TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 600

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Chapter 600



Raptor chuckled bitterly as he looked at his severed shoulder.

'I didn't even feel it.'

He hadn't even noticed Raon's sword strike coming at him. It meant that the difference in power was overwhelming.

'If it hadn't been for the ledger, I would have died just now from that sword strike.'

Raon could have aimed for his neck or heart instead of his right arm just now.

It was no exaggeration to say that he was alive now because of Raon's consideration.

'So that rumor was true....'

He had scoffed at the news that Raon Zieghart had reached Grandmaster level, but it turned out to be true.

No, it was rather understated. Raon seemed to have already reached the beginner Grandmaster level.


Raptor bit his lip, meeting Raon's sunken eyes.

'Buying time?'

What a joke.

No matter how monstrous he was, no Master could defeat a Grandmaster, unless he was a monster beyond comparison to Raon.

It was impossible for him, who had not yet left the land of Masters, to buy time from Raon.

"You've truly become a monster."

Raptor swallowed dry saliva, staunched the bleeding from his shoulder. Raon made no move to stop him, as if he could kill him at any moment.

"Although the image of you when we first met is still there, you've become so sharp it's terrifying."

Raon's face hadn't changed much since he first met him, but his swordsmanship had made a world of difference.

It was beyond human.

"Did you spare me because of the ledger?"

Raptor smiled awkwardly, wiping the blood flowing from his right shoulder with his left arm.

But what's the point of taking the ledger? Are you planning to go find and reclaim the sold elves like some sort of hero?"

"And if I am?"


Raptor scoffed, shaking his head.

"They're not some late-coming riff-raff, they're people who have made a name for themselves on the continent. There are even some who belong to the Six Kings. Are you going to find them all?"

"So what?"

Raon nodded casually, as if it was no problem.

"I will rescue them, even if they are from Zieghart."

His gaze remained unwavering, as if he meant every word. He really intended to find everyone listed in the ledger and resque the elves.

"Your strength has grown, but your mind is still immature. You remain nothing more than a mere dreamer."

"That may be true. However...."

Raon shook his head at Raptor.

"But at least I'm not a coward cowering in fear."

"What nonsense!"

*   *   *

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“That's right.”

Raon took a short breath, looking at Raptor with bloodshot eyes.

“You weren't like this before.”

He had only seen Raptor twice, but he had always felt something from him. A confident, manly personality and fearless warrior. He was always relaxed and had a knack for seeing the big picture.

He was clearly an enemy, but Raon thought there was something to be learned from him.

In fact, the second time he met Raptor, he helped Raon by persuaded Roman to accept his life-or-death duel.

He even thought he owed Raptor a debt, but the Raptor he saw now was a completely different person.

His distinctive personality had withered, his vision clouded by desire, and the once unmistakable confidence and ease had disappeared entirely.

“What do you know about me!”

Raptor bared his teeth and let out a strange laugh.

“The ledger? Never! I'll never give it up, even if I die!”

He spread out his remaining arm as if to say do whatever you want and chuckled. It was a malice as if touching the dragon's nest.

“The reason I spared you was not because of the ledger, but because I thought I owed you a debt.”

Raon let out a short sigh.


Raptor glared as if asking what he meant.

"If you had been determined to kill me at that time, I would have died."

It wasn't a lie. Just as he persuaded Roman, if Raptor had ignored Rimmer and the instructors and launched an attack during their initial encounter, he would have faced either death or serious injury.

But Raptor had spared him and even praised him, as if to say that he should get stronger.

He had thought that Raptor was a decent warrior among the crazy Five Demons, but seeing him like this made him feel a surge of anger inside.

"Do you remember what you said to me back then?"


“You said, ‘I’ll be looking forward to hearing your name from the Terukan Mountains and Rable River.'”

He remembered it perfectly without missing a word because it was an impressive saying.


Raptor seemed to finally remember what he had said and trembled his lips.

“How about it? Is my name being heard in the Terukan Mountains and the Rable River now?”


He didn't answer, but clenched his fist with his hand hanging down.

“I’ve done what you said, but it seems that you, the one who spoke those words, are no longer here."

