TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 561

N/T: Translation made by our friend 'Irving'. A big round of applause for him :)

Chapter 561


At Burren’s resounding cry, the Light Wind members unleashed the Great Wind Formation while still standing in their positions.

The individual strength of the Light Wind members’ had grown significantly, and their souls had also been awakened through their experience with death, making the Great Wind Formation more powerful than ever.

“Eradicate those pests from Zieghart!”

Martha stepped forward and unleashed her Berserk. With the 1st team of the Light Wind Division following her lead, the Great Wind Formation became a single spear that pierced through the Rakion swordsmen.

The eyes of the Light Wind members, who were advancing like a literal storm, did not show even the slightest fear.


The red currents of the Light Wind members and the magical energy of the Rakion swordsmen clashed head-on, causing the cracks that had appeared on the ground to widen significantly.

“Damn it….”

Bels Rakion clenched his lips as he saw his subordinates’ expressions stiffen. Just as he was about to charge into the center of the Great Wind Formation with his body imbued with magic, a green wind blocked his way.


Rimmer, holding a sword with a leaf-shaped blade, lightly deflected Bels’ greatsword and shook his fingers left and right.

“What, are you going to ignore me too?”

Rimmer grinned and kicked Bels in the abdomen with his foot.


Bels bounced back and rolled on the ground with a sound like a rubber ball bursting.

“The leader of the Light Wind Division is not that cheeky guy, but me!”

Rimmer pointed at himself, still grinning.

“I missed out on the most delicious part, so I have to at least get you.”


Looking at the groaning Bels, Rimmer revealed a fierce gaze


Bels clenched his lips until they bled and raised his greatsword, which was burning with magic.

"The owner of this land is Rakion!”

“Not anymore.”

Red lightning erupted from Rimmer’s palm and pierced through the green wind.

"You've made an irreversible mistake by daring to collude with the Holy Sword Union.”

He struck down Bels’ magic with swordsmanship that combined wind and lightning.


Red lightning and magic exploded in microseconds, filling the air with thick smoke.


After confirming that the battle between the Light Wind members and house Rakion had begun, Raon stepped forward.

As the flames of the Divine Sword and the frost of the Demonic Sword scraped the ground, the dark magic permeating the ground screamed and exploded.

"I never thought the rumor about you unlocking your sword field creation was true. But…”

Juan bit his lip and raised the Cursed Sword Kreatus.

“It means nothing before this Cursed Sword!”

A thick magical aura rose around the Cursed Sword Juan wielded, absorbing the magic he had infused into his subordinates moments ago, seemingly awakening the power of the Cursed Sword.


Juan Rakion thrust his Cursed Sword in a dazzling manner.

The magic emanating from the twelve sword veins (blades) twisted like a fluid stream, lashing towards the heart. The sword strokes themselves displayed a lifelike motion.


Raon focused aura into the mana circuit of his left leg, advancing towards the fractured ground and raising the Divine Sword in his right hand. The crescent-shaped crimson (red) blade soared, blocking the black brilliance.


Divine Sword and Cursed Sword. Fire and cursed magic clashed, creating a deafening explosion reminiscent of countless human screams.


The red and black blades fiercely contested, sparks of violet filling the air without any retreat.

"Is that all you've got!"

Juan, with his black pupils gleaming, pushed forward with the Cursed Sword. The weight of his sword strokes, seemingly carrying the souls of the dead, became incredibly heavy.

"You will pay dearly for killing my son!"

"Your daughter seems not so precious.”

Raon curled his lips and looked down.

"Shielen is a failure! She's just a traitor who abandoned her family!"

"Shielen risked her life to save you guys."

He spat out his boiling anger and swung his Demonic Sword. Flames and frost crossed in a straight line, starting to push back the magic of the Cursed Sword Kreatus.

"She tried to save Rakion until the very end."

Raon met Juan's black eyes through the swords and curled his lips.

"I'll make you regret it even in death."

