raon ordered the swordsmen to warm up, a tall and slender swordsman walked towards him from the other side of the arena.

‘Garon Zieghart.’

He looked similar to Raden, who he had crushed last time, but the energy wave emanating from him was on a completely different level. His entire body was surrounded with powerful energy, characteristic of those who surpassed the wall.

“Are you Raon?”

Garon approached Raon, stepping close enough that the sound of his breathing could be heard, and laughed coldly. He raised his chin while emanating a tremendous energy wave, as if he were trying to crush him.


Raon nonchalantly nodded under his pressure.


Garon furrowed his brow. He apparently didn’t expect Raon to take his pressure so easily.

“I heard you beat my vice-squad leader with a single punch, and you do look like you are capable enough.”

“It was because he wasn’t that strong.”

“He wasn’t that strong? Techly?”


“That is an excessive amount of arrogance you’ve got, just because you became a little famous.”

“It’s not arrogance. I’m just telling the truth.”

Raon wasn’t taunting nor laughing at him. It really was his honest opinion.

“I didn’t appoint Techly as the vice-squad leader for his fist, but because of his sword. I assure you that he will be in a different dimension once he wields a sword.”

“In that case, do you want to make a bet with me?”

“A bet?”

“If I defeat your vice-squad leader in a single strike once again, please be my next opponent, squad leader.”

Raon continued, while watching Techly grind his teeth.

“After all, I won’t have enough fun if the fight ends with a single strike.”

“You son of a bitch!”

Techly, who was listening to them, came over while grinding his teeth.

“I wasn’t using my sword back th…”

“The vice-squad leader dares to interrupt, swearing, when I’m talking with the squad leader. I guess the Golden Crest’s hierarchy is a mess.”

Raon sneered.

“P-Please excuse me.”

Techly returned to his position once Garon gave him a cold look. His fist had turned red from clenching so hard, showing how angry he was.

“Raon Zieghart. That’s an excessive amount of arrogance over such a small amount of fame.”

“I suppose. It might be too much for the Golden Crest squad leader, who has no fame at all.”

“You bastard…”

“So, why aren’t you giving me your answer about the bet I suggested earlier? Do you not trust your subordinate?”

“Haa. I heard about your eloquence, but they were right about it. You are really good at taunting others.”

Garon took a deep breath as a scary smile appeared on his face.

‘I guess there’s no way he would yield to a provocation like this.’

Raon snickered. He was apparently better than Raden in that regard. As Raon decided to use another method, Garon took a step forward.

“Fine. Since I should live up to my words, I’ll play along with your taunt. However, you will have to accept five years of activity suspension if you lose.”

“Are you sure that’s enough?”

Raon tapped his scabbard while looking at Garon.

“If I can’t neutralize Techly in a single strike, I’ll never wield a sword ever again.”

“You bastard, do you really have a death wish?”

Garon’s pressure was filled with an intense killing intent. He apparently couldn’t endure the second provocation.


Without losing his smile, Raon brushed past Garon’s powerful energy wave like a flowing river.

“I’m not a very mature person. Do you want me to end you right here and now?”

“That doesn’t sound so bad. Come at me.”

As two people’s pressures were about to soar towards the sky, creating sparks between them, a majestic resonance occurred from the training ground’s entrance.


“Zieghart’s true heaven, the head of house. Glenn Zieghart makes his entrance!”

Everyone inside the training ground knelt upon hearing the gatekeepers shouting their heads off.

“Greeting my lord!”

While bowing his head, Raon examined Glenn, who was entering through the wide-open entrance.

‘He’s become even larger than before…’

The Glenn looked even larger and more majestic than three months previously. His prowess truly seemed to be endless, since he looked different each time Raon got stronger.

Neither Glenn nor the Heavenly Blade squad leader paid anyone any attention. He simply went to sit on the throne on the platform, looking down at the Light Wind and Golden Crest.

Tsk, that should’ve been the King of Essence’s place.

Wrath licked his lips, glaring at Glenn.

‘My wrist is the best place for you.’

The King of Essence is the monarch of Devildom! I can’t live in a bracelet like this forever!

‘Just live there. I’ll let you taste every food on the continent.’

Huh? Hmm… Sh-Shut up!

