TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 611

N/T: Translation made by our friend 'Irving'. A big round of applause for him :)

 Chapter 611



Colin gritted his teeth, pressing down on the burn mark on his cheek.

"Where are those damn bastards!"

"The 4th and 5th team tracked them nearby."

The 2nd team captain of Illusion Slaying squad approached him and bowed his head.

"You two, move! Tear them apart without leaving a single bone!"

At Colin's vicious cry, the assassins charged forward, increasing their speed.

"Make the fire even bigger! Don't let anyone escape!"

The assassins who were behind them moved from side to side, pouring oil and tearing scrolls inscribed with fire magic.


The blazing flames surged endlessly, trapping the entire forest in an inescapable inferno.


The 2nd team captain swallowed dry saliva, looking at the flames that were growing stronger and stronger.

"If we go a little further, it will be the territory of the Sran tribe. They must have come out and are on guard because of the fire and if they want to protect number 196..."

"That won't happen."

Colin shook his head with a calm look, as if he had never been angry.

"Those savages value the forest above all else. If you were in their shoes, you'd be busy extinguishing the fire and once they see number 196, who came here wearing the night clothes of an assassin….?"


"Yeah. They'd probably strike them down first."

He let out a cold smile as if his outburst of anger had been an act.

"It worked out well."

Colin lightly tapped the burn mark on his cheek and savored the taste.

"After all, our goal isn't the assassination of the Sran tribe."

*   *   *

Raon forcefully entered the wall of fire that was burning so fiercely as if blocking his path.

'Where’s Judiel?'

The King of Essence is not your subordinate, you bastard.

Wrath twisted his lips mockingly.

He told you she's alive, now find her yourself!

Wrath waved his round hand, saying he had given a hint.

'What a really annoying personality.'

Raon narrowed his eyes and scanned the ground. There were bloodstains on the ground, but there were so many places burned by the flames that he couldn't tell the direction.

He used Perception of the Snow Flower to spread his senses.

The forest was vast, and a considerable amount of time had passed, so he couldn't detect the presence of either Judiel or the assassins.


Risrin approached him, fanning himself with his hand.

"The fire was quite intense. There seemed to be more seeds of fire than I'd seen."

He furrowed his brow as if he hadn't expected things to escalate this much.

"Weren't you supposed to stay outside?"

"I was asked by Lady Denning Rose to assist you until the end."

Risrin nodded, indicating it was Denning Rose's will, not his own.

Normally, Raon would have refused, but since he didn't have much time, he didn't say anything.

"I think it would be better to go towards the Sran tribe first."

Risrin said, gesturing ahead as he dispelled the smoke.

"Do you know the exact location?"

"I know the direction, but with the forest in this state, it might take some time to find our way there."


Raon narrowed his eyes, looking back at the forest.

'Should I ask Wrath for help?'

He was thinking whether he should throw some food at him and get some information. A fire of a different color than the others rose above the Ring of Fire that was spinning around his heart.


The intense fire soared into his upper energy center in an instant, opening up a field of vision filled with smoke and fire.

The flames that were spreading throughout the forest felt like his breath.

He could sense the presence of people far away, even beyond what he could sense with the Perception of the Snow Flower.

'This is...'

This heat was the same as the flame he had felt a while ago. The flame that the Flame Spirit King Ifrit had left behind. His flame was becoming his new sense.


Using the flame's senses that resonated with the Ring of Fire, he scanned the entire forest.

He felt dozens, no, hundreds of people moving like the wings of a bird, spread out long and wide.


The people he was sensing now were moving quickly, hiding their presence. They were definitely assassins.

'And they're chasing someone.'

The fact that the assassins were moving so spread out meant that they were following someone. He thought that if he followed their direction of movement, he might be able to meet Judiel.

"Sir Raon, in this direction..."

"Let's go this way."

"What? That way is a bit of a detour..."

"She's right ahead."

Raon shook his head at Risrin's words and ran off in the direction where he sensed the assassins.


Stepping firmly onto the ground, he unleashed the Supreme Harmony Steps with all his might. The flames rising from the bushes dwindled, losing their strength, as he moved as if the wind god had possessed him.

"I've heard he's a monster..."

Risrin muttered to himself as he watched Raon go forward, wiping away the fire.

"He's even more amazing than I thought. Both his strength and his personality."

*   *   *


Juvel gasped heavily, his breath mixed with the scent of blood, as he turned his head quickly.

Running with Judiel on his back while injured had taken a toll on his stamina.

If he had run as usual, he would have already arrived near the village of the Sran Tribe, but there was still a long way to go.

"Juvel? Are you okay?"

Judiel, who was on his back, asked in a voice dripping with concern.

