TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 176

 C 176

Who disturbs the King of Essence as he is about to eat his dessert?

Raon threw the squirming Wrath away, then went to the lobby. An old man with neatly combed gray hair was standing there.

‘Was his name Tias?’

He met him often back in his training days, as he was the Central Martial Palace’s butler that was in charge of Burren.

“Young Master Raon. It’s been a while.”

Tias bowed, his hands politely gathered.


Raon bowed back. They had met and bowed to each other many times in the past, but it was their first time actually saying their greetings.

“What brought you here?”

Raon asked, hiding Sylvia and the maids’ gazes as they watched from the dining room, their heads poking out.

“I apologize for visiting at this late hour.”

Tias’ wrinkled eyes were trembling.

“I know it’s shameless of me, but Young Master Raon is the only person I can ask for help right now.”

Raon silently looked at Tias, who was bowing at him. He felt like he understood his reasons for doing it.

“It must be because of Burren.”

“Yes. After the Selection Ceremony, Young Master Burren went to the separate building. He has not emerged since.”

Once Tias raised his head, Raon could see the bitterness in his eyes. He wasn’t even trying to hide it.

“Even though the novice swordsman’s additional registration period ends tomorrow, he has shown no sign of coming out.”

He bit his lip, which was dry from the desperate situation.

“The only person that can make Young Master Burren stand up is Young Master Raon. Please, help us!” 

Tias knelt in front of the entrance without any hesitation at all.

“Why do you believe that I can make Burren stand up?”

“Young Master Burren usually talks about Young Master Raon often. He said that you are the benefactor that took him out of a well, and even saved his life, and he resolved himself to definitely catch up to you and repay the favor.”


The benefactor that awakened his mind, that he owed for saving his life, and that he would catch up to. Those were things that Burren kept saying every day. He was unexpectedly the same, in and out.

“That’s why I’m sure that Young Master Raon can drag the young master Burren out! Please!”

Tias lowered his head, sitting on his knees.

“Please, don’t do this.”

Raon grabbed Tias’ trembling shoulders.


The Raon of his previous life wouldn’t have helped him, no matter what he said. He would’ve believed that it was something he couldn’t achieve. However, Raon had grown to feel many things while living as Raon Zieghart.


Runaan gave him the treasured Cold Blood without asking for anything in return. Vulcan also used his precious Golden Charcoal and Golden Shard without hesitation, and then used all of his strength to forge his sword. Raon remembered the word ‘relationship’ that they had mentioned.

‘Now that I think about it…’

He remembered the way Burren gave him a jeweled embroidery thread before the Selection Ceremony, telling him that his formal wear looked empty. Just like the embroidery thread connected to the jewel, there must have been at least one small connection between himself and Burren.


Raon knelt, meeting Tias’ eyes.

“Alright, I’ll try.”

It might end up being impossible, but he nodded because he wanted to at least try helping.

“Son, good job!”

Sylvia approached him from behind, patting him on the back.

“You should help him if you can.”

Boasting that she raised her son really well, she looked back at the maids behind her and smiled.


“As expected of the young master!”

Helen and the maids were clenching their fists, trying to cheer him up.

“Th-Thank you! Thank you very much!”

Tias kept bowing over and over.

He really likes bowing. He perfectly suits the King of Essence’s taste.

Wrath placed his hands on his waist, believing that he was the one being bowed at.

However, I won’t forgive you for disturbing dessert!

He said he liked him only a moment ago, yet he was already angry at him. It was truly difficult to understand his personality.

“Let’s go.”

“A-Are you coming immediately?”

“I need to go right now to get him back to his right mind, so that he can come out before the additional registration period ends.”

Raon pulled Tias to his feet.

“I-I see!”

Tias brusquely stood up, saying that he would guide him before leaving the annex building.

“I’ll be back.”

“Do your best.”

“See you again, young master!”

Sylvia and the maids nodded, proud smiles on their faces.

But the dessert…

Wrath, with his empty stomach, was the only one that licked his lips while looking at the dining room.

That shitty-eyes is so troublesome!


* * *


Raon followed Tias to the separate building of the Central Martial Palace, located under the North Grave Mountain. It was a lot bigger than the annex building he lived in, probably because it belonged to the Central Martial Palace.

“This is where the master used to teach the young master his swordsmanship. The master doesn’t visit here anymore, but the young master sometimes comes here to rest.”

“So, this place has his memories with the palace master.”

“Yes. That’s probably why he’s locked himself inside and hasn’t come out.”