Apparently, Wrath had to consider the option, since his response was significantly delayed. It was pretty funny, since Raon could confirm that gluttony was the reason for his actions, not wrath.

“Where’s the Light Wind squad leader?”

“He is…”

“I’m here!”

As Raon was about to respond, Rimmer’s voice came from behind him. He was holding a piece of paper in his hand, and it was obvious at a glance that it was a gambling slip.

“Haa, you can begin.”

Glenn gave Rimmer a killing glare before waving his hand. The swordsmen raised themselves upon hearing his low voice.

“We are going to start the group duel between Light Wind and Golden Crest! The first participants shall come to the arena!”

As soon as the host finished talking, a long-armed swordsman from the Golden Crest’s side entered the arena.


“Who is our first?”

“I don’t know, we haven't decided yet.”

“Squad leader?”

“I don’t know either.”

The swordsmen looked at Rimmer, but he simply shrugged his shoulders, as if he didn’t have anything to do with it.

“It’s obvious who’s the first.”

Raon came up to them and pointed at the green hair at the end of the line.


Dorian, who was anxiously rubbing his belly pocket, freaked out and stepped back.

“Since this incident started with you, you should signal the start of the spars as well.”

Raon grabbed Dorian’s shoulder with a grin.

“Go, and release the anger that has accumulated for the last three months.”


* * *


Dorian bit his lips upon seeing the Golden Crest swordsman in front of him.


He was indeed angry, but it wasn’t directed at the Golden Crest in front of him. He was angry at Raon instead.

Since he was beaten up by Raon so much that he even forgot that Golden Crest beat him up, he couldn’t even remember why he was fighting them.

‘He looks strong.’

He didn’t know his name, but his energy wave and appearance were already telling him he was an outstanding swordsman.

He couldn’t understand why Raon sent him first, despite being capable of accurately assessing people’s fighting potential.

‘I can’t lose this fight…’

The spearhead was the most important one when it came to a group battle. The spearhead needed to do a good job for the rest to continue smoothly, yet Dorian wasn’t confident in winning at all.

“The participants shall step forward.”

Heeding the host’s call, Dorian walked ahead while sighing deeply.

“State your names.”

“I’m Dorian.”

“I’m Belkill.”


Dorian’s mouth shrunk into a round shape.

‘Even his name is scary…’

It wasn’t just his face that looked strong. Even his name sounded strong. He got the urge to immediately run away from the arena.

‘Yet, I’m not even sure if I got any stronger at all…’

He suffered so much that he could die for the three last months, but he couldn’t exactly say that he got stronger.

Since Raon’s sword kept precisely targeting his weakness no matter how much martial arts he learned and pondered how to defend and counterattack against him, there was no way he could gain any confidence at all.

“Start the spar!”

Although he wasn’t mentally ready yet, the spar had already started.

As soon as the host went down the arena, Belkill charged at him. His sword twisted into a curve like a cumulus cloud, then fell down upon him. His swordsmanship was both flashy and confusing at the same time.

“Hiee… Huh?”

Dorian freaked out and started to step back, but his eyes widened.

‘Wh-What’s going on?’

He could clearly see the flow of Belkill’s variable sword. Where his sword was targeting and how it was moving, he could see all of it.

‘Is he making fun of me?’

Dorian judged that Belkill was playing with him and quickly used his footwork, but Belkill’s sword fell down exactly where he had expected without the slightest error.

“You have some sharp eyes.”

Belkill jeered and dashed once again.

“But it will be different this time!”

He stabbed along with a shout of concentration. The sword’s extremity instantly split into three, targeting Dorian’s chest, wrist and head, respectively.

‘I can see everything again.’

Although he had never seen that swordsmanship before, he could read the flow and direction entirely. He dodged once again just in case, but the sword's trajectory didn’t diverge from his expectation at all once again.

“You mean rat!”

Belkill’s swordsmanship became faster and more diverse, but it didn’t make much difference. Dorian could see all his movements and openings.


Dorian used the Supply Forest Footwork that he had recently learned to dodge Belkill’s sword, and smacked his side, which was wide open.


Along with the sound of a clean hit, Belkill screamed as he was knocked down in the arena.