"I'm fine."

Juvel nodded without showing any signs of exhaustion, keeping his gaze fixed ahead to conceal his fatigue.

"Put me down. I'll run from now on."

"I'll carry you. It's faster."

Juvel shook his head and increased his speed.


Judiel watched Juvel's throat, where sweat was pouring down like rain, and chewed her lips.


Flames that made it difficult to breathe surrounded them, and Juvel was so exhausted that his breathing was shaky because he had been running and fighting with the assassins.

But he never stopped running. He looked like he would run until he died.

'I shouldn't have come.'

If she hadn't come down from the hill, Juvel wouldn't be like this.

It was painful and regretful that she couldn't take care of her brother as a sister and instead, had worsened the situation.

"I'm sorry..."

"What's the apology for? It's rather fortunate."


"I told you, I only wanted to see you before I die. Now that I've seen you, I have no regrets, even if I die here."

Juvel turned around and smiled faintly, as if he was really fine.

The little brother, who used to fall asleep in her arms, had become someone who could stand alone against the storm.

"Yeah. Me too."

Judiel nodded, clenching her teeth, as she held onto Juvel's shoulder tightly.

"But let's live together. I have a lot to show you..."

It was when she grabbed Juvel's shoulder tightly, daggers, shrouded in shadows from both sides, flew towards them.


Juvel quickly stopped and avoided the flying daggers in front of him. Taking advantage of his halted movement, three assassins blocked their path.


The assassins charged in, holding daggers in their hands, as if there was no need for words.

Juvel put Judiel down and jumped at the assassins. He leaned his shoulder back and dodged the dagger of the assassin who was running in front of him the fastest, and then kicked his foot.


As his foot hit the ground and the assassin's body staggered, he stabbed the man's throat with his left-hand dagger.


As the first assassin died, the two assassins behind him narrowed their eyes and threw daggers from the left and right.


Ten daggers flying in at the same time. He deflected five, dodged three, but two grazed his waist and thigh.


As he groaned and bent his knees, the assassins seized the opportunity and rushed in.


Juvel seemed to be waiting for that moment and spread his bent knees, digging into the assassins' chests.


He slashed the heart of the assassin who rushed in from the left with his dagger.

However, the assassin from the right seemed to have anticipated this situation and leaned back to dodge the dagger.


As the man was about to behead Juvel with the dagger in his right hand, a black light flew from behind him.


The assassin fell backward with a black dagger lodged in his head.


Judiel lowered her hand that had thrown the dagger and trembled her lips.

"Juvel. Are you okay?"

"I'm fine. I'm more worried about you sister..."

Juvel chewed his lips, looking at her as if he was more concerned about Judiel committing murder than his own injury.

"I'm fine. Don't worry. Let's keep going. I'll run now."

With her teeth pressing against her lips, Judiel moved forward.


Juvel clenched his fists as he looked at the dead assassins.

"I'm sorry."

He couldn't call them comrades, but having lived similar lives, all he could offer was an apology. The assassins, with eyes that appeared to grasp the situation rather than glare with malice, gazed up at the sky before their breaths faded away.

Juvel exhaled heavily and ran with Judiel towards the Sran tribe village. He glanced back, furrowing his brows deeply.

'They're coming. And it's on a large scale, unlike before.'

There were so many hidden assassins that it was impossible to count. If they were caught this time, they would be dead for sure.

'Just a little bit more...'

This path is a shortcut to the Sran tribe that only he knows. If they just go a little further, they will see the people of the Sran tribe.

But the assassins behind them were closing in.

'Please. Please!'

Praying to a god he had never prayed to before, he felt a surge of strength in his heavy legs when he saw people of Sran extinguishing the flames.

They were the shamans and warriors of the Sran tribe. It seemed they had left the village to extinguish the flames.

The tribe leader was at the forefront, his whole body glowing blue, indicating his use of magic.

"Tribe leader!"

As Juvel approached the tribe leader, one of the tribesmen threw a wooden spear.


The spear, which flew like a ray of light, grazed his cheek and passed by. He felt a burning sensation, as if he had been scorched.

"Don't come any closer!"

The tribe member, who had been smiling and greeting him just a while ago, revealed his bloodshot eyes filled with anger.


The tribe leader came forward and chanted Juvel's fake name.

"Tribe leader, please listen! This is not the time to extinguish the fire."

"Then what should we do?"

His voice seemed to tremble with despair.

"Do you want me to kill you here?"


"I can feel your warmth from the flammable materials (seed of fire) that broke out here."

The tribe leader chuckled bitterly, tilting his head.

"I have special eyes. I can see the warmth of objects. Isn't the fire that erupted here the work of you and your friends?"


