IBRV (Novel) Chapter 8

 C 8

In this world, the concept of a bank account was a bit different from the modern one.

Because instead of a savings book, one would be given a safety deposit box when opening an account.

Furthermore, to open an account, a considerable amount of money was required under the name of an "account opening fee."

It was said that the initial cost of renting a personal safe, creating a key, and registering a magical system was quite high.

Therefore, the main customers of banks were nobles and wealthy merchants.

The place where the bank operates is the Magic Tower, and it is the safest place in the world. Everything there is done through magic and supernatural powers.

The personal safe was fully protected by the bank with triple magic and barriers, and only the owner had the right to access the account.

As if pondering my words, he lightly tapped the table with his index finger and then smiled.

"It's not difficult, shall we go together after breakfast?"

Do you want to do it now?

When I widened my eyes, Erno Etham gently sat me on his lap and opened his mouth.

"I can do whatever my daughter wants. If you want an island with your name on it, I'll buy you an island. If you want a house, I'll buy you a house. Lands and mines are not a bad choice either. So, if there's anything you'd like, just let me know."

He talked about what he could do.

But I didn't want to receive a gift on such a crazy scale.

Nothing else mattered. It may look very appealing at first glance, but it actually has a huge pitfall.

I plan to part with him on good terms someday. Of course, unless something significant happens, the gift he gives me will remain in my name.

However, from the moment I separate from him, I'll have to manage them.

And then?

Naturally, it will require billions of dollars in administrative expenses.

In other words, even if I make a fortune with Erno Etham, the money will slip through my fingers like sand.

Still, I have to be grateful for what I have to be grateful for, so I should thank him.

"Thank you, father..."

No, I have to play the role of an adorable daughter.


I smiled widely and hugged Erno Etham, then shouted and ran out before he could get angry.


Normally, he would have patted my cheek, but for some reason, he remained stiff and kept his mouth firmly shut.

"...That was quite refreshing."

He muttered something quietly.

It was so low that I couldn't hear it properly.

"Could you say that again?"


"The title you used."

If it's a title for Erno Etham...


His eyes opened slightly.

"Once more."


He nodded once.

"Doesn't he like it because I act presumptuous by calling him 'dad' when it's fake?"

Growing up in an environment that always paid attention to other people's perspectives has allowed me to understand the meaning behind it.


His eyebrows raised the moment I corrected the title, as if he had to fix something.

Erno Etham looked at me in silence and then opened his mouth without saying anything.

"Alright, why did you call me? Daughter."


You were the one who asked me to call you that, crazy!

It seems he didn't like the name either.

"Uh, n-nothing."

"Is that so?"

He patted my head and cut the meat into small pieces and placed it on my plate.

Sometimes, he feels like a very affectionate father, and even though I know it's all an act, it surprises me.

I shook my thoughts away and finished my meal.

Although it felt like I was sitting on a bed of thorns, the food was delicious.

"Wow, it's so delicious... Thanks for the meal!"

I emptied a bowl of pudding before patting my full stomach.


"My daughter, come here."

After eating, he picked me up and took me to the carriage.

It was my first time riding in a carriage. Erno Etham, who sat me on the plush sofa, sat in front of me.

I looked at him.

The more I looked at him, the more heavenly he looked. His gaze seemed to ooze honey every time he saw me.

"He really is a god of acting..."

In modern times, he would have won the award for best actor.

"My daughter seems to be intelligent, but I'm worried because she doesn't seem to be greedy."

He said, crossing his legs.


"Do you like toys?"


Without thinking, I shook my head. Erno Etham looked surprised.

"I didn't know you didn't like toys."

"I don't have toys, but I've never played with them, so it's okay."

I shook my head and said, like a mature child who has grown up early.

"If I do this, I'm usually considered an adult."

And it was true that I didn't want toys.

Even at my current age, I've never had or played with toys.

However, even if you see food that you don't know and think it looks delicious, don't you think you should eat it even if you die?

