Return of Mount Hua Sect (Novel) Chapter 1649

Chapter 1649. Hurry, Hurry! (3)

While Baek Cheon stared blankly at the wild Chung Myung, his consciousness suddenly returned.

"We, we need to stop him! Hurry!"


"What are you doing, you bastards! Hurry up and stop him...."



"Isn't it too late?"


Baek Cheon looked back at the scene before him.


It was already too late. That was true. The worst he could imagine... No, a horrific scene he couldn't even imagine was happening.


Chung Myung's foot mercilessly struck the face of the swordsman from the Moyong Family.


With a sound like a pig being slaughtered, he was flung and landed among the people watching. Everyone was left gaping, unable to accept this situation in their minds.

Just then, a trembling beggar appeared before Chung Myung.

"You bastard beggar!"

"I-I didn't say anything..."

"If a beggar can't be sensible, you deserve to end up beaten, bastard!"


Chung Myung quickly grabbed the stick from the beggar's waist and hit him immediately. The beggar, whose head was struck by his own stick, couldn't even scream and fell on the spot, convulsing.

"What? Alliance Rules?"

Chung Myung blinked, looking for his next prey.

"Since I got here, I've never seen a single kid ask to see the Alliance Rules. Alliance Rules? What do you all know about the Alliance Rules?"


"Ah, well. Only one person needs to present themselves. If there is at least one bastard who knows what and how the Alliance Rules are written, we can get out of this without problems. So, who dares to step forward? Right now."


Even those who silently agreed with today's events were shocked and looked at each other. No one dared to step forward and claim they truly understood the Alliance Rules.

This was natural.

Because the Heavenly Comrade Alliance had never properly created "Alliance Rules." How could they understand something that hadn't even been fully created? How could they claim to have seen something that didn't exist yet?

"Nobody knows?"

As Chung Myung urged, everyone gasped in silence. The eyes of Chung Myung, which had seemed calm for a moment, shone again at that instant.

"Ah, well. Then you have it. The reason you should be beaten!"


Someone bounced into the air.

"H, Hiiiik!"

"Here! Come here, bastard! Where are you running to!"

"W-Wait, if you do this...."

"Huh? 'If you do this' what? If I do this, what will you do?"

Chung Myung ran wildly like a rabid dog and started sweeping everywhere.

Namgung Dowi, who was watching idly, broke into a cold sweat.

"Shouldn't we stop him?"

"...Are you asking or ordering?"


Jo Gul calmly rubbed his chin and murmured as if he was talking about unrelated matters.

"This is a scene we've seen many times in the past."

"...That's right."

"Recently, he was quite quiet, wasn't he?"

"I think so too."

Jo Gul and Yoon Jong even seemed calm and detached from the matter before them. Namgung Dowi, who was confused, turned to Baek Cheon this time.

"D-Deputy Sect Leader! We must stop him somehow...."


Baek Cheon murmured as if he was deeply worried about something in his head, then nodded.

"I thought about it...."


"The right thing is to stop him before he does it.... But if it has already happened, it's probably better to let him finish thoroughly, right?"


"Surely he has his reasons. He's not a kid."

"W-What nonsense is that?"


At that moment, the person whose chin was crushed by Chung Myung's foot flew through the air while screaming.

"It's refreshing to see. I feel very good now," said Baek Cheon.

Namgung Dowi couldn't find words for Baek Cheon's reaction, which didn't seem to be thinking clearly.

'These crazy bastards from Mount Hua....'

How could they react like this when seeing this scene? No sane person could do that.

"This is the scene of an Alliance Chief beating an Alliance swordsman. Isn't this something that shouldn't happen anywhere at any time?"

"Hmm, I don't think the person who raised the sword and told people who opposed the Alliance to come and fight said this, right?" (This is just after Chapter 1636, when Namgung Dowi challenged his subordinates.)

"Well, my position was a bit different...."

Namgung Dowi's voice was a bit low, perhaps because of the sting of his words.

"This is nothing new. Does it make sense that a third-class disciple casually breaks the head of a second-class one?"

"...Mount Hua also hit people from the Namgung family who wandered around."

"If it's just Namgung, it's quite lucky. There was even a time when he mocked Hye Yeon-seunim who came from Shaolin. Actually, from his point of view, it was a pretty polite reaction."

...Namgung Dowi squinted his eyes.

'Now that I think about it.'

Chung Myung. That person had been 'like this' from the beginning. Now it came back to his mind. There had been a lot of work to do these days, so he felt like he had forgotten for a while....

"But still.... It seems this is too much."

"Sogaju-nim. Think carefully. It's like this at first, but you'll get used to it. It's rarer if he only does things that should be done."


After listening, it seems true, doesn't it? The confused Namgung Dowi just nodded his head.

However, not everyone was as assured as Namgung Dowi.

"W-What are you doing?"

Jaegal Yeon, who was kicked by Chung Myung and fell to the ground, stood up and started shouting. Then Chung Myung, who was grabbing the neck of someone stuck in a disadvantageous place and punched him, just slightly looked at Jaegal Yeon.

"What, you want me to hit you again?"

"T-The Alliance Chief committed such violence! Is such a thing acceptable?"



"I can do that."

Jaegal Yeon's mouth opened wide.

"Y-You can? What kind of nonsense is that? Who decided that?"



Jaegal Yeon's face, which was about to respond sharply, suddenly went blank. Chung Myung spoke again in a low voice.

"I made the decision. Any problem?"


