TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 163

 C 163

“A request?”

Glenn raised his chin slightly. He looked at Rimmer sharply, his eyes narrowed as he tried to discern his intentions.

“I don’t want to hear it. I know you’ve been doing all kinds of crazy things recently.”

“I don’t always play around.”

Rimmer raised his head, smiling slightly. A serious light glimmered in his eyes.

“I’m listening.”

“It’s about Raon.”


As soon as Raon’s name was mentioned, Glenn straightened slightly on his throne.

“Raon is currently at the highest rank of Expert. Since he tends to be better than his current level, he is strong enough to easily defeat others of the same rank. Which means that no one other than Masters can win against him.”

“I know.”

Glenn slowly nodded. His lips were unconsciously raised, like a grandfather that was proud of his grandson.

“That’s why I’m making this suggestion. How about putting him in charge of a squad?”

“A squad?”

“Even though Raon is a bit weaker than the other squad leaders, he should catch up to them soon enough while doing missions.”


Glenn closed his eyes in consideration. His eyes had turned cold when he opened them a moment later.

“It’s impossible.”

“May I ask for the reason?”

“Squad leaders, division leaders, and vice-division leaders have to be at least Masters so that they can deal with emergency situations. Vice-squad leader would be fine, but I cannot allow a novice that hasn’t even become a Master to be one of Zieghart’s squad leaders.”

He shook his head definitively. However, there was a note of underlying worry about his grandson in his voice.

“Moreover, he’s never been without someone’s protection. You’ve been protecting him here, and Milland was there for him at Habun Castle. Gaining experience as a vice-squad leader would be fine, but he is unsuitable to be a squad leader in terms of prowess and experience.”

“I see.”

Rimmer licked his lips and shrugged.

“Hmm, it’s troublesome. I’m worried about Raon…”

“Why are you worried about Raon?”

Glenn pushed his chin forward upon hearing that Rimmer was worried about Raon.

“Yes, I’m worried!”

Rimmer suppressed his laughter, looking out the window while sighing heavily.

“Many people in Zieghart are trying to recruit Raon. Ayad and Serena even personally visited him to try and recruit him.”

“But that is not a bad thing.”

“The danger is dependent on the person in question.”


“You know that Raon is an innocent guy because he’s been raised in the annex building, right?”


Glenn immediately nodded.

“He doesn’t know anything about the cold-hearted politics of the main building. He did live in Habun Castle for a year, but they also don’t really have any internal conflicts because of their enemies outside the walls. Which means that Raon has pretty much no knowledge of the political conflicts inside an organization.”

Rimmer extended his arms. He looked like he was controlling a marionette.

“Do you think someone who became a division leader in order to become the head of house, or in order to become stronger themselves, could properly guide Raon? They might purposely mislead him by giving him a bad mission or poor education.”

Rimmer murmured that he couldn’t sleep at all from his worry.

“That certainly could happen…”

Roenn slowly nodded in agreement.

“That’s right, Sir Roenn. It’s totally possible that the division leaders and squad leaders will try to use Raon for their objectives and growth—who knows? That’s why it would be nice if someone without ambition could properly guide him.”


“I wonder if there’s anyone who has a great personality and might, with the experience of reaching a high rank, all while having a handsome face. I think there’s one.”


Glenn looked down on Rimmer silently.

“I get it now. Do you want to become a squad leader instead of making Raon into one?”

“Me? How could I? A great personality and might, experience and a handsome face… Huh? Wait! That’s me! It was me! I should be the squad leader!”

Rimmer clapped his hands while smiling like a fool.

“Haa, you are really crazy…”

Glenn covered his forehead with his hand, as if he had a headache.

“What’s your goal, Rimmer?”

“I just…”

“Be honest.”

Glenn’s voice grew as keen as a sharpened blade. It seemed he was intending to cut through Rimmer, depending on what he said.

“It’s a bit embarrassing, but I’ll tell you. It’s because I made a pledge.”


“The day Raon stopped the Blood Raving Demon on his own and saved the trainees, I pledged to make him into a king.”

His firm resolution could be seen inside his intense green eyes.

“I saw my lord’s throne—no, a throne even higher and more complete than my lord’s—at his back. Just as I made you into a king and protected you, I want to turn him into a king.”

“I see…”

Glenn nodded in acknowledgment.

“That’s reasonable. I can understand your intention, and the fact that Raon could be misguided. However…”

His eyes radiated coldly once again.

“I’m curious whether you meet the qualifications to be a squad leader when your energy center is injured.”

“But I’m handsome, wise, handsome, good at raising kids, handsome, and good at gambling!”

“I shall check the limit of your abilities, instead of those useless things.”

“Let’s test it right now, then.”

Rimmer smiled and grabbed the hilt of his sword.

“I like your confidence.”

Glenn bobbed his finger with a joyful smile on his face.