Since his vital point was hit, he groaned while grabbing his ribs before fainting.

‘That hurts.’

Because Dorian got hit by Raon over and over, he knew what kind of pain and effect each vital point had. Getting hit on that location made you unable to breathe until you fainted.

‘So, what’s happening right now?’

‘Why did I win just now?’

Dorian swallowed nervously while looking at Raon instead of Belkill, who he’d just defeated.

‘What the hell are you?’

‘What have you done to me!’


* * *

Raon chuckled, looking at Dorian’s puzzled expression.

‘You must be confused.’

It wasn’t strange that he was shocked, since he managed to defeat a Golden Crest swordsman that was supposed to be far stronger than him in a single strike despite not believing that he had gotten stronger at all.

The Light Wind members must’ve thought that their skills hadn’t increased at all, but in reality, they’d been getting stronger at a constant rate for the past three months.

Golden Crest was nothing for them, since they managed to endure those hellish times.

“What is this…?”

Garon’s eyes widened, as he didn’t expect that result either. He was even more surprised, because Belkill—who he sent out as the first participant—was right under the team leaders in terms of strength.

“F-First match is the Light Wind’s victory!”

The host, who was dumbfounded, managed to snap out of it and raise his hand to the Light Wind’s side.

“I-Isn’t this a conspiracy?”

“How could he lose so easily?”


“Light Wind! Light Wind!”

There were two completely different reactions from the spectators, depending on the side they were rooting for.

Those who expected Golden Crest to win had to clutch their heads, and those who were supporting the Light Wind kept cheering their heads off.

“He was just lucky. Ogin, you are next!”

Garon forced himself to look relaxed, sending out his second team leader. It looked like he was determined to win the second match no matter what.

“Burren, it’s your turn. You can definitely win, so just entrust your body to your sword.”

“Hmm, understood.”

Burren reluctantly nodded and entered the arena.

“I’m Ogin Petere.”

“I’m Burren Zieghart.”


Once they greeted each other before the duel and took a step back, the host announced the start of the battle.


Ogin immediately pressured Burren’s space with his variable sword, combined with his long arms, in order to turn the tide in his favor.


Burren dodged Ogin’s sword at a paper-thin difference, while feeling that something was strange.

“Try blocking this!”

Ogin spread his aura like flower petals to dominate the space, but Burren easily blocked all his strikes with a single swing of his sword, as if he were chasing a fly away.


“It’s a bit strange, but it’s my turn now, right?”

Burren kicked the ground. He leaped into the unsettled Ogin’s space to stab. The windy aura ripped apart the variable sword’s trajectory and smacked Ogin’s solar plexus.


Since Burren didn’t control his strength as he hit him with the flat of his sword, Ogin collapsed without even letting out a scream.


“What’s happening?”

“A single strike again? But Ogin is a team leader!”

“Oh my god…”

One time occurrence could be considered as a coincidence, but the second time couldn’t. The spectators dropped their jaws from witnessing the Light Wind’s prowess, which defeated even a team leader in a single strike.

Burren ran up to Raon as soon as he left the arena.

“What the hell did you do?”

“What do you mean?”

“Why can I see all of his attacks?”

He told him he could see all the variations and flows from Ogin’s swordsmanship with a trembling chin.

“Me, too. I was also able to see everything about my opponent’s sword!”

Dorian’s face was still red, since he still couldn’t accept reality.

“I told you in the beginning that I’d make you win if you follow my systematic training.”

“Are you telling me that training that was nothing but beating us up was really effective?”

“S-Systematic? That’s not the definition of systematic I know…”


It wasn’t just Burren and Dorian. The other swordsmen also stared at Raon in half-daze, as if they were looking at a monster.

“Stop being surprised and prepare for the next match already.”

Because the Light Wind members were spacing out, Raon tapped their shoulders and pointed at the arena.

“We still have thirty-three more wins to get, so go fetch them.”

Without missing a single one.


* * *



Along with the sound of a clean hit similar to a drumming sound, the third team leader of Golden Crest was thrashed on the ground.

Runaan, who was standing in the arena and staring blankly at her opponent for a while with vacant eyes, as if she had just woken up. She then returned to the Light Wind’s side.