Simultaneously with his words, the energy converging between the swords could no longer withstand the pressure, causing a massive explosion. The surroundings turned dark, and an eerie darkness engulfed everything.


Raon used the Divine Sword and the Demonic Sword as lanterns to advance through the dark darkness. It felt as if the Supreme Harmony Steps, which had become faster with the mastery of the space sword, had bestowed red and blue wings upon his back.

Before Juan could step back and prepare, he caught up and stretched out the Divine Sword and the Demonic Sword like a graceful dancer.


Flames bloomed from the red blade and petals of frost fluttered from the blue blade. It was the Flame Spirit created by the Divine Sword and the Demonic Sword.

Like cherry blossoms falling as spring passes, petals detached from the blade, cascading down. More than a hundred pieces of astral energy surrounded Juan.


The moment Raon lowered the Divine Sword and the Demonic Sword, the petals that had been descending seemed to spring to life and rose up, creating a storm of fire and frost.


Juan frowned and turned his Cursed Sword to the right. The twelve sword veins vibrated, emitting waves of magic.


The storm of Flame Spirit and the tidal wave of cursed magic covered the earth and sky, causing countless explosions.

Raon threw himself into the explosive aftermath, even shattering Juan's aura shield. As his speed increased, his vision narrowed abruptly, but Juan's magic felt vivid.

A fierce beast's cry roars on the blades of the Divine Sword and the Demonic Sword. It was the Fangs of Insanity performed with two swords.

The principles of the dual swordsmanship that he had learned from Sheryl evolved to a deeper level, unleashed flames and frost more fiercely, scattering them in a savage display.


The formidable energy embedded in the two blades finally tore through the cursed magic, descending towards Juan's chest.

However, Juan, true to his role as the head of the family, did not remain bewildered for long. Slipping backward, he wielded the Cursed Sword like a fan.


A mist of cursed magic rose up and distorted the path of the Divine Sword and the Demonic Sword. He was not only using the power of the Cursed Sword, but also the principles of swordsmanship. He was indeed an opponent not to be taken lightly.


The balance of his swordsmanship is not good.

Because the power of the Cursed Sword was so explosive, his swordsmanship and aura were not able to fully extend. It seemed like the best strategy was to exploit that gap.


Raon tilted his upper body forward and swung both swords upward from below, piercing through the center of the magical energy rushing towards him, like a charging bull.


He rotated flames and frost counterclockwise, unraveling the condensed cursed magic. The Cursed Sword, Kreatus, revealed its black blade as if it was naked.


Raon gripped the Divine and Demonic swords, suppressing the condensed magic within the Cursed Sword Kreatus.


The red, blue, and cursed magic clashed head-on once again, sending a massive shockwave through the surroundings.


Juan's fingertips were trembling, as if he hadn't expected his gathered magic to melt away so easily.

"Damn Zieghart! Damn sword field!"

He cursed and twisted his wrists. The fifth and seventh vein of the Cursed Sword vibrated fiercely and knocked away the Divine and Demonic swords.

However, Juan's large movement created a new opening.

As Raon was about to thrust the Divine Sword through that opening, Juan desperately kicked his feet.


As the massive magical energy struck down, the ground twisted, and the earth mercilessly split.

Raon used the crumbling ground as a stepping stone and advanced, but Juan had already stepped back.

"You're the one who will regret this!"

He twisted his lips and swung the Cursed Sword horizontally. A black aura blade shot out before the sound could be heard. A sinister blade, like a crescent moon lying down, was aimed at his neck.


Raon raised the Divine and Demonic swords in a cross. Lines of flames and frost extended and shattered the aura blade.

Raon hid his body in the dust that rose from the explosion and dug into Juan's left side.

"T-this guy!"

When Juan hurriedly tried to pull away, Raon entered his space with the Supreme Harmony Steps, slashed down with the Divine Sword, and stabbed with the Demonic Sword.


The red sword energy tore out the twelfth blade (vein) of Kreatus, which had not yet prepared, and the blue sword energy pierced Juan's side.