“Come, show me everything you have.”

“I’m going, even if you don’t tell me.”

Rimmer drew his sword. The blade extended like a ray of light that covered the heavens, and he pointed to the ground with two of his straight fingers.

“Sword Field Creation.”

Sound disappeared from the audience chamber.


* * *


“I’m Lattein, from the Warring Sword Division.”

A green-haired man smiled. He was average in everything, including his height, appearance, and manner of speech.

However, his prowess wasn’t ordinary at all. The power inside his energy center was boiling like magma. He was another monster that had surpassed the wall, just like Ayad.

“I’ll be honest, since I couldn’t figure out your personality. The Warring Sword wants you. If you join us, we will raise you to the best of our abilities.”

“What do you mean by raising me?”

“Just what I said. We will help your growth in prowess and willpower, and we can even help you make the connections and positions you want. We will invest in everything you want for you.”

With a lighthearted smile, Lattein told him he would help in every aspect. Although he had a carefree atmosphere like Rimmer, he seemed to be pretending instead of actually having that personality.

“And what do you ask of me?”


The smile on Lattein’s lips froze slightly.

“Nothing is free in this world. I’m sure there’s a reason you want me so much.”

“You are well aware of how the world works. I guess you aren’t just a talented kid. I like you even more now.”

Even his voice changed. The cheerful voice became slightly twisted.

“There are obviously things that we want from you, but I can’t tell you about that right now. If you are curious, come to the Warring Sword. I guarantee that it’s not something you would dislike.”

His voice and expression became light once again, and he offered a small box that he had brought with him.

“This is a small gift. If you join the Warring Sword Division, we will equip you from head to toe with gear that is much better than this.”

He left the annex building after saying that.

He pretends to be rich on the outside, but he is completely empty inside. He’s not even worthy of consideration.

Wrath snorted, calling him a loser.

‘Who isn’t a loser in your standard?’

Raon stared at Lattein as he left the garden, then turned around. His room and the corridor of the annex building were filled with gifts.

“There are more than I thought.”

He did expect that some people would visit him from what Rimmer and Burren had said, but he didn’t think there would be so many of them.

It wasn’t just the armed organizations. It was also those dealing with information or administration—even the Security palace, who usually didn’t interfere, made their move. The huge number of gifts overflowed from the annex building.



He looked upward upon hearing such blatantly happy laughter. Sylvia and Helen were organizing the gifts with smiles blooming on their faces.

“I didn’t think this would happen in my lifetime.”

“This is the first time so many people have visited the annex building.”

“It’s all thanks to the Sir Raon’s greatness.”

“Is this what you call ‘profiting from the child’?”

“It’s Ma’am’s blessing!”

Sylvia and Helen—actually, even the maids—were enjoying the situation. The annex building that used to be looked down upon was now at the center of attention, and they seemed to be happy about the fact that it was because of Raon’s achievements.

They are literally smiling from ear to ear.

‘I’m happy if they are.’

He wasn’t lying. Raon was glad and happy about the fact that Sylvia, Helen, and the maids were enjoying the situation. He wasn’t too sure, but his emotion felt and flowed that way.

You will never achieve great things if you are happy about trivial matters like this. The King of Essence never wavers…

‘That’s bullshit.’

Bullshit? No one is as cold-hearted as the King of Essence! You can see that he uses coldness!

‘That’s the most mysterious part.’

He couldn’t understand how he was using coldness with his hot temper that yielded to every provocation.

It was really twisted that he used coldness while being a hot-tempered glutton.

Such impudence! You wouldn’t even be able to stand up in front of the main body of the King of Essence!

‘Bring your main body here if you have a problem with it.’


Raon made fun of Wrath, then went to his room and towards the wall of gifts.

‘Let’s see what I got.’

He opened the gifts inside the room. Most of them were combat equipment such as gloves, boots, belts, embroidery threads for his sword and hilt strap.

After roughly organizing the items, he saw three boxes on the desk. They were the presents offered by the division leaders that he met personally.

‘Those are…’

He first opened the small yet luxurious box that Ayad gave to him. There were thin gloves inside, and he could tell at a glance that their quality was on another level compared to the rest.

Raon tried wearing one of the gloves. It perfectly fit his hand, and its light weight made it feel like he wasn’t wearing anything at all. The feel when holding a sword was also the same as if he were bare-handed, and yet even a blade had difficulties cutting through it.

“I guess he had a good reason for personally visiting me.”

Considering he gave Raon such a valuable item as a gift, he must’ve really wanted to recruit him.

“And this is…”

He then opened the box Serena gave to him. There were boots inside. They were brown leather boots, and they were so light that he could barely feel their weight.


Apparently, the boots had the ability to reduce his weight, since his body became lighter upon wearing the boots. He felt like he could jump higher and further away. It was an extraordinary item, just like the gloves.