That made it thirty-three victories and zero defeats. It was an overwhelming victory for the Light Wind.

The match would’ve already been over if it were an ordinary match, and the only reason it wasn’t was because it was a duel.

“What’s going on…?”

Garon’s lips trembled upon seeing the scoreboard. 33:0. He never imagined that his team would have zero in that score.

“What the hell is this? You guys must’ve conspired! This can’t be happening otherwise!”

He screamed, grabbing the host and the referee by their collars.

“W-We didn’t!”

“We only went according to the results…”

“Shut up! Can you say that again after seeing what happened? What are your eyes for… Gasp!”

As Garon looked like he was about to kill the referee and the host, an enormous energy wave burst from the platform.


The one that spread the pressure that could oppress the entire training ground, or even the entirety of Zieghart, was Glenn Zieghart. Naturally.


Glenn’s eyes had been closed as if he were bored, but now he was looking down on Garon with a frown.

“What are you doing right now?”

“G-Grandfather! This doesn’t make any sense…”

“This isn’t an informal meeting. You should address me correctly.”

His gaze became even colder, ignoring Garon’s pleas.

“And no one cheated in today’s matches. What you should blame isn’t the host’s eyes but your own abilities.”

Glenn waved his hand at the host, signaling him to continue.

“Ah, yes! N-Next swordsmen, enter the arena.”

The host pulled himself together, then called for the next participants.

“Squad leader.”

Techly, who was the last remaining member, went to Garon.

“We have to win, at least. If the two of us win against Raon and Rimmer, the Golden Crest can recover.”


Garon nodded. The other members could simply be replaced. As long as he and Techly won, they could create a new Golden Crest to reach even higher peaks.

It was funny that Garon pinned his hopes on Techly, despite having been looking down on him, laughing at him, and even threatening him.

“Please believe in me.”

Techly entered the arena, wielding his long sword.

“I didn’t think I would fight you again.”

Raon smiled at Techly. He had a higher willpower than Raon had expected, since he thought he would withdraw in fear.

“You arrogant bastard! How dare you make a bet on the match against me? And you even bet on defeating me on a single strike!”

Techly’s eyes glowed like a demon’s.

“I admit I couldn’t do anything when I lost to you last time, but it would’ve been different if I was using a sword!”

Just as he said, Judiel’s document also described Techly as an excellent swordsman with his long sword.

“I’ll make you unable to wield your sword ever again!”

“I wonder. That might be the case.”

Raon smiled casually and drew Heavenly Drive.


Techly rushed forward as soon as the host left. He nimbly controlled his long sword as if it were a dagger, targeting Raon’s head, neck, and wrist at the same time.


It was clearly a flashy swordsmanship with solid basics, an advanced martial art where strength, speed, and variety were in harmony.


‘I can see everything.’

Since Raon split the White Fragrance Sword and the techniques from the Light Wind members into small pieces to make his own technique for the past three months, Techly’s sword looked as simple as a child’s play for him.

Speed, flow, breathing, trajectory. Everything was in the grasp of his hand.

It became clear to him.

The Light Wind members weren’t the only ones that became stronger.

Since he’d been beating them up every day—I mean, finding their weaknesses to help them progress further—his prowess had also increased beyond recognition.


Techy approached with footwork and swung his long sword. The aura from his long blade twisted like vines, trying to coil around Raon’s body.

‘You are full of openings.’

It certainly had enough splendid variety and powerful strength to be called Techly’s special technique, but it was meaningless to Raon, as he could feel all his flow and breathing.


Raon raised Heavenly Drive and stabbed the opening made from Techly’s swordsmanship.


The blade, imbued with the Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation’s aura, created a huge explosion of flame and slammed Techly into the ground.


Techly couldn’t raise his trembling neck, fainting immediately.

A single strike. Just as he had declared, Raon defeated Techly with a single swing.

“What is this…?”

Garon’s eyes widened as his lips trembled. He looked flabbergasted, since he never imagined that would happen.

“I’ve won our small bet.”


“Come up now.”

Raon’s red eyes were blazing like raging fires. His expression couldn’t be any more arrogant as he looked down on Garon.

“Let’s fight, without caring about our ranks.”

It was time to create a new legend.

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