TOTCF 2 (Novel) Chapter 218

C218 - No, I Don't Know Anything (1~)


Upon hearing Raon's words, claiming to have gained permission to use magic, Cale felt perplexed.

"That's right, I can use magic!"

"...And your nose? And your body?"

Cale's expression turned serious as he recalled the image of Raon shedding blood while using magic. Raon approached Cale with a serious face and tapped his chubby front paw on Cale's shoulder.

"Human, I'm not as weak as to fall from a simple hit like you."


"I am very resilient."

Cale silently swallowed saliva. However Cale looked at him, Raon seemed very satisfied as he extended his belly in front of Cale.

"And Eruhaben-nim?"

"Ah, Goldie Gramps wanted me to bring the Human anyway!"

It seemed he would have to get details from the Ancient Dragon. Cale averted his gaze from the place that had been momentarily forgotten due to Raon's appearance.

There stood Lock, who was standing in an awkward position, and Koukan, who was holding Lock's arm with desperation. Cale opened his mouth.

"The Wolf Tribe Leader is named Jessie?"

"Yes, yes, yes!"

Koukan, hesitating, closed his eyes for a moment and then spoke.

"I can't tell you the details without the leader's permission, but... we want Young Lock to be our teacher-"

"Wait a moment."

Cale stopped Koukan's words. He remembered the words Koukan had accidentally blurted out while holding Lock's arm.

'Young Lock, please save our Jessie, no, our Leader! No, show us! Please, show us how to transform correctly in front of our Young Mistress! We beg you!'

Apparently, the Wolf Tribe Leader, Jessie, was not carrying out the Berserk Transformation correctly. And since help was requested, the probability of her health not being good was high. But most importantly...

"If Lock wants to be a teacher or not, it's his choice."

If Lock wanted to be a teacher, he would be. And if not, he wouldn't be.

But this Lock, who was pure and clumsy, might offer his help as a teacher or something just because he was from the same Wolf Tribe.

Therefore, he had to say something like that.

Cale told Koukan with a soft and calm voice:

"If the person involved is not present, an adequate explanation of the situation cannot be given, and if you just ask for help without more, do you think it will work?"

Cale's smile intensified.

"Or not?"


Koukan's mouth opened wide, and Cale pointed to Koukan's hand that was tightly holding Lock's arm. Or more precisely, he pointed to Koukan's hand, which was gripping Lock's arm as if it were a rope.

"Please, let go of the child's arm. It hurts if you hold it so tightly."

Cale was bothered by the thought of Lock's thin and gentle hand being held tightly. Although he himself had gained a bit of weight after resting and eating properly in the Central Plains, Lock didn't seem to gain weight despite eating as much as he wanted. According to what he heard, even Beacrox, who returned from the Central Plains, received large quantities of special steaks at every meal, but Lock still didn't gain weight. But his height kept growing.


Cale clicked his tongue for no apparent reason. He didn't know why he felt annoyed, but after clicking his tongue, he felt a little better.

However, while still frowning, Cale quickly showed a smile. After all, he couldn't be really upset with this person.


Koukan quickly released Lock's arm and straightened his posture.

Then, Cale looked at Lock, whose face turned red. Lock was still transformed and massaging his arms.

'It seems like it really hurt him.'

Cale could clearly see that Koukan was holding Lock's arm very tightly.

This gentle Lock couldn't say no to such an action and didn't know what to do.

'Choi Han is kind, but still has a smart side, so I'm less worried. Even if Lock is gentle, he's too gentle.'

Cale opened his mouth.


"Yes, yes?"

"Decide what you want to do."

Cale's eyes turned to Gashan and Witira.

"Of course, also seek advice from others."

"Yes, yes!"

"And you two."

Cale looked at the Tiger Shaman and the Whale Tribe Successor and pointed to Koukan and Lock.

"It seems I need to go see Eruhaben-nim. It would be good if both of you handle this matter for me."

"Alright. After the conversation is clearer, I will inform Young Master Cale."

Weitira smiled mischievously.


Cale stopped at Witira's charming smile.

'What's going on?'