Juan's complexion turned pale rapidly at the deep wound that appeared for the first time.

"Did you really think you could look down on Zieghart with just that much?"

Raon twisted his lips and approached Juan. He kicked the broken blade (vein) of Kreatus and lifted his chin.

"W-why aren't you affected by the magic? Even exposure to the cursed magic should decay your flesh, but why are you unharmed?”

He discarded the refined tone he had displayed as a patriarch and threw a tantrum like a child.

"Because you're weak."

Raon shook his head as he looked at the black magic seeping out of Kreatus.

“I possess resistance that repels magic, and my ability allows me to purify any magic and eliminate magical energy infiltrating my body with divine energy. Therefore, the magic of your Cursed Sword has no effect on me.”

“That’s… ridiculous….”

“Don’t panic.  It hasn’t even begun yet.”

Raon eyes glowed with a reddish light as he charged towards Juan.

Pushing back the cursed magic, Raon lunged forward. Juan slammed the Cursed Sword Kreatus into the ground, a thick fog of cursed magic erupting and blocking the path.

“It’s useless to run.”

Biting his lips, Raon slashed through the magic, followed Juan's movements, and stopped abruptly.


Raon halted his steps, not moving through the gap in the shattered magic. He was too bewildered to utter a word.

“That lunatic….”

Juan wasn’t aiming the Cursed Sword Kreatus at Raon, but at his own subordinates, the ones imbued with the cursed magic.


“My lord…!”

“Why…why are you doing this…”

The Rakion swordsmen could only stare in horror as the blades of the Cursed Sword protruded from their chests. Betrayal flooded their eyes.


The blades began to drain the cursed magic from twenty men, feeding it into Kreatus.

That worthless piece of trash!

Wrath roared, blue demonic fire blazing in his eyes.

Rather than thinking of saving your subordinates, you're killing them to extract magic? How can such trash exist!

More than anyone, Wrath cherished his subordinates. He felt genuine anger towards Juan's actions

Quickly, kill that guy! Tear him apart completely!

‘I was planning to do exactly that.’

Raon slashed through the magic fog, closing in on Juan.

“H-Heuk! It’s because I lack strength! All because I lack strength in everything!”

Juan's eyes were already flipped as if he had lost his mind. The Rakion swordsmen pierced by the Cursed Sword became lifeless before they could even exhale, their bodies drained of both blood and energy, left like zombies in the cracked ground.


A surge of immense  cursed energy blazed from the Cursed Sword Kreatus, forming a black sun.


“My lord…!”

“W-Why are you doing this?!”

The powerful waves of cursed energy from the black sun melted the nearby Rakion swordsmen into puddles of blood. With every death of the swordsmen, the flames of the black sun burned even brighter.

‘I can’t let this continue.’

Raon grit his teeth and charged into the range of the black sun.

“Everyone, retreat!”

Ordering his subordinates back to avoid needless casualties, he rushed at Juan.

The closer he got, the thicker the cursed energy felt, like a swamp trying to hold him back. The oppressive energy made his hands tremble, slowing his movements, but he pushed through relentlessly.


Juan slashed down with the Cursed Sword that had created the black sun. Fierce heat warped the air and twisted space itself.

Juan struck down the black sun, the Cursed Sword, Kreatus, with incredible heat dissipating the atmosphere and distorting space.

Raon used the momentum of his charge to draw a red line with the Divine Sword and unleash a flurry of slashes with the Demonic Sword. Both swords were on the offensive. He had no regard for defense, driven only by the desire to kill Juan.


Heat, cold, and magic clashed, shaking the sky and earth. A gray vortex erupted between the blades, sucking in everything around it.


Raon struggled to move his fingers under the immense pressure, but he twisted the Divine Sword and the Demonic Sword. A clear breeze blew between the heat and cold, connecting the two forces into a single line.


The explosive wave of flames and frost made Juan's hands tremble as the Cursed Sword was pushed back as if it would break.


Juan screamed and forced his grip on the Cursed Sword.

