TOTCF 2 (Novel) Chapter 233


After connecting the video communication directly to the Black Castle, Cale was met with Mila's awkward smile.

"What happened?"

Upon Eruhaben's question, she responded with a gentle tone.

-Oh, I'm sorry.

Mila's appearance resembled that of an older sister with sibling troubles.

"Now, Rasheel, that kid, had nothing to do, so I just told him to watch the surroundings from the top of the castle roof."

Cale closed his mouth in silence.

'Did they tell him to stay on top of the castle while it's snowing in this cold?'

Rasheel. That guy is a Dragon too, is it okay to treat him like this?

-It seemed he was bored, so he played while raising his senses. And then, he said he found a Dragon and took the nearby human kid with him.

Mila shook her head with regret.

"He really is an untamed child."

"I'll need to give him a scolding."

Eruhaben sighed and said, and Cale, who was listening silently, spoke with a strange uneasiness.

"Who is the human kid he took?"

Rosalyn? Choi Han?

-Clopeh Sekka. That kid.

Cale, upon hearing those words, involuntarily muttered.

"He took another equally crazy one."

At that moment, Raon intervened with a cheerful voice.

"Human, you're wrong! No one is crazier than Clopeh Sekka, not even Rasheel!"

Cale wasn't an inflexible human.

"Yes, you're right. You're correct."

He couldn't deny the words of the 7-year-old Dragon.

-Hahaha. You don't have to worry too much. Miss Witira also went there because she was bored.


Cale was reassured.

It seemed he didn't have to go back to the Black Castle immediately.

-And there's one more thing...

It was at that moment when Dragon Mila spoke softly...


A loud noise echoed through the video communication device.


And a scene came into view through Mila's shoulder on the screen.

Cale involuntarily opened his mouth.

"E-e-eh, Lady Mila-"

He pointed beyond Mila's shoulder.

"Doesn't it look like the mountain is collapsing right now?"

The distant mountain covered in white snow.

A giant avalanche occurred, and the mountain's peak collapsed.

"Oh my god."

Cale's expression stiffened a bit.

"That direction is where Lock went."

Indeed, the direction Cale had predicted was correct.
Lock, accompanied by several companions, including the Shaman Gashan, set out to meet the wolves living hidden in the Erghe Mountains.

Specifically, Cale planned to meet with the Wolf Tribe Leader and negotiate, then bring them to the Black Castle.

"I'll go as fast as possible."

Cale cut the video call.

Honestly, he wasn't worried about Rasheel and Clopeh Sekka.

'Rasheel is a dragon, and Clopeh Sekka, regardless of what happens to him, is someone who always survives.'

But if by chance, Lock's group got caught in that fight or avalanche, it would be quite problematic.


Fortunately, thanks to Dragon Mila, who took Lock's group to the Wolf Tribe and returned first, Cale knew the approximate location of the Wolf Tribe and could teleport directly.

Even if that hadn't happened, Cale would have returned directly to the Black Castle immediately. Or he would have sent Mila to the Wolf Tribe.

He looked towards the representatives of the calm Har Kingdom.

Dennis, the King, shivered at something.

He avoided Cale's gaze and looked at Bailey, the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

"...He's also a Dragon."

Dennis took a deep breath at Bailey's words.

Cale paid no attention to the King and said what he wanted to say.

"First of all, since we've discussed the important details roughly, we'll go to the Black Castle for a while."

When Cale looked at Eruhaben, he nodded slightly.

"Eruhaben will stay here so that video communication with me can proceed smoothly."

Minister of Foreign Affairs Bailey felt relieved knowing that the Ancient Dragon would stay. Unbeknownst to her, she let out a small sigh of relief and made eye contact with Cale.

"I hope Har Kingdom can figure out why Holy Empire is acting differently than expected."

Cale immediately said what he wanted as if he had no doubts.

"We will handle the fights, but you know what else is necessary, right?"

"I'll do my best."

King Dennis's concise response contained many meanings.

