TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 196

 C 196

Once night fell, Raon was the only person standing on their feet in the fifth training ground.

“We managed to spar like always on top of doing the training ground’s maintenance.”

Raon grinned while looking at the neat training ground and the swordsmen, who were gasping like fish outside water.

“I should thank the typhoon.”



“Damn it!”

Upon hearing Raon’s cheerful voice, the swordsmen—especially the thirty who messed up the training ground the day before—shed tears of blood while grasping the soft soil.


Rimmer, who had been lying down on the platform and having a sweet dream, stood up while wiping his saliva.

“Is it over?”


“Yikes, this is seriously scary.”

His shoulders trembled as he took a look at the swordsmen lying all over the place.

“I’m really glad that I’m your superior.”

Rimmer tapped on Raon’s shoulders while grinning.

“It won’t take a long time.”

“Hmm? What’s that?”

Raon smiled without answering. It went without saying that he meant it wouldn’t take a long time until he would be Rimmer’s superior and make him work.

Stopping Rimmer from gambling and making him work was one of the reasons Raon wanted to quickly get stronger and climb in ranks.

“I’m getting a bad feeling from your smile…”

Rimmer broke out into a cold sweat before turning around.

“A-Anyway, I’m leaving. Everyone should leave before you overexert yourselves.”

Since the swordsmen had already overexerted themselves, they just stayed on the ground without responding.


Burren raised himself while trembling like a leaf fluttering into the wind.

“I’m fine with training. I love training, b-but don’t you think it’s unnecessary to spar like this every day? We have other types of training, like the footwork training, polishing our swordsmanship, tempering our stamina and bodies, and the group training with sword formations.”

He continued with his hands gathered together, as if he were praying or apologizing.

“Since we did enough sparring for the last month, let’s try something else now. I want a systematic and more diversified training, just like you said in the beginning!”

“What are you talking about?”

Raon tilted his head with a sour expression on his face.

“Isn’t sparring the most systematic way of training?”

“If it was the only method for training in the world! It can’t even be called training at this point since we are just getting beaten up all day long!”

“Listen. You temper your body by getting beaten up by me in the training grounds, and dodging my attacks increases your stamina. Moreover, you practice your footwork and swordsmanship all night long in order to stop getting beaten up by me.”

Raon raised his fingers one by one to list the training Burren wanted.

“Tempering the body, increasing stamina, practicing swordsmanship and footwork. Everything you mentioned is included in spars. This is clearly the most systematic training in the world.”

“Th-That’s a sophistry! Swordsmanship and footwork practices aren’t included in the spars, and there’s no way we are tempering our bodies by getting beaten up!”

“He’s right! It tempers jack shit, since the pain hasn’t decreased in the slightest, even though we got beaten up for a whole month!”

“That’s not training! It’s a desperate struggle to survive!”

Burren shouted. The other swordsmen also stood up to raise their hands in agreement.

“The fastest time for a living creature to get stronger is when their lives are in danger. Just endure it for a bit longer.”

“H-He said, a living creature. He doesn’t even consider us humans anymore!”

“Damn it! Nothing’s getting through to him! It feels like I’m talking to a wall!”

“Damn it!”

The swordsmen screamed, punching the ground. The fact that barely any dust was rising from their action because of their lack of strength made Raon very slightly sad for them.

However, the current training was already significantly lower in intensity compared to the one he had received.

He made sure to never leave any aftereffects on them, while his previous life’s training often involved bone fractures and attacks that could leave him disabled.

“Then, from now on…”

“We will continue sparring.”




Burren smashed his head on the ground in desperation, Runaan screamed silently, and Martha’s swearing sounded weak for the first time.


* * *


After all the other swordsmen left, Raon was standing alone in the training ground as he drew Heavenly Drive.


He swung Heavenly Drive with determination, trying to cut through his own shadow as it was created by the moonlight.


He wasn’t using any swordsmanship nor footwork, yet Heavenly Drive smoothly vibrated and left a silver trajectory in his shadow, as if he were using some noble technique.

He kept going, his sword following his heartbeat instead of his brain’s directions. The aloof moonlight on the white blade of the Heavenly Drive spread around the majestic light of the sword.

And that sword contained the techniques, principles, and breath that he had learned so far.

The different properties of sword techniques that couldn’t harmonize with each other were mixing together slowly to create a spirit that hadn’t appeared before.

A killer would’ve called it a killing blade, a knight would call it a righteous blade, and a dancer would’ve called it an elegant sword dance. That was how mysterious Raon’s sword was.


Raon’s sword only stopped when the dappled moonlight started flowing down his shoulders.

‘I’ve progressed.’

He thought his own development would be halted, but he managed to progress instead. Although he started the training with the intention of making the other swordsmen stronger, he was the one that managed to achieve the most progress.

“How did this even happen?”

