TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 198

 C 198


Sheryl, the Heavenly Blade division leader, groaned a little from where she stood next to Glenn.

“I can’t believe what I’m watching right now.”

Her eyes were shaking as she watched the arena.

‘They won all their matches. How is this even possible?’

The score so far was thirty wins to zero losses, favoring the Light Wind. Light Wind had actually managed to grasp victories in every single one of the thirty matches.

‘And all of those victories were one-sided.’

The Light Wind overwhelmed the Golden Crest, as if their skills were on another level. Many of the matches ended in a single strike, and many of the Light Wind members were venting their anger on the Golden Crest by beating them up.

‘I’m sure they are on a similar level, though…’

The Light Wind managed to achieve a perfect victory, as if they knew everything about the Golden Crest’s martial arts—in and out. The way they fended off their opponent’s attacks and attacked openings in return came from true combat experience. She couldn’t understand how they had suddenly become so competent in a mere three months.

“I heard they did nothing but spar.”

Glenn moved the hand supporting his chin, then continued.

“They didn’t rest a single day during the last three months, sparring nonstop and practicing targeting vital points and openings.”

“Sparring and practicing striking vital points and openings…”

“Because he targeted different weaknesses and openings whenever they became used to it, the Light Wind children were beaten up every day and learned martial arts every night in order to survive.”


Sheryl’s chin trembled slightly.

“Isn’t that pretty much a living hell?”

Poking at a new weakness whenever they managed to defend one, and attacking another one if they defended again, was not a method an ordinary person would think of.

“Yes. Ordinary people couldn’t train them that way, nor could they receive such training. However, Raon and the Light Wind managed to do it, and we are witnessing the result right now.”

Glenn pointed at the thirty-first match, which was just beginning.

“Uaaah! Die!”

The long-haired swordsman named Krein was charging at the Golden Crest swordsman.

“We’ve been living in hell for the last three months because of you guys!”

He single-handedly fended off the wave of aura blade created by the Golden Crest swordsman, then struck him like a madman.

“I really thought I was going to die because of that demon who kept shattering my plans over! and over! and over again!”

“Kuh, I-I didn’t do anythin…”

“I don’t care! Just die!”

Krein screamed as he slashed, and his blade cut into the Golden Crest swordsman’s weakness perfectly.


“How dare you faint! Wake up! Come at me! Feel the pain of getting your vital points beaten all day long!”

The Golden Crest swordsman had fainted in a single hit, his eyes rolled back, while Krein kept attacking the fainted man. He still wanted to vent more anger on him.

“You guys also need to suffer from the demon! I can’t be the only one!”


“It’s already over!”

The host and the referee had to hold Krein by his arms and legs to stop him.

And it wasn’t the first time that it happened. The Light Wind swordsmen were spacing out in the beginning, since their confidence was at rock bottom, but once they realized they had gotten stronger… One out of three people started rampaging to vent their anger, just like Krein.


Sheryl narrowed her eyes, seeing the next participant enter the arena. 

Martha Zieghart. 

Since she had a violent personality to begin with, she couldn’t even begin to guess what she was going to do.


As soon as the host signaled the start of the match, Martha kicked the ground.

“Shit! Shiiit!”

She kept swearing as if she couldn’t speak human language anymore as she dashed at the Golden Crest team leader.


Her linguistic ability wasn’t the only inhuman part about her. She completely shattered the Golden Crest team leader’s strike with her enormous strength.


Martha stepped on the exploding stones of the arena to advance, attacking twelve of the Golden Crest team leader’s vital points at the same time.


The way the Golden Crest team leader was knocked into the air like a leaf fluttering in the wind, looking like an acrobat… Until he fell head-first into the ground.


Martial only said swear words until the end before leaving the arena. She really looked like a beast.

Fortunately, Runaan—who was the next person—silently made her opponent team leader faint. However, she also hit the face and the most painful vital points. She was apparently pretty angry as well.

And Raon, who was the thirty-fourth participant, easily dodged the Golden Crest vice-squad leader’s attacks, making him faint in a single strike. From members to the vice-squad leader, everyone one single-handedly overwhelmed their opponents. It was the first time a group duel had ended that way.

“My lord.”


Glenn was trying to stop his corners of lips from rising. He looked pleased by the fact that Raon managed to create such a situation.

“It’s true that the Light Wind children became stronger, but…”

Sheryl swallowed nervously while looking at the Light Wind members, who were roaring like beasts.

