TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 518

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Chapter 518

Dragon grilled is delightful! It's meat with a satisfying chewy taste!

Wrath approached Aris as if he was drooling.

If you serve the King of Essence dragon grill, he might forgive this thieving girl!

He arrogantly nodded his chin towards Aris, who had somehow become a thieving girl.

'Please be quiet.'

Raon pushed Wrath, who was dancing in the air, and looked into Aris's cold eyes.

He thought she was just a person who pursued peace and freedom, but he didn't know she could make that kind of expression.

"Rampaging mad hatchling, are you really talking about a dragon?"

"That's right. It's a dragon."

Aris slowly opened and closed her eyes.

"Have you ever heard of the dragon Kaibar?"

"No, I haven't heard of it."

"Well, it hasn't been long since the bastard woke up."

She twisted her mouth as she pulled the threads off the protective band on her wrist.

"Kaibar is a blue dragon that hates humans to an unusual extent."

"Hate humans?"

Raon narrowed his eyebrows.

'Is that possible?'

The dragon race is known to be neutral on the continent, only moving when a catastrophe arises that neither humans nor other races can handle.

While stories of dragons ignoring humans are common, a dragon hating them was unheard of.

"In truth, it's not just hatred, it's more like intense disgust."

Aris's eyes flashed fiercely.

"Since it woke up, it has annihilated more than five coastal villages and cities."

From her trembling breath, Raon could sense Aris' anger towards the blue dragon Kaibar.

"I had no idea such a thing had happened."

While attending the Five Divine Rulers festival ceremony in Barena and concentrating on his own growth and that of the Light Wind division, he never imagined that a dragon attack would occur on the distant coast.

"Most dragons generally consider humans as inferior beings and ignore them, as you're thinking. But occasionally, some peculiar ones appear. There are always a few crazy ones among humans, right?"


"Kaibar is one of those. It is recorded that he committed a massacre in a major city near his nest several hundred years ago.”

Aris frowned, calling him a crazy lizard.

That's right.

Wrath nodded calmly.

Not all lizards act arrogantly just because they're lizards. There are crazy ones, just as that thief woman mentioned. And those kinds of lizards...

He extinguished the eerie atmosphere and patted his plump belly.

It will become the King of Essence's meal. Looking forward to it. Lizard meat!

Wrath drooled, saying he could chew on the flesh of the dragon for the first time in a while.

"So, Kuberad is here for that reason."

Raon ignored Wrath and turned his eyes to Kuberad, who was sitting in a chair.

"To make weapons to hunt dragons."

The weapons in Kubererd's workshop were all large and sturdy. He wondