TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 162

 C 162

“Sir Ayad.”

Raon was confidently standing in front of one of Zieghart’s division leaders, one who had reached Master level a long time ago. He was looking straight at Ayad, completely unintimidated.

“If you want me to join the White Lotus division, please give me a summary of their main activities, as well as what I can learn and obtain from joining them.”


Ayad’s eyes wavered upon hearing that. Such a violent change in expression was rare among the Masters, who were extremely powerful warriors with stable bodies and minds. It looked like he was really flustered.

However, Raon’s reaction was natural.

‘I’m the one who has the initiative right now.’

Just as Burren said, the various organizations could try recruiting the novice swordsmen, since the internships had ended.

And Ayad was visiting him as soon as the internship ended to recruit him. It could be expected that he wouldn’t give up after a single refusal.

“You are more daring than I heard.”

Ayad’s expression returned to the way he was in the beginning. It looked like his mind also regained his composure—as expected of a powerful warrior like him.

“I just said what I had to. I shouldn’t be called daring for that.”

“You are right. I was a bit too sloppy.”

His mouth curved up slightly into a smile as he nodded. From the way he immediately recognized his mistake, he must’ve had a cool personality despite his ironclad face.

“However, I am serious about wanting you to join me.”

A blue light sparkled from Ayad’s eyes.

“I like everything about you—your excellent prowess, your faithful nature towards your companions, a willpower that doesn’t yield to those with power, and the crazy guts to openly cause trouble.”

His sincerity became a pressure spread towards Raon.

“I’ve experienced countless Selection Ceremonies so far, but this is the first time I have personally moved to scout. I repeat, Raon Zieghart. Join the White Lotus. I’ll create a path for you to reach a higher place.”

Ayad extended his hand once again. His straight fingers felt like they could open the path for him by tearing through it if he had to.

“Wh-What? Is the White Lotus leader personally trying to recruit him?”

“It’s my first time seeing a division leader doing that.”

“Raon Zieghart…”

The jaws of the swordsmen on the side of the road dropped as they looked back and forth between Raon and Ayad.

“I’m sorry, but I can’t make my decision right here.”

Raon refused him properly this time, to match his serious proposal.

“You are fully aware of your condition. Are you planning to check out the other proposals as well?”

Ayad removed his pressure and snickered.

“Indeed. I need to obtain whatever I can get while I’m ahead.”

“I would’ve crushed your mouth if it belonged to anyone else, but those words are actually humble coming from a rookie that is already at the highest rank of Expert. Very well. I’ll thoroughly prepare before visiting you again.”

He turned around after saying that, then disappeared on the spot, as if he’d never existed from the beginning. He could sense his footwork, which couldn’t be seen with the naked eye. It was a prowess befitting a Master’s prowess.


Wrath scowled, looking at the spot where Ayad had disappeared.

Don’t be happy just because he took a liking to you. Back in Devildom, tens of thousands of devils visited each year to make offerings and pledge their loyalty to the King of Essence. Compared to the King of Essence, you are nothing but…

‘Alright, I get it. You’re cool.’

Listen properly! Getting to hear the King of Essence’s story is an opportunity for you…


Raon just pretended to listen once again as he quickened his steps towards the annex building.

‘This smell…’

The fragrance of good food was coming from the annex building when he arrived.


Wrath’s hand was trembling as he grabbed the doorknob.

I-I can smell apple meat pie and pineapple pizza! There are also plenty of other foods that I’ve never tasted before!

He stopped talking about the stories about Devildom, snorting.

‘They’ve prepared in advance.’

It looked like Sylvia and the maids prepared a party because they knew it was his last day of his internship.

R-Raon, enter quickly! Quick!


A demon king that lost his mind whenever he smelled food was so embarrassing, to the point that Raon didn’t want anyone to find out they were hanging out together.

Raon shook his head and opened the door.

“Gasp! Young master!”

