TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 164

 C 164

“What kind of madness are you spouting?”

Karoon stood up and gave Rimmer a killing glare.

“How did you even become a squad leader?”

He wasn’t the only one confused—every division and squad leader on the platform had a wide-eyed look of confusion on their face.

“Why not? It’s not that hard to become a squad leader.”

Rimmer looked back at Karoon and shrugged his shoulders.

“True, it’s not that hard. However, it’s impossible for a disabled guy like you with a broken energy center.”

“Since I was so amazing back in the day, I figured I can still work as a squad leader even though I’m disabled.”

“Do you honestly believe that you can fight like before just because you killed the Blood Raving Demon with sheer luck? You are just an incomplete swordsman that cannot even fight for a long time!”

The mere fact that Rimmer was standing there irritated Karoon.

“I understand that it’s too sudden for you to accept it, but it’s already decided.”

“And who made that decision?”

“Isn’t it obvious?”

Rimmer grinned and pointed at the throne placed in the center.

“He’s right. I authorized him.”


The look in Glenn’s eyes grew as deep as a bottomless pit. Balder groaned and lowered his head upon facing it.


Because his pressure alone was overwhelming the space, Karoon could only bite his lip, unable to respond.

“I’ve personally confirmed the might of the Light Wind Squad leader and given my consent. If you have a problem with it, then you shall come at me instead.”


“Th-There’s no problem.”

After witnessing two palace masters get crushed by pressure, the other division and squad leaders forced their mouths shut.

“It’s more silent now.”



Rimmer grinned pleasantly and Karoon and Balder glared at him, their fists clenched tightly enough to make a sound.

“Head of house, may I introduce myself?”

“Introduce yourself?”

“Yes. Even though the novice swordsmen know about me, I need to explain the Light Wind Squad’s direction and activities to them.”

“Make it short.”


Rimmer bowed at Glenn before standing at the edge of the platform.

“Nice to meet you, I’m the Light Wind Squad leader.”

Raon nonchalantly raised his head to look at Rimmer. The other swordsmen, including Burren, swallowed nervously—afraid of what kind of frivolous statement he was about to make.

“Forget about the instructor that has been teaching you so far. Consider me as nothing but a new squad leader.”

However, his eyes were serious and his voice perfectly followed the expected formality.

“I’m sure you’ve pretty much decided on which organizations you want to join. I’m sure there are various reasons for those choices, like the reputation of the division leader, the power of the organization, and the various supports and martial arts that you will gain. However!”

Rimmer continued his speech in a composed manner, and the swordsmen nodded as if they were charmed by him. They couldn’t take their eyes off him because it was almost their first time seeing him being so serious.

“Those are the roads paved by your seniors here, and all you will be doing is jumping onto those roads. Even if you join a powerful organization, all you can achieve is a sloppy reputation and some deeds. That is because the truly wonderful achievements have been taken away by your seniors.”

Unexpectedly, he was pointing out a legitimate fact. The smiles disappeared from the swordsmen that were looking forward to joining an organization.

“I can’t give you all that. It’s only been a few days since the creation of the Light Wind Squad, and I don’t have anything to offer. However, this squad’s advantage lies in its incompleteness.”

“Advantage of incompleteness?”

“What is that?”

The swordsmen walked up, immersed in Rimmer’s speech.

“It means that the Light Wind Squad has a lot more things to achieve than the other organizations that have already reached their peaks.”

“Things to be achieved…”

Martha’s eyes glittered, captivated by his offer.

“Our journey will be dangerous, and you won’t get paid that much. Dark times will continue for months, and you will face countless dangers. I can’t even guarantee that you will return alive from the missions we will face, but once we manage to live through all of those dangers and hardships, we will obtain honor and glory.”

Honor and glory. They could be considered superficial words, but the eyes of the swordsmen were glittering more than ever.

“If you come with me,  I’ll create an opportunity for you to make great achievements and overcome your limits, just like those that are looking down on you from behind me.”

Rimmer extended his hand. His hand was empty, but looked a lot more charming than the hands of the division leaders that gave them expensive jewels and equipment.

“H-Head of house, his speech is taking too long.”

“That’s right. Shouldn’t we stop him?”

The division leaders glared at Rimmer and complained, as they were afraid he would take the swordsmen from them, but Glenn just closed his eyes without any reaction.

“I know you better than anyone. I am the one best suited to make you stronger! Trust and follow me.”

Rimmer shouted, ending his speech as he returned to his place. Although he sat down at the border of the platform because he didn’t have a chair, his grandiose pressure remained the same.


