TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 177

 C 177

“A mission already? That’s faster than I thought.”

Rimmer’s eyes widened, as he didn’t expect that from him.

“It’s because Raon lifted Burren up.”

Glenn pointed his finger at Burren, whose confidence was returning to his steps.

“What’s the mission we need to carry out, then?”

“I was initially planning to give it to a different squad, but I figured it wouldn’t be a bad mission for the Light Wind right now.”

Glenn turned around. He looked down at Rimmer with red eyes that could pierce through anything.

“You know about Porvan, right?”

“Of course.”

Porvan was a neutral city located between Zieghart and the Balkar Kingdom. It was famous for trading and tourism because of the beautiful lake and the large river passing through it.

“There are multiple cases of disappearance in Provan right now.”


Rimmer narrowed his eyes, murmuring the word disappearance.

“Disappearances happen rather often, but their frequency hasn’t decreased, and the soldiers and hired knights and mercenaries that were investigating also disappeared. It doesn’t seem to be an ordinary incident.”

“If even the knights are disappearing, it should be a serious matter.”

Disappearances alone weren’t rare occurrences, but the fact that the soldiers investigating the incident had disappeared signified that there were some abnormalities.

“A mass human trafficking, a secret organization, or…”

“It could be one of the Five Demons.”

“I agree with that.”

Rimmer nodded to Glenn’s statement. Considering the fact that they were even attacking the knights and soldiers, it was most likely the work of crazy people that didn’t fear the consequences of their actions.

“The Light Wind’s mission is to save the missing people and remove the reason for their disappearance at Porvan. Can you do it?”

“I’ll accept your orders.”

Rimmer’s green eyes, which used to be playful, grew as gloomy as the bottomless abyss.

“When do we leave?”


“Whaat? Even if Burren returns tomorrow, we haven’t finished our preparations. That’s too sudden…”

“A long time has passed already since the incident began. It should be stopped as quickly as possible. And anyway, announcing the mission right before leaving is something you usually do.”


The corners of Glenn’s mouth curved up as he observed Rimmer’s flustered expression.

“I’ll be counting on you, Light Wind squad leader.”

With those as his last words, he made his way down North Grave Mountain.

“I’ll personally behead you if you humiliate the house with this mission.”

The Heavenly Blade division leader spoke bluntly, then followed Glenn.


Rimmer swirled his hand, observing them.

“When I think about it, there’s not much I need to do.”

He murmured something that would make Glenn throw lightning at him if he knew, and went to the pub.

“I can just leave everything to that great vice-squad leader.”


* * *


The next day, Raon went to the fifth training ground after finishing his daybreak training at the annex building.

He opened the training ground door while considering the way to perfect the Light Wind formation, finding that the swordsmen were gathered at the entrance.

“Why are you all here together?”

“Vice-squad leader! Look at that!”

Dorian, who was eating snacks while standing like a fool, walked up to him and pointed at the training ground. Burren was kneeling at the center of the training ground, which was even cleaner than usual.

‘He arrived earlier than I thought.’

Raon chuckled while looking at the back of Burren’s head. He thought he would come around evening or the day after, but he seemed to have snapped out of it faster than he had expected. His willpower was strong indeed.

“I heard he arrived early, at daybreak, to clean up the entire training ground before kneeling like that.”

Dorian whispered as if he were telling him some kind of secret, but people around him could hear him.

“He’s apparently trying to join the Light Wind squad. What are you going to do?”

“I don’t know, since the leader is the one that decides whether we accept members or not.”

Though, Rimmer was definitely going to accept him.

“You finally stopped being a kid. How pathetic.”

Martha clicked her tongue while looking at Burren. The way she said it was pretty rude, but she looked like she was glad to see him again—after all, she didn’t swear at him.


Runaan also gladly nodded while hugging Snow Flower.

“What’s going on here?”

Raon entered the training ground, looking around at the swordsmen.

“The squad leader’s going to be here soon, yet you aren’t prepared to train at all! Move quickly!”

“Ah, yes!”


The swordsmen that were spacing out ran towards the changing room.

Raon also warmed himself up in the training ground, not paying attention to the kneeling Burren. Burren didn’t look at him either. He just stared at the empty platform.

Why are you not greeting him?

Wrath frowned, finding his behavior too mean.

‘It’s better for me to not greet him for now.’

Although Burren made his resolution, he must have felt embarrassed. In cases like that, it was more helpful for him to just ignore him.

“Line up.”

“Line up.”

Raon gathered the swordsmen in the training ground to wait for Rimmer. A moment later, the training ground door burst open before the training time. His weird habit of kicking the door open before entering whenever he wasn’t late was the same as always.