“Ma’am! Young master has arrived!”


“Sir Raon!”

Sylvia, Helen, and the maids—who used to be scattered around—came out at the same time and gathered in front of the entrance. Yua—who used to be in the kitchen—also came out, waving her hand with a bright smile.

“I’m back.”

Raon met everyone’s eyes and smiled cheerfully.


* * *


Once Raon finished taking a quick shower, various dishes covered the table. Lots of them were the types of food that he usually ate, but there was also a significant number of new dishes.

“Helen and Yua made this new dish together.”

Sylvia pointed at the pot at the center. Meat, seafood, and vegetables had been simmered in a delicious way, with stir-fried rice underneath.

“Same goes for this one. It’s a really delicious soup made of tomatoes, beef, and chicken.”

She then pointed at the red soup in a large bowl.

“And this one is…”

She explained the lobster pizza, the long bread with dried ham on top, and the transparent shrimp stew one after the other.

“Yua helped on all of these.”

Sylvia grabbed Yua’s shoulder—she was standing next to Sylvia.

“How have you been, Yua?”

“Great! It was really fun, because I could try lots of things!”

Yua’s twin tails fluttered as she nodded. Her eyes had a hint of sadness over leaving her grandfather, but she wasn’t lying about having fun. It looked like Sylvia and the maids were treating her nicely, as if she were their little sister or daughter.

“Why is our Yua so cute?”

Sylvia opened her hands and hugged Yua tightly.

“You are so good at cooking, singing, and great at being cute! You are good at everything!”

She started rubbing her cheeks against the girl’s.

‘She did that to me a lot.’

Raon smiled slightly while looking at Yua and Sylvia. She usually did that when she felt happy. He unconsciously smiled as he watched them getting along.

Kuaah! Raon.

As he was watching Yua, Sylvia, and the maids, Wrath started to groan. When he looked under him, Wrath looked like he was suffering from a fatal disease as he trembled, drooling coldness from his mouth.

Wh-What are you doing right now? The food is dying! Take up your weapon!

‘That’s such an intense expression when you just want me to start eating before it gets cold.’

He was exaggerating too much—it hadn’t even been a minute since the food finished preparing.

“Raon, good job on your internship.”

Sylvia smiled brightly, while giving him a spoonful of the tomato soup.

“Thanks. M-Mom?”

Raon tried to accept the soup, but she didn’t take her hand off the bowl.

“But why are you doing such a dangerous thing each time? I heard you destroyed everything in the Central Martial Palace!”

“Hmm, that’s…”

“I know that you have a plan, and that you are strong, but I can’t stop worrying over you dealing with the Central Martial Palace.”

“That’s right, young master. We couldn’t even sleep properly.”

Sylvia slightly lowered her eyebrows, and all the maids nodded in agreement.

‘I guess that’s natural.’

Since Karoon didn’t treat Sylvia or himself as human beings, she would obviously be worried that he might be killed or severely injured.

“Don’t worry so much, since I’m always preparing a way to escape before putting my plans into action.”

Raon imbued the aura of the Ten Thousand Flower Cultivation in his voice to reassure everyone.

“I know that you are wise, but brother Karoon isn’t a patient man. You should avoid clashing with him.”


“There you go again with that answer…”

Sylvia sighed slightly and tried to feed him the soup with a spoon.

It’s almost here. Quick, quick…

Wrath was seriously dying. The way he was swaying his hand looked like a messenger of the underworld.


Raon sighed and picked up the spoon. As he was about to eat the soup from Sylvia’s spoon first, a knocking sound could be heard from the entrance.

“I’ll check it out.”

Judiel, who was at the end of the table, left the dining room. However, it didn’t even take her ten seconds to return and call Raon’s name, her face pale.

“I-It’s a guest that has come to see the young master.”


“Yes. I think you should go out to greet her yourself…”


Raon nodded and stood up.

‘I wonder who it is, for her to make that expression.’

