IBRV (Novel) Chapter 7

C 7

And that only further enraged Duke Miriel.

"What are you complaining about?!" His thunderous voice made my body involuntarily tremble. As if he noticed my shivering, Erno Etham familiarly took me into his arms.

"My daughter is scared, please lower your voice."

Oh no.

Don't make everyone here hate me!

I quickly shook my head, twisted my waist, and stretched my arms backward.

"No! Eirin isn't afraid of Grandpa! Grandpa is awesome!"

"... What?"

"My grandpa isn't scary..."

No, he's actually very scary.

Try being embraced by the arms of a crazy psychopath in front of a muscular veteran exuding murderous intent.

Sweat dripped from my hands, and my fingertips felt cold.

However, I'm Korean, a businessperson with the words "Yes," "Understood," "Of course!" and "Alright!" that are good for concealing your emotions.

I forced a smile on my trembling cheeks.

Usually, social life is about saying things you don't want to say.

"Grandpa... please don't be angry."

Seeing my expression, Duke Miriel's mouth subtly trembled, then he swallowed his words and let out a brief sigh.

"...I can't continue anymore. The New Year's meeting ends here. As for the rest, compile a report and send it immediately. You're all dismissed. And you, I'll see you later."

Duke Miriel spoke to Erno Etham and briefly met my gaze.

When I tried to confront him without looking away, his eyebrows raised slightly.

I couldn't even avoid his gaze, and I was sweating profusely.

"Why didn't I avoid it?"

Could I have avoided it in the first place?

Like the bear that comes to catch you the moment you look away...

It was at the moment when I got lost in thought. My vision suddenly darkened, and something covered my eyes.

"Don't stare at her, Patriarch. My daughter will wear herself out."


"I knew your eyes were deteriorating, but has your hearing also gotten worse?"

What covered my eyes must have been Erno Etham's palm.

Erno Etham spoke and turned to leave the conference room, where not even the family patriarch, Duke Miriel, had departed.

"Come on, daughter."

"Oh, yes! Goodbye, Grandpa."

I couldn't see the front, so I struggled and then bent the upper part of my body into a spot where the duke would likely be.

Of course, even as I waved goodbye, Erno Etham was on the move.

Erno Etham spoke kindly with a renewed look on his face and moved energetically, probably because his annual "New Year's expedition" was a success.

Could I survive without getting caught...?

At that moment, as if to warn me, a passage from the novel came to mind.

"Erno Etham hated anything with four legs. Especially scaly reptiles that crawl on the ground and look like snakes."


No, I'll correct that.

I'm screwed.


"Hello, daughter. Good morning."


As soon as I opened my eyes, I was surprised by the voice next to me, and as I lowered my head on reflex, he reached out and gently stroked my hair.

"Why does this person always come here...?"

It's been a week since Erno Etham's unconventional eccentricity.

He and I both knew this was a role-play without even speaking about it.

In reality, he didn't put me on the family register, and I didn't even ask why he said he wanted me as his daughter.

It was just a play.

He does his best to play the part of a foolish, homely, friendly father, and I play the role of an obedient, cute daughter.

Of course, I moved from the annex to a magnificent mansion.

The bed was more luxurious and plush, the duvet was soft, and the food was satisfying.

"It's time for breakfast."

He said with a friendly smile.

His face was genuinely dazzling, so I responded with a broad smile, trying to erase the feeling of being possessed.


He always picks me up every morning, before breakfast.

Knowing how annoying that was, I couldn't help but admire his sincerity.

He really knew how to charm people.

I thought I knew why the person who was the "acting lover" collapsed.

"But who am I? I'll never fall for that."

Over the past 23 years of my life, I learned how to get along with others and buy sympathy effectively.

In other words, I have the highest level of tolerance for a play like this.

So, if I safely get through this half-year without getting caught, I can become the richest person in the world.

"I have to act like a good girl who listens well."

I knew better than anyone how to become a quiet person for everyone without being hated.

Don't demand.

Don't reject.

Don't expect anything.

If I keep these three things, I'll become a comfortable and easy person for anyone.

"Oh, does that include not clinging to him?"

When the maid quietly held my hand and changed my clothes, Erno Etham gently lifted me and held me delicately in his arms.

I pretended to be holding on while being very nervous to avoid touching his bare skin as much as possible.

Our meals would always be in Erno Etham's greenhouse.

It was a warm and beautiful greenhouse with flowers blooming everywhere regardless of the season.

"Daughter, is there something you want today?"

Erno Etham asked as I sat at the table.

I shook my head.

To be honest, the only thing I want is money, but I'll get it when Erno Etham gets tired of me anyway.

In other words, there's nothing I really want.

I didn't want to be a bother by asking for something.

"Mmm... is that so?"

His voice was full of meaning.

I looked at him, surprised by his tone, which even sounded a bit simplistic.

"Oh, he can't get bored of me yet."

Even if I can't last half a year, I have to make it three months. There's no way I'll let him let me go without giving me any money!

"If you need something, would you like to tell me?"

"Yes, I actually need a lot of money!"

"You're just like everyone else."

Honestly, I didn't say it because I thought it would go with this cliché pattern!

What should I do if I go against his wishes and get my throat cut?

However, he might be dissatisfied with not being able to fulfill the foolish father's desire to spoil his daughter.

"Besides money... What else do I need?"

After racking my brains, fortunately, I came up with something.

Could it be something non-materialistic?

"About that, actually..."

"Yes, feel free to speak."

"I'd be happy if Mayla were here. Oh, Mayla is the one who took care of me when I lived there."

"...Mayla? Is that your personal maid?"


"Hmm, is that so? I haven't been paying attention until now. I'll take care of it. She'll be back to take care of you soon. Is there anything else?"


In response to my answer, Erno Etham's expression became even brighter. He smiled kindly and patted my cheek gently with his thumb.

"Tell me."

In fact, this was the most important purpose.

"I want an account!"

"An account?"

"Yes! The ones you make at the bank..."

"At the bank? Oh, a bank account."

I nodded quickly.

Even if I receive the money later, if I don't have an account, I'll have to carry the cash around.

How could a five-year-old walk down the street with money?

At that point, I'd become a walking ATM that dispenses cash with just a touch of a button.

I'd be lucky if all I lost was the money, but if I were caught by bad people, I could die or be trafficked because of my appearance.

I don't have the courage to face that kind of situation.

"Are you asking me to simply open an account?"

He asked, furrowing his brow in a peculiar way, as if wondering.

"Why an account?"

"Oh... because I want to collect a lot of money..."

"Can't I just give it to you?"

You'll get tired of me soon.

I couldn't say anything like that, so I laughed awkwardly.

"Just in case..."

His eyes narrowed at my apologetic words.

"My daughter is just trying to escape. Interesting."

He murmured.

Unfortunately, I couldn't hear every word he said because of how quietly he spoke.

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