“Good morning!”

Rimmer went up the platform with wobbly steps.


He tilted his head while pointing at Burren.

“What is he doing like that?”

No one answered, and Burren raised his head.

“I apologize for being late.”

His eyes were shining intensely as he apologized. Just like the back in their trainee days, the sharpness had returned to his gaze.

“Please accept me into the Light Wind squad.”

Burren bowed deeply, slamming his head on the ground. The way he was intensely pressing his head on the ground looked like he wouldn’t stand unless he was accepted.


Rimmer licked his lips while scratching his chin.

“I think it’s too late. What does the vice-squad leader think?”

“Why are you asking my opinion when you said that you missed Burren’s nagging? You even left a position open for him.”

Raon casually murmured that the position for the third team leader was empty.

“You jerk! I won’t look cool if you say that!”

Rimmer waved his hand in agitation.

“Since you are going to accept him anyway, just do it already. I have a mountain of things to teach him.”

“Seriously, you are so useless.”

He scratched his head and walked up to Burren.

“Although you are a bit late, I can’t really refuse you since we’ve spent so much time together. I’ll appoint you as the third team leader of the Light Wind squad.”

Rimmer grinned, grabbing Burren’s shoulder.

“By the way, how much is the membership fee you brought?”

The way he was making a circle with his thumb and index finger blatantly showed the psychological state of a gambling addict.


“Is he really human?”

“He’s not human, though. He’s an elf.”

“Wow, that’s so unsightly.”

Every member of Light Wind, including Raon, looked at Rimmer as if they were looking at the most pathetic thing they’d ever seen.


Burren’s face looked like he’d just eaten shit. It looked like he forgot that he had to gain Rimmer’s favor.

“Ah, I was joking. It was a joke!”

Rimmer smiled, making Burren stand. He created an energy barrier, then whispered in his ear.

“You know I wasn’t joking, right? Bring a decent token of your sincerity to the squad leader’s room…”

Raon was the only one to hear that. His eyes, which were glaring at Rimmer, were colder than ever as he resolved himself.

He would never trust that elf ever, not when it came down to gambling and money.


* * *


Raon called Burren over separately to tell him everything about the education they had received so far. The sword formation and signals were both complicated, but it hadn’t even taken a few hours before he managed to memorize them all.

“Even though you finished memorizing them, it will be different when you are actually using the formation. Make sure to practice.”


Burren answered politely, befitting his strict personality. His eyes were sharp, just like when he was a trainee.

“Then, can I practice sword formation with the third group?”

He asked his question with a challenging gaze. Raon chuckled, then nodded.

“Of course.”

‘I shall train as well now.’


As Raon was about to start his personal training, Rimmer clapped his hands on the platform.

“Gather, everyone.”

Even though he was a gambling addict, he was still a squad leader. Every member of Light Wind gathered at the platform, heeding his call.

“Since everything seems to be settled, I’ll get to the main issue.”

“Main issue?”

“What main issue?”

Since Rimmer was playing around even more since he had become the squad leader, all of the swordsmen tilted their heads.

“We’ve got our first mission.”




The Light Wind members were filled with passion upon hearing the word mission.

“What kind of mission is it?”

Burren raised his hand and asked. It was indeed convenient to have him around.

“In Porvan City, there are regular and repeated disappearances occurring. Our mission is to find the missing people and punish the ringleader.”


“Search for the missing people…”

“Punish the ringleader!”

“It really feels like we became Zieghart’s swordsmen.”

“I’m nervous…”

Since the mission seemed cool, unlike the low-rank monster extermination, the eyes of the swordsmen were filled with anticipation.

“When are we leaving?”

“Wh-When are we leaving? Erm, we actually leave rather early.”

Rimmer took his time, having difficulties saying it.

“When is it?”

“This evening.”

All the swordsmen that had been getting excited dropped their jaws upon hearing that it was that evening. They figured it would be the next day at the earliest, but the fact that it was that evening managed to astonish everyone in the Light Wind.

“Keuh, how can you be like that?!”

It was so bad that Burren came running out while grinding his teeth, despite having decided to behave himself for the day.

“I know the disappearances require urgency, but since it’s a mission instead of a training exercise—and Burren just joined us today—couldn’t you give us some time to prepare ourselves?”

“No, please listen to me.”

Upon hearing Raon’s sharp remark, Rimmer hurriedly shook his hand.

“You are right that the mission requires urgency, but it’s not my fault that it has to be today! It came from the upper echelon! The top brass gave the order yesterday! It’s not my fault!”

He pointed at the lord’s manor with his finger, but no one was looking in that direction.

“Oh my! Is that so?”

“Yes, yes. Of course, it would be so.”