Raon raised Heavenly Drive, which he had gripped heavily.


Raptor remained silent, his head bowed, as if contemplating something.

“Let's end it here….”

"It's the second shelf on the right."

He slowly raised his head and pointed to the shelf on the right.


“The ledger you're looking for. It's on the right shelf.”

Raptor shook his head as if to say why are you asking when I already told you? His eyes, which had been burning with desire, seemed to brighten a little.

"Even if you tell me that, I have no intention of sparing you."

He couldn't bear to think of others as slaves, just like in his previous life when he was on a leash by Derus Robert.

He was determined to kill whoever was responsible for this.

“This isn't something I'm saying to save my life.”

Raptor smiled faintly and shook his head, his distinctive relaxed personality seeming to return to life.

"It just reminded me of the past a little."

Raon went to the bookshelf Raptor had shown him and pulled out a book with a red cover. When he opened it, he saw that it contained a record of all the auctions that had taken place so far. The most recent entries were of elves and the people who bought them.

"You're right."

Raptor sighed, stroking the gold coins on the table.

"I've been here, licking the bones like a coward."

He lowered his eyes, looking at the dark hole in the ceiling. He didn't know the exact details, but it seemed like there had been some trouble in the South-North Union.

"Make sure you follow your path to the end."

"I intend to do so, even without you telling me."

"Yes. That's what makes you Raon Zieghart."

Raptor chuckled faintly, touching his shoulder wound.

"I wish I had met you a little earlier...."

He muttered in a low voice and slumped to the floor. The wound on his shoulder, previously suppressed by his aura, suddenly burst open, and a torrent of blood spilled out, surpassing the previous flow. He had made the conscious decision to meet his end on his own terms.

"Hurry and get upstairs. A monster coming for you."


"Do you remember Tyler, the one you killed?"

"Of course."

He nodded, recalling the time he had killed Tyler, a disciple of the South-North Union leader, in order to save the enslaved members of the Blue Lugh Tribe.

"Tyler's grandfather is the vice head of the senators. No, he's now the head of the senators of South-North Union, an old man named Siran."


"Yes. He's on his way here."

Raptor gave a weak smile, saying that it would be better for Raon to get up there quickly.

"Oh, and the iron chain necklace around the elf's neck has to be broken from the inside using aura. If you don't, it'll explode and their head will fly off."

He gave Raon some information that he didn't expect, as if it was the last thing he would ever say.

"...and watch out for Beorn."


There was no answer to that. Raptor closed his eyes with a bitter smile.


Raon frowned at Raptor, who had stopped breathing.


As he repeated the name, he felt a massive shock from above.

‘Is he already here?’

*   *   *

Rimmer climbed back up to the cabin, taking the stairs that led to the sea market.

As soon as he came out on deck, the warriors of the South-North Union, who had already heard the news, charged at him with their swords and spears, filled with murderous intent.

Holding the child, he stepped onto the deck and stomped his foot firmly. Riding the wind, he dodged to the left and swung his left foot to knock down the heads of those charging at him.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The South-North Union warriors were roughly bounced off and slammed onto the deck, but like tough sailors, they immediately got up and took a stance.

"This is annoying."

Rimmer put the child he was holding behind him and drew his sword.

"Just wait a bit. I'll be done soon...."

As he raised his sword to slash down the South-North Union warriors in one go, the deck exploded and a water giant rose up.


With a single wave of its hand, the water giant blew away all the South-North Union warriors who were on the deck.

"Are you okay?"

Siyan, who was riding on the giant's shoulder, blinked at Rimmer.

"Thanks to you."

Rimmer smiled wryly and nodded.

"We're done. Just hold on a little longer."

Using the giant's hand, Siyan lifted the elves hiding below onto the deck.

"Are you waiting for Sir Raon?"

Reyran, who was the last to come up, licked her lips as she looked down at the auction house.

"The river is dangerous. The auction host said that the South-North Union is the strongest force in the river."

Rimmer shook his head as he looked at the swiftly flowing river.

" It would be better for both Raon and us to leave here first."

"Well, you're right."