“I see.”

Raon nodded, then walked up to the door. He could feel Burren’s presence from inside the separate building.


He called out to Burren, using aura on his voice so that it would be heard from inside. Although he kept calling him for a while, there was no response.


Raon licked his lips, then looked around the separate building before looking at Tias.

“Can I destroy a little around here?”

“What? Ah… Sure!”

Realizing what he meant, Tias bit his lip, then nodded.

“It will get noisy, so please stand back.”


He bowed, then took around ten steps back.


Raon took a deep breath, standing in front of the door of the separate building.

“It’s been a long time, but I’ll need to become a villain.”

He snickered, then kicked the door.


Since he didn’t suppress his power, the door and the wall blasted into pieces, and the separate building trembled intensely.


Amidst the gray dust cloud, Burren came running out in panic.

“What are you doing?!”

“You have to dig the ground to take out a mole.”

“Mole? What are you…?”

Raon didn’t reply—he swung his clenched fist. The pillars and walls got smashed like mud upon coming into contact with the back of his hand.

“Stop doing that!”

Burren screamed, coming out from behind the collapsed wall.

“You kept blabbering about catching up to me whenever you saw me.”

Raon bobbed his finger with a cold smile.

“Fight me if you want to stop me.”

He kicked the wall on his left while saying that.


A huge hole was created in the wall, as if a giant had hit it with an iron mace.

“I told you to stop!”

Burren rushed at him, thrusting his fist. His enraged fist didn’t contain any martial art or flow.


Raon easily deflected it, punching Burren in the abdomen.


Burren grasped his belly, stumbling back. His legs were faltering as if he were going to collapse.

“Draw your sword and fight me properly.”

Raon snickered, kicking Burren.


Burren couldn’t even think about resisting—he was sent flying, only to be slammed into the separate building.


Burren came walking out from the trembling separate building, which looked like it could collapse at any moment, with a sword in his hand.

“Keuh! You damn bastard!”

Burren used his aura to the maximum, drawing his sword. The aura of wind surrounded his whole body, emanating a powerful energy wave.

Raon narrowed his eyes, looking at Burren’s pressure.

‘He definitely grew.’

The aura’s size and quality were definitely different from before. Burren was apparently serious about catching up to him.

“You’d better be careful, since I’m different from the past!”

Burren gritted his teeth and kicked the ground. He instantly rushed to his left side and thrust his sword. The speed was on another level from before, but Raon had grown even more than that.


He easily blocked Burren’s blow with the scabbard of Heavenly Drive.


Burren looked like he knew that would happen, biting his lip and moving on to the next attack. A technique even faster and more majestic than the first one was performed like a violent tidal wave.


Raon only used his scabbard to block all of Burren’s attacks, which were flowing like a stream, before smacking his ribs.


Upon receiving an unexpected blow, Burren shrieked and was slammed into the ground.


He was faltering from the pain, but he still stood up, glaring at Raon. Burren caught his breath and aimed his sword at him again. Considering the way he was able to calm his excitement in a situation like that, he was indeed worthy of the name Zieghart.

“The real deal is only getting started.”

He grabbed the sword with both hands, bringing out his aura. Burren’s pressure soared explosively… However, it wasn’t just his pressure that had become stronger. A different kind of energy from the aura he used before was crawling from Burren.

“Barren Wind Sword.”

Burren’s appearance dissolved into the space the moment he said that. He approached in an instant, as if he had teleported, to strike down his sword.


Raon would’ve lost him if it weren’t for his perception. He wasn’t lying when he said that the real deal was only getting started. However, since Raon’s perception already managed to catch Burren, the speed was meaningless against him.


Raon simply raised his sword towards Burren’s attack. Burren’s strike was unable to pierce into his space once again.


However, a strange energy surged from Burren’s sword, starting to slash through the aura on his scabbard.

“This is…”

The aura around Burren’s sword transformed into small particles, rotating endlessly. It looked like the rotational force allowed him to rip through his aura.

“Even if it’s you, you won’t be able to stop the Barren Wind Sword!”

Burren regained his confidence and drew a circle with his footwork to use a technique named Barren Wind Sword.

He imbued the energy he called Barren Wind to the usual sturdy and majestic sword, and the Ten Thousand Flames Cultivations aura was ground away like a leaf facing a saw blade.

“I see.”

Raon swirled his sword with a cold smile.

“I understand it now.”

“You can’t bluff your way out of this!”