“You are really great, aren’t you?”

All the swordsmen snorted, looking at Rimmer. Since he’d done that multiple times before, no one trusted him at all.

Hmph! I’d rather believe that dog shit is a good medicine.

Wrath also clicked his tongue, saying that it was a stupid excuse. Rimmer’s credibility was at rock bottom, to the point that even Wrath didn’t believe him.

“Argh! It’s true, though!”

“Squad leader, since no one is going to believe you anyway, we are going to start making preparations. The Light Wind shall finish the preparation in two hours, then return here. Porvan is located around the center of the continent, so you don’t need to pack thick clothes.”


The swordsmen hurriedly left the training ground upon hearing Raon’s orders.

“It’s true, though, it’s true…”

Being the only one left, Rimmer sighed blankly.

‘Is this how the boy that cried wolf felt?’


* * *

Since the chain of disappearances were an emergency, the Light Wind members finished preparing themselves as quickly as possible, then left for Porvan.

Raon and the swordsmen rode the horses at as quick a run as they could, polishing their new sword formation—the Light Wind formation—during the break times.

Once Burren finished getting used to the Light Wind formation and became able to lead the third team, they finally arrived at Porvan.

Porvan was a neutral city located between Zieghart in the north, the Owen Kingdom, and the Balkar Kingdom at the center of the continent. It was a peaceful city, famous for trading and tourism, with a beautiful lake called Serty and the Rable River passing through it.

“Let’s go to the mayor first to listen to the situation.”

Since it took a pretty long time for them to get there, Raon and the swordsmen followed the central road towards the city hall, not sparing any time for sightseeing.

As they were about to enter the city hall with a noble appearance, the door opened and a bunch of people wearing robes and armor came out. The four orbs engraved on the left side of their chests was the Balkar Kingdom’s emblem.


Rimmer, who’d been playing around at the back all along, raised his finger to point at the red-haired middle-aged man at the front.



The middle-aged man, Morell, furrowed his brow upon noticing Rimmer.

‘Is he Morell Kazan…?’

Morell Kazan was a famous magician from Balkar that could freely use countless fire attribute magics. He had a magic squad called Salaman under his control, and the people behind him seemed to be Salaman members.

“Why is Zieghart here?”

“How about you, then? Why are you here?”

“We are on a mission.”

“We are on a mission, too. Get out of the way if you are done.”

“You! Yoou!”

As Rimmer was gesturing for them to get out of the entrance, a purple-haired woman came out from the Balkar kingdom’s magicians and stood in front of Raon.

“Raon Zieghart! You damn scammer!”

She glared at him as if she would start attacking him right away.

“Hmm? Who are you?”

Raon casually met her angry eyes.

“Y-Young master. She’s that princess from back then.”

Dorian carefully came up to him and whispered.

“The bitch we met in Cameloon’s auction house.”

His voice was small, but since everyone around them were experts, they all heard the word ‘bitch’.

“Ah, that princess.”

Raon snickered. He obviously knew that the magician in front of him was the Balkar kingdom’s princess Jayna. He purposefully pretended that he forgot, and he managed to enrage Jayna even more because of Dorian.

“You are insulting me again when you are nothing but a scammer.”

“Insult? When did I ever insult you?”

“You lied to me and said that you were a part of Zieghart’s direct line!”

“I never said that I was a member of the direct line, though.”


Jayna apparently was also aware of that fact, as she bit her lip without being able to refute it.

“Y-You created that kind of atmosphere…”

“Atmosphere? If you are tricked by the atmosphere, aren’t you the strange one there? I have never lied to you, so what do you want from me?”

“Argh! Shut up! Why are you so proud of yourself when you are the one that tricked me?”

“I didn’t trick you. You misunderstood the situation on your own, so why are you venting your anger on me?”


Raon shrugged his shoulders. Jayna’s face turned red, as if it were going to explode.

“Don’t be rude to the princess!”

As he was debating on provoking her a bit more, a handsome blonde man came out from behind her.

He had a strange appearance, as he was wearing a warrior costume with a robe on top of it like a mantle, and he looked extremely greasy because of all the hair oil he had on his head.

‘Is he a combat magician?’

Despite his appearance, his clothing was that of a combat magician—one that Balkar was proud of. He seemed to be the combat magician that Morell was teaching.

“You mocked Lady Jayna despite knowing that she’s the Balkar princess! Do you believe you have two lives or something?”

He stepped into the center, opening his robe with his hand. He was probably trying to look stylish, but he seriously looked shabby instead.

“What rubbish are you saying? You are nothing but mean rats that eavesdrop on people’s whispers.”

Martha crossed her arms and snorted.