Who is getting in my way? I’ll kill you, no matter who you are!

Raon went to the entrance along with Wrath, who looked angrier than ever.

A young woman’s beauty radiated in the dimly illuminated entrance.

So, this is the bitch that did it! The King of Essence will freeze her at once!

Because Wrath was trying to spread his coldness, Raon forcefully pushed him back into the bracelet and examined the woman.

Her red hair looked like a burning flame, and her transparent eyes were the color of a blue lake. She was an unforgettable beauty because of her charming facial features, but Raon wasn’t looking at her appearance.

‘She’s strong.’

A limitless energy wave surrounded her entire body. A Master. Her power didn’t lose to Ayad—no, she was actually even stronger than him.

“I’ve been watching you ever since the entrance exam for the trainees.”

Her voice was as clear as her eyes. She slowly closed her eyes, then opened them again as she continued.

“Your mind was capable of keeping composure in any situation, and your wits allowed you to use the situation in your favor. Moreover, your genius talent in martial arts surpassed both of those aspects, and I fell in love with them.”

She extended her long and white hand.

“My name is Serena Calvin. I’m the leader of the Void Sword Division, and the one that will become the head of Zieghart in the future. I want you to support me, Raon Zieghart.”

Raon narrowed his eyes as he met her blue eyes.

“Did the Void Sword’s leader, Lady Serena, really come to visit…?”

“A-Am I dreaming right now?”

“But she is one of the strongest among the division leaders…”

“Y-Young master!”

The maids behind him swallowed nervously after hearing Serena’s identity.

‘Serena Calvin, huh…?’

He’d heard that name before. She was the heroine that declared she’d become the head of Zieghart despite being from a vassal family instead of direct line or collateral. It is rumored that she was as cold as ice, though her prowess was as wild as fire.

‘So, she also wants me on her side.’

It looked like, just like Ayad, Serena was also visiting him in order to make him join her division.

“People are discriminated against in all armed organizations of Zieghart unless they are from the direct line or the highest rank of collateral. However, the Void Sword division is different. People are judged by their abilities and accomplishments. It will be the best nest for you.”


He did hear that the low-ranking collaterals were discriminated against in the divisions, regardless of their abilities.

“It’s those eyes. I took a liking to those eyes.”

Serena smiled faintly, looking at Raon’s nonchalant gaze.

“Won’t you come with me to stand at the top of this house?”

“Raon, who is… Ah!”

Sylvia stepped into the entrance, and her eyes widened upon facing Serena.

“L-Lady Serena?”

“It’s been a while, Sylvia.”

Serena gave Sylvia a small nod.

“I just came to offer my greetings today. I’ll return with a present next time.”

After looking at Sylvia for a moment, she turned around and left the annex building.

“She’s the same as before.”

Sylvia gathered her hands, looking at Serena’s back.

“Do you know her?”

“Yes. She was the vice-squad leader when Mom used to be a novice.”

She smiled a little, reminiscing about the past.

“She was already saying that she would become the head of Zieghart back then, and she’s still the same.”

“Did she really say she’d become the head when she was a vice-squad leader?”


Sylvia immediately nodded.

‘That’s amazing.’

A division leader saying such a thing was probably fine, but a vice-squad leader saying that was really daring. It looked like she wasn’t called a heroine for nothing.

‘She’s cool.’

I don’t know about cool, but the food is getting cold!

While Raon was admiring her, Wrath ground his teeth.

Go back and eat already!


* * *


The next day, Raon went to the fifth training ground in order to report the successful completion of his internship. It was already filled with trainees, and Rimmer was late, just like always.

“Raon! I heard you won against Sir Holline!”

“Seriously, what the hell are you?”

“That’s crazy! Insane!”

“No one talks about my deeds because of you!”

“You are really a monster, huh?”

“Did you eat a dragon heart or something?”

The trainees approached him with friendly smiles. There were no signs of jealousy left in them anymore. They were just smiling with admiration to his great achievements.