“Wh-What shall I do?”

“I’m suddenly interested…”


The swordsmen fidgeted and bit their lips. They were unable to put their thoughts together because of the sudden appearance of an interesting offer.


Raon’s eyes, on the other hand, remained peaceful—just like in the beginning. He was just standing there nonchalantly, as if the situation didn’t matter to him at all.


Rimmer frowned as he looked at Raon’s expression.

‘I think it worked on the other kids, but why is he the only one that looks like that?’

He felt suffocated, as he couldn’t read into the expressions on the face of the most important piece of the puzzle.

‘I do need the others, but I definitely need you to come with me!’

Since the Light Wind Squad was literally created to raise Raon, it was of utmost importance that he joined. If he didn’t, there was no reason for the Light Wind to exist.


Rimmer bit his lip.

‘I bet my whole fortune on the gamble!’

Since an unprecedented amount of attention was focused on Raon’s choice in the Selection Ceremony, gambling over it was also extremely popular.

Since Rimmer placed his bet on Raon choosing a new squad instead of an existing organization, Raon needed to join the Light Wind at all costs.

‘Please! I’m really dead if I lose that! I’ll have to survive on acorns!’

Rimmer breathed heavily and looked at the sky. He even prayed to God and wished for Raon to join him.

“The instructor looks cool today for some reason.”

“I know, right? I didn’t know he had that side to him.”

“Honor and glory. I never expected him to say that.”

“Maybe that’s his true self. Look at his thoughtful eyes…”

The novice swordsmen admired the sorrowful appearance of Rimmer. They would’ve spat at him and insulted him if they knew that he was only thinking about gambling, but it was fortunate that no one was aware of that fact.

Actually, one person knew, but he was just enjoying the situation.


* * *


Raon smiled slightly upon meeting Rimmer’s eyes.

‘He is plotting something.’

Judging from his expression, he wasn’t just acting cool—Rimmer was desperate for Raon to join the squad.

He already knew that Rimmer would create a squad, but he didn’t expect him to be so desperate.

‘He must be gambling over it.’

The only time that the punk elf instructor was serious was when he was gambling. Raon could guess that he bet his entire fortune on him joining the squad.

‘Well, it doesn't change the fact that his earlier speech wasn’t too bad.’

The way he offered to gain honor and glory for them was enough to move the warrior’s heart. He could guess that more swordsmen would join the Light Wind than his initial prediction.

I like what he said for the first time.

Wrath nodded at Rimmer.

He’s right. A demon shouldn’t rely on someone else’s reputation. The only way to get stronger is by surpassing trials and hardships with your own power.

‘We aren’t demons, though.’

That’s not the important part. Back in Devildom, the King of Essence traveled throughout the entire world to fight against the other kings…

“The Selection Ceremony is starting! The swordsman whose name is called shall step up to the platform!”

While Wrath was setting up a long story, the host announced the start of the Selection Ceremony.

H-How dare he cut off the King of Essence?

‘I need to go.’

Raon murmured that it was a relief and stepped back.

“Martha Zieghart, step forward!”

Martha nodded and started to walk forward, though she stopped next to Raon for a moment.

“I’m going to join the Light Wind. I don’t exactly trust that ruffian instructor, but I figure it will be the most helpful for what I need to do.”

With her voice flowing in the wind, she kept advancing.

“The leaders that want Martha Zieghart to join shall raise their hands.”

As soon as the host finished speaking, the division and squad leaders on the platform raised their hands.

On top of Denier Zieghart, Ayad and Serena—who visited Raon—also raised their hands immediately.


Rimmer continued to play it cool as he raised two fingers.

“I’ll join the Light Wind Squad.”

Martha took a glance through all the organizations that wanted her to join, then pointed at Rimmer with a frown.


Denier expressed his sadness for a moment, but it seemed he had expected that it would happen, since he just calmly nodded.

“Martha Zieghart will belong to the Light Wind from today onward! Please give her a round of applause!”


“I like your challenging attitude!”

Once her affiliation was decided, a loud applause could be heard from the spectators.

“Next up is Runaan Sullion. Come forward.”

Runaan nodded and walked forward. She also stopped for a moment next to Raon.

“Raon, Light Wind?”

“I wonder.”


It was a vague answer, but Runaan nodded as if she realized his intentions.

“The leaders that want Runaan Sullion to join shall raise their hands.”

Alongside Rokan Sullion, many leaders raised their hands. Even more people wanted Runaan than Martha. It seemed Runaan was considered easier to deal with than Martha.

‘That’s a huge mistake.’