Dorian poked his head out of the hole Siyan had made like a mole.

"You're here already?"

"I just ran ahead because division leader and Lady Siyan took care of the enemies up front for me."

Dorian nodded gratefully and climbed onto the deck.

"Vice division leader said he was going to smash this ship. There's no need to wait."

He pointed to the riverbank as he urged them to hurry up.

"The elves can walk on water. Let's just..."

"That's not possible."

Rimmer sighed and shook his head.


"Those iron chains are completely blocking the children's power."

He pointed to the iron chain necklaces around the elves' necks and frowned.

"The South-North Union bastards say they don't know anything about it, and I don't know how to open it because there's no keyhole."

"Ah, then...."

"It's okay."

As Siyan snapped her fingers, the water giant behind her threw itself into the Peren River.


The giant, which had grown in size by absorbing the surrounding river water, spread its hands wide, creating a width that could easily accommodate twenty people.

"Get on board, everyone."

After Siyan went down to the giant's palm first and gestured, the elves hesitated and then climbed onto it.

Rimmer watched them with a long smile.

'She's really changed a lot.'

Siyan, who used to be so afraid of other people's gazes that she wouldn't even stick a finger out from under the blanket, was now confidently showing herself and leading people. She was both amazing and admirable.

"Come on, hurry up."

Rimmer was about to hand the child next to him to Siyan and go down to the giant's hand as well.


A gray line was rushing down from the upstream side of the Rable River at a terrifying speed.

It wasn't just riding the wind. The ship seemed to be moving using mana as fuel.

"Has reinforcement already arrived!"

Rimmer twisted his lips and drew his sword again. He infused the wind swirling around the river into his blade and created a barrier of wind.


A green wind barrier blocked the front of the ship.

As the speed of the ship gradually slowed down, an old man standing on the sail unfolded the fishing rod he had on his back.

The fishing line extended endlessly, effortlessly slicing through the barrier of wind.

The enemy, having breached the barrier, continued to charge forward as if to crush the water giant.


Rimmer and Siyan moved simultaneously. They utilized the wind and water to erect a new barrier.

However, the faster charging enemy collided head-on with the incomplete barrier, colliding head-on with the water giant.


The upper body of the water giant collapsed, and the elves who were riding on its hands fell like autumn leaves.




The elves, unable to exert their full strength because of the iron chain necklaces, flailed their legs and fell into the river.

"Damn it!"

Dorian (emon), who was still on the deck, rushed into the river. He took out a small boat from his belly pocket and threw it into the river.

"Get on this side!"

The boat was large enough to carry all the elves who had fallen into the water and still have room left over.

"Why is that there... Oh, now is not the time to ask about that."

Rimmer sighed in relief and looked at the old man who had jumped from the ship.

He had unusual red skin, but the storm of malice in his eyes was so intense that it was hard to see clearly.

'That old man is...'

He had heard of the old man with red skin who used a fishing rod as a weapon. It was clear that he was Siran, the senator of South-North Union.

"I didn't expect the senator of South-North Union would come himself."

Rimmer twisted his lips as he looked at Siran.

"So it's Zieghart's Sword of Light, huh."

Siran nodded his chin as he looked at Rimmer.

"Is Raon Zieghart still inside? It would have been better if he were here."

He glared at Rimmer and shook his fishing rod lightly.

"If I kill all of you before that bastard shows up, perhaps I can make him feel the same way I do."

"What are you talking about?"

"Raon Zieghart killed my grandson."


"Tyler. That demon killed the child who was supposed to be a hero!"

Siran raised his fishing rod with a chilling look in his eyes. The hook, which seemed to float above the water, began to spin fiercely.

'Astral sphere...'

Siran was at the Grandmaster level, fitting for the head of the senators of South-North Union. Despite his age, although his physical stamina might have been lacking, his martial prowess itself was immensely powerful.

Rimmer narrowed his eyes at Siyan behind him.

‘Siyan won't be able to summon the Spirit Kings either.'

The four Spirit King are currently unable to leave the Spirit world due to the fact that they have been repairing the Spirit world, which was on the verge of collapse.

'I'm not in top condition either.'

