TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 519

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Chapter 519

Raon pushed away Wrath, who was floundering in the air, and checked the first message that appeared.

[You have defeated the one who has surpassed the human realm and reached the heavens.]

[You have achieved a great feat that is impossible to achieve at your current realm.] 

[All stats increased by 30 points.]

An increase of 30 points in all stats was an unprecedented value among single rewards.

Th, thirty....

Wrath was also surprised and couldn't close his open mouth.


New vitality surged through his body. It felt like his muscles and mana circuits had extreme elasticity, and a strong resonance spread throughout his body.

Wrath said that it was difficult to feel the effect of increasing stats as they increased, but this was a significant difference.

Raon clenched his fist. He felt the strength that could crush even steel, and then checked the second message.

[A new trait <Absorption of the Snow Flower> is created.] 

[A new trait <Thrust of the Snow Flower> is created.]

He narrowed his eyes as he looked at the two new traits.

'Snow flower...'

The attachment of the name "Snow Flower" indicated that it was Wrath's skill, but the remaining words did not reveal the precise meaning.

What are you giving him? Why are you giving him this!

Wrath stared at the messages, grabbing handfuls of his own hair.

‘What is it?’

I won't tell you anything!

He refused to tell him, closing his mouth tightly.


Raon looked at the message again and licked his lips.

‘They won't just give anything away.’

The system always gave out rewards that were appropriate for the accomplishments and actions that had been done.

Therefore, the skills demonstrated by Wrath during his descent hinted at possibilities for the rewards.

‘absorb and thrust… Ah….’

Raon exclaimed and slapped his hand against the wall loudly.

'Is that it? The thing you pulled and pushed the opponent with cold energy!’

Wrath used the cold energy to push away the Dark Sword of the Holy Sword Union leader and pull the White Blood Religion leader into his hand.

The traits he had just acquired were clearly the abilities he had shown at that time.

No, it's not.

Blue energy leaked from Wrath's pupils. Though he denied it, his trembling gaze and voice admitted the truth.

‘I liked that, and it's perfect.'

This goddamn system! How much longer are you going to give it away! Don't you know how to restrain yourself!

Wrath cursed the system, screaming in anger.


This time, he checked the new title he had acquired.

[New title <Colorless Healer> is created.]

<Colorless Healer>

A title bestowed upon a selfless martial artist who prioritizes comrades over their own wounds.

Ability: When healing others with the divinity that bloomed from the darkness, the effect is doubled.

The content was simple, but the ability was not simple.

In the future, when he healed someone with his divine energy, the effect would be doubled, which was an incredible effect.

'That's good.'

It meant that he could treat the Light Wind members faster and more effectively in case something similar to Orgos' assault happened, so he felt relieved.


Wrath also thought that this ability was useful for his subordinates (Light Wind division members), therefore, this time, he remained silent. He was a remarkably consistent guy.

Raon looked at the last of the increased traits.

[Trait <Evil Eye of Wrath> rank increases.]

[Trait <Spiral Power> rank increases.]

[Trait <Divinity Blooming from the Underworld> rank increases.]

[Trait <Aura of Death Resistance> rank increases.]

[Trait <Armor of Snow Flower> rank increases.]

As expected, the rank of the traits that he and Wrath used in the battle had increased. Of course he did not expect five traits to rise.

I'm going crazy!

Wrath pulled his lips as he saw the message about the rise in the rank of the traits.

Apart from many things, isn't this too strange!


The King of Essence defeated them all, and he saved them all, but why do you get all the rewards!

He shook his round shoulders, saying that there is no such law in the world.

'This is just my thought, but....'

Raon pointed to his body with his finger.

'I sacrificed my mental realm to allowing you to manifest between my soul and body."


'You killed the enemies and saved the Light Wind division, but in the end, it was my body, hands and feet that achieved it. So, isn't it coming to me reasonable?'

Though Raon said it was his opinion, it was pretty much a certainty. Without that, such rewards wouldn't make sense.


Upon hearing the truth, Wrath's face turned as red as a radish.

I've decided!


As soon as the King of Essence go to Devildom, he will beat that damn system! He will smash it completely so that it can never do this again!

'So be it.'

He really will! The King of Essence will also take back all the stats you have stolen from him!

'Yes. Do that.'