“Is that really the right direction for them? They almost look like beasts that were raised by a demon.”


Glenn cleared his throat and looked away without responding.


* * *



A breathtakingly ominous energy was rising from Garon’s shoulders.

“Do you really want to die?”

His teeth could be seen as he smiled. The energy wave emanating from him was on a different dimension from before.

“Are you really asking me to decapitate you right now?”

“We will see whose head will fall.”

Raon smiled coldly as he swirled Heavenly Drive.

“How many people do you think expected the Light Wind to win when this duel first started?”

“Are you trying to tell me that the same goes for this duel, and that either of us could be the winner?”

“No, I’ll be the winner.”

“Hah! Did you lose all your respect just because I’ve been going easy on you?”

“There’s no reason for me to respect someone that picked a fight with me.”

Raon shook his hand, looking straight at Garon.

“Moreover, you won’t be a squad leader for long. There’s no reason for me to respect you.”


“You must’ve forgotten that I didn’t decide on the reward for when I won the bet.”

Raon pointed his finger at the score behind the host.


“The result is already decided. I’m going to disband the Golden Crest after the spar against you.”

“D-Disband the Golden Crest?”

Garon’s hands were shaking. He apparently never imagined his squad could be disbanded.

“Do you believe it can be disbanded so easily?”

“The head of house is watching, and our notary is the Heavenly Blade leader. Of course it’s possible.”


“You can’t stop it from happening unless the True Martial Palace master makes his move. And it doesn’t look like he has any intention of doing so.”

Likely because he was punished during Raden’s incident, the True Martial Palace master was still, his arms crossed.

“You bastard…”

Garon’s energy became clear enough to be visible to the bare eyes. Breathtaking pressure was crushing his body.


Raon resonated the rings of fire to casually take on Garon’s energy wave.

“This is your last chance. Golden Crest will be disbanded unless you manage to kill me here.”

“You must be insane to provoke me in this situation.”

“I couldn’t do this if I wasn’t insane.”

He continued while pointing at the Light Wind members.

“They have gone crazy because of you guys for the past three months. It’s time to make you pay for the last time.”

“That’s not true, though?”

“We went crazy because of you…”


Raon ignored the strange things they were saying behind him.

“Anyway, use your full power from the beginning, so you can’t complain about having been careless later.”

Raon bobbed his fingers on his hand, grabbing Heavenly Drive.

“You don’t need to worry about that, since carelessness is the word that I hate the most.”

Garon stood in front of him while grinding his teeth.

“W-Wait! This match is the duel between the squad leaders!”

The host interfered between the powerful energy waves and shook his head. He was an extremely responsible person.

“Ah, Raon is taking my place because I’m injured.”

Rimmer smiled, eating strawberries on the side.

“What the…?”

The host’s eyes widened. He clearly found it ridiculous that a perfectly healthy person could say that with a straight face.

“Since they have both agreed, ignore that idiot and continue the match.”

Glenn nodded, telling him it was fine.

“Ah, alright.”

The host lowered his hand, wiping off the cold sweat from his forehead.

“Then, please get ready.”

“I’m ready.”

“Start it already.”

Raon and Garon nodded at once.

“Begin the final match!”

The moment the referee raised his hand, a blue flame burst from Garon’s blade. The raging flame of magnificent energy was the symbol of a Master: astral energy.


As if he were proving what he said about not being careless, Garon closed the distance in an instant, thrusting his astral energy-covered sword.


Although Raon was facing astral energy that held the intent to kill, his eyes didn’t waver.


The moment astral energy was about to reach his Adam's apple, Raon extended his left foot. The first step, extending like a ray of light, was the first step of the Supreme Harmony Steps. It waned like moonlight and deflected the astral energy.


And it was followed by the second step. The steps of extreme quickness dashed like a gust of wind to reach the space behind Garon.


Raon’s Heavenly Drive was at Garon’s neck, and Garon could only tremble, unable to react while looking at the other side.


* * *


“It’s already over.”

“I-I was careless! I didn’t show my true ability…”

“I thought you said carelessness was your most hated word.”


Garon grit his teeth, unable to refute that, since it was exactly what he’d said before the match began.

“You pretend to be different from your younger brother, but you are the same.”

Raon snickered, smacking Garon’s face with the fist holding Heavenly Drive.


Along with the sound of a bursting drum, Garon was sent flying and landed on his knees.


Garon spat out two teeth while grasping his distorted cheeks.

