TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 612

N/T: Translation made by our friend 'Irving'. A big round of applause for him :)

 Chapter 612


Juvel swallowed hard as he looked at the man in front of Judiel.

'Raon Zieghart?'

Raon Zieghart was one of the most famous warriors on the continent right now.

A genius monster who defeated a Grandmaster at a young age and slew a dragon. Even while stuck in this remote area, Raon was someone he couldn't help but know about.

'The rumors weren't exaggerated.'

Indeed, the aura and power of the real Raon Zieghart exceeded imagination. Even without directing his aura towards me, it was enough to snap me out of it.

'And then....'

Juvel raised his gaze, his lips trembling. It was supposed to be a night without a moon, but the sun and moon rose at the same time as Raon appeared.

The radiance emanating from the sun and moon, filling the dark sky, exuded a mystery that was beyond comprehension.

Just witnessing it from behind sent shivers down his spine.

It seemed that not only him, but all the warriors, shamans and assassins here were being crushed by Raon's presence.

'That man is my sister's master....'

He could tell just by Judiel's reaction. That the master she served was none other than Raon Zieghart.

He couldn't even imagine how her sister, who had lived as a spy, had met the Dragon Slayer.


Juvel stopped herself from calling Judiel. Her expression was so complicated that it was impossible to describe in words.

It seemed to be a blend of joy, remorse, sadness, happiness, and gratitude, all merged into a dark hue.



Judiel took the hand of Juvel, who was standing blankly.

"It's okay now."

She showed a relieved smile that she hadn't shown until now while tightly holding her brother's hand.

She didn't seem to be afraid at all, even though she could feel the killing intent of the Sran tribe and the assassins with her whole body.

Judiel smiled gently, looking at Raon's back. It was a look that seemed to fully trust him.

“Let's wait here.”


Juvel couldn't say anything. He just nodded his head, feeling the warmth coming from Judiel's hand.

*   *   *

Such an arrogant bastard!

Wrath grabbed Raon by the head and raised an eyebrow.

Only a king like me, monarch of Devildom, can say such arrogant words!

'Then call me the king of devildom from now on.'

The King of Devildom, my ass! You little brat whose head is still wet behind the ears, how dare you!

'What a pain in the ass.'

Raon pushed aside the struggling Wrath and looked at the middle-aged man who seemed to be the leader of Sran tribe.

"Are you serious about what you said just now?"

The Sran tribe leader glared at him, his teeth grinding audibly.

"Are you really going to take on all these people? Alone?"

"That’s right."

Raon nodded and stepped forward.

"I might have admired your audacity in different circumstances, but I don't have the time for that right now!"

The Sran tribe leader chewed his lips and clenched his fists, causing blue energy to envelop his entire body.

It looked like a figure of a person made of light, as if adorned in inverted clothing.

This was a shamanic technique known as the Astral Spirit.

"Subdue him and kill all the assassins!"

He charged forward savagely, as if he had literally lost his mind. The warriors and shamans of the Sran tribe who had been waiting behind him also stomped the ground.


The assassins, too, showed no intention of backing down as they approached with daggers and knives filled with killing intent, riding on shadows.


The assassins behind shot their daggers. The blades, stained black, turned into flashes and swooped down.


Raon didn't even look at the daggers. With the pressure of space created by the sword field creation, he crushed the daggers thrown by the assassins like pieces of paper.


However, the leader of Sran tribe's attack was not something to be ignored. His fist, wielded with strange skill, seemed to aim for Raon's abdomen.

Raon swung his Divine Sword at the fist of Sran tribe leader, who was raising a whirlwind.


As the Divine Sword and the fist collided, a thunderous noise as if metal was shattering echoed.

'It's heavy.'

It was a heavy fist, strong enough to tear off his hand. It was a strength befitting a tribe leader, but Raon had too much at stake to be pushed back by him.


With unwavering determination in his shaking grip, he swung down the Divine Sword.


A blaze erupted from the blade of the Divine Sword, pushing back both the Sran tribe leader's fist and his body simultaneously.


The Sran tribe leader was stunned, as if he didn't expect to be pushed back so easily.


As Raon drew a semicircle with the Divine Sword, the fire that bloomed from the blade condensed into a sphere and formed a wall of flames.


The Sran tribesmen fired their shamanic magic and curses (hexes) one after another, the wall remained unshaken, acting as an impregnable defense.