Runaan looked mild, but she is actually even more stubborn than Martha. It was a huge struggle to deal with her.

“Runaan Sullion, it’s your turn. Choose the organization you want to join.”

Runaan nodded and raised her finger. It was pointing at Rimmer, who was smiling slightly.

“Runaan Sullion will belong to the Light Wind!”


Rokan Sullion started to tear off his hair and scream, but Runaan just blankly nodded and returned to her seat.

The Selection Ceremony continued, and everyone other than the ten novice swordsmen that had already decided on their destinations ended up joining the Light Wind.

They had already experienced Rimmer’s competence at raising people despite his weird personality, and they wanted to write their own history of glory and honor.

However, the luxury of making a choice wasn’t given to everyone.

“Huh? Wh-Why is no one raising their hand for me? Something must’ve gone wrong! I think there’s a problem here! Am I i-invisible?”

Dorian violently waved his hand towards the platform, but nobody was raising their hand to take him. It must’ve been because of the rumors that he kept running away at Habun Castle like a coward.

“That’s so harsh! Wait! Even the Supply Division didn’t raise their hands! That’s too mean, when all I did was make a small mistake!”

“Small mistake? You tried to carry all the supplies by yourself!”

The middle-aged man that was the leader of the Supply Division clicked his tongue while looking at him coldly.

“H-How could this happen…?”

Dorian rubbed his belly pocket and trembled in disbelief.

“If no one wants to take the novice swordsman Dorian, then let’s end…”

“Haa, is this a teacher’s duty?”

As the host was trying to end Dorian’s Selection Ceremony, Rimmer sighed and raised his hand.

“Woah! Wait a moment! I’m going to join the Light Wind!”

“Ahem, Dorian will belong to the Light Wind…”

“Thank you!”

With his hands still on his belly pocket, he bowed then returned to his seat.

“Young master! I’m saved! I’m going to serve Sir Rimmer as my teacher for the rest of my life!”

“I see…”

“Yes! Ah, the teacher’s kindness…”

He started singing some weird song and returned to his place.

“Next up is Burren Zieghart. Step forward.”


Seriousness could be felt from his green eyes, and confidence from his steps as he advanced.

“I’m interested in the Light Wind, but I’ll follow my initial objective.”

He said that, and confidently stood in front of the platform. The biggest amount of attention was focused on him, with lots of leaders leaning forward.

“The leaders that want Burren Zieghart to join them shall raise their hands.”

People on the platform raised their hands at once.


Although Burren should’ve been happy about the fact that most of the leaders were raising their hands, his expression turned stiff to an indescribable degree.

“F-Father. Why…?”

The reason was simple. The leader of the Central Martial Palace that he trusted and wanted to join, Karoon, didn’t raise his hand for him. Instead, he looked at him coldly.


“Wh-What’s happening?”

“Is he not satisfied with Burren?”

“But his might and mindset are both excellent…”

The host and the other leaders also seemed confused about the situation, their lips parted while looking back and forth between Karoon and Burren.

“B-Burren Zieghart shall choose one of the leaders that raised their hands.”

The host told him to choose an organization, but Burren didn’t move. He kept staring at his father, his drooping shoulders trembling.


Raon sneered, looking at Karoon, who was treating Burren as a garbage rather than a son.

‘I knew he wasn’t worthy of respect.’

Burren said that he respected his excellent father, but Karoon didn’t deserve any respect at all. He was nothing but a narrow-minded fraud.

That’s unexpected, since that shitty-eyes grew up a lot in terms of might and personality.

‘It’s because he dislikes his personality.’


‘He doesn’t like how his cold-hearted and mechanical personality became broadminded and easygoing.’

Raon was sure about that, since he had seen the monster Derus in his previous life. Karoon disliked the fact that his son was making decisions on his own accord, when he should’ve been nothing but a chess piece for him.

“Burren, make up your mind.”


Despite the host’s request, Burren didn’t move.

“I’ll count to five. If you don’t make your decision in that time frame, your affiliation won’t be decided. One, two, three, four…”

The host bought some time in consideration for him, but he was just standing there blankly.

“Haa, five. Burren Zieghart’s affiliation hasn’t been decided.”


Although the host said his selection had ended, Burren couldn’t move. He only started moving slowly, like a broken doll, once the other swordsmen came to bring him back.

What’s going to happen to him?

‘He has to decide on his affiliation in a month by directly visiting the organization.’

What an unusual event.

Wrath seemed to be worried about Burren, despite having been hating on him so much.

“Next up is the last member of today’s event. The top trainee of fifth training ground, Raon Zieghart. Step forward!”