“Hmph, that’s just normal for a top trainee.”

Burren frowned without saying anything, and Martha snorted, saying that it was only obvious for a top trainee.

“Raon, I’m sorry. There was no ice cream. I’ll give you some next time.”

Runaan was murmuring something incomprehensible while gripping his sleeve tightly.

‘This place feels so comfortable for me.’

It wasn’t as much as the annex building, but the fifth training ground was one of the few places that he could feel comfortable. The only regrettable part was that soon, he wouldn’t be able to spend time with them anymore in that location.

“Don’t you ever get tired?”

A lighthearted voice came down from the wall. Rimmer jumped down, scratching his disheveled hair.

“You are late, Instructor.”

Burren blocked Rimmer’s way.

“Being late doesn’t matter anymore, since training is already over.”

“You are late, as you are the one that decided on the appointed time.”

“It happens once or twice in your life.”

“But the instructor is always late, not just once or twice!”

“Argh, you are so strict! You should know you are going to lose hair at that rate!”

Rimmer used footwork to jump over Burren, moving onto the platform.


Burren swept his blue hair with his hands and checked his fingers. He sighed in relief upon seeing that his hair remained mostly intact.

“Ahem, good job on internships, everyone. Although it was short, I believe everyone could roughly figure out the activities and training method of each organization.”

Rimmer went straight to the point before Burren could argue with him anymore.

‘I don’t know about that…’

Raon narrowed his eyes. The only thing he did at the Central Martial Palace was destroy things over and over. He did manage to get stronger, but he had no idea what the Central Martial Palace’s activities were.

“In one week, there will be the Selection Ceremony that you’ve been waiting for so earnestly.”

The Selection Ceremony was an extremely important day, since it marked the end of the five-year long training period and they were able to decide on their affiliations. It was pretty much the day all their efforts so far bore fruit.

“Some of you might have experienced it already, but the divisions and the squads are going to start trying to recruit you from today onward.”

Rimmer looked at Raon for a moment.

“Since it concludes your five years of efforts, you shall carefully make your decisions, without being swayed by the reputation or rewards that you can see.”

He was seriously giving them advice, quite unlike his usual behavior.

“If I were to give you a hint, I recommend that you pick a small organization. Because a big one has a lot of people, you will hardly go out on missions. On the other hand, a small organization mobilizes most of its members on a variety of missions, which makes it easy to gain accomplishments. And…”

Rimmer grinned, hiding his own face.

“It’s important for the leader to be handsome. It’s even better if he’s kind and is good at gambling. Their kind-heartedness when caring for children is also important, and a powerful swordsmanship and elegant footwork, and the wind-like…”

His speech suddenly became strange, and it strayed further and further away from proper advice.

That damned pointy-ears is starting again. He talks way too much.

‘I know, right? Just like someone else I know.’

Is there anyone that talks as much as him?

‘Yes, he talks even more.’

That’s crazy.

Raon kept listening to Rimmer, while holding himself back from saying ‘That’s you’. Burren moved next to him.

“You can have this.”

He took the box Burren gave him. Once he tried opening it, he could see a golden embroidery thread with a jewel attached to it. Judging from its color, the shape of the knot, and the jewel at the center, it must’ve been a very expensive object.

“Why are you…”

“It’s a jeweled embroidery thread to put on formal wear. Attach it to your suit, since I have plenty of it, but your suit was completely plain. You’d better decorate it properly, since we are going to look shabby if our top trainee is wearing poor clothes.”

‘Did he see me during the internship?’

The formal dress he was wearing at the beginning and the end of the internship didn’t have much decoration. Although Sylvia and Helen did their best to prepare them for him, they weren’t as flashy as the other direct lines or collaterals. It looked like Burren was giving the embroidery thread to him because of that.

“Thank you.”

“Don’t mind it, since I just randomly picked it up.”