"We have also prepared some cards. We will get everything in optimal condition and contact you directly through this Dragon."


"Although I didn't mention it, we've also prepared a way to deal with the Dragons on our own. So..."

Sssh, ssshh...

Dennis couldn't continue speaking; instead, he turned his head in the direction of an annoying noise that came from before.

A very faint whisper.

Dennis turned his head towards the peculiar sound and was left dumbfounded.

Suddenly, Cale also turned his gaze.

"... What are you doing?"

Cale's eyes captured the sight of Raon lying face down on the floor, tucking his chubby and fleshy front paws under the drawer.

Tak, tak.

A gentle sound came from Raon's chubby front paw as he pulled out and lifted into the air a small white snake, emitting a pitiful sound.

"Human, I caught a snake!"

Within Raon's chubby fist, a small white snake emitted a pitiful cry.

And then, King Dennis exclaimed:

"Oh, Great Elder..."

Great Elder... When Cale felt perplexed, the Prime Minister quickly opened his mouth.

"There is a Great Elder, (Venerable), Beast People who is the guardian of Har Kingdom. He is his son. It seems he came to us as a messenger."

When Cale looked at Raon, he asked with a bright smile.

"Should I let it go?"

"Yes, let it go."

Raon released the snake in his hand, and it instantly darted away. Dennis stepped forward.

"Have you come to convey the words of the Great Elder? You've arrived at the right time."

Dennis's attitude in dealing with the little snake was respectful. The little snake continued emitting breathing sounds and moved swiftly.

Dennis approached the little snake.

"We also have a message to convey. Our messenger hasn't arrived yet..."

Dennis stopped.


A vague sound came from the boy's mouth.

And then...


Cale was also surprised.

'What's going on?'

The little snake, as if scared, rushed towards Cale.


And quickly climbed up Cale's leg, somehow trying to sneak into his embrace.

About the size of Cale's palm, the little snake moved frantically. Without thinking to stop it, Cale stared at it dumbfounded.

The little snake soon climbed onto Cale's shoulder and pressed its face against Cale's cheek.

Woo, woo...

Along with the sound of breathing that seemed to be controlled with difficulty, a cool sensation touched Cale's cheek.


When Raon, surprised, turned to look at the little snake, Cale slightly moved his eyes to look at the little snake.

"W-What's happening?"

The little snake paid no mind to Raon and stared fixedly at Cale. The snake's white pupils made Cale recall someone, someone distasteful.

It was at that moment...

The mouth of the little snake opened.



Cale came to a sudden stop.

What did I just hear?

Cale looked around with a bewildered expression, shifting from the surprise of the residents of Har Kingdom to Eruhaben's annoyed yet amused expression.

"It's not true!"

Raon, shaking his chubby cheeks, shouted.

"Our human is not your dad! Stupid snake!"

Raon vehemently denied while shouting.

"Don't you dare touch his face. Our human has sensitive skin! Don't do it! Stay away!"

Raon, not knowing what to do, kept talking non-stop and then flew towards Cale's face. The more he did, the snake fled in fear.

"Wait a moment."

So, Cale stopped the approaching Raon.


With a surprised expression, Raon looked at Cale and stammered.

"Human, are you this snake's dad?"


Cale sighed.

"It's absurd."

Only then did Raon's expression brighten upon hearing that.

"Exactly! It's absurd! Our human is not this snake's dad! Our human is-!"

After saying that, Raon silently closed his mouth.

Instead of paying attention to that appearance, Cale turned his gaze back to the little snake.

"Are you afraid of Dragons?"

It was a question posed in response to Raon's excessive fear.

This snake couldn't even look at Eruhaben.

The snake nodded and opened its mouth.

“Mom said if I saw a Dragon, I should avoid it at all costs.”


Then, the little snake rubbed its face against Cale's cheek again.

“Why am I your dad?”

At Cale's question, the little snake smiled and opened its mouth.

"Then, is mom...?"


What is this again? Cale was perplexed when suddenly he sensed the unusually silent atmosphere.