Upon hearing the host’s loud voice, Raon nodded and walked ahead.


* * *


Karoon’s forehead wrinkled as he watched his youngest son falter as he returned to his place.

‘What a useless guy.’

The son he wanted was a blade that could stab everyone—including his friends and teacher—to death, rather than a human being that could think and act of his own accord.

He raised him to be spiteful and evil for that purpose, yet he ended up an idiot that couldn’t even become the top trainee. He didn’t need something like that anymore.

“Wow, that’s so nasty.”

He turned his head upon hearing an irritating voice from the side, where Rimmer sat grinning.

“What did you say?”

“Burren grew up as a human being through the survival exam, on top of his excellent might and willpower. I didn’t expect you to not even give him a second glance.”

“That’s the problem.”

Karoon snorted.

“My son is just an extension of myself. Growth in personality is unnecessary, since he only needs to follow my orders.”

“Wow, what an awful thing to say.”

“It’s all because of you.”

Rimmer snickered and Karoon gave him a killing glare.

“Burren started to break after you became his instructor.”

“That’s not called breaking, it’s called growth. Are you sure your eyes are okay, dear Central Martial Palace Master?”

“You bastard…”

The uncomfortable atmospheres swirled around them, and a strange pressure spread on the platform.

“Shut up, both of you.”


“Please excuse me.”

Once Glenn looked at them, Karoon and Rimmer fell silent and removed their pressures.

“Stay focused, since this is the last one.”

He narrowed his eyes, looking at Burren’s depressed appearance, before looking at Raon stepping forward from the opposite side.

“The biggest fish of this Selection Ceremony is here.”

Rimmer started to speak, as if he had never intended to shut his mouth.

“But I’m guessing the direct lines aren’t going to raise their hands, right?”


“What do you mean by that?”

The direct lines and the collaterals under them glared at him.

“I heard an interesting story during the internship.”

The way Rimmer swirled his finger looked like he was making fun of someone.

“I heard that the Central Martial Palace was so scared of Raon that they kept avoiding fighting him during the latter phase of the internship. I heard they withdrew the vice-squad leader, the squad leader, and the division leaders, letting him do whatever he pleased. And everyone knows about the rumor that it was because they were scared of being defeated by Raon.”

He raised his chin slightly to look down on the direct lines, then continued.

“Since the direct lines are like that, they must be afraid of taking Raon as one of their members, right? I completely understand that you wouldn't want to raise your hand.”

“You bastard!”


“Have you truly gone insane?”

The direct lines, including Karoon and Balder, stood up in anger.

“You shouldn’t do that when the Selection Ceremony is still going on.”

Rimmer furtively pointed next to him. An uncomfortable pressure was crawling from Glenn.



The direct lines gritted their teeth and sat down in their seats, but they kept giving Rimmer killing glares.

‘Damn bastard…’

Karoon bit his lips and looked at Raon standing in front of the platform. He hated how both the teacher and the student were irritating him. He wanted to immediately beat them to death.

‘Scared? Did he say that I was scared of him?’

The way Rimmer said he was scared and withdrew kept repeating in his mind.

There was no way he would be afraid of a mere insect. He was just avoiding conflict in order to kill him later.

‘Damn it…’

Because Rimmer reminded him of it, he kept remembering the way Raon destroyed all the equipment and beat up the people in the Central Martial Palace.

‘Fine, I’ll grant your wish.’

Karoon decided to raise his hand for Raon. If Raon ever decided to join him, he could use everything he had—from his flesh and bone to the last drop of blood—before eventually killing him.

“The leaders that want Raon Zieghart to join them shall raise their hands.”

Hoping that the daredevil Raon would make another foolish decision, he closed his eyes and raised his hand.


The surroundings fell silent, as if the sound had disappeared from the world. However, people should’ve been noisy because he raised his hand.

‘What happened…?’

Karoon frowned and opened his eyes.

Raon was casually standing there, but the jaws of the spectators and the swordsmen had dropped as they looked at the platform.


He gasped upon looking around him. He wasn’t the only one that raised his hand. The direct line leaders that were supposed to keep their hands down had raised them with wide eyes.

Everyone on the platform had their hands raised to recruit Raon.

“What is this…?”

“There’s this legend passed down through Zieghart’s generations.”

As Karoon was about to hurriedly lower his hand, Rimmer’s low voice could be heard.

“The swordsman that is chosen by everyone during the Selection Ceremony becomes the head of house in the future.”

A ray of light shone from his serious green eyes as he grinned.

“Thank you for your consideration towards my student.”


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