The same goes for toys. If you don't know what fun is, you don't even want to do it.

Moreover, toys are luxury items.

It's not that they're so expensive that only aristocrats can afford them, but it means that if you don't have parents or don't care about your children, it's not something that gets much attention.

Here, I grew up in the hands of maids, and in my previous life, I was in a situation where I only sucked my fingers in front of toys and watched them.


Erno Etham looked at me in silence, unsure of what I was thinking, then snapped his fingers.

In an instant, the carriage changed direction.

And shortly after, the carriage stopped.

When I regained my senses, I was standing in front of an amazing toy store.


"My daughter shouldn't be unable to play with a toy, so choose as much as you want."

"The bill..."

"Or I could buy this store and give it to you."

The moment he raised his hand, I startled and grabbed onto his pants.


I grabbed him so quickly that I buried my face in his legs.

I rubbed my red nose and smiled with a grin.

"Father is the best, I will choose."

I quickly changed my mind.

I don't need a toy store! I don't even have the ability to manage it!

When I looked up seriously with such thoughts, Erno Etham's eyebrows twisted slightly.

He nodded slowly, unusually.

"It's just a toy, children always play with them..."

Thinking it would be difficult to keep up, I sighed and slowly walked through the spacious store.


However, the displayed products were not just children's toys.

The toys moved on their own. Some wooden pieces even walked.

There was even a snow globe with a wizard inside.

When the wizard figure waved his wand, snow fell inside the desolate snow globe with nothing around.

There was also a figure assembling a golem, but as a promotional phrase, it was written that the material was a fragment of a real golem.

"In a fantasy world... the scale of toys is different too."

I looked around for a long time, unaware of how much time had passed, and finally stopped in the stuffed animal area displayed in a corner.

It was filled with various stuffed animals, but the black tiger stood out.

The black tiger plush with white and black paws was dressed in a cute white suit and looked like Erno Etham.

"I like that one."

After much thought, I held the black tiger plush in my arms and offered it to him.

"Anything else?"

Erno Etham asked with a strange expression.

"...Just this?"

I said again, raising the plush slightly.

"Just one? You'll get bored if you have only one, won't you?"

I shook my head.

The other toys were clearly eye-catching, but if I were asked, I really didn't want to have them.

I've always wanted one of these stuffed animals, and I really like this one.

"This... it looks like my dad! I like this one."

When I smiled brightly, saying something that would please a father who spoils his daughter, he fell silent for a moment, looked at me, and then tilted his head.

"...Is that so?"


"Then I can't help it. My daughter likes only what looks like her father."

Erno Etham smiled slightly in a slightly elevated tone, then took me in his arms and headed to the cash register.

"Welcome, sir! I'll assist you with the bill."

"Are you the owner?"

"Yes? Oh yes, that's right. Are you buying this tiger plush?"

"Yes, and I hope you don't sell any more dolls like this."

He offered "advice" to the store owner in a low voice mixed with laughter.

The owner shivered from the goosebumps that ran up his body for no reason, then shook his head as he regained his senses.

"I'm sorry? What do you mean, sir...? This product was just put on display..."

Before the owner could finish his sentence, Erno Etham left the heavy-looking money bag, which seemed heavy even at first glance.

Erno Etham nodded with arrogance, and the owner, who had hesitated, checked the money bag and said.

"I'll take them off display right away."

He smiled.

"Oh, there's no need for that."

The moment he snapped his fingers, the shelf where the tiger plush toys were caught fire!

"Because I don't like the fact that there are more of them."



The moment people screamed in panic and tried to flee, the flames disappeared like a blown-out candle.

All that was left were the remains of the burned plush toys.

With quick steps, he held me with one arm, while holding the plush, and walked out of the store.

"Now my daughter is the only one who has a plush that looks like me."

He said that as if he were very pleased.

This lunatic...

"T-thank you..., father."

Will I be able to survive this psychopath...?

And that evening, I obtained an account worth 10 million Loste.

Yes, as expected, people have to persevere.

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