It was mysterious how he became more accomplished with martial arts when all he did was cheerfully beat up the swordsmen, who gradually got stronger.

He apparently had some characteristic of getting stronger when he beat up other people, just like Sloth, who became stronger when he slept.

“Shall I beat them up even more?”

Raon chuckled while unsheathing Heavenly Drive.

What you said just now…

Wrath nodded, pointing his finger at him.

You are definitely one of us.

“I said I’m not!”


* * *


Vice-squad leader Techly came up to Garon, who had his feet placed on the desk.

His fractured limbs were reattached, but his face was covered with a large bandage, showing that his shattered cheekbone hadn’t recovered yet.


Techly knelt in front of Garon and smashed his head on the ground.

“I beg your pardon!”

He didn’t raise his head despite his broken cheekbone touching the ground. 

“I-I was careless! Please forgive me, since it’s never going to happen ever again!”

“Do you know what I hate to hear the most?”

Garon smiled coldly and raised himself.

“It’s carelessness. You hear?”


“All the idiots keep blabbering that ‘I lost because I was careless.’, ‘I would’ve won if I wasn’t careless.’, ‘Because I was careless.’. Do you realize that’s all because of their lack of ability?”

His smile deepened, and the swords decorating the squad leader’s room created a deadly resonance.


Techly’s face turned pale as he stiffened.

“If you have an overwhelming ability, you can kill your opponent even if you were careless or whatever shit they did. You were weak, that’s all.”

“I-I’m sorry…”

“We are supposed to increase our reputation right now, yet shame isn’t enough to describe the humiliation you brought to us. You’d better tell me the reason I shouldn’t behead you right now.”

Garon drew one of the swords from the wall, pointing it at Techly’s neck as if he really were going to kill him.

“I’ll go all-out this time from the beginning. Raon Zieghart, I’ll bury that arrogant guy with my own hands, so please give me one more chance!”

Although blood was spurting from his cheek and forehead, he didn’t stop slamming his head on the marble floor.

“That sounds like bullshit coming from the guy who fainted from a single punch!”

“It’s exactly because it was a punch. I’m never going to lose to him in swordsmanship!”

It was true that he had an ominous feeling from the monster called Raon, but it was because they were in a fistfight. Techly was confident he could return the humiliation if they fought with swords.


Garon slowly lowered his sword, which he was about to swing.

“I’ll cut him into pieces with the technique you’ve bestowed on me! Please, give me one last chance!”

“Well, fine. Since I did put lots of effort into you, it would be a waste to discard you right now.”

“Ah, th-thank you!”


Garon’s eyes glowed like a demon as he glared at Techly.

“If you lose again, then you are going to be the one cut into pieces.”


* * *


Rimmer received Glenn’s summons and visited the audience chamber of the lord’s manor, which he hadn’t visited in a long time.

“It looks like your life is nice and comfortable, since you became all plump.”

Glenn frowned upon seeing Rimmer’s chubby cheeks.

“Why would you say that? You almost look like you are preying on a poor rabbit.”

Rimmer’s chin trembled as he pretended that he was scared.

“What have you even been doing to gain weight like that? Are you idling without even training the children anymore?

“It’s because there’s nothing for me to do.”

“You have nothing to do?”

“Yes. Actually, Raon…”

He told Glenn everything that happened during the past month.

“…That’s why my boys are getting beaten up every day.”

“Are they not resisting?”

Glenn asked, tilting his head slightly.

“Of course they are. Some of them didn’t show up, ran away, hid their training swords, and they even completely messed up the entire training ground last week.”

“And how did Raon react?”

“He shattered all of their plans. He made them do the training ground’s maintenance by bringing the soil right away, he used Dorian’s pouch to resolve the issue with the training sword, and I don’t even know what he did with the guys that were faking sickness, but I saw them return in a completely terrified state.”

Rimmer giggled, calling Raon a really amazing fellow.

“The children must’ve gotten stronger, then.”

“Yes. Since they kept training in order to survive every day, their growth is so noticeable. It’s like a firefly becoming a beam of moonlight.”

“To that extent?”

“They are pretty much different people from before, since they also became adept with the martial arts that you’ve rewarded them with. Though, they haven’t really noticed that, since they keep getting beaten up.”

“I want to see them in action after hearing that from you.”

Glenn nodded, saying that he was going to watch them when the duel happened. His stiff mouth became relaxed.

“The more I watch Raon, the more I realize how gifted he is.”

Rimmer continued with a smile.

“I used to think he was a genius that specialized in getting stronger himself, but that wasn’t the case. He is also extremely talented at making others stronger. Just as I thought, my dear student must have the qualities of a king.”

“He was my grandson before becoming your student.”

“He was my student first, though?”

“What kind of nonsense is that?”

Wrinkles appeared on the faces of the two people that were smiling while talking about Raon’s greatness until a moment ago.