Raon waved his hand. It didn't matter because it didn't seem like Wrath would ever go back to Devildom.

‘Getting a big reward is nice, but..'

The rank of the soul does not rise.

The system acknowledged that he killed Orgos instead of Wrath, but the rank of the soul didn't rise. It seemed like it needed to be acknowledged as killed by one's own hands and abilities.

You're even counting the soul rank there? This shameless bastard!

‘Just a thought.’

Grrr! Frustrated! The King of Essence is so frustrated that he hear thunder in his stomach!

'That's because you're hungry....'

Then fill my stomach at least!


Raon looked at Wrath, who was struggling, and took out his spatial pocket.


After checking the pocket, he smiled.

‘'I have something to eat, but...'

Really? If it's jerky, I'll kill you!

'It's not jerky.'

Raon smiled awkwardly and took out a slightly burnt brown bread.

'I have Nadine bread...'


*     *      *

Advance chapters: 

For Indonesian:


Burren sighed as he looked at Rimmer, who was lying on a rocking chair.

"How long do we have to stay here?"

"Until everyone recovers.”

Rimmer didn't even turn his head and just flicked his fingers.

"We've all recovered, haven't we?”

Martha pushed Rimmer's chair back and frowned.

"Not yet."

Rimmer shook his head slightly.

"The physical wounds are almost healed, but the mental shock was great. We faced death, so now is the time to rest deeply."

He answered and then slumped back in his chair. He looked like a caterpillar.


Runaan looked at Rimmer and pouted.

"You don't have the right to say that to me, even if it's someone else."

"I'm much better than the leader."

She muttered softly and turned her head away.

"Don't be too impatient. Honestly, we don't even know what happened to you guys."

Rimmer sighed briefly and raised his gaze.

"We don't know if Merlin really healed you, or if an unnamed saint just happened to pass by and healed you. It's time to be careful now."

He pointed at Burren's eyes with his finger.

"Are your eyes okay? Don't you see any ghostly things?"


Burren calmly touched his blue-regenerated eyeball with a calm expression.

"They actually see better than before. A bit tired, though..."

"Even with divine power, regenerating a burst eye doesn't make sense, especially in a different color. Now, you guys need to rest and check your physical condition."

Rimmer shook his head, saying that it was not the time to do something.

"That's true, but..."

Burren licked his lips.

"We don't know what happened to Raon. It's frustrating..."

"Where is that guy? Is he really alive?"

Martha bit her lip, worried about Raon as well.

"I have to brag to Raon..."

Runaan sighed briefly and clasped her knees.

"It's okay."

Rimmer smiled faintly at the captains of Light Wind division.

"If it's him, he'll come back looking healthier than you guys.

"Are you sure?"

Martha narrowed her eyes 


"Yes, yes."

Rimmer nodded with a slightly unsure voice.


Runaan stood up as soon as she heard Rimmer's confirmation.

"Where are you going?"

"I don't have time to be doing this if I want to brag to Raon when he comes back."

She said she was going to train and headed for the door without hesitation.

"That's true."

Burren nodded.

“He'll scold me for not practicing as soon as he comes back, not even caring about me becoming a Master.”

He also followed Runaan with a smile.

"If it's a lie, I won't stay quiet."

"Sure, sure."


Martha sighed briefly and then headed towards the door.


As soon as Runaan opened the door, the Light Wind members, who were leaning against the wall, could be seen.

"We'll go too."

Dorian and the Light Wind members opened the way for the captains to pass so that they could train together.

The Light Wind members, without hesitation, headed for the rehabilitation training center attached to the treatment center.


Rimmer sighed and leaned back in the rocking chair. The creaking sound of the chair somehow sounded uneasy.

"That rascal took him away..."

Will he be okay?

*     *      *

Raon stood in the center of the deck and raised his head.

Aris' hammock swayed slightly in the wind.

"Lady Aris."


A tired voice came from the hammock, as if Aris had just woken up from sleep.

"Is it okay for me to just do this? I want to help even a little bit..."

While all the crew, including Labawin and Kuberad, were busy preparing for the hunt, he felt a little awkward just doing meditation training.

"They have their own work to do, and you have your own work to do. Just make sure to close the hole that's getting bigger in your mental world."

