Return of Mount Hua Sect (Novel) Chapter 1648

Chapter 1648. Let's Move Quickly! (2)

"Let's move quickly!"

"Ah, I know!"

Yoon Jong responded irritably to Jo Gul's repeated insistence and stomped the ground forcefully.

It was unusual for Hye Yeon to hit someone, let alone another person. No, before even talking about how serious this situation was...

'Is this possible?'

If the person who hurriedly brought the news wasn't Namgung Dowi, he would have immediately snorted and ignored it. Because this was almost impossible to happen.

Not long after running quickly, the sight of the large training hall came into view.

There were people surrounding the training field in a large circle, and some people were lying in the center. And in the middle, Hye Yeon stood still with his hands down.



Anyone could see that Hye Yeon was attacking and knocking down those who were lying down, right?

The surprised Yoon Jong, Jo Gul, and Baek Cheon jumped over the heads of the gathered and leaped into the training hall.


"W-What's going on?"

Hye Yeon, who had been praising with his eyes closed, only opened his eyes upon their arrival. There was a grim atmosphere in his usually large and gentle eyes.

"You've come."

Baek Cheon looked at the people who were lying down.


It wasn't just a sign of someone falling during sparring. They were injured in a precise attack to the point of losing consciousness.

Seeing the blood flowing from the corner of the fallen person's mouth, Baek Cheon's blood quickly ran cold.

"Seunim (Monk). What happened?"

Instead of answering Baek Cheon's question about what happened, Hye Yeon shook his head and said something else.

"I have committed a sin."

"No, Seunim!"

"It seems my old anger hasn't fully healed. I lost my composure. I will repent. Please lock me up."

"Me, lock you up?!"

Baek Cheon was stunned.

However, they couldn't simply deny Hye Yeon's statement that he "committed a sin." Even though Hye Yeon holds the position of Budangju, it doesn't mean he has the authority to defeat the members of the unit under his leadership.


Baek Cheon's face grew more serious.

This was because his intuition told him that this incident could spread more than expected.

No wonder, the clothes of those lying on the ground were diverse. This meant that Hye Yeon hit the disciples of various sects at once.

For a strong person to touch a disciple of another sect was no different than declaring that he would face the entire sect.

No matter that they had merged into an alliance and a unit, were they willing to kindly understand this situation?

"Seunim. First, why...."

"Please, just do it, Baek Cheon-Siju."

Hye Yeon's eyelids fluttered. Baek Cheon said firmly.

"...If you commit a crime, you definitely must be punished. This is something natural in the Heavenly Comrade Alliance. However, it is also natural in the Heavenly Comrade Alliance not to accuse anyone of a crime before deciding whether it is true or false. First, you must tell me what happened."

At that moment, a short sigh came out of Hye Yeon's mouth.

But that was all, Hye Yeon closed his mouth as if he had no intention of explaining what happened.

The increasingly frustrated Baek Cheon tried to persuade again, but one of them who realized the situation shouted.

"Is there anything that can be explained as an excuse?"

Baek Cheon's gaze turned to the voice.

"That person! No! While Budangju was arguing with us, he suddenly got angry and attacked the others! Everyone here saw it with their own eyes!"

Baek Cheon's face turned rigid.

Protesting voices began to sound around them.

"That's right. The others were just trying to stop Budangju and got caught up in it! Obviously, Budangju attacked first!"

"He must take responsibility!"

Despite that, Hye Yeon remained calm, only showing a look of disapproval on his face without arguing.


Baek Cheon was confused.

This was difficult. If the situation continued like this, he had no choice but to take Hye Yeon with him.

However, what about Hye Yeon's position after facing this kind of treatment? Can he maintain his authority as Budangju while being treated like this?

However, leaving him behind is not a good solution either...

At that moment, Yoon Jong asked coldly.

"What was the argument about?"


"Didn't you say there was an argument before this incident happened? What was the argument about?"

"Is it important now?"

"If it's not important, there's no reason not to say it. Do you find it difficult to tell me?"


Baek Cheon nodded with Yoon Jong's help. It's true, this must be heard.

With an annoyed expression at being forced, the person who spoke earlier finally opened his mouth.

"We were talking about Shaolin."


Yoon Jong's face turned pale at those words.

"Well, about now... Tsk."

The speaker raised his voice as if frustrated.

"Isn't Shaolin the one who caused this situation? In a situation like this, we have little to say about whether to trust or follow the words of someone who wears monk robes."

"...What did you just say...?"

"Did we say something wrong?"

When Baek Cheon looked at him as if he were foolish, the person who received his gaze got angry and shouted.

"How many people died because of Shaolin's actions! He is a Shaolin Disciple! How can someone so favored by the Bangjang dare to lead us? And how can we trust and follow such a person? Who knows what will happen!"


"Frankly speaking, what guarantee is there that he is not in collusion with Bangjang?"

"You damn bastard, talking nonsense!"


Yoon Jong firmly pulled Jo Gul's shoulder. Otherwise, he would have unsheathed his sword and attacked immediately.

"Let go of me, Sahyung! That bastard's mouth is talking nonsense...!"

"Loud! Shut your mouth!"

Jo Gul stopped rushing reluctantly but gritted his teeth and glared at the speaker. The person who feared for his life took a step back.

Baek Cheon wasn't as emotional as Jo Gul, but his eyes were very cold.

"Did you call that a 'discussion'?"


"Or did you just blame and force him out, didn't you?"

"What is wrong with that?"

"...What did you say?"

Feeling cornered, he started shouting loudly as if possessed by evil.

"I asked if we did something wrong."

"Of course, you're wrong, bastard! You're babbling about what kind of person Hye Yeon-Seunim is, as if you know him better than anyone! I'm going to tear your jaw off!"

"I told you to stop!"

Yoon Jong grumbled and grabbed Jo Gul's shoulder again. Baek Cheon sighed deeply and said.

"Hye Yeon-Seunim's position has been guaranteed by the Alliance."


"Doubting that person is ultimately doubting the Alliance, and it is no different from labeling the sect leaders and Alliance leaders who decided on this matter as incompetent."

When the word "sect leaders" was mentioned, the face of the shouting person paled for a moment.

"Th-That wasn't my intention!"

"Then you know what's wrong with what you're doing."

A brief silence ensued, as if he was completely desperate for an answer. The doubting people changed their minds in silence. And the other person who had remained silent began to speak.

"Does it matter now?"

A nearby person who seemed to be a member of the Jaegal Family intervened with a cold and arrogant tone.

"Budangju is now diverting attention from the main issue. Even if the logic of the person who expressed his opinion earlier was wrong, even if his intentions were not good, isn't it also important that the Monk attacked people after arguing?"

Baek Cheon remained silent for a moment at those words.

"If we are not talking about who is right and who is not, how is it different from saying it is okay to hit an opponent to win an argument? Isn't the reason the Alliance can be the Alliance because things are handled according to rules and laws? If someone can use violence against a group of people based on personal feelings, how is the Alliance different from that group of violent evil sects?"

Baek Cheon's face showed confusion.

There was nothing wrong with his words. Moreover, the other people around nodded their heads.

"...Then, what do you want?"

"That's a strange thing to say. What do we want? We just want....."

The person who spoke, Jaegal Yeon, continued calmly.

"We just expect all this to be handled fairly and according to the rules. Isn't it appropriate that the person who committed the crime be punished?"

"This bastard at the end....!"


However, even Jo Gul, who was furious, felt confused and uncomfortable. He also knew that Jaegal Yeon's words were not entirely wrong.

After all, it was Hye Yeon's fault for not being able to contain himself and resorting to violence. It was difficult to defend him while ignoring that fact.

"...Do you really have to go that far?"

Jaegal Yeon slightly snorted at Baek Cheon's words.

"You said you would tear down the wall between sects, but it seems the wall of friendship is very important to the people of Mount Hua?"


"If a powerful person would do that, then what can I say, a powerless person? Let's see. Are the Rules of the Alliance important, or is friendship more important?"

Hearing those words, the eyes of everyone gathered in the training hall focused on Baek Cheon.

Everyone knew. Who would make the decision here? Who was in command?

"What are you going to do?"

Even the bystanders stopped for a moment to see what was happening. Amid the many gazes, Hye Yeon finally spoke slowly.

"...Dojang. Take me as a prisoner. It is the right thing for now. Everything is my fault."


"Come on, you have to do it."

Baek Cheon let out a small sigh without realizing it. Then he reluctantly nodded.

Jaegal Yeon said calmly, as if it was meant to happen.

"Yes. Of course, you should do it. Only then will the Rules of the Alliance remain true..."



"F*ck off."

Jaegal Yeon gritted his teeth and turned his head. It was to check the face of the person who suddenly started challenging him.

However, when he saw the face of the person squatting next to him, he was so surprised that he didn't have time to get angry.

Chung Myung looked at him with his typical sour expression.

"Keep talking, I only hear nonsense from that mouth of yours."



"...Why, why are you like this?"

"Do you know everything about the Rules of the Alliance? Have you ever seen it properly?"

"...Yes, well..."

"I never announced it, so how do you know about the Rules of the Alliance and all that nonsense about justice and equality? Did you infiltrate the Maengju headquarters and snoop around?"

Jaegal Yeon shook his head in frustration.

"T-That's impossible."

"Then why did you open your mouth, bastard!"



Chung Myung kicked Jaegal Yeon's shin from the same sitting position. Jaegal Yeon couldn't avoid it, falling and rolling on the ground.

Finally, Chung Myung slowly stood up.

"You guys are babbling about a bunch of things. Okay? Someone who is wrong should be punished?"

He looked around brusquely, and everyone lowered their heads when their eyes met Chung Myung's.

Jo Gul whispered to Yoon Jong.

"Sa, Sahyung. Did that person have his eyes rolled back?"

"I saw it too."

"Well, shouldn't he be stopped?"



Jo Gul, who was looking at Yoon Jong, Baek Cheon, Hye Yeon, and Chung Myung in turn, slowly nodded.

Yes, really. There's no need to stop him...

"Alright, punishment. I like it too."

Chung Myung smiled.

"Let's go for the punishment, bastard."

The eyes that once shone with energy were now cold and expressionless.

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