TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 586

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Chapter 586

Raon blinked as he looked down at the baby fox.

"You want me to leave here?"

"Yes! Right away!"

The baby fox scratched the ground with its front paws as it shouted.

'Is it really Merlin...?'

Usually, if it was Merlin, she would have started talking about how much she missed him as soon as they met, but now she suddenly uttered strange words, telling him to leave right away. Raon swallowed dryly with an unknown tension.

"What do you mean exactly...."

When he tried to ask Merlin, he sensed the presence of elves from behind. Their voices were getting louder, indicating they were coming this way.

"Let's go inside first... huh?"

Raon stopped as he was about to pick up the baby fox to go into the lodging. The baby fox that Merlin had transformed into didn't feel like a living being in his hands.

'Now that I think about it....'

Due to his astonishment that Merlin had come this far, he hadn't examined her properly, but now he didn't feel the presence that a living being should have from this baby fox. It felt as if he was looking at a spirit.

"This time...get out! Go back to Zieghart..."

Merlin became a faint mist without finishing what she wanted to say.

"What's going on?"

Raon narrowed his eyes at the dispersed Merlin.

'Did she take that form to break through the barrier?'

He turned his head to ask Wrath.


The guy was foaming at the mouth, surprised by Merlin's appearance. He was really useless.

'It must be because of the barrier.'

Rimmer and Erian had said that only those invited by the elves could enter Seipia.

Unless you were going to break the barrier altogether. Even for Merlin, it would not be something she could do in a short period of time.

Seeing the bushes move on their own, it seemed like she had used a method of spiritization on animals.

'She must have run out of energy because she disappeared so suddenly.'


In just one day, Merlin's magical skills and obsession had found a way to bypass Seipia's barrier, which felt both terrifying and impressive.


Why did she tell me to leave?

"Is it because the Five Demons is attacking?"

That was the only thought that came to mind. Among the Five Demons, the possibility of it being Eden seemed high.

'Even for Eden, attacking Seipia is... Ah!'

Raon bit his lip and clenched his fist.

'Did they time it to coincide with the purification ritual?'

No, it makes sense to aim for it.

The fact that they had attacked just a day after Sterin entered the purification ritual meant that they knew the timing.

It meant that they were confident that they could defeat him if they excluded Sterin.

Raon quickly sorted out his thoughts and headed to the Guardians' quarters where Reyran was. As he opened the door and entered, the Guardians, who were about to eat, stared at him blankly.

Whether it was because their meal had been interrupted or because they were concentrating on their guard duty, the Guardians' gazes were sharp.


Wrath, who had been unconscious, sniffed and raised his head cautiously.

Is it food?

Ignoring the gazes of the guy and the elves, he approached Reyran and Erian's table.

"Raon. Are you going to eat too? As the contract holder of the Spirit King, I can prepare for you as well."

Erian offered him a seat, even calling him by name now.

"No, it's not that. Has there been anything strange outside of Seipia?"

"Outside? Are you talking about the Great Forest?"


"I went on patrol a while ago, but there was nothing out of the ordinary."

He shook his head, saying he had gone before eating.

"Is there any way you can check again?"

"Sir Raon."

Reyran stood up, nodding. His eyes were sharp as he looked at him.

"Erian and I have been on guard duty until the Protector settles into the ritual, and we have just returned from patrolling the Great Forest. We are about to have our first meal in two days and catch our breath, but to be interrupted...."

"Raon. Is that your intuition as the contractor of the Spirit King?"

Erian put down the fork he was holding and cut off Reyran's words.


"Shut up. That guy hasn't eaten or slept either."

Although Reyran seemed to wonder why, Erian muttered that Raon was the same.

'Spirit King....'

Raon pursed his lips as he looked into Erian's sunken eyes.

'What a stubborn guy.'

Erian was so stubborn that it was to the point of being annoying. But now, he had to use even that.

"Yes. It's my intuition."


Erian nodded and stood up.

"If you say so, I guess we have to go."


