IBRV (Novel) Chapter 9

 C 9

Duke Miriel snorted and said.

"Li-Little fluffy thing...?"

Did he just openly call me that now...?

Where in the world is something fluffy with such beautiful pink hair?

But I guess it's not so bad if it's small and soft...


"What's the matter now?"

"Mayla said to only eat snacks during snack time..."

I said with all my strength.

Of course! The Etham Duke's pudding was the most delicious pudding I had ever tasted, so giving up wasn't easy.

"The pudding they sometimes served for school lunch in the past was delicious too, but..."

Looking at the half-eaten pudding, I involuntarily swallowed my saliva.

But I closed my eyes and turned my head. If I keep looking at it, I'll want to eat it.

"It's fine...!"

I tried to avert my gaze from the pudding and said with clenched fists.

Duke Miriel looked at me as if he wasn't pleased before crossing his arms and turning his head.

"... Fine, do as you please."

"He said yes, daughter, you should finish eating."

As soon as the Duke allowed it, the spoon appeared in front of me.

The pudding wobbled on the spoon.

I anxiously moved my eyes following the spoon's movement and opened my little mouth like a bird.

Whatever, I have permission.

"Ah, yum."

The pudding that entered my mouth literally melted. How do they make it so delicious?

The atmosphere around was quiet.

Even I, who had been eating the pudding like a baby bird, felt strange and looked away.

At the same time I turned my head, the people in the meeting room who had been looking me in the eyes suddenly lowered their heads and started looking at the documents.

"What...? Was it my imagination?"

I slowly raised my hand and touched my cheek with my small palm.

It doesn't seem like I have anything stuck to my cheek.

I'm not used to sudden focused attention. Some of the people reviewing the files had flushed cheeks.


When I noticed this, I couldn't eat properly. Then, I heard Erno Etham's brief sigh.


Upon hearing his sigh, on reflex, I ate the pudding and looked up. At that moment, they started to tremble as if they were nervous and hurriedly resumed the meeting.



While watching the meeting in disbelief, I was called once again.

Only then did I finish eating my pudding comfortably while leaning against his chest.

"How are we going to export the weapons to Kartov this time?"

"Orders are coming in, but we're running out of materials."



"That's not the only problem. Don't hide it, speak up now."

"Yes, yes! Due to frequent excavation, the quality of the floating stones has currently declined. The same goes for the quantity... The current production capacity compared to the initial production is clearly..."

"It's a headache, are there still no breakthroughs in finding a new mine?"

Floating stones?

I patted my stomach and tilted my head.

Are you talking about stones that float in the sky?

I had seen floating stones last year, right after realizing I had transmigrated to this place.

At that time, I thought, "Even stones fly... Wow, it's a fantasy world after all...," but thinking about it, I wondered if it was a floating stone.

"Later, did someone else not discover the floating stone mine...?"

Ah, I remembered.

It's the female protagonist. The heroine discovers the entrance to the floating stone mine.


On the hill behind the duchy.

So, anyone might have a question.

Why is there a floating stone on the duchy's site?

Why did the Duke keep such a good thing right under his nose and not find it for years?

That was natural.

This was because the story progressed in a structure where the female protagonist had all the luck.

"I'm sorry for the heroine who will score many points with the Etham family, but... can I intercept just one...?"

For the next six months, I need someone on my side before Erno Etham starts to change his mind.

"Father, I have a question."

Therefore, sorry, but I decided to intercept a feat that the future heroine will achieve.

"A question? Tell me."

"Yes! What is a floating stone?"

Upon hearing my question, he smiled and obediently answered.

"It's a useless stone that flies in the sky. If you mix it with iron a bit, it will infinitely lighten the weight of the weapon."


The explanation was really concise.

A useless stone, if I remember correctly, isn't it something that will soon change the game of war and cause a revolution?

I tilted my head exaggeratedly.


"I also saw stones flying in the sky."



As soon as I finished my words, there was a loud thud that made the table shake violently and break apart.

It was because Duke Miriel had violently hit the table with his muscular fist.

"What do you mean you saw a flying stone?"


Erno Etham, who was watching the round table split in half, stood up with me in his arms.

I was speechless at the marvelous sight.

"This is what they call the dragon's bloodline..."

I didn't expect this large, thick round table to split in half with a single blow.

"The Patriarch is quite spirited even at his age. If you step back, you'll soon return to dust."

"I'm not in the mood for jokes right now."

"If you heard what I said as a joke, why don't you leave soon?"

Duke Miriel looked at me as if he had given up dealing with Erno Etham.

"My lady, do you know where the floating stone is?"

"Where did you see flying stones? Was it a toy by any chance?"

"If not, do you remember which mountain it was on?"

Seeing people approaching me so suddenly, I shrugged and shook my head.

"Ten steps."

Erno Etham, who had been silently observing, spat out that sentence with a smile.

It was at that moment.

Except for Duke Miriel and his vassals, the people in front of me retreated as if it were a miracle from Moses.

It was exactly ten steps.

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