“You can’t say that when you usually don’t even treat him as your grandson! You are only allowed to say that after you stop being embarrassed in front of Raon and tell him, ‘My lovely grandson, let this grandpa hug you!’, and only after tha…ah!”

Rimmer quickly started shaking his head after noticing the black cloud expanding above his head.

“I-I correct myself! He is your grandson! Of course he is!”

He could really die if he got hit once again. He needed to avoid it at all costs.


The cloud disappeared the moment Rimmer apologized, even though it used to look like lightning would strike from it at any moment.

“So, there’s no problem.”

“No, there’s one problem.”

Even though it was a problem, it was really easy for Rimmer to say it.

“What can that possibly be?”

“It’s obviously the swordsmen. Their stress has been accumulating for over a month, and it’s pretty much reached the maximum right now. It’s likely that they are soon going to say, ‘screw it, kill me if you want.’”

Since the Light Wind kept training overnight and got beaten up during the day, their minds had almost reached their limits. It wasn’t going to take long until they completely lost it.

“And how is Raon preparing against it?”

“He isn’t doing anything, though there’s no way he isn’t aware of the problem. In fact, he’s increasing the training intensity instead.”

Rimmer narrowed his eyes.

“It’s as if he is asking them to rebel.”


* * *


Before Sunrise

The Light Wind swordsmen, who used to be filled with vitality, were now wobbling like zombies with unfocused eyes. Their stamina and willpower had both reached their limits.

“I’m dying.”


“Damn it…”

Burren, Runaan, and Martha were the same, even though they had the strongest willpower among them. They held out a bit longer than the others, but they wobbled the same way soon enough.

“E-Erm, Sir Burren…”

Krein came up to Burren and collapsed.

“We are really going to die at this rate.”

“So what?”

“Let’s go on strike.”


“Yes, let’s just lie down and ignore the vice-squad leader’s orders.”

He raised his voice slightly so that everyone could hear him. The swordsmen that were interested in his plan slowly turned their heads.

“Wouldn’t he beat us up even more?”

“Beat us even more? We are getting beaten up every day, and every moment. How can we possibly get beaten up even more? Moreover, we aren’t doing this in order to rest, but in order to survive!”

Krein raised his finger and pointed at the swordsmen.

“Look at them. Do they really look like teenagers who are supposed to be energetic? They are all dying because they lost all their energy! Let’s ask him to give us a few days' rest so that we can survive. We are seriously going to either die or be severely wounded at this rate.”


Burren bit his lips. Krein didn’t really sound trustworthy because of the previous incident, but what he said was true.

Since even himself, Runaan, and Martha had reached their limits, the other swordsmen must’ve been struggling even more. They could really end up with an injury that couldn’t be healed at that rate.

“The vice-squad leader is strong, but I’m sure that he’s still a novice when it comes down to training others. Look at how he keeps giving us the stick, when he should also be giving us a carrot after the stick!”

“That’s true.”

Just as Krein said, Raon kept giving them the stick for two months straight. It was enough time for even excellent horses to die.

“If everyone just lies down and protests, says that they are out of stamina and can’t move anymore, even the vice-squad leader is going to have no choice but to surrender.”

“Yes. Let’s try that.”

“I-I also agree.”

“I really can’t continue anymore.”

“I don’t want to listen to Krein, but he is right this time.”

“Even the vice-squad leader won’t be able to do anything about it if we all refuse to listen.”

The swordsmen gathered around Burren and Krein. And Runaan, Martha, and Dorian were among them.

Even those three people would do anything for some rest because they couldn’t sleep for the past two months.

“Then we’ve decided on lying down once Raon arrives, and we aren’t going to move. Traitors will be executed!”



“Got it.”

The thirty-three members of Light Wind, except for Raon and Rimmer, became united for the first time.

Soon enough, when it was time for the morning training, Raon entered while carrying a large bag on his back. He frowned upon seeing the swordsmen lying down on the training ground.

“What are you doing right now?”

“I really can’t continue anymore.”

“I can’t move a single finger.”

“I’ve reached my limits.”

“I’m dying…”

The swordsmen stayed on the ground, complaining they couldn’t get up.

“I really want to keep training hard, but I’m completely out of energy and stamina. I’m just out of strength.”

Burren continued, pointing at his half-focused eye with his finger.

“Please give us some rest, or you can kill us if you don’t want to.”

Every swordsman lying in the training ground followed his example and spread their limbs into a big X-shape.

“Does that mean that you can keep training as long as you have the stamina and energy?”

“Of course. That’s why we need at least three days of rest.”

“We will never accept less than three days. It has to be at least three days!”

“That’s right!”

The swordsmen, including Burren, protested that they needed some rest. They were simply out of stamina and strength, despite their willingness to train.

“Stamina, I see. That’s perfect.”