"Everyone, follow me."

He snapped his fingers, saying they could have their meal when they got back.

The elves looked at Erian for a moment and then stood up. Judging by the fact that they didn't even show any dissatisfaction, it was clear how Erian treated his subordinates on a regular basis.

Raon narrowed his eyes as he watched Erian walk out of the quarter ahead of him.

'Is he a better guy than I thought?'

When he first saw him, he thought he was a crazy guy because he attacked him, but now he seemed like a guy with his own strengths.

That one!

Wrath reached out his thick hand, looking at the fruit pie that Erian had put down and eaten.

If you're not going to eat it, give it the King of Essence! He hasn't eaten in two days and his stomach is sticking to his back!

'...Absolutely not.'

If I stop the elves' meal and eat the food myself, I'll be more than just crazy. I can't touch it even if I'm about to starve to death.

The King of Essence will take responsibility! Just a taste....

'Follow me.'

Raon grabbed Wrath's struggling head and followed after Erian.

* * *

Advance chapters:

For Indonesian:


Rimmer knocked on Siyan's house and shouted for her to open the door.

"I, I'm fine! Go away, brother!"

Siyan leaned her back against the door and shouted, blocking Rimmer from entering.

"B, but Sir Raon. He must be hungry! Go and prepare his meal quickly."

"He's not a child, he'll eat when he's hungry. Just open the door!"

Rimmer raised his voice, saying he would break in if she didn't open it.

"I, I'm taking off my clothes to wash!"

Siyan shook her head, saying he absolutely couldn't come in.


Rimmer stopped and stepped back from the door. It would be different if she was a child. But she was an adult, and he couldn't just open the door if she was in that state.



"Don't mind them."

Rimmer continued, facing the door that seemed too light even though his sister was leaning against it.

"They're just good at saying whatever comes to mind without thinking. They hate humans, but somehow resemble them in that aspect."

He clenched his fists, saying he was angry that he couldn't fight back for Siyan because Raon was in a trance.

"I know."

Siyan took her back off the door and chewed her lip.

"But it's not wrong."

She muttered the last part softly, so that Rimmer couldn't hear.

A high elf who is not even as good as an elf, an incompetent person who was born with a defect.

It was an infuriating thing to say, but it was even more frustrating that she couldn't refute it.

'I didn't want to be born like this either.'

If I had been lazy and didn't work hard, and that's why I didn't get chosen by the World Tree, I would understand. But I was born without talent from the beginning. It was absurd and despairing to be treated like this because of an innate talent, neither my fault nor someone else's.


"Brother. Go."


"I'm really fine. Go and prepare Sir Raon's meal."

"You should eat too."

"I have this."

Siyan opened the door slightly and showed him a piece of Nadine bread.


Rimmer sighed as he looked at the Nadine Bread.

"Right. You made that because you didn't want to go out."

He nodded briefly and turned around.

"Tomorrow, Raon and I will come back again."

As Rimmer's footsteps faded away, Siyan took off the blanket she was wrapped in. The part where her face had been touching was slightly wet.


She wiped away the tears from her eyes with the back of her hand and shook her head.

'I failed again.:

Although I was motivated to practice resonance after seeing Raon achieve enlightenment, the world still didn't open up to me. However, I didn't feel disappointed.

'Reality is different from heroic tales.'

I've always loved heroic tales since I was a child.

In books and adventure stories, the protagonist easily overcomes crises, always triumphs, and accomplishes many great feats. They are always said to never give up and achieve victory.


The hardship they endured and the amount of effort they put in are never told.

The world doesn't focus on the effort and hardship, but only on the success that comes after. I could see that through the Raon I read about in books and the real Raon I saw.

The biography of Raon says that he defeated all his enemies with ease, but the real Raon's hands and arms were covered in scars. I can't even imagine the pain he fought through to get to where he is now, or the effort he put in to become a Grandmaster.

‘I don’t want to say cringe-inducing words that say I won’t give up until the end.  but….’