“Uwuuu, i-it’s screwed!”

Burren was silently watching the situation, Runaan was disinterestedly hugging Snow Flower, and Dorian—who was the cause of the situation—was poking his head out while hiding behind Raon.

“Mean rat? It wasn’t even a whisper, since he blatantly said it!”

“No one told you to listen.”

“You stupid swordsmen that live in the polar region!”

“Weak-ass magicians that would break with a flick of finger!”

The Light Wind and Salaman glared at each other and increased their pressures, as if they were going to start fighting at any time.

“Is it a mission to search for the missing people?”

Even though a fight was about to break out, Morell casually looked at Rimmer.

“Since you are asking that, you must have the same mission.”

“We are the ones that will complete the search. You should just return and avoid wasting time.”

Morell waved his hand dismissively, as if he were chasing away a fly.

“What are you trying to achieve with all those brats that haven’t even finished growing up?”

He sneered, looking at the Light Wind members one after the other.

“We will see about that.”

Rimmer’s expression morphed into the sly smile that he used when making fun of Burren.

“How about this, then?”

Morrel smiled coldly, looking at Princess Jayna, who was biting her lip.

“How about listening to the winner after making the children have a quick spar?”

Because he knew that Salaman was superior to the Light Wind in terms of age and experience, he suggested a spar in order to take the lead.

“A spar? Out of nowhere?”

Rimmer frowned. He looked like he wasn’t confident with it, but Raon could tell at a glance that it was clumsy acting.

‘That’s why he keeps losing in gambling.’

However, it seems to have worked against Morell. His smile deepened.

“You can withdraw if you aren’t confident.”

“I can’t return without even trying since this is a mission. Fine!”

Rimmer licked his lips. He looked around at the Light Wind members, before pointing at Raon standing at the center.

“Raon, I chose you!”


Raon sighed, then stepped forward.

“Squad leader! I’ll fight him!”

The blonde combat magician that had been acting up earlier stepped forward. Judging from his expression, he was itching to gain the favor of the princess.

“Inield. You should be enough. I believe in you.”

“Yes! I’ll never disappoint you!”

Morell nodded at the young man.

“I’m Inield, a combat magician of Balkar Kingdom and the student of Morell, the snake of raging fire. I’ll pay back the humiliation the princess suffered from you!”

Inield pointed his finger at Raon, his expression and posture looking as stylish as possible.

“I’m sorry, but…”

Raon shook his head with a cold smile.

“We aren’t fighting right now because of that. Are you sure you came to the right place?”


Inield bit his lip, his face turning red.

“Moreover, do you even know what that bitch—I mean, princess—did if you’re trying to defend her?”

“There’s no way the princess was in the wrong!”

He tried reading the princess’s mood while saying that.

“You are so thoughtless, despite being a magician.”

Raon laughed bitterly. He looked completely smitten with the princess, whether it was because of her appearance or position.

“I can endure as much insult as you want towards me, but I can’t stand insults towards the princess!”

“I just insulted you, not the princess.”

“Shut up!”

Inield was throwing glances at Runaan and Martha, on top of the princess. He apparently liked any pretty woman’s attention.

“I’ll defeat you right here, and use all of you as our servants during the mission!”


Raon nodded with a smile.

“That sounds good.”

“Tell me your name. As a combat magician, I’ll defeat you in a head-on fight, and…”

“You talk so much despite being here to fight. Is that a characteristic of people with a protruding mouth?”

Martha jeered at Inield.



The princess was just grinding her teeth as she looked towards Raon, not even looking at Inield, and Runaan wasn’t interested in him at all from the beginning.


Inield’s face turned red. He seemed to be panicking because his attempt to look cool in front of the women wasn’t going well.

“W-We are representing our respective groups in this duel. You shall announce your name and what you are going to do! I’ll face you with Balkar’s combat magic!”

Even though Martha made fun of him, Inield didn’t give up on trying to look cool. He swept back his greasy hair and pointed his finger at him.

“You really talk a lot.”

Raon briefly clicked his tongue. He apparently needed a beating to understand reality.



Dorian stepped up to him like lightning upon being called.



Dorian took out a huge club, one that an orc would carry around, and handed it to him.


“Wh-What’s happening?!”

“How did a club like that come out from his pocket?”


The jaws of the spectators dropped after they witnessed a huge club being pulled from an ordinary-looking pocket.

“You told me to announce my name and what I’m going to do, right?”

Raon accepted the club from Dorian, supporting it on his shoulder.

“My name is Raon Zieghart. I’m going to beat you with a club from this moment on.”

He rolled up the corners of his mouth, crooking his finger.

“Come at me.”

A club was the traditional cure when dealing with a shithead.


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