“You are rather sturdy.”

Considering he only lost two teeth even though Raon went all-out on that hit, becoming Master must’ve had the effect on enhancing one’s endurance.

“Why didn’t you finish it?”

“Because I gave your younger brother a chance in the past. It won’t be fair if I didn’t give you any.”

“Haa, not delivering a finishing blow just now will be something you regret for the rest of your life. No, you won’t be able to regret it, since you are going to die here!”

Garon chewed his lips and brandished his blade. He threw away his impatience from before and lowered his posture. The nervousness in his eyes revealed that he was considering his opponent his equal now.


Raon slowly caught his breath.

‘Yes, this is it.’

His skin was shivering from Garon's murderous intent. He wanted to win against a Master that was doing his best, since there was no point in winning against one that was careless or sloppy. The real fight was only getting started.

Your spirit pursues nothing but power.

Wrath nodded.

I knew demon was a more suitable thing to call yo…

‘I’ll eat something delicious after the match. Silence.’


Since Wrath kept saying stupid things, Raon made him shut up and brandished Heavenly Drive. He needed to focus more than he ever had before.


Raon used the Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation and the Ring of Fire to the maximum. Crimson flame ignited along the blade of Heavenly Drive. Although it was just aura threads, it was as clear as an astral blade.

‘I have to destroy his technique.’

Garon’s swordsmanship was an advanced martial art, where a flashy and diversified variable sword and a heavy sword that swallowed the space were in harmony. It was necessary to break the variety and distort the heaviness in order to reach him.


Garon disappeared from his sight with the violent sound of footsteps. He could feel an energy wave that could tear apart his flesh on the right. Raon bent his upper body backwards.


The astral blade brushed past, right above his forehead, and the severed hairs melted.


The surprise attack wasn’t over. He parried the strike that was falling from the sky.


Crimson sparks appeared from the clashes between swords and auras.


Raon frowned at the trembling in his wrist.

‘He is at the same level as the seventh apostle.’

Garon’s astral blade was at a similar level to the seventh apostle that he fought before. However, he was even more dangerous than the seventh apostle, since he was doing his best. Although they only clashed once so far, his breathing was already affected.

‘However, I can hold out longer than before.’

He would end up being injured internally if he kept clashing against him, but the situation was a lot better than the fight against the seventh apostle. Both his body and martial art had gotten better.

 “I told you that you would regret not finishing me off in the beginning.”

Garon narrowed his eyes while brandishing his sword, which was imbued with astral energy.

“This is the difference between an astral blade and aura thread. You can’t win against me.”

He blasted the floor with his explosively bloated thigh to charge at him.

“Because I won’t be careless anymore!”

“Fine with me.”

Raon smiled coldly and used Supreme Harmony Steps. Garon’s astral energy looked like it could tear through space, but Raon dodged it with a paper-thin difference and smacked the Fangs of Insanity against his face.

“The whole point is defeating you in your current state.”

He wanted clear evidence that he had defeated a Master while being an Expert. That was the reason he was participating in the duel.

“You bastard!”

Garon pulled back his sword and brought it in front of his face.


Likely because his timing was a bit off, the shock was weaker despite colliding with astral energy.

‘Which means…’

If he could lead the fight at his pace, he wouldn’t exactly lose to the astral energy.

“You bastard!”

Garon squeezed into his space in an instant to slash at him. His sword looked like it had multiplied into six as it rained him with astral energy.


The intense pressure crushed his shoulders and his legs creaked. The sword pressure was trying to limit his movements.

‘Sword of Halting Rain.’

It must’ve been the effect of the Sword of Halting Rain that he was told Garon could use.


Raon used the Supreme Harmony’s first step. He crossed the space and reached behind Garon. He spread the Revolving Sky of the Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation towards his heart.


The moment the blades of fire revolving like a cogwheel were discharged, Garon’s sword sparkled. A barrier of astral energy melted down the Revolving Sky. Despite his nasty personality, his martial arts were properly trained.

“I admit you are as fast as a mean rat, but your sword doesn’t work against me!”

“And I’m here to break through that.”

The part he had an advantage over Garon was footwork. He needed to utilize the Supreme Harmony Steps as much as possible to make his sword reach him.


Raon used the Supreme Harmony’s second step. His vision narrowed for an instant, and he could see Garon’s eyes once it expanded back.


To Garon's surprise, Raon thrusted the Fangs of Insanity towards his shoulder. Heavenly Drive pierced through Garon’s defenses, surrounded by a thick layer of energy as it cut through his shoulder.