I want to try as much as I can.

I wanted to work hard enough to see the people who criticized me kneel before me, just like Raon said.

Siyan sat on the ground and closed her eyes. Warmth and coolness flowed out simultaneously in her breath, like the wind blowing deep underground.

*   *   *

"Then I'll go look around the west."

Raon turned to his right as soon as he stepped out of Seipia's barrier.

"The path through the Great Forest is complicated. You might not be able to come back."

Erian frowned with worry.

"It's okay. I remember the way once I've been."

"As expected of the Spirit King's contractor!"


No matter how much he thinks about it, he doesn't know why that has anything to do with the Spirit King.

"Anyway, since I have a bad feeling, if any problems arise, don't fight but send a signal immediately."

"Got it. I'll check the east. Reyran, you go south."


Reyran nodded briefly and headed straight south. She seemed full of dissatisfaction, but once she came out, she seemed to focus on the task at hand.

"Then I'll go too."

Raon waved goodbye to Erian and unleashed the Supreme Harmony Steps to his right. He stopped after Erian and Reyran's aura completely disappeared.

"Merlin. Merlin."

Merlin should be nearby, so he called her name softly. However, she didn't appear as quickly as he expected.

'What's the matter?'

Raon frowned as he walked west.

'Did she really overdo it?'

Considering her usual behavior, it seemed likely that she had passed out from exhaustion.

'Then do I have to find her in the end?'

Raon sighed briefly and simultaneously activated the Ring of Fire and Glacier.


The aura that had grown even stronger after he reached Grandmaster spread through the air like a wave of snow.

His senses, which had grown to the point where he could feel the movement of plants, not just animals and insects, enveloped the Great Forest, but he didn't feel any bad energy or human presence.


It's not there!

Wrath shook his head.

There's nothing there, but my meal was interrupted!

The guy was gnashing his teeth, saying why did something always happen when it was time to eat.


Have you ever seen me lie! There's nothing there, so go eat!

If Wrath, who was no different from an automatic scanner, said this, it meant that there was really no threatening presence.

'But just a little bit more…'

It seemed that his trust in Merlin had built up considerably.

Although he believed Wrath's words, there was still a possibility of her appearing through spatial teleportation, so after scanning the north, he returned to Seipia's entrance.

Erian, Reyran, and the guardians were already waiting.

"You're back so quickly."

"Since the elves are connected to the forest, even without checking everything, the forest informs us of any issues."

Reyran nodded, saying it was as simple as breathing for humans.

Raon nodded as he looked at her.

'That's right…'

When he first came here, Reyran and the guardians were also waiting for them, so it seemed like she was right.

"How was it? Did you find anything?"

"I didn't find anything."

"Your expression doesn't look good."

Erian nodded slightly at Raon.

"Is it really that bad of a feeling?"



He turned to Reyran and snapped his fingers.

"Reinforce the outer perimeter as well."

"Excuse me? It's already sufficiently reinforced. Moreover, many personnel are being diverted to guard the vicinity of the World Tree…"

"Once this place is breached, that area will be as well. Move according to my orders."

"Sir Erian. No, brother!"

Reyran couldn't hold back and grabbed Erian's sleeve.


Raon blinked as he looked at the two of them.

'Come to think of it...'

Reyran and Erian had similar names and there seemed to be a strange dynamic between them, like siblings.

"I told you not to call me that during missions."

"This is too much. Why are you listening to that human's words..."

"Regardless of whether it's from a human or not, will reinforcing our defenses harm us? It's just a bit of effort. Accept it."

He took full responsibility and raised his hand to be the first to guard.


Reyran clicked her tongue as she looked at Raon. The expressions of the other guardians who followed her were also not good.

Raon savored the taste as he watched Erian's back as he returned to Seipia.

'My first impression of him was the worst, but he's actually quite sane.'

He's unexpectedly genuine.

Seeing him like that, he couldn't leave this place even more. If there was a really big problem, he really wanted to help.