Due to the warrior instincts he had accumulated over the years, his swordsmanship was imbued with the precise and powerful principles of longswordsmanship.

"It's too late to come to your senses now."

Raon unleashed his anger. The aura of the Divine Sword and the Demonic Sword erupted with a magnificent light, burning like the last ember.


As Juan struggled to withstand the aura, he pushed back with his left foot on the ground and swung the Divine Sword and the Demonic Sword that he had been holding back.

The Flame Dragon and Water Dragon's Breath, created by the two swords simultaneously, engulfed the burning sun with mana.

A terrifying explosion engulfed the front, shattering the mana barrier and pulverizing five of the Demonic Sword Critias' sword blades.


Juan staggered backwards. His face instantly turned haggard, looking 20 years older.


Bels Raqion, despite losing his left arm, ran to Juan without hesitation.


Juan pierced his first son's abdomen with the Demonic Sword.

"Ah, Father? What is this..."

"Thank you. You saved my life."

The corruption of a warrior who had lived with inferiority his whole life was even more heinous than that of the demons who had been demons from birth.


Bels fell to the ground, his skin parched like a drought-stricken field. Even his eyes melted away, and he died without being able to take his eyes off Juan.


Juan stood up with a rejuvenated face. Perhaps because he had consumed Bels, who had the most mana, his气势 was even stronger than before.

"Is this the life you wanted?"

Raon bit his lip.

"What are you trying to achieve by joining hands with the Holy Sword Alliance, entrusting your soul to the Demonic Sword, and killing your own son?"

"Shut up!"

Juan roared like a beast and raised the Demonic Sword Critias.

"I will avenge my children!"

The mana had seeped into his bones, and he swung the Demonic Sword Critias, saying that he would avenge Bels, whom he had killed with his own hands.

The fusion of swordsmanship and explosive mana created a black wave that melted everything it touched.

"I will deny your choice."

Raon stepped forward with his left foot and bent his knee. He held the Divine Sword behind his right shoulder and the Demonic Sword behind his right waist, and concentrated all his remaining energy.

The flames of the Divine Sword and the frost of the Demonic Sword slowly subsided, burning faintly like embers.


Heat, cold, and mana clashed, shaking the heavens and earth. Gray smoke billowed between the blades, sucking in everything around it.


Raon struggled to move his fingers under the immense pressure, but he twisted the Divine Sword and the Demonic Sword. A clear breeze blew between the heat and cold, connecting the two unbalanced forces into a single line.


The explosive wave of flames and frost made Juan's hands tremble as the Demonic Sword was pushed back as if it would break.


Juan screamed and forced his grip on the Demonic Sword.

Perhaps due to the instincts of a warrior he had accumulated over the years, his swordsmanship was imbued with the true essence of swordsmanship. It was the precise and powerful movement characteristic of longswordsmanship.

"It's too late to come to your senses now."

Raon unleashed wrath. The energy of the Divine Sword and the Demonic Sword surged with a majestic light, like the final spark igniting.


As Juan was unable to withstand the energy and backed away, Raon pushed off the ground with his left foot and thrust out the Divine and Demonic Swords that he had been holding back.

He unleashed the Flame Dragon Art and Ice Dragon Art simultaneously. The breath of the fire and ice dragons, fueled by wrath, engulfed the blazing sun.

A terrifying explosion enveloped the front, breaking through the magical barrier. The five blades of the Cursed Sword, Kreatus, turned into dust.


Juan staggered backwards. His face instantly became haggard, looking 20 years older.


Despite losing his left arm, Bels Rakion rushed to Juan without hesitation.


Juan stabbed his firstborn son in the abdomen with the Cursed Sword.

"Ah, Father? What is..."

"Thank you. You saved my life."

The corruption of a warrior who had endured a lifetime of inferiority surpassed even that of demons who were inherently devilish from the beginning.


Bels collapsed, his skin dry as if struck by a drought. Even his eyeballs melted, and he died without being able to take his eyes off Juan.