Garon groaned and frowned. It was just a superficial wound, but he stepped back in panic while pointing his sword forward.

Raon’s eyes sparkled. If Garon decided to withdraw instead of advance, it was his chance to continue his attacks. He exploded the Fangs of Insanity consecutively, aiming at Garon’s side where an opening was created.

Slam! Slaam! Slaaam!

Each time the swords clashed with each other, an explosive sound burst out. The straggling pieces of astral energy from the explosion tore apart Raon’s flesh and uniform, but he didn’t stop.



Garon withdrew once again, and Raon advanced once again.


Facing Raon’s eyes, which were filled with madness as he refused to fall back while facing astral energy, Garon’s eyes wavered like a boat in a violent ocean.

“H-How can a mere aura thread do this?”

“Astral energy isn’t invincible.”

Raon smiled faintly. Astral energy was certainly powerful, but it wasn’t invincible. He used the Star Connecting Sword consecutively to deflect Garon’s attacks, piercing him with the Fangs of Insanity.

‘It’s not like I’m not taking any damage, though.’

He was already feeling nauseous. Although his body and skills could already be called inhuman, it was still impossible to completely negate astral energy’s power.


He couldn’t show his weakness on the outside. He bit his tongue as he kept pressing Garon back.


Garon’s wavering intensified. It looked like he couldn’t believe he was being pushed back.

“You’ve never fought against someone stronger than you, have you?”


“I can smell it.”

Raon’s eyes sparkled in the same color as the Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation.

“The scent of a coward who has only fought those weaker than him.”

“Shut up!”

Garon screamed and swung his sword. His astral energy spread around like rainwater to block Raon’s every single escape route. The tremendous energy was crushing his body from all directions.

Raon grit his teeth. Heavenly Drive rotated elegantly to draw a majestic circle.

Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation, Ten Flames.

Flame Spirit.

The flower buds appearing from the silver trajectory blossomed to cover the arena with crimson flower petals.


The clash between the flower petals of flame and the astral energy devouring the space created a huge firestorm.


Raon grasped his messed-up stomach and used the Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation to the maximum. The fiercely raging flame engulfed the astral energy and advanced. Although he was lacking in power, his spirit didn’t lose.


He turned his wrist while pushing Garon into a corner. The Frost Pond’s blade of extreme quickness scratched Garon’s chest. The injury was light, but it couldn’t be overlooked. Red blood dripped down from the severed skin.


Garon grasped the flowing blood and ground his teeth. His eyes were glowing like a ghost.

“I’ll tear you apart until there’s no trace of you left!”

Garon stomped the ground, intensifying his aura to the point that it became visible to the naked eye. Garon’s astral energy stormed at him between the pieces of the ground that were scattering from the explosion.


He charged at a tremendous speed, aiming to strike Raon. The curved blade of astral energy multiplied into ten in an instant, and a powerful load was applied to Raon’s limbs. The pressure didn’t allow proper movement. It must’ve been the Sword of Halting Rain’s true power.

‘I can’t face him head on.’

Raon distanced himself from Garon’s space by using the Supreme Harmony’s first step and second step one after the other. It was impossible for him to deflect the countless strikes aimed at him. He needed to dodge and look for an opportunity.

“You won’t!”

However, Garon was also at Master level as a warrior. He followed him with an extremely quick reaction and swung his sword.


The wavering blade slashed past his chest. His uniform was cut apart, and blood spurted out.


The astral blade soaring like lightning was aimed at his neck.


Raon used his footwork to push the ground and stepped back. The moment Garon’s sword hit the ground, Raon dashed ahead to strike with the Fangs of Insanity.

Clang! Claang! Clang!

Raon ceaselessly rotated the Ring of Fire, canceling out Garon’s astral energy with his sword technique, strength and footwork.

‘This is the only way to win.’

It was impossible to injure Garon through his all-out astral energy. The only way to achieve victory was by piercing into the barrier of astral energy and striking him with either Flame Dragon Art or Frost Pond.

That was why it was necessary to first analyze the Sword of Halting Rain’s flow and breathing, although it was a swordsmanship of the highest grade.


Raon dodged the barrage of attacks with a paper-thin difference by utilizing the Supreme Harmony Steps to the maximum.

Although a single mistake or a single error in judgment could result in his limbs being severed, he dashed towards him instead.