Burren kicked the ground, slashing diagonally. He was targeting Raon’s waist with the best technique he could use from the Barren Wind Sword.


Raon blocked the blow with precise timing once again. However, it was pointless since the Barren Wind Sword could shred the defending aura.

‘I’ll chase immediately if he backs off… Hmm?”

He was getting ready to chase, expecting Raon to back off—but he wasn’t moving at all, instead he was fending off the Barren Wind Sword on the spot.


Burren’s jaw dropped. The rotating blade of the Barren Wind Sword came to a stop, unable to slash through Raon’s aura.

‘But it’s still rotating!’

The aura was still violently rotating in the shape of sand particles, and Raon’s aura wasn’t getting severed at all.

“What have you done?”

“It’s simple.”

Raon snickered, looking at the agitated Burren.

“I shoved in a new aura before yours cut off mine, in the opposite direction of your rotation.”

Even if one slashed the river, the water would be refilled. Raon used the same principle, refilling with a new aura before his aura was cut off to block the technique Burren called the Barren Wind Sword.

“A-Are you saying that you can control your aura so quickly?”

Burren’s eyes trembled like a sailboat facing a tidal wave.

“E-Even the Barren Wind Sword was ineffective…”

“It wasn’t a problem with the Barren Wind Sword. It was because you were too weak.”


Burren’s lips trembled, and Raon smacked his head.

“If the rotation of the Barren Wind Sword were faster and bigger, I wouldn’t have been able to stop it by shoving in aura. The problem lies in your proficiency.”


“Have you been saying that you would defeat me with that level of skill?”


Burren lowered his head, lips trembling.

“You boasted that you’d catch up to me when you couldn’t even surpass my scabbard. I guess that’s what I should expect of a guy that gave up on everything and tucked his tail in to run away from not being chosen.”

“What do you even know about me to say that?”

“You are right. I don’t know what kind of emotion is linking you with the Central Martial Palace master. However, there’s one thing that I know.”

Raon continued, pointing his finger at the separate building, which was in shambles.

“If you keep sulking in that doghouse, he will never look back at you again.”


Burren couldn’t refute it, biting his lip.

“Since you told me your objective in life, I’ll tell you one of my objectives as well.”


“My objective is to restore my mother’s position to the direct line.”

“You are insane!”

Burren’s face turned pale.

“That’s impossible! The direct lines and the high-ranking collaterals that hate you won’t stay still if you do that!”

“It’s almost impossible, but it’s not impossible.”

Raon smiled, facing Burren’s eyes as they reflected his doubts.

“Accomplishments. If I have enough accomplishments to shut their mouths, it will be possible. That’s why I chose the Light Wind, which will have more missions than anywhere else. Obviously, I wouldn’t be able to achieve it for the rest of my life if I was sulking like you because I faced some difficulty.”


Burren’s hand trembled, as he never expected that Raon would have such an objective.

“You said that you wanted to face your father and be recognized by him, right?”

“Y-Yes. But it’s all over now. Father is a cold-hearted person. He will never look back at me again…”

“That’s not the only way you can face your father.”

Raon shook his head, looking at Burren’s wrinkled face.


“Instead of making your father look back at you, you should surpass him and go ahead of him. Then, you can look back at the Central Martial Palace master following you from behind. He will have no choice but to recognize you once that happens.”

“Surpass my father? That’s impossible!”

“This is impossible, that’s impossible. Are you going to live like that for the rest of your life?”


“It will be difficult. I’m sure you will feel like you’d rather die. However, is it really impossible?”


Burren couldn’t answer Raon’s question. He was the living proof of the weakest person becoming the strongest.

“Which one is more difficult, I wonder—your objective, or my objective?”


Burren couldn’t respond once again. There were countless direct lines and high-ranking collaterals that hated Raon. It was obvious that Raon’s objective was more impossible, since he needed to gain recognition from them.

“The tree won’t fall if you don’t swing your axe. It’s up to you whether you will stay in a corner like that, or decide to come out and wield the axe.”

Raon turned around. He was about to return to the annex building, but he stopped and quietly looked back.

“Both Runaan and I made our swords, and Martha received hers. Everyone’s advancing right now. If you are going to make your choice, then you’d better do it quickly. The path won’t be there anymore if you are too late.”

Leaving Burren behind as he hung his head, he went to the tree where Tias was standing.

“I’m sorry. A violent method like this was the only thing I had.”

Raon walked up to Tias, who was staying far away, and smiled awkwardly.

“Thank you. All I have is the feeling of gratitude.”