Aris waved her hand, advising not to dwell on unnecessary thoughts and to prepare for the fight.

"I've closed it."

Raon answered calmly, looking up at the hammock.


Aris immediately raised her upper body, looking down below. After looking at Raon's head for a moment, she opened her mouth wide.

"Really? Since when did it stop?"

"Last night."

Thanks to consistent meditation and the operation of the Ring of Fire, the phenomenon of the hole widening completely stopped.

Now, it's just a matter of filling that dark hole, and he should be able to regain his original strength.

"You're quite a strange one."

Aris muttered, unable to understand, and let out a sigh as if dismissing unnecessary thoughts.

"I understand why father is so eager to find you."

"Excuse me?"

“Never mind. Well then, just rest."

She cut off the conversation and lay back on the bed.

"No, I'm saying it's uncomfortable to rest..."

"It's better resting than getting beaten up, isn't it?"

Aris raised her fist while lying down. The sound of cracking came from her fist.


Raon sighed and walked to the end of the deck.

'She's really a peculiar person.'


When he was looking down at the sea, Wrath licked his lips loudly.

With so much food out there, yet not being able to touch it is frustrating.

He pleaded for someone to fish and bring him food.

I'm really going crazy!

'I told you we'll be at the city soon, so just be patient.'

Is that true?

‘Yeah. It's estimated to arrive around noon.'

Raon looked up at the sky. Judging by the position of the sun, it seemed they were only about two hours away from reaching the city.

"I'll treat you to whatever you want to eat as soon as we get to the city."

I'd like to believe you this time, but something always gets in the way...

'This time won't be a problem. The coastal city of Aikar is quite a large place. There are many seafood restaurants.'

Well, in that case...

Wrath seemed to be thinking about the seafood he wanted to eat, and he closed his eyes and grinned.

Raon smiled at Wrath. As he was comforting the demon king and continuing the voyage for over two hours.


Wrath screamed loudly as he looked at the distance.

I knew this would happen! Nothing ever goes smoothly!


When he tilted his head at Wrath's cry filled with anger, Aris jumped off the hammock.

Her eyes were as cold as when she mentioned Kaibar.

"Labawin, Raon."

He ran to her at Aris' call.

"What's wrong?"

Labawin, who had been in the captain's room, also came out and stuck to Aris' side.

"Aikar is being attacked."

Aris bit her lip as she looked at the eastern coast.

Indeed! A battle is happening in that distant city!

Wrath also agreed with Aris and frowned.

About 20 minutes later, a giant city surrounded by gray fog came into view. The protective wall around the harbor was partially destroyed, and inside, sea monsters endlessly poured in.

Although they wanted to examine the interior, the fog prevented them from seeing clearly. However, it was evident that not only fog but also black smoke was rising, indicating a serious situation.

"Using magic to break the wall and defense system, sending in sea tribe and monsters in such a dirty way. Kaibar!"

Aris, clenching her teeth, stood at the bow of the ship.

"Labawin, drive the ship at full speed, and Raon, follow me."

As soon as she said that, she kicked the deck and stepped into the air.


Labawin nodded and went up to the upper deck.

"Let's go."

Aris without looking at the sea, stepped on the air like it was solid ground, heading towards the burning city with smoke and fog.


Raon jumped off the ship after Aris. The sea was more turbulent than when he stepped on the river, but it was not difficult to keep his balance.

Even though he used the fastest movement of Supreme Harmony steps, it was not easy to catch up with Aris. She had already crossed the half-collapsed wall and entered the city long before him.


As soon as Raon entered the city, cutting through the fog, he let out a sigh.

It seemed that not only the wall was destroyed by magic, but the entire defense system of the city was completely destroyed. Strong-looking corpses of warriors and magicians were scattered around

Even those who survived were sweating profusely while fighting countless monsters, and civilians were dying unprotected.

"Do you know what to do?"

He nodded at Aris' question.

"Then move on your own!"

Aris issued an indirect command and proceeded toward the city center.

'I'll start with the nearest place.'

Raon moved to the right, not looking at Aris, where he heard screams.

Behind a crumpled building, a shark-shaped monster with mole-like claws, Sharkmole, was lunging at an elderly couple with its teeth bared.

"You, you!”

The old man swung his wooden cane, but Sharkmole scoffed, extending its claws towards him.


