TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 601

N/T: Translation made by our friend 'Irving'. A big round of applause for him :)

Chapter 601


"This side is my guest, so please take care of the back," Raon said, pointing his finger at the boat that Dorian and the elves were riding on.


Rimmer nodded lightly and immediately rushed towards the boat.

...Is that shitty-ears guy really your master?


He thought there might be some hesitation, but Raon left without any hesitation. He always felt it, but he truly was an extraordinary person.

'But it's easier than being stubborn.'

Rimmer wasn't used to wielding a sword with his left arm, and his injuries from the fight with the Red Flame Demon hadn't fully healed.

Knowing his own shortcomings, it was much better to step back than stubbornly insisting on fighting together.

"You bastard..."

Raon heard Siran's cracked voice and turned his gaze.

"What did you just say!"

"If you want your grandson to see you so badly, I'll send you to where that trash is."

He twisted his lips as he watched Siran, who seemed to be exhaling his murderous intent in the form of breath.

'They're similar.'

Both Siran and Tyler not only resembled each other in appearance but also in their trashy personalities.

He must have known about the evil deeds his grandson had done, but it was funny that he had come out to say that he would avenge him.

'But I shouldn't underestimate his skills just because of that.'

He calmed his heart, which was beating wildly with tension.

Siran is a Master who reached Grandmaster level a long time ago, and the weapon he uses is a fishing rod. It was a weapon he was facing for the first time, so he had to approach it carefully.

How pathetic.

Wrath frowned at Raon.

You could just crush such a weakling with one finger.

'That's possible for you.'

Then hurry up and deal with it somehow. I'm hungry!


Ignoring his words, he focused on Siran's movements.


Siran let out a dry breath and revealed his bloodshot eyes.

"I'll erase you without leaving a single piece!"

He roared and surged forward. The way he ran on the water was both graceful and swift, like a wolf. It seemed to be a technique created to run on the river.


Siran threw the gray fishing rod he was holding in one hand as if he were fishing.

Before he could even take a breath, the fishing hook he threw was right in front of him. The astral sphere wrapped around the hook rapidly rotated and pierced into his left chest.

Raon stopped breathing and bent his knees. With the blade of Heavenly Drive, which had not yet cooled down, he created astral sphere of fire.


As the astral spheres collided, Peren River split in half. A huge column of water rose and then fell like a shower.

A silver flash shines through the transparent raindrops. It was the fishing hook that Siran had shot. A terrifyingly sharp astral sphere was formed at the tip of the hook.

Raon unleashed Frost Pond towards the fishing hook that was slicing through the very air itself.

The blade of Heavenly Drive deflected the hook, followed by a Frost Blade at the back aiming for Siran's neck.


Siran, true to his status as a Grandmaster, raised his fishing rod to block the Frost blade.

'He seems to know about Frost Pond.'

He immediately adopted a defensive posture with the fishing rod, as if he knew that Frost Pond had a second blade. It seemed that he had investigated Raon’s martial arts.

'Well, he did say that he had drawn my face thousands of times.'

While my opponent had my information, I knew almost nothing about my enemy's information, and he even had an unfamiliar weapon, a fishing rod. It was not going to be an easy fight.


Siran swung his fishing rod using his entire body. The fishing line and hook spinning above his head caused the waters of the Peren River to surge.

The once-majestic river water flowed backward, emitting an ominous aura. It was the river manipulated with aura.


Raon used the Ring of Fire. The eight rings wrapped around his heart resonated, opening the door of upper energy center.

Water droplets rising into the air floated down incredibly slowly, and the moisture felt chilling against the skin. With the extreme concentration activated, he advanced towards Siran.

"Where to!"

Siran flicked the fishing line to maintain a favorable distance with his fishing rod.

Raon used the Supreme Harmony Steps to deflect the fishing line that was falling towards his shoulder.


When the fishing line and sword collided, a roar erupted as if rocks had collided.

Raon narrowed his eyes as he looked at the taut fishing line.

'He infused not only the astral sphere, but also his will into the fishing line.'

It was an emotion that was too obvious to ignore.

'Murderous will.'

It was filled with nothing but will to kill me.

Originally, each warrior has their own will, shaped by the path they have walked.

However, Siran had abandoned the will he had built up until now and filled it with only the desire for revenge to kill me. It was as if he were cursed to ensure my death, even at the cost of his own life.


Raon pushed Siran's fishing line away with the flames of Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation and clenched his jaw.

'My will is that of a swordsman that never breaks.'

If he clashes with his will and wins, he can grow even further.


Siran dampened the elasticity of the fishing line before it broke. After releasing the tension on the line, he flicked the fishing hook, aiming for the tendons in Raon’s right arm.