Raon lastly opened the box Lattein gave him. There was a golden ring inside, which he tried wearing.

‘Is this a strength enhancement?’

The difference wasn’t exactly amazing, but he could feel that he got stronger. The ring must’ve been imbued with strength enhancement magic.

“Not bad.”

The gifts from the division leaders were on another level. As he was about to check the condition of the equipment, someone knocked on the door three times.


The door opened without any response, and Judiel entered then bowed.

“I’ve finished the investigation on the organizations that will participate in the Selection Ceremony.”

She offered him a brochure while saying that. It looked like she personally made it, just like the last time.

“Thank you.”

Raon nodded and looked through the brochure. Just as she said, most of the organizations of the house were listed inside. It was interesting, since there were many things he hadn’t known about before.

“While investigating the Selection Ceremony, I discovered that there is some kind of superstition.”


“Yes. It’s said that the swordsman that is chosen by every armed organization participating in the Selection Ceremony becomes the head of house without exception. It was written that the current head of house was also chosen by all organizations in the past.”

“Head of house…”

Since he wasn't exactly aiming to become the head, he just thought that it was a fun story and nodded.

“Judiel, what’s your opinion? Which one do you think is the best?”

Raon looked at Judiel after finishing reading the brochure.

“First of all, our choices are limited. We can’t really join an organization that belongs to the direct line or the collaterals affiliated to them. We need to pick something other than those.”


“Is there a problem?”


Raon shook his head. He was just a bit proud of Judiel for saying ‘we’, since she used to be unable to settle anywhere.

“Actually, it’s obvious how powerful Zieghart’s bloodline is, since the top ranked armed organizations are mostly from the direct line. However, there are a few groups that don’t lose to them.”

Judiel opened the middle part of the brochure.

“First is the White Lotus, led by Ayad. The battlefield feels like a stroll for the swordsmen in that division, who are accustomed to actual battles, and they take on many missions. It’s rumored that Ayad doesn’t lose to the direct line in terms of prowess.”

She turned the page, saying that the next one was also fairly good.

“The second one is the Void Sword, led by Serena—who came to visit yesterday. She uses a keen and sharp swordsmanship. Since she is a greedy person, she takes on a lot of missions and requests to increase her reputation. The Warring Sword that visited today is a bit calculative, but they’ve always completed their missions without fail. And…”

Judiel flipped the pages and mentioned the recommended organizations one by one. However, the only real choices he had were Ayad, Serena, and Lattein’s groups.

“Instructor Rimmer recommended joining a group with a small number of members, since that gives one more opportunity to gain achievements.”

Raon mentioned what Rimmer told him before. Obviously, he didn’t mention the bullshit about him being handsome or being good at gambling.

“He is right about that. A small organization gives many opportunities for achievement, as they have various reinforcement missions, and most of the members get to participate. However, it’s dangerous and hectic as a result.”

“I see.”

He needed as many achievements as possible in order to restore Sylvia’s status as a member of the direct line. It seemed like joining a small organization to participate in more missions and reinforce other groups was a better choice than joining a big organization just to be restrained.

“Then, shall I check out the smaller ones in more detail?”

“No, you don’t need to.”

Raon closed the brochure and shook his head.

“I’ve already decided which one I wish to join.”

There was no way he wouldn’t realize it when that gambler blatantly advertised it.

“It’s nice that I got a bunch of gifts for no reason.”

Raon smiled at the pile of gifts.


* * *


The Day of the Selection Ceremony.

There was an unprecedented number of people inside the great training ground. Even the people that had the day off came to the training ground instead of resting and were trying to squeeze their asses into seats that were completely full.

The reason for that was simple.

It was because people were extremely interested in the destination of the fifth training ground’s trainees, as their growth had been on a different level from the other trainees.

And Raon Zieghart, who was the top trainee of the group, was even more special.

He was known as the young Sword Demon and the Flame Wall of Habun Castle, and he destroyed the Central Martial Palace as soon as he returned. That was why everyone was paying so much attention to him, to the point that people started gambling on him.

To be honest, half the people gathered inside the great training ground were pretty much there to watch Raon’s Selection Ceremony.

When the seats started to overflow with spectators, people stepped up onto the platform.

The swordsmen with powerful pressure and frightening dignity were wearing emblems of different colors and shapes on their chests.

They were the squad leaders or division leaders. The heads of the armed organizations, who were pretty much Zieghart’s true strength, took a seat on the platform one after the other.

Including Ayad and Serena, who personally visited Raon, the palace masters such as the Central Martial Palace, the True Martial Palace, and the Wisdom Palace took a seat on the chairs placed on the platform.

They only gave each other short greetings before looking down at the training ground. It seemed that they were keeping each other in check.

“Is everyone after Raon?”