The assassins, seizing the opportunity, threw their daggers and charged forward.

Dozens of daggers turned into a shower of blades.


Raon raised the Demonic Sword that had been tilted. The silver frost emanating from the blade spread like an illusion.


All the flying daggers that were pouring down were shattered, and the two assassins who had rushed in first were split in half along with the daggers they held in their hands.


With just two swings of Raon’s sword, was enough to make both the Sran tribesmen and assassins stand still as if stunned.

It was a situation where the word "overwhelming" was more fitting than anything else.

"Don't stop!"

Despite being pushed back by the flames, the leader of the Sran tribe did not yield.

He clenched his fist again and stepped on the ground with his footwork.

The tribesmen who received his orders also rushed forward, drawing out their full power.


Under their intense offensive, the wall of flame that had stood for so long was shattered into pieces.


The Sran tribe leader pivoted on his left foot and extended his right hand, delivering a blow sharper than a sword swing, which dug into Raon's waist.

'There is no killing intent.'

Despite being a beast man and well-trained in combat, the tribe leader sought to subdue Raon rather than kill him in this situation.

Then, I shouldn't show mine either.

'But of course, I can't be careless.'

Raon loosened the strength in his hand holding the Divine Sword as he stepped towards The Sran tribe leader.


The crimson-stained blade swayed thinly and drew a dreamlike line.

The Sword’s Silvery Dream unfolding within the sword field creation. The flames contained in the swordplay flashed brilliantly and cut through the mana flow of the Sran tribe leader.


The blue energy covering the leader of the Sran tribe crumbled like dry leaves, causing the astral spirit to scatter everywhere.


The Sran tribe leader opened his eyes wide as if he couldn't believe that the astral spirit was released against his will.


In place of the stunned tribe leader, the tribesmen of Sran tribe unleashed their shamanic magic.

In harmony, their shamanic magic converged, dispersing a powerful energy.

Raon aimed the Divine Sword at the shamanic magic of Sran tribe that was rushing towards him.

Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation, Thousand Flames.

Flawless Golden Strands.

A flaming prison that subdues evil erupted, imprisoning the converged shamanic magic unleashed by the Sran tribesmen.


The shamanic magic of the Sran tribe trapped in the fiery prison exploded, drawing dozens of meteors across the sky.

"What, what is that!"

"It's unbelievable…"

"How are we supposed to break through that…?"

The leader and tribesmen of Sran tribe trembled in awe at the unscathed Raon.


However, the assassins, spewing even sharper killing intent as if they felt no fear or terror, approached.

When Raon turned his gaze towards the assassins, they pulled out white scrolls from their bosoms. They were scrolls imbued with magic.

As the assassins tore the scrolls, flames exploded from all sides, enveloping Raon and the Sran tribe.

The flames soared up to the tall trees, creating a hell of fire from which no one could escape.


The walls of fire piled up on top of each other, and soon drew a line of flames that connected to the sky. It was as if they formed a cage, or rather, a form resembling a birdcage.

"Damn it!"


"We should have stopped those bastards first..."

As the flames blocked the sky, even the warriors and shamans found it hard to breathe, clutching their chests and kneeling.

"It's meaningless."

Raon, on the other hand, raised the Divine Sword with a calm gaze. As he aimed his sword at the cage-shaped flames, the flames that were burning the surroundings were sucked into his palm.

'I see you can use it in this way too.'

This was the second effect he gained from receiving the power of Ifrit, the King of Fire Spirits.

The flames, which had weaker firepower than the flames of the Ten Thousand Flames Cultivatin, could now be controlled at will.


The cage of flames that seemed impossible to escape from subsided. The wall of flames that had filled the field disappeared without leaving a single ember.


“Wh, what? The flames were sucked into his hand!”

“It looked like he was controlling the flames, did he receive the blessing of the god of fire?”

The Sran tribe leader and the tribesmen couldn't close their mouths in surprise at Raon's divine appearance.


“Damn it!”

“What the hell is that monster….”

Even the assassins, who weren't afraid of death, trembled and shook their hands holding daggers as they couldn't approach anymore.

"If you're not satisfied yet, feel free to come at me."

Raon nodded at the Sran tribe leader, saying he could come at him anytime.


The Sran tribe leader stared at Raon for a while before letting out a sigh.

“Fine. I know you've controlled your power. If you were serious, we would all be dead. Doing more would be a waste of time."