Raon drew the Blade of Requiem with his left hand instead of Heavenly Drive that had gone down. With the ghastly energy that had absorbed the frost energy, he roughly struck the fishing hook and then charged towards Siran.


Siran once again stepped with his footwork as if riding the river to maintain a favorable distance for himself.

'Fast, but...'

I'm faster.

Smashing through the rough currents, he used on the Supreme Harmony Steps.

Before the water that had risen fell, he moved forward with his second step. His vision was blurred due to the sudden increase in speed.

The Supreme Harmony Steps is a footwork that is linked to versatile sword, so the more his swordsmanship grows, the more subtle it becomes. The change in the speed of the Supreme Harmony Steps after he became a Grandmaster was no exaggeration to call it an evolution.


Realizing he couldn't escape, Siran unleashed a monstrous amount of aura onto his fishing rod and swung it down.

Raon raised a barrier of flames towards the descending fishing rod, as if cutting through the sky.


A tremendous shockwave swept across the surroundings as the mighty forces of power and strength clashed. It wasn't a river anymore, it was as if a vast tsunami had surged forth.


Siran wrapped his aura around the tsunami and continued his assault. The surroundings were filled with an unsettling hue.

Raon unleashed Crimson Slash towards the Tsunami that was stretching out like the giant's hand.


The crimson lines of fire condensed around the center of the tsunami, where Siran's trembling eyes were visible amidst the fragmented waves.

But like a veteran warrior, he created distance again and swung the fishing rod leaned to the left.

The fishing hook that stretched along the line of the splitting river water sprayed out a ferocious aura as if it would crush his heart.


Raon immediately pierced the hook with the Blade of Requiem he held and unleashed the aura of Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation he had gathered in his hand's mana circuit.

The Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation Thousand Flames.

Flame Dragon Art.

From within the flames, a majestic roar erupted. The breath of flames evaporated the river and extended outward.


The shockwaves of the Flame Dragon Art and the water waves caused by Siran collided, shaking the entire river. The river water spread out like a flood.


Siran's grip on the fishing rod trembled as a colder and more vicious malice emanated from him.

Raon bit his lips thinly, facing Siran's distorted eyes.

'I'll break that murderous will.'

*   *   *

Advance chapters: 

For Indonesian:


The warriors of South-North Union who approached the boat were unable to withstand Rimmer's one hand-swordsmanship and sank into the river, spraying blood.

Those approaching from the right were capsized by the top-tier water spirit that Siyan was using, unable to even get close.

Reyran shot five arrows into the water, attached to her five fingers.

The warriors of South-North Union who were approaching underwater floated up with arrows stuck in their heads.

Meanwhile, Dorian rescued all the elves who had fallen into the water by rowing with duck feet-shaped oars.

Thanks to the battle against the Red Flame Demon, they moved naturally without needing to exchange words.

"Are they all here?"

Rimmer narrowed his eyes as he scanned the elves on the ferry.

" Everyone's here, right?"

Reyran nodded after counting the number of elves.

"I thought we were doomed, but thankfully not," he said.

Rimmer sighed in relief and turned his gaze upstream.

Raon and Siran were fighting a fierce battle, leaping across the surging river like it was solid ground.

‘What a shame...’

Encountering a martial artist who uses a fishing rod is rare, and Rimmer regretted having to leave it to Raon alone due to his injuries.

'Uh, what?'

Recalling the thoughts he had just moments ago, he widened his eyes.

'When did I ever have such thoughts?'

Even when his energy center was broken, he never felt regret for not being able to fight an expert.

Coming to think of it, the idea of regretting not fighting a strong opponent was something he only thought about when he was younger. He couldn't understand why such thoughts suddenly came up.

'Could it be...'

Rimmer licked his lips as he watched Raon effortlessly deflect all of Siran's intricate attacks.

'Is it because of that guy's fighting?'

It seemed like his blood was boiling at Raon's fighting style, never backing down and fighting head-on, no matter who the opponent was or how strong they were.

He raised his left hand and touched his right shoulder.

To be honest, he hadn't considered using a prosthetic arm.

Although he had practiced wielding a sword with his left arm, he hadn't really trained diligently. He thought his life as a swordsman was over after achieving revenge.

However, after facing the Red Flame Demon with Raon and watching Raon fight Siran today, it seemed like the flame that had been extinguished in his heart was starting to burn again.

‘There was such a saying...'

To lead others from behind is the way of a true leader.

Raon never explicitly told him to stand up again.

But he seemed to be telling him to pick up his sword again with his actions.

'Is it time for me to step back and become the vessel of the king?'