With an expression that seemed to say "something cute," Witira looked at Cale with a friendly gaze. Although Cale felt an inexplicable discomfort, he decided to think that it was just his imagination and stood up from his seat.

"Well, I'll be going for now."

Cale gestured with his eyes to the average 10-year-old children.

Raon, On, and Hong approached Cale.

The four left the underground training room, and Lock, who remained behind, silently watched Cale's retreating figure.

Then he lowered his gaze. His strong arms, still unreleased from their restraint, looked robust.

'... It doesn't hurt at all.'

Lock felt ashamed by a strange embarrassment. But Cale's word "kid" still echoed in his ears.

He wanted to grow up quickly and do his part. He had to be more reliable to take care of his many brothers.

'A kid!'

In Cale's eyes, did he still look as young as the first time they met?

But Lock knew it wasn't the case.

'He trusts me.'

Cale's words about Lock's choice to become a teacher or not. The premise that Lock had the ability to teach the Wolf Tribe Leader here, including Koukan, had already been established. Therefore, Lock felt that Cale saw him as someone capable of becoming a teacher.

So, Lock knew the meaning behind Cale still calling him a "kid."


Really, Cale-nim resembled his uncle.

Various feelings swirled inside Lock. But they weren't negative feelings. In fact, looking at Koukan watching him, Lock thought that maybe he could become a teacher, something that had always seemed so distant.

"It's cute to see both of you at my age."

The sudden voice made Lock's gaze turn to Witira.


Lock mumbled unconsciously. Witira, without saying a word, shrugged and asked Koukan.

"Let's start by hearing the story about Erghe Mountain Range and the Wolf Tribe. Let's also talk about the current issues the Beast People are facing in this land."

With a determined look, Lock felt tension in his shoulders.

Gashan chuckled entertained, and as Koukan began carefully speaking, the story began.




It was Cale. He came out from behind the Black Castle.

Step, step.

Cale's steps slowly treaded the snow-covered ground.

'Should I go to this extent?'

His body was wrapped in fur clothing at the moment.

His reflection in his shadow looked like a snowman.

'This seems a bit exaggerated.'

Frowning as he diverted his gaze from his shadow, Cale saw Ron's warm smile and lowered his forehead.

And then, he simply approached Eruhaben.

"Have you come?"

Next to the Ancient Dragon were Rasheel, the Dragon with the Indomitability Attribute, and the Dragon Half-Blood.


Hong passed by Cale and ran through the thick snow. Then he went to the side of the Dragon Half-Blood. The Dragon Half-Blood discreetly yielded his spot and moved his wings to create a circular space.

"Here, the wind doesn't blow! It's warm!"

Unconsciously, On and Raon slid under his arched wings, resting comfortably on the dragon bones of the Dragon Half-Blood. Cale silently observed that scene, meeting the gaze of the Dragon Half-Blood.


Again, the Dragon Half-Blood averted his gaze.

'... This bastard...'

For no apparent reason, Cale let out an annoyed remark.

"Hey, are you still upset because I haven't given you a name? I already have everything ready..."

At that moment, Cale couldn't continue speaking. And then, he saw.


The expression of the Dragon Half-Blood looking at him with an incredulous expression.


And On shook her head from side to side.

Of course, Raon and Hong were busy building a snowman and didn't even look at Cale.


Cale felt a strange discomfort seeing the Dragon Half-Blood turn his head to the opposite side with his shoulders slouched. The Dragon Half-Blood was adopting a rather dejected posture.

'Why is he acting like this?'

Somehow, he seemed to get along with the others, even with Sheritt. What's the problem?

Cale had no idea.

"The reason Raon can use magic is due to his innate ability."

Eruhaben got straight to the point.

"You, do you remember the Gray Eye Lake?"

"Yes. I remember. We obtained Sky Eating Water there."

Cale remembered as he stood next to Eruhaben.

The Gray Eye Lake, a place in the Eastern Continent.

This was the place where he went to retrieve the "Water of Judgment" based on information obtained from the lair of the deceased Dragon. Of course, the "Water of Judgment" abandoned the name given by God and introduced itself as Retrogressive Water, calling itself "Sky Eating Water."

'And that place was also...'

It was also a place Raon visited during his first growth phase.