"Or are you just pissing me off? Bastard?"

Chung Myung grabbed the person struggling to break free from him and threw him toward Jaegal Yeon. Jaegal Yeon was startled and reflexively dodged without even realizing it.


The person thrown fell to the ground, and Chung Myung clicked his tongue.

"You, immoral bastard. You should have taken that," said Chung Myung.

"N-No. You are the one who threw that guy...."

"I am the Chief, bastard. So, do I decide, or you?"

Jaegal Yeon's mouth closed once more. Looking around, no one seemed to have come to his defense.

This was natural.

If there are only arguments, we can refute and discuss with him. If all he has is authority, we can protest. And if all he has is power, we can cooperate and fight against him. But fighting someone who has arguments, authority, and power all in one is absurd. No one would dare to do it.

But now, Jaegal Yeon couldn't easily back down either.

"Will the Chief determine everything according to his own will?"

"So what if I do? Is there a problem?"

Chung Myung approached Jaegal Yeon with aggressive steps. Jaegal Yeon trembled, backing away without realizing it.

"The Heavenly Comrade Alliance is an alliance of orthodox factions. How can such a place establish rules that allow superiors to hit their subordinates as they please?"

Chung Myung scoffed at Jaegal Yeon's words.

"This guy is talking nonsense. I'm not a street thug, what kind of rule is that?"

"I, that's true! Then surely you know that what the Chief is doing right now is excessive and wrong...."


Chung Myung let out a chuckle before listening to everything the other person wanted to say.

"This bastard who thinks he knows how to talk. Hey, do you think I hit you just because I don't like you?"

"Then is there another reason?"

"You protested."


"You protested against your Budangju. Is there any other reason besides this?"

"F-For the protest?!"

Jaegal Yeon's eyes immediately turned to Hye Yeon. Hye Yeon's face was pale and rigid. Jaegal Yeon wrinkled his face and shouted.

"We just discussed based on the judgment that Budangju's instructions were unreasonable! How can that be a protest?"

"Yes, it was a protest," said Chung Myung.

"Huh? Why?"


The smile disappeared from Chung Myung's face, which had been smiling all this time.


And in an instant, the distance between them shortened, Chung Myung appeared before Jaegal Yeon and grabbed him by the neck.


"It seems you misunderstood something."

Chung Myung looked at him coldly. Jaegal Yeon, who had his neck grabbed, couldn't even respond, let alone defend himself. He just trembled all over.

"Do you know what war is?"


"From your appearance, it seems you've read a military law book, so you should know what wartime is, and what a protest is. Say it with your mouth. What should a person who is not a leader do in wartime?"


Jaegal Yeon's pupils trembled slightly.

"In wartime, the chaos caused by dissent is more fatal than the small gains obtained, and that's why there is a separate policy for wartime. Stupid bastard."

Chung Myung's murderous intent pierced Jaegal Yeon.

"Why? Does it seem disgusting to see a young man sitting above your position and giving instructions? Do you think you're much fairer and greater? Do you think it would be a relief if others prioritized what you say over following them?"


"Then prove your worth on the battlefield, bastard. Don't just mock people with your know-it-all."


Chung Myung lifted Jaegal Yeon and threw him carelessly.

"Huk! Uhukk!"

Jaegal Yeon held his neck and coughed as if he was about to spit out his lungs. Chung Myung looked at him as if he was looking at an insect, and this time looked at everyone. Those who were scared immediately averted their eyes.

"It's the same for everyone. If you create the right environment, do you think you can at least play with one little person?"

"C-Chief... It's not like that...."

"Even the bastard who said not to do it must have thought it would be at least more comfortable. Isn't that so?"

There was no response.

It was true that no one was actively protecting Hye Yeon, and it was hard to deny Chung Myung's words.

Chung Myung continued coldly.

"Don't misunderstand."


"The reason I formed Units in the Alliance and appointed Dangju and Budangju in the Units was not to accommodate all your complaints. I did it so the Units would function well, even if that meant beheading those who don't listen."

This time, Chung Myung's gaze turned to the gathered Budangju. The Budangju gasped and bowed their heads silently.

"This is the last time I will see this stupidity."


"From now on, if anyone rebels against the Budangju or Dangju, everyone will be punished, regardless of the reason. Remember this clearly. There are no more sects. That means...."

Chung Myung's voice was like the howl of a wild beast.

"Now, there is no one to protect you from what you have done. Being a member of the Alliance means that punishment will now be determined by the Alliance."

The voice pierced everyone's ears sharply and clearly. Even members of other Units who had gathered to witness what was happening shuddered.

"If anyone wants to check if this is just a threat or is real, please, go ahead. I also find it convenient to have at least one example. I will clearly demonstrate that the Chief of this Alliance is not one to say nonsense."

As soon as Chung Myung finished speaking, there was a silence so heavy it was hard to breathe. It was a moment when everyone just looked at their own feet, not knowing what to do...

"What is happening?"

Someone approached through the crowd.

The path slowly opened to the left and right, and soon the person appeared. At that moment, the faces of those responsible, including Jaegal Yeon, turned pale.


It was Tang Gunak, the Poison King.

He was the one leading this Unit along with Budangju Hye Yeon, and he looked at everyone with a cold face and slowly opened his mouth.

"I hope someone can explain what happened here."

The voice sharp as a knife fell on everyone.

"Everyone, without exception."

They closed their eyes in resignation, realizing the growing anger of the Poison King.

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