Rimmer smiled comfortably as he sat on the boat.

‘It might be time to step back. But...'

I shouldn't live the rest of my life as a has-been.

*   *   *

Siran raised his aura on the waves of the river to strengthen the power of astral sphere. The waves of the aura, which flowed like a river, surged up fiercely.


Raon released the strength from his right hand, which was gripping Heavenly Drive. He split the surging water path along its flow and cut down the astral sphere that Siran had raised.

"Impudent bastard!"

Siran gritted his teeth and dropped the fishing rod. A strong aura of killing intent emanated from the fishing rod and line, which swayed lightly.

As the fishing rod seemed to fall towards his shoulder, Raon concentrated his mana circuit on the leg that was standing on the river.

He burst through the water and jumped into Siran's space.

The aura that surged from the lower energy center continued to the middle and upper energy center, creating a vast will. The will, blocked the fishing rod filled with the will of malice.


Although the fishing rod and line were violently repelled, Siran's attack was not over yet. With a flick of his finger, he maneuvered the fishing hook and needle, aiming for Raon's back.

'I'm used to it now.'

As he continued to fight Siran, he figured out how Siran breathed and moved. Now, he could feel Siran's aura manipulation just by looking at his eyes.

Raon folded his shoulders inward, letting the fishing hook slide off, then took another step towards Siran. Despite the thick river of water surging to block his path, he tore through it with the ghastly energy of the Blade of Requiem.


For the first time, the blade of Heavenly Drive cut Siran's chest. It was a shallow wound, but due to the heat, the area around the wound burned black.


Siran gritted his teeth so hard that his jaw cracked, as if in great pain.

“Damn it!”

He stepped back to the left and pulled the fishing rod he had been holding back.

Raon slashed the fishing line with the Blade of Requiem before bringing down Heavenly Drive with the Fangs of Insanity.


Siran's fishing rod, unable to withstand the savage beast strike, shook as if it were about to break.

Using the Blade of Requeim to push away the fishing line and Heavenly Drive to push away the fishing rod, Raon pressured Siran with strength.


When they were close enough to hear each other's heartbeats, Siran twisted his lips.

“You've given me an opening.”


“It's over now!”

Siran shouted, forcibly cutting the fishing line. The taut line snapped, and the Blade of Requiem passed sharply through Siran's waist.

‘He's giving up his weapon!’

As Raon narrowed his eyes, Siran laughed slyly and stirred up the water river with his fishing rod. Once again, a deep murderous aura surged from his aged eyes.


The vast river of the Peren River rose entirely, forming the shape of a huge dragon. A water dragon. The dragon of water spread its formidable pressure as if trying to ascend to the sky.

The water dragon, exerting immense pressure as if erasing the river itself, plunged down.

Each scale was filled with such a fierce murderous will that if it even touched you, it would explode without leaving a shred of flesh behind.

‘So, this is what he's been waiting for.’

Raon thought Siran was losing his composure, but he was wrong. Siran had actually set a trap, waiting for Raon to fall into it.


To act so calmly in front of his grandson's killer was a level of patience that was almost shocking. It was not without reason that he held the position of the head of the senators in South-North Union.

‘But you've given me too much.’

Siran gave me a lot of inspiration during the battle. His martial arts had already been thoroughly dissected thanks to the Eight-Stars Ring of Fire, which also helped him reach Grandmaster level.


Raon held Heavenly Drive straight up, looking at Siran's water dragon, which even covered the sky.

Taking a deep breath, he visualized the sword technique that would shatter the water dragon, which was Siran's very will. Pressing his left foot down into the water, he raised Heavenly Drive, which had kept close to his waist upwards.


Looking at the distorted eyes of the water dragon, which were similar to Siran's, Glenn strangely came to mind.

‘Will he avenge me if I die?’

Probably not.

Even though this fight started abruptly, it was a one-on-one duel. Glenn, a natural-born swordsman, would not seek revenge but accept the outcome.

I agree with that too.

The person who suits me is not Siran but Glenn.

Thinking of Glenn, who was the sky itself and his very goal, he gathered the auras of Ten Thousand Flame Cultivation and Glacier to extreme.

‘Rivers cannot reach the sky.’

Azure Sky Sword, fourth technique, Sky Heavenly Piercing Steel. (Sky Sword translation changed to Azure Sky Sword)

A magnificent streak of light, blooming along the sword's edge, pierced the head of the water dragon that filled the sky. The brilliantly shining light touched the sky and scattered golden rays.

As a vast blue sky once again enveloped the world, a sharp axe flew down from the sky.


Raon raised the Blade of Requiem for defense, but the axe descended towards Siran's head.



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