The King's stomach isn't sane! Let's go eat right away!


Raon glanced up at the darkening sky and took a brief moment to ponder.

'I should send a message to Lady Aris, just in case.'

Even if Merlin's words were false, Aris would probably come just to take a look. He decided to contact her through Dorian as soon as he returned.

First, let's fill the King of Essence's stomach!


Stop ignoring me!

*   *   *

The training ground of the Wise Martial Palace, where golden sunlight was seeping in.

Denier watched Martha, Burren, and Runaan train while carrying his luggage.

"Martha. Your courage to always take the initiative is great, but it's meaningless if you don't think about the aftermath. Your enemy is not a scarecrow."


Martha accepted Denier's teachings in one breath and raised her sword in the direction the enemy could counterattack.

"Burren. Your balance in offense and defense is good. You're versatile without leaning too much to either side. However, that doesn't always lead to an advantage. It's good to have a weapon that can definitively end the enemy's breath."

"I understand."

Burren perked up his ears as if he wouldn't miss a single word of Denier's advice.

"Runaan. You're the opposite of Martha. You're too focused on defense and your offense is weak. There's no such thing as a fight where you only have to protect someone, so try to adopt a sword style that focuses a little more on offense."


Runaan let out a bright remark in a sunken tone, adding sharpness to the swordsmanship she was extending.

“Martha. When you perform that swordsmanship, it would be better to lower your upper body a little more. You will be counterattacked by the enemy….”

It was when Denier turned back to Martha to correct her posture.


The door of the training ground swung open as if it would break, and Aris entered.

“You guys are training huh? Let me join.”

Aris boldly squeezed in between the four of them, as if joining a gambling table.

“Lady Aris! You’re here!”

Martha approached Aris and her obsidian eyes twinkled.

“Are you really going to guide us, Lady Aris?”

Burren was also surprised and opened his mouth wide.


Aris frowned at the two of them.

“You should call me aunt….”


It wasn’t Martha or Burren who followed her instructions first, but Runaan. She threw herself into Aris’s arms and called out ‘aunt’ again.

“Th, that’s….”

Aris gulped at Runaan.

“You can just call me aunt too.”

She smiled awkwardly and patted Runaan’s head.

“Anyway, it looks fun. I’ll guide you a little bit too.”

Aris snapped her fingers as if she didn’t care what anyone else said and stood next to Denier.


Burren, Martha, and Runaan turned to Denier, who had been teaching them until now.

"Let's give it a try."

Denier blinked, giving his approval.

Burren, Martha, and Runaan each displayed the swordsmanship they were practicing, and Aris calmly watched the three of them, unlike when she appeared roughly.

“Martha. You’re similar to me in personality. You’re the type who can’t hold back and draws your sword first, right?”

“That’s right.”

Martha nodded happily.

“That strong personality can sometimes be a disadvantage, but don’t worry, if you overcome it, it'll be worth it."

“How do I overcome it?”

"By sparring with me."


She seemed to have never thought of sparring with Aris before and her eyes widened.


Aris gave Martha advice and looked at Burren.

“You think too much. To change that, you need a lot of experience. Spar with me!”


Burren mouth also hung open in surprise.

“Runaan you're too kind. Your swordsmanship is always thinking of others before yourself. You need to be more selfish. Therefore, spar with me!"

Aris smiled mischievously as she suggested sparring with all three of them.

“We’ll spar right away. So come prepared as if you were going to fight in real life.”


“Got it.”


As soon as she snapped her fingers, Burren, Martha, and Runaan ran to the changing room to put on their equipment.

“Estemeed Sister.”

Denier approached Aris and narrowed his eyes.

“What are you thinking?”


“You’re not the type to take care of children, are you? You’re even neglecting your own son….”

"I neglect him because he's my son. Nephews and nieces, on the other hand, are cute."

“That doesn’t make sense….”

"Enough about me. What are you doing?"

A sinister gleam flashed in Aris' smiling eyes.

"You're not the type to take care of children either."


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