Burren shook his hand and went away.

‘Benefactor, huh…?’

It must’ve been his way of repaying the favor that he mentioned the day before.

Even so, it still felt nice to have someone care about him.

Raon put the small box in his pocket, and Rimmer’s bullshit became slightly less boring.


* * *



Raon looked slightly tired as he sighed.

‘This is exhausting.’

Listening to Rimmer’s bullshit and Wrath’s babbling for a whole hour felt even more exhausting than an actual battle.

He just wanted to return quickly and start training. When he crossed the garden, he saw that the road leading to the annex building was filled with people, and that the annex building’s door was blocked by pretty packages.


Judging from the wrappings, all the packages were gifts, and the pressure from the people lining up told him that they were powerful warriors.

‘What’s going on?’

He walked towards the annex buildings while wondering about the situation, and the eyes of the warriors that recognized him widened.


“It’s Raon!”

“Raon Zieghart! Join our Tiger Strike Squad!”

“No, our Crimson Ultimate Division will support you!”

“Don’t listen to them! Our Great Radiance Palace is the best place for you to grow!”

The way the people that were lining up surrounded him at once upon seeing him was similar to when they found an enemy. They all shouted at him to join their organizations, telling him names he’d both already heard of and hadn’t.


He could finally understand the situation. They all came from the main building in order to recruit him.


While Raon was examining people one after the other, Sylvia and the maids came to him.

“They all came to recruit you!”

“All those boxes are gifts for Sir Raon!”

“There’s even more! There are more gifts inside!”

Sylvia and the maids were smiling more brightly than ever as they pointed at the countless gifts at the annex building.

“I’m so proud of you…”

It looked like she was extremely moved by the fact that so many people came to visit the annex building and Raon, who no one used to pay attention to. Tears could be seen around Sylvia’s eyes.

“It will be troublesome if this is enough to move you to tears.”

Raon smiled slightly while wiping tears from Sylvia’s face with his sleeve.

“After all, it’s only just begun.”

He was only at the starting line now. The tears could wait until their position in the direct line was restored.

‘One day.’

He resolved himself that he would make her experience that one day.


* * *


Rimmer was standing in front of Glenn inside the audience chamber.

“The others are also getting various offers, but Raon is getting the most.”

He continued with a cheerful smile.

“Most of the armed organizations, except from the direct line and the collateral right under it, sent presents and people to the annex building. Ayad and Serena even personally visited him yesterday. Everyone’s desperate for Raon to join them.”


The corners of Glenn’s mouth raised slightly. It looked like he was enjoying the report.

“I suppose it’s only natural. This is the first time in the last hundreds of years, or rather in Zieghart’s entire history, that a novice swordsman is at the highest rank of Expert.”

“Well, that’s true.”

“He’s really amazing. Truly amazing! I wonder who the teacher that managed to raise such an amazing student is? Wow!”

Rimmer tapped his chest and grinned.

“Did my lord also cause a big uproar like Raon?”

“I was also recruited by many division leaders, but it was less than Raon. He has surpassed me in the past.”

His eyes, which used to be frozen stiff, crinkled in the corners. Alongside the raised corners of his mouth, a smile became clearly visible on his face.

“See? He praises his grandson more than himself. That’s the classic behavior of a grandson’s grandpa.”

“I thought the same thing. My lord is just helplessly fond of Raon…”

Rimmer whispered to Roenn, who was standing next to him, and Roenn immediately nodded to him.

“Ahem! Shut up!”

Glenn cleared his throat and forcefully straightened his face.

“Since that shouldn’t be what you came here for, what’s your business?”

“My business?”

“I’ve known you for a long time. Judging by those crazy eyes of yours, you must have something worth listening to for once.”

“You know me so well. I will get straight to the point, then.”

Rimmer’s lighthearted atmosphere disappeared at once. He knelt, his eyes shining with a fierce storm.

“I have a request to make of my lord.”


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