Juvel bit his lip, unable to answer. It was he who had actually planted the seeds of fire here.

“Y-you're right. But there's something more important happening now. The assassins are…”

“You mean them.”

The tribe leader pointed behind him.

Dozens of assassins who had followed them were now emerging from the shadows, their killing intent palpable.

"You're setting fire to block the path and summoning the assassins. That's been your plan all along, hasn't it?"

He nodded as he watched the flames growing more intense.

"Is this the price I pay for giving you my affection and trust?"

The tribe leader's eyes blazed with anger, his face contorted in genuine rage.

"...I'm sorry."

Juvel had nothing more to say than to apologize.

It was true that he had planned to assassinate the Sran tribe.

Perhaps it was because he had met his sister, he wanted to tell them the truth before he died.

“You can kill me if you want. But for now, let's deal with them first…”

"Shut up!"

"I'll kill you first!"


In place of the tribe leader, the Sran tribesmen shouted angrily, their faces filled with malice. They were all the ones who had been closest to Juvel in the Sran tribe.

"Kill them all! Kill them all!"

The tribe leader raised his trembling hand. At his command, the shamans and warriors of the Sran tribe rushed towards Judiel and Juvel.


The assassins also approached Judiel and Juvel, their swords and daggers gleaming with killing intent.

Juvel smiled thinly as he saw the warriors of the Sran tribe running towards him with killing intent.

'They won't listen at all.'

They only needed to listen to one word, but they had no intention of hearing him out.

Still, he couldn't blame them. They were the purest and kindest people he knew, and the betrayal must have hit them hard.

'But at least they won't be assassinated.'

The Sran tribe was strong, there would be no chance of defeat in a direct confrontation. That's why they opted for assassination attempts.


Juvel released Judiel's hand and gestured for her to step back.

"Step back."


He pushed Judiel back and stepped forward. He gripped his daggers in both hands and summoned all his strength.

He couldn't stop the tribe leader's magic or the tribe's attack, but he didn't step back.

"Kill the traitor!"

The Sran tribe and the assassins charged at him simultaneously. In the center of the battlefield, overflowing with malice and killing intent, Juvel gritted his teeth.


When Juvel screamed in a promise to protect Judiel at all costs, Judiel stepped forward.

"Sister! What are you doing?"

"He’s here!"


Judiel looked up at the dark night sky and clasped her hands together.

In that instant, a golden sun and a silver moon rose in the moonless sky.

Fire and ice flickering faintly connected with the sun and moon and descended into the ground.


The blades of fire and ice pushed back the Sran tribe and assassins at the same time.


From the fire, more intense than the forest-obliterating firestorm, emerged a blond swordsman.

His eyes, burning brighter than the sun, and his perfectly honed aura overwhelmed everyone present.

"Cease the fight."

As the deep and measured voice resonated, light returned to the eyes of those who had been stunned by what they had just witnessed.

"That black coat..."

The Sran tribe leader trembled his lips, recognizing the black dragon coat worn by Raon.


Raon, lowering his two swords, called to Judiel, who was standing behind Juvel.


Judiel stepped forward and knelt.

"Sis, Sister?"

Juvel glared at Judiel, who had knelt down in this situation.

"Are you and your brother responsible for this situation?"


"I see."

Raon nodded calmly. Hearing that they were responsible, he had a rough idea of how the situation had turned out.

"I wish to clear up the misunderstanding first."

With those words, he turned his gaze to the man who appeared to be the leader of the Sran tribe.

"Clear up the misunderstanding?"

The tribe leader’s glare was as sharp as a blade.

"If it weren't for that coat, I would have slit your throat. Back off!"

He displayed a fierce gaze as if he had already lost his sanity.


The assassins also seemed to have no intention of talking, emitting a killing intent, indicating their refusal to negotiate.


As both sides showed no signs of stopping, consecutive explosions erupted around the Sran village.

"Very well."

Raon extended his hand holding the divine sword. The fire swirling around him rippled like waves and were drawn into his hand.

The sight seemed like he was dancing with the fire, or perhaps he was controlling the fire himself.

As everyone fell silent at the mystical sight, Raon stepped forward.

"The wrath of the Sran tribe."

He pointed the divine sword at the Sran tribe with a calm gaze.

"And the killing intent of the assassins, I will bear them all."

With the demonic sword aimed at the assassins, a chilling light emanated from it.


Raon stamped his left foot. The imposing aura of a king, rising from the crumbling earth, overwhelmed this world.

"I am Raon Zieghart," he declared, his voice echoing with unwavering resolve.

Fire and ice erupted from his divine sword and demonic sword, spreading out like wildfire.



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