"You will also remember it. At that time, you were in danger of your Plate breaking."

The war with the Indomitable Coalition.

The battle between the Breck Kingdom and the Indomitable Alliance.

The gigantic fight that took place at the 'Gorge of Death.'

In the process, Cale completely depleted the 'Dominating Water,' and as a result, the balance of Ancient Powers within his body collapsed.

As a result, Cale should have been in danger of his Plate breaking, but fortunately, he was granted three days.

'It was thanks to Super Rock.'

For the first time, Cale used the terrifying power of Super Rock in the Gorge of Death.

Super Rock promised Cale that it would protect him.

With that power, Cale was able to create countless stone spears to fight against the Dragon Half-Blood and maintain Cale's body balance, delaying the moment his Plate would break as much as possible.

Thanks to that, Cale was able to go to the Eastern Continent and obtain 'Sky Eating Water' at the Gray Eye Lake, restoring the balance of his body and making his Plate grow even more.

'All that while Raon was experiencing his first growth phase.'

From the battle in the Gorge of Death to obtaining ancient power at the Gray Eye Lake.

During those days, Raon spent his first growth phase without awakening, wrapped in a fever.

As a result, he gained the 'Present' Attribute.

"At that time, I could understand to some extent your state and Raon's."

Eruhaben watched Raon, who was building a snowman.

"Cale, did your Plate grow at that time?"

"Yes. Even if it's crystal, it has grown."

The calm voice of the Ancient Dragon reached Cale as he nodded.

"And Raon lost his Plate."


For Cale, it was completely new information.

"Raon's Plate... has disappeared?"

How could that be possible?

With a doubtful look, Cale met the eyes of the Ancient Dragon, who recalled that moment.

"The first growth phase. Dragons confront themselves in the world of dreams. Depending on how they face themselves as adult Dragons, the way they go through the growth phase and the result can be different."

Raon must have seen himself as an adult Dragon.

"And during the first growth phase, Dragons cannot use mana."


"Raon used it. And his body changed."

The first growth phase of a dragon is the foundation for the dragon to grow rapidly in the second and third growth phases. Therefore, even if there is not much external change, the internal change is enormous.

"Raon lost his Plate."

Cale and the Ancient Dragon's gazes met.

"To be precise, the limits of Raon's Plate disappeared."

The Ancient Dragon looked around.

"The world has become Raon's Plate."

Eruhaben made his assessment of it.

"I thought it meant that Raon's Plate was so large and showed its qualities as a Lord Dragon."

Able to contain infinitely, learn infinitely.

That's why, when Eruhaben told Raon that he could learn anything and he did so diligently, he thought it was because of that personality that the Plate's structure had disappeared.

"But now, thinking about Raon's 'Present' Attribute, it seems I interpreted it differently."

Raon's 'Present' Attribute.

"For Raon, 'Present' was not simply a temporal term. For Raon, everything in this space, time, and everything that exists within it is his Plate."

Eruhaben observed the seven-year-old little Black Dragon.

That little child...

"There are no restrictions for Raon. For Raon, even a restricted world can become his Plate."

Suddenly, Cale remembered when Maxiliann said that Raon would change destiny...

"Raon is-"

Eruhaben let out a hollow laugh.

It was a rather pleased expression.

"Raon was truly great. Or more precisely, he simply 'is.' He can exist completely as himself anywhere. And if he realizes his Attribute and grows-"

The Ancient Dragon remembered Raon as an adult Dragon.

If he could awaken all his potential.

It might be an exaggeration, but.


"He can break any chain and manipulate any space and time according to his will."

The meaning of those words was well understood by the Ancient Dragon.

Any chain, even if it were destiny.

Raon could break it.

No, even within that, he could exist completely as himself.

"...In other words, he could become a variable that can change anything."

Cale looked at the little Black Dragon wriggling in the white snow.

He remembered the Black Dragon he saw in the dark cave.

He remembered the blue eyes shining as he looked at the stars.

An existence that should have died but survived and changed its fate.

“Raon is alive in the Present. That's the power of that child.”

Eruhaben smiled.

"There is nothing greater than being alive. That child is a truly great Dragon, as I said."


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