He raised his head, indicating that this was the end. The tribesmen also followed suit, lowering their weapons and releasing their shamanic powers.

“So, what do you want to say?”

“Before that, I have something to do first.”

Raon looked at the assassins. Unlike the Sran tribe, they seemed unwilling to give up.

'I tried to be reasonable...'

Among them, there were those who had chosen the path of assassination on their own, but there might also be those who had become assassins against their will, like Judiel's brother.

He intentionally killed mercilessly the ones who had instigated the fight from the beginning, but it seemed like it wouldn't end if he didn't do it properly.

'I guess I should show them the difference in power.'

Raon aimed his Demonic Sword at the assassins. The ice that raced across the blade bent like a crescent moon and drew a line that cut through the ground.


Pure white ice rose from the ground that had been filled with ash and flames.

A terrifying wave of ice froze the ground and legs of the assassins who were standing on it before they could even react.


“Wh, what is this!”

“I didn't even feel it, what the hell….”

In an instant, everyone here, not just the ground but also the legs of the assassins, froze, astonishing everyone.

Raon turned his gaze to the Sran tribe leader after confirming that he had subdued all the assassins.

“I greet you again. I am Raon, the vice leader of Light Wind Division of Zieghart.”

Raon bowed his head to the stunned Sran tribe leader.

"Ahem. I know about that."

The Sran tribe leader nodded his head with a bewildered expression.

"That coat belongs to elder brother, no, it belongs to the Beast Union leader, and I heard that the union leader handed it over to you.”

"That’s right."

"However, that's not important right now. Tell me what misunderstanding occurred."

He nodded as if he would listen to any words. It seemed that the anger that had pierced his reason had subsided.


At Raon's call, Judiel came forward, holding her younger brother's hand.

"You explain. How did this situation happen?"

"I understand."

Judiel nodded and stepped forward.

"We are siblings who were separated when we were young. I found out that my brother was here..."

*   *   *


Colin bit his lip as he watched Raon, who had single-handedly stopped the fight.

'What the hell is that monster doing here!'

The plan was over.

Thanks to Juvel running away, the situation had become even more perfect, but everything was ruined when that guy showed up.

'Does this make sense?'

Alone, holding back the flames and even stopping the Sran tribe and the assassins, no matter how much he thought about it, it was an absurd situation.
'And on top of that...'

There hadn't been much bloodshed.

Among the assassins, only five were dead, and there were no casualties among the Sran tribe.

It turns out he possesses abilities far beyond what he has shown so far.

'If this goes on, it's all over.'

The Sran tribe leader was already showing favor towards Raon. If the situation ended like this, Juvel would survive, but all the assassins would be lost, the worst-case scenario.

'I have no choice.'

In order to reverse the situation, he had no choice but to use his last resort.

"Have you planted the seeds of fire within the Sran tribe?"

Taking advantage of the absence of the Sran tribe's shamans and warriors, they had planted the seeds of fire within the village.

Most of those inside the village were elderly and children, so if the fire broke out, the Sran tribe would surely go mad again and rampage.

"Yes. I received a report that the installation is complete."

The captain of team 2 nodded nonchalantly.

"Good, ignite it."

As if ordering to set fire to the village meant nothing to him, Colin flicked his finger.


As soon as the captain of team 2 gave the signal, a huge explosion erupted within the Sran tribe's village.


The flames that erupted engulfed the village and burned brightly. A hellish landscape was created where ordinary humans could never survive.




"There are children inside!"

Hearing Judiel's words, the leader of Sran tribe and the tribesmen rushed towards the village, screaming.

"Alright. Now... What?"

Colin, watching the flames soaring into the sky, opened his mouth in shock.

Amidst the raging flames, a sharp-faced middle-aged man was splitting the fire and evacuating the people from the village.

"W-who is that!"

Not a member of the Sran tribe, nor anyone he knew, this stranger emerged to rescue the villagers.

"Kill him! Send orders to kill him!"

Colin shouted angrily, pointing at the middle-aged man.

"What are you doing! I told you to kill him right now!"

But the captain of team 2's voice was not heard.

"What are you doing! I said to kill him immediately!"

As Colin turned around, the head of the captain of team 2 fell to the ground.

Behind him stood a pair of red eyes, glowing brighter than blood.


Raon lowered his bloodless sword and tilted his head.

"The little rat was hiding here after all."


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