Juan stood up, his face now young again. Perhaps because he had consumed Bels, who possessed the most magic, his aura was now even stronger than before.

"Is this the life you desired?”

Raon bit his lip.

"Joining forces with the Holy Sword Union, entrusting your soul to the Cursed Sword, and even killing your own son. What are you trying to achieve?”

"Shut up!"

Juan roared like a beast and raised the  Cursed Sword, Kreatus.

"I will avenge my children!"

With the cursed magic permeating his bones, he declared that he would avenge Bels, his son, whom he had killed with his own hands, and swung down the Cursed Sword, Kreatus.

The fusion of his longswordsmanship and explosive magic created a dark wave that melted everything it touched.

"I will refute your choice."

Raon extended his left leg forward, bending his knee. He lowered his right shoulder, placing the Divine Sword behind it, and positioned the Demonic Sword behind his right hip, concentrating all remaining energy.

The flames of the Divine Sword and the frost of the Demonic Sword slowly subsided, burning faintly like embers.


As the wind from the dark wave swept through his hair, he infused rotation and pressure into the energy drawn up from his feet, exploding it at his fingertips.

Raon Zieghart Style Swordplay.

Sixth Form, Divine and Demon Harmonization, Linked Technique - Red and Blue Invincible Sword.

The compressed energy of the Divine and Demonic Swords exploded in an instant, mercilessly tearing apart the wave of magic.


He advanced forward. With the two swords, whose heat and cold were subsiding, he cut through the Cursed Sword and severed Juan's arms.


Juan collapsed, spewing black blood from both shoulders. His black pupils shook endlessly, filled with fear and horror.

Raon stepped towards Juan, trampling on the Cursed Sword, Kreatus.

His strength had drained, and the sword field had disappeared, but it didn't matter. Heavenly Drive and the Blade of Requiem were still sharp.


He swung Heavenly Drive downward, driving it into Juan's shoulder.


The silver blade, soaked in blood, burned with red flames, cauterizing Juan's flesh, and blood.


Juan screamed in excruciating pain, shaking his head wildly.

"Now, wait! I will tell you! Whom did I make a deal with? Why are we…”

"There's no information I want from scum like you.

"Raon, holding the Blade of Requiem in his left hand reversed, drove it into Juan's heart.

Bright yellow energy swirled like a vortex, keeping Juan's breath alive while extracting all the mana from his body.


Juan thrashed his legs in agony, as if his flesh and blood were being ripped out, but he couldn't move an inch from the spot because of Heavenly Drive embedded in his shoulder.

"Pl, please! Please stop! Just kill me..."

"I told you."

Raon looked down at Juan with dry eyes and clenched his jaw.

"I'll make you regret it even after you die. This is just the beginning."

He watched until Juan's blood vessels burst open.


Juan closed his eyes as if he was more afraid of Raon's red eyes than the pain of his mana being sucked out, his breath steadily ceasing.

"To think this is the end of the renowned vassal family. How pathetic."

"That trash doesn't deserve to be killed by a simple beheading. We should make him suffer as much as possible before killing him."


Burren, Martha, and Runaan seemed to agree that Juan should not be killed simply.


"It's over. Throw away your weapons."

"Anyone who stands with a weapon will be cut down."

In the midst of the silent battlefield, the swordsmen of Rakion family were disarmed and forced to kneel.

"Indeed, having a good leader makes battles easier.”

"The situation was getting complicated, but he used it to end the battle. He's a great leader, that's for sure."

"It doesn't look like there are any casualties either. It's a perfect victory.”

The Light Wind members smiled at Raon, thinking that they had successfully brought down house Rakion without significant casualties.

"L, leader?"

Rimmer, still in a state of confusion from suddenly losing his opponent, blinked in bewilderment.

"Hey... Who is the leader?"

He gestured forward with his fingers, but no one bothered to turn around.

"I'm the leader! You guys aren't already thinking of Raon as the leader, are you? Huh? Guys?"

Still, no answer came, and only Rimmer's voice echoed emptily.

"Hey, you guys!”


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