The people of Har Kingdom.

The Prime Minister, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, and the King.

Cale knew they were surprised, but he pretended not to notice.

He didn't want to explain everything, and he didn't have time.

"Sir Cale."

At that moment, Bailey, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, exchanged glances with Dennis and then looked at Cale. Her gaze was a bit different.

'What's going on?'

Suddenly, Cale felt a chill down his spine.

Either way, Bailey opened her mouth with a stern expression.

"...I know you're not a Dragon. And I thought you were Human."

That's true. I am Human, right? Or do you think I'm a snake man? Cale opened his mouth to clarify the misunderstanding, but Bailey was quicker.

"...Are you a snake that couldn't become a Dragon? An Imoogi?"

Cale was astonished and responded immediately.

"No, I am not."

Now he had heard it all, even that he was an Imoogi.


But he felt a bit uneasy.

Because in his chest's spatial pocket, there was a Red Crown.

That crown was born from the fusion of two crowns and the Imoogi Core.

'Does the scent come from the Core?'

Cale opened his mouth while pondering if the scent came from that Core.

"So, that Great Elder is an Imoogi."

"Yes, that's correct."

Bailey answered honestly, as if there was nothing to hide.


And the snake was still rubbing its face against Cale's cheek.
Moreover, it finally said what its mother had told it.

"Mom is sick!"


And then lowered its head weakly, as if it was sad.

"Is the Great Elder not feeling well?"

At those words, King Dennis's face turned pale.

Saying that the Great Elder, the last resort to protect Har Kingdom, was sick was a big problem for them.

Cale and Eruhaben's gazes collided.

They didn't need to speak to understand with that look.

'We'll have to meet that Great Elder, right?'

'Of course.'

The Black Castle.

After settling things there, it seemed they would have to meet that Great Elder.

'First, let's clean up the mess Rasheel left.'

And they should also have a light chat with the Dragon here.

Cale didn't think there would be problems. Although the Dragon here was strong, there was only one, while Cale's side had quite a few strong figures.

"First of all, I will go back."



With a bang, Rasheel was impaled on the mountain.


A thread of blood flowed from his mouth.

"Ahh! Ahh!"

Rasheel's eyes, breathing heavily, were reddened from congestion.

He looked at his hand.

The back of his hand was completely torn, with blood dripping in a bright red.

"This damn retrograde dragon..."

Anger shone in Rasheel's eyes. Drops of blood fell onto the white snow.


At that moment, a silver-haired man descended in front of him. His descending feet from the air left imprints on the snow with a soft sound.

"It's strange."

Kendall, the God of Victory who ranked last among the 10 Dragon Gods. He waved his fingers over his silver hair and opened his mouth.

"Where did you come from, Dragon?"

Kendall looked at Rasheel, and Rasheel got up from his spot and opened his mouth.

"You're a crazy bastard."


Still, Kendall laughed as he spoke.

"It's strange. I heard that all Dragons, except the traitors, have taken the Holy Water. Why didn't you take it?"

Panting, panting~

Rasheel bit his lips.

Kendall, looking at Rasheel not responding, continued speaking.

"You're too weak and boring. You should have brought some Holy Water."

Rasheel's clenched fist trembled. Nevertheless, he quickly surveyed his surroundings.

'He escaped.'

Clopeh Sekka. Fortunately, he escaped.

'Quick, you must inform that guy.'

Rasheel thought.

'At least two people like me should come.'

The young silver-haired Dragon in front of him.

To face that crazy one, at least two Dragons of Rasheel's caliber would be needed.


The silver-haired Dragon laughed while tousling his hair.

Rasheel ran towards Kendall again. Of course, not without adding a word.

"Don't laugh so damn much! And don't comb your hair, it's annoying!"

He said it seriously.

At that moment, Rasheel suddenly stopped.
He felt the presence of another entity.

"Haha. Seems to be a Beast People, right?"

The young silver-haired man in front of him laughed as if enjoying the situation.

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