Blood spurted from the astral energy brushing past his cheek, and his uniform was burned into pieces, but he kept running as if he didn’t care. The only images reflected in his red eyes were the Sword of Halting Rain’s trajectory and breathing.

‘Right side.’

Garon’s sword, falling on his right side, grazed his shoulder slightly.


The astral energy soaring from below, like raging fire, cut through his thigh.

‘It’s superficial, but I can see it.’

Maybe because the White Fragrance Sword—which could be called the Sword of Halting Rain’s foundation—was engraved in his brain and heart alongside the countless martial arts of the Light Wind members, Raon’s eyes were starting to get used to Garon’s breathing and flow despite him trying his best to defeat him.

‘Left side.’

A horizontal slash was aimed at the left side of his chest. There were three blades, but only one of them was real.


Raon lowered his posture, holding Heavenly Drive vertically and pushing back the astral energy.

‘Bottom left again.’

An even faster and stronger energy was trying to stab his left thigh.


Raon moved his foot and advanced. The flame on Heavenly Drive rotated violently to push back Garon’s barrier of astral energy.

‘I’m getting used to it.’

With his eyes getting used to Garon’s swordsmanship, he became capable of dodging his attacks at close quarters.

‘It’s throbbing.’

Countless martial arts were released, as if they were reacting to the throbbing of his heart. The techniques and principles that he’d seen, felt and destroyed so far, were acting of their own accord to thoroughly analyze Garon’s sword.


The blade thrusted at his head to change direction to his heart, the astral energy multiplying into ten to stab him, the techniques trying to mutilate his body—he could dodge all of them without a single scratch.


‘Something is lacking.’

Even though he was dodging Garon’s attack with the Supreme Harmony Step’s miraculous movement, he still got the feeling that something was missing. He felt like his heart was telling him to extend his hand at the same time he was dodging.

‘I shouldn’t, but why?’

Even though he still didn’t manage to grasp the opportunity to pierce through Garon’s astral energy, the Ring of Fire was telling him to advance one step further. It was shouting at him to thrust his sword.


Garon’s sword fell vertically. A deadly heavy sword with reduced variety and increased weight was falling upon him.

‘Let’s try it.’

Raon decided to trust the Ring of Fire and used the Supreme Harmony’s sixth step, He used the Star Connecting Sword along with the smoothest step.


The stability coming from his legs and the flexibility from his wrist flowed into the white blade. Heavenly Drive perfectly deflected the astral energy radiating with a fierce light, landing a counterattack at Garon’s waist like lightning.


Garon withdrew while groaning, grasping his waist. Red blood was pouring out from his hand.


Raon swallowed nervously.

‘Is this the Supreme Harmony Steps?’

The Ring of Fire didn’t lie to him. Deflecting by mixing the Supreme Harmony Steps with his swordsmanship reduced the shock to an incomparable degree.


Garon grit his teeth. He pointed his sword towards the sky, exploding all of his remaining energy. The astral blade that was reaching the sky multiplied into several dozens to cover the entire arena.

‘This is the Great Heavy Rainfall.’

The ultimate technique of the Sword of Halting Rain. It was a cruel technique, meant to mutilate the opponent after limiting their movement by enclosing the entire space with astral energy.


A huge wall of astral energy was approaching. He couldn’t see any way to escape.


‘How can I defend?’ 

While he was wondering, his heart—resonating with rings of fire—told him.

‘It’s time to advance.’

Raon trusted in the martial arts that he had been cultivating and fixed his grip on Heavenly Drive.


In his extremely focused state, he could see the mana particles fluttering in the air.

They were reflecting Glenn’s image from that night three months ago.

“I’ve created the Supreme Harmony Steps to match me. You should learn my Supreme Harmony Steps, then turn it into your own to complete it.”

Lighting struck his brain upon remembering that sentence, which he had only slid by in the past.

‘My own Supreme Harmony Steps.’

‘I finally understand.’

He wasn’t telling him to create a new Supreme Harmony Steps.

He was telling him to maximize the swordsmanship’s effect by using the Supreme Harmony Steps that best harmonized with his technique.


Raon stomped the ground. The Supreme Harmony’s fifth step. With steps as sharp as a spearhead, he pulled back Heavenly Drive.


He exploded all his remaining Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation’s energy in his energy center. The flame bursting on his silver blade was glowing like the sun.

Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation, Ten Flames.

Flame Dragon Art.

The roar of the flame dragon pierced through the center of the blue tidal wave.

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