Tias politely gathered his hands and bowed. His wrinkled throat was trembling.


Raon smiled slightly at Tias, who was shedding tears, and went to the annex building.

Tias expressed his gratitude once again to Raon’s back as he left, then looked at Burren, who was kneeling on the ground.


A small light was emerging from eyes that used to be lost in despair.


* * *


Burren clasped his fist so hard that he could have started bleeding.

‘You damn idiot!’

Even though he resolved to become stronger and more mature, he hadn’t actually grown at all. Just like Raon said, all he did was run his mouth, pretending that he was trying something.

He couldn’t stand his pathetic self. He was no different from back in the days of the fifth training ground, when he was full of arrogance. No, he actually became even more cowardly than back then.

“He wants to become a member of the direct line?”

He could only laugh. It was an objective that anyone in Zieghart would say was impossible, but Raon was seriously saying it. And because it was him who said it, Burren felt like he could really achieve it.

‘He’s a really amazing fellow.’

Burren was sulking in his room from the despair of being abandoned by his father, yet Raon wanted to climb to the direct line as a collateral. He couldn’t believe that he had such willpower, despite being the same age as him.

‘He told me to surpass my father and look back at him…’

He only thought about making his father look back, but he never even dreamed about surpassing him. He felt like that kind of thought was already making the difference between himself and Raon.

‘Alright, let me try that.’

Since it came down to it, he absolutely wanted to see his father regret his decision. He wanted to surpass his father. It was a lot easier to accomplish compared to Raon regaining his mother’s position in the direct line.

‘Just wait for me.’

‘I’ll come back to find you.’


* * *


Rimmer was whistling at the midpoint of North Grave Mountain.

“That’s great!”

He exclaimed, watching Raon leave the separate building.

“I thought he was going to give him some sloppy advice, but he actually dug into his wound before applying medicine on it.”


Glenn slowly nodded. He was groaning because he didn’t expect Raon to drag Burren out like that.

“It’s really mysterious. He was really naive when he was a kid, but it sometimes feels like he knows the world better than me.”

Rimmer grinned, grabbing his head with his fingers laced.

“Is it because I was such an excellent teacher? I guess a teacher is important, after all…”

“He is my grandson before he is your student.”

“Pfft, I’m the one who spent the most time with him.”

“I cared for him the most.”

“No one will know about you caring for him from the shadows.”

“I didn’t do that to gain anyone’s recognition, so it doesn’t matter if they don’t. I just did what I wanted.”

Glenn frowned, glaring at Rimmer.


The Heavenly Blade division leader’s eyes widened upon witnessing Glenn’s reaction. She seemed confused, as it was her first time seeing the head of house behaving that way.


Glenn cleared his throat and turned his head at the feeling of the Heavenly Blade leader’s gaze.

“Anyway, Burren should be standing up soon enough. Do you want to make a bet with me?”

“A bet?”

“Yes, about when Burren’s going to stand up. Since the additional registration period ends in two days, I’ll bet my next month’s salary on him getting up tomorrow.”

Rimmer wagged his finger and pointed at Burren kneeling on the ground.

“Then I’ll bet on today.”

“You know you can’t go back on your words, right?”

“Of course.”

Glenn nodded as if it were obvious.

“Huhu, today’s about to end alread… Gasp!”

Rimmer was laughing while covering his mouth, but he gasped.

“Wh-Why is that guy standing up already? Hey! Stay on the ground a bit longer!”

Burren stood up while holding his sword, then he went into the separate building.


He shouted, unleashing all of his aura at the separate building.


The separate building that had been halfway destroyed by Raon collapsed completely.


With a refreshed expression, as if he had done what needed to be done, he went towards the Central Martial Palace with Tias following after him silently.

“M-My lord? We didn’t confirm the best ye…”


“Ah, yes!”

“There’s something you are mistaken about.”


Rimmer’s eyes lost their smile and turned black as if they faced hell upon hearing Glenn’s next words.

“You’ve already been paid in advance for the next month. What you just lost isn’t next month’s salary, but the salary for the month after that.”

“Argh! Damn it!”

Finally realizing the situation, Rimmer grasped his head.


The Heavenly Blade division leader clicked her tongue, looking at his pathetic demeanor.

“I really don’t even have money to eat! The kids won’t even lend me money anymore!”

“Then there’s only one solution.”


“Get rewarded by completing missions.”

Glenn nodded, looking at Raon and Burren one after the other as they walked away.

“I’ll give you the first mission for the Light Wind Squad.”


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