While the division leaders and squad leaders were reviewing who they needed to recruit, a cheerful voice could be heard. It was Lattein, the leader of the Warring Sword. Everyone on the platform looked at him.

“I personally went to see him, and realized he was more amazing than the rumors. I could barely feel his pressure, as if he didn’t learn any martial arts at all, but he was almost a Master on the inside. That boy is going to get even stronger. I can understand why the head of house and the elders are interested in him.”

The division leaders of the direct line frowned in discomfort, but the division leaders from other backgrounds nodded in agreement.

“However, that boy is for me… Ah, today’s protagonist is here.”

Lattein stopped speaking and pointed at the trainees of the fifth training ground, who were entering from the door. With Zieghart’s badge attached on their black and red formal wear, they were walking towards the center of the training ground one after the other.

And Raon was at the end of the line. With a golden embroidery thread attached to his black and red formal dress, the way his red eyes shone like the sunlight painted a beautiful picture.

“It’s Raon!”

“Raon Zieghart.”

“What a face he has…”

“He looks even stronger than before.”

“Again? How could that happen?!”

“I guess it’s not impossible, since he’s already at the level of a vice-squad leader at the age of seventeen.”

The division leaders admired his good looks and were shocked by his pressure, which was as sharp as a blade. A frightening glow appeared in their eyes, looking at prey in their respective ways.


* * *


Raon was walking towards the center of the training ground alongside the other swordsmen.


“Young Master!”

“Sir Raon!”

He smiled and waved his hand at Sylvia and the maids, who were cheering from the side, then stood in front of the swordsmen.

“S-Sir Raon, have you made your choice?”

Dorian’s fingers were trembling.

“We aren’t the ones that decide. They are.”

Raon pointed at the squad leaders and division leaders that were looking down on them from the platform.

“But you must’ve made up your mind, right?”

“Pretty much.”

“Which one is it?”

“None of them.”


Dorian wasn’t the only one surprised at that. Runaan, Martha, and Burren—who were secretly listening to them—jolted as well.


“What are you talking about? Everyone’s already present!”

“Yes. None of the leaders are missing except for the Moonlight Palace, which is currently on an external mission! I’m sure you aren’t trying to join an administrative organization, right?”

The three of them, or rather, everyone moved next to him and asked which one he was planning to join.

“What are you thinking right now?”

“What kind of crazy stunt are you planning now?”

“Let’s stay normal for once.”

“The one doing crazy stuff isn’t me, but that lazy guy. Don’t worry.”

Raon calmed the swordsmen that were barraging him with questions and snickered.

“Lazy guy? Instructor Rimmer?”

“Why are you talking about that gambling addict?”

“Something interesting is going to… Huff!”

As he was about to give them a hint, a tremendous amount of energy could be felt. He didn’t need to turn around to recognize it. The overwhelming energy wave was from the Destructive King of North, the head of house—Glenn Zieghart. Goosebumps appeared on his skin as he felt his pressure, which only got stronger as he grew.

“Zieghart’s true heaven! The Destructive King of North, Head of House Glenn Zieghart makes his entrance!”

“Greeting my lord!”

Following the Heavenly Blade’s shout, everyone knelt and bowed.




Glenn crushed that huge voice resounding throughout the training ground with a single step, only to walk to the center of the platform and sit on the golden throne.

“Rise, everyone.”

“Thank you!”

Even the division leaders that had remained silent so far expressed their gratitude with a majestic shout, as if they had become novices once again.

“A-Ah, then the Selection Ceremony for the fifth training ground’s graduates is going to be…”


As the host was about to announce the start of the ceremony, Glenn raised his hand.

“One bastard—I mean, one person hasn’t arrived yet.”

“Pardon? Huh? But all the forty-three graduates are here.”

The host tried counting them, then told him that everyone was present.

“It’s not one of them. It’s one of these.”

Glenn pointed at the platform where the division leaders and squad leaders were located.

“Pardon? But they also have to correct numbers…”

“Ah, excuse me. It’s me.”

As the host grew confused and started to double check the document he held, a green wind stormed from the left side walls. An attractive man easily jumped over the walls and reached the platform, his red hair fluttering in the wind.


“How dare you!”

“Why the hell are you here?”

“Only the squad leaders and division leaders are allowed in this place!”

The direct line division leaders, including Karoon and Balder, gave him killing scowls.

“I know. That’s why I’m here.”

Rimmer casually shifted on his feet and continued.

“I’m not just Rimmer. I am the Light Wind Squad Leader Rimmer from this moment on. Make sure to address me by the correct title.”


“S-Squad leader?”

“Did he really become a squad leader?”

The eyes of everyone inside the great training ground widened in confusion at his declaration.

‘He is late even on an important day like this.’

However, it looked like Raon was aware of that fact—he snickered. Since everyone was there, the Selection Ceremony was about to begin for real.


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