He had not been able to completely healed the injuries he had sustained in the battle with the Red Flame Demon. If it were a Master, he could handle them, but with a Grandmaster of that level, it was a different story.

'I guess I have no choice but to hold out.'

Rimmer made up his mind and turned his eyes to Siyan and Reyran behind him.

"Everyone, step back. I'll hold them off here. Quickly, go to the riverbank..."

"Where to?"

As Siran stomped his foot, the warriors of South-North Union emerged, surrounding them.

Whether they were warriors from the senate or those from the sea market, their physical strength was far superior.

"Don't let even one of them live. Kill them all."

At his chilling cry, the warriors of South-North Union leaped into the river, revealing their viscous aura.

Rimmer bit his lip as he watched the warriors of South-North Union moving towards the boat.

'Damn it!'

Normally, Dorian, Siyan, and Reyran would be enough to stop them, but now they have to fight while protecting the elves who have fallen into the water. It was not an easy fight to win.

"Let's start with you."

Siran swung down the fishing rod he had raised, as if to say there was no need for further words.

As his wrist snapped, the fishing rod swung violently and unleashed a powerful wave of aura.

'Right side!'

Barely reading the direction, he raised a sword barrier to the right.


A terrifying impact digs into his shoulder. The furious Siran showed no mercy and unleashed his full power from the start.


Thanks to the sword barrier, he blocked the fishing rod itself, but the fishing line moved as if it were alive and aimed at his left arm that was holding the sword. He could feel the astral sphere swirling around him, cutting into the sword barrier.

"Annoying old man!"

Rimmer gritted his teeth and tried to kick the fishing line away with his foot.

However, the fishing line was also imbued with sharp aura, and he almost got a cut on his foot instead.

'It’s tricky.'

The fishing rod, fishing line, and fishing hook were all moving separately, making him feel like he was fighting three people.


Along with Siran's roar, his fishing rod crashes down with terrifying force. Barely recovered, Rimmer’s internal organs, barely healed, reopened, and intense pain strikes him.

"Could you be a little gentler, old man?"

Rimmer pretended to be relaxed and smiled, not revealing that he was suffering from internal injuries.

"You are the sacrifice. The sacrifice that will make Raon Zieghart taste hell!"

Siran poured his bitter anger onto the surface of the wildly surging fishing rod. The astral sphere entwined around the hook, stretched out like a snake, aiming not only at Rimmer but also at the elves behind him.


Rimmer twisted his body in the air and raised his sword, tilted downwards. A huge gust of wind condensed into a circle and blocked Siran's astral sphere.


He managed to block it once, but Siran's aura was so strong that he didn't think he could hold on for much longer. It seemed that he would have to use the sword field, even if it meant further injuring his internal organs.

As Rimmer prepared to use his sword field by opening his upper energy center.

The hole in the ship that the water giant had broken through emitted a massive red light. Kwaaaaaaaaaaang!

A tremendous storm of flames erupted, causing the ship that had been deeply embedded in the river to split in half and explode.

Amidst the blazing heat that engulfed the ship, eyes burning brighter than the flames flickered.

"Raon Zieghart!"

Siran kicked Rimmer aside and charged towards Raon.


Raon effortlessly extended Heavenly Drive, blocking the fishing rod that Siran had swung down.

"I've drawn your face thousands. No, tens of thousands of times, you demon!"

"Are you Tyler's grandfather?"

Raon looked at Siran with a calm gaze.

"He was a man who deserved to die."

He shook his head as he looked into the eyes of the old man filled with madness.

"Tyler enslaved the Blue Lugh Tribe for his own glorification and ruled over their lives. He was no hero, but a mere piece of trash."

"Shut up! It's you who deserves to die!"

Siran unleashed his rage, wildly swinging his fishing rod. The river erupted as if bombarded, water spraying in all directions.


Responding to his rage, Raon unleashed his astral sphere and deflected the fishing rod.

"Like grandfather, like grandson."


"If you miss your grandson so much, I'll send you to where that trash is."

Raon raised Heavenly Drive and tilted his head. His red eyes gleaming with a deeper light than the reflected glow of the river.



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