Raon put down the bag he was carrying and opened it, and over thirty wooden boxes came out from it.

“Because the second reward we requested at the Porvan city, the Elixirs of Blessings, have arrived.”

He smiled, showing them a wooden box containing an Elixir of Blessings. Although it was a cheerful and refreshing smile, it felt as terrifying as a devil’s smile for them.


“Why did that arrive at this time…?”

“Uah, how did this happen…”

The swordsmen couldn’t rejoice nor cry at the sight of the wooden boxes.

That was because, while they were happy about getting an elixir, they realized the elixir would heal their stamina and energy and they would have to get beaten up once again.

“Since your stamina and energy will return once you take the elixir, you should be able to keep training, right?”

Raon chuckled, watching the trainees making strange expressions with trembling hands.

‘I already know what you are thinking.’

Of course, the elixir didn’t just happen to arrive at the right time. It had arrived at the same time as the soft soil, but he kept that hidden from everyone because he had predicted that such an incident would happen.

“Kuh! Damn it! Daamn it!”

Burren screamed before standing up and taking an elixir. He blamed the gods for sending the elixir at that exact moment, when any time earlier or later would’ve been fine.

They mentioned that Raon didn’t give them any carrots, but he was damn well giving them carrots now. And they were poisoned carrots!


“It’s all over. I have to get beaten up again.”

“I can’t run away. I can’t see any way of running away!”

“God is dead.”

The swordsmen bit their lips, elixir boxes in their hands. They were happy about getting elixirs, but the fact that they had to get beaten up again made tears well up in their eyes.

“I-It can’t be helped. Let’s take the elixir for now, and gather here late…”


As Burren was telling them to return after taking the elixir, Raon raised his hand.

“You shouldn’t take that right now.”

“What? What are you talking about…?”

“You realize the elixir of blessing is more efficient if you take it after exhausting your stamina and aura, right? Let’s spar with me for now and take it tonight after it’s over.”

Raon tapped the floor to urge them to come at him with a smile.

“I’m gonna need to use some strength today in order to maximize the elixir’s efficiency.”

His training sword started spinning violently like a windmill. The wind pressure emerging from the blade made people’s teeth clatter.

“What are you doing? Come at me already.”


Burren could ascertain it as he saw Raon gently bobbing his hand at him.

‘That bastard is a devil.’

‘He’s not just any devil. He must be the demon king!’


* * *


Three months, with many complaints and problems, passed. The morning of the duel between Light Wind and Golden Crest arrived.

The great training ground, where the duel was supposed to take place, was already completely packed with people.

“I wonder who’s going to win today?”

“It’s completely obvious that the Golden Crest will be the winner. Although the Light Wind are rising stars, you can already tell from the names of the members that they are on different levels.”

“No one even knows what missions the Golden Crest have done. We are living in the Light Wind’s era right now.”

“But they will compete with their skills today, not with their reputations. The Golden Crest is clearly at an advantage because they are stronger overall.”

“Since there are duels between thirty-five people, I’m guessing that the Golden Crest is going to win at around a 30:5 score.”

“But the Light Wind has Raon Zieghart, who has defeated an apostle!”

“There’s only one Raon. Even if he wins his match, it’s not really going to change the outcome.”

Although the people in the spectator seats didn’t really know each other, they kept chattering about the outcome, filled with anticipation for the upcoming match.

Most of them expected the Golden Crest to win, even though they did acknowledge Light Wind’s potential.

While everyone was anticipating the duels, the great training ground’s main door opened up and the Golden Crest entered.

Spreading around their sharp pressures, they went towards the arena at the center of the training ground.

“Can’t you feel that pressure? Do you seriously think they are going to lose to the Light Wind members, who are still in their teens?”

“I’m sure they would’ve gained more fame than the Light Wind if it weren’t for the activity suspension.”

“I know, right? Look at those eyes. They look like hungry beasts!”

Feeling their powerful pressure from the Golden Crest confirmed their estimations.


Soon after Golden Crest made their appearance, the main door opened for the second time, and the Light Wind entered.

They didn’t have any of the confidence or spirit that the Golden Crest had shown. In fact, the way they silently walked towards the arena made people worry for them instead.

“Wh-What’s wrong with them?”

“They look too depressed.”

“Maybe they became afraid after feeling the Golden Crest’s pressure.”

“I guess that would be the case, since they must’ve realized they are a few levels stronger than them.”

“It’s over for me! I bet my entire fortune on Light Wind because I trusted Raon!”

“It looks like the match’s not going to be fun at all.”

People blabbered that the duel was going to end in a one-sided victory after witnessing the Light Wind’s low spirit.

Raon smiled while looking around the training ground, as if he was enjoying their reactions.

“They are right. This match isn’t going to be fun.”

Since it would end in a one-sided victory for them.


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