Raon pushed the ground hard.

'Too far!'

He arrived too late, and there was a possibility that the building itself would fall if he used a large amount of energy. It seemed like he wouldn't be able to stop it like this.

'Well then..'

In the past, there might have been no choice but to let them die, but now there was a way to save them. Raon activated the trait he obtained from Wrath, the "Absorption of the Snow Flower."


His upper energy center was stimulated and became hot. The colorless energy wave that rose along with Glacier's cold energy pulled Sharkmole towards it. It was not like ordinary wind but a peculiar harmony of the energy and aura.


Sharkmole, seemingly perplexed, whimpered, unable to resist the absorption.


Raon swiftly plunged between buildings and slashed Sharkmole's throat.


Sharkmole, unaware of its fate, toppled backward. Its massive body collapsed, and gray smoke erupted from the ground.

No way...

Wrath stared, mouth agape, at Sharkmole with its severed neck.

Did you used it in real combat right away?

He blinked his eyes blankly, as if he couldn't believe that he had used the ability of Absorption of the Snow Flower right away.

‘You saw me do it.’

Having witnessed Wrath using it against Transcendents, Raon considered it a natural course of action.

This darn...

Wrath gritted his teeth in frustration.

"Thank you."

"Uh, thank you..."

The elderly couple expressed gratitude while seated.

"Go towards the harbor. A ship will arrive soon."

After informing the elderly couple of their safety, Raon ran back to the place where screams were echoing.


A giant stingray-like monster, Mantakun, was swooping down towards a circular shelter. It was ramming the building with its thick head, causing the ground to shake.


In the end, a hole was blown through the shelter, which could not withstand Mantakun's charge. The sea monsters riding on its back were preparing to throw themselves inside.


Raon used the Thrust of the Snow Flower, kicking the ground. He felt his energy center undulating like waves and stretched out his hand. The colorless energy that rose from his palm pushed the monsters that were trying to break into the shelter out and they fell to the ground without anything to hold onto.


He used the Supreme Harmony steps then slash a red line. The fiery line that burned on the blade of Heavenly Drive cut Mantakun's body in half, which was thicker than a building.


The sharp blade of fire tore apart the sea monsters that had fallen to the ground, as if it were not satisfied with just cutting Mantakun.


"W-we survived..."

"What on earth happened?"

The people in the shelter gasped for breath as they looked up at the gaping hole.

"Just wait a little longer, and the rescue team will come."

Raon blocked the hole in the shelter with Glacier's cold and moved north. The largest energy was moving there right now.

As he crossed the buildings and climbed up, he saw a creature with gray skin like ash and a blue robe.

'Is it the sea fog tribe that Kaibar controls?'

With it gray skin, fins on it calves and forearms, and back, and the way it effortlessly controlled the fog, it was clearly a sea fog tribe member.


The sea fog tribe effortlessly controlled the gray fog, driving the warriors back. Despite the coordinated efforts of six warriors, the sea fog tribe adeptly protected itself with the mist while targeting the vulnerable points of the warriors.

'These beings created the fog that envelops this city.'

Raon calmed his breathing and plunged into the fog. When he was about to swing Heavenly Drive, which was held back, the sea fog tribe's gaze turned to him.


The sea fog tribe did not panic, but condensed the fog to create a shield and prepared to attack with his right hand.


Raon plunged into the fog and threw out the Fang of Insanity. The claws of the beast skillfully exploited openings in the fog.


The sea fog tribe retreated in surprise, but it was useless. The crazy beast's teeth would not let go once they bit.


The three strikes of the Fangs of Insanity followed, and its head rolled off.


Raon lowered his sword and took a short breath.


"The, sea fog tribe was defeated so easily?"

"In just four moves..."

"Who the hell...?"

The warriors who were fighting the sea fog tribe could not hide their surprise and trembled their lips.

"The pirate king will come soon. Please withdraw."

Raon told the warriors to move to the harbor and then ran in the direction where the energy of the monsters and the sea fog tribe was strongly felt.

As he ran at full speed, a seagull flew in from the side. It wasn't unusual to see seagulls in a coastal city, but amid the chaos, having one approach a human was peculiar.

"Could it be...?"

Swallowing nervously, he squinted as the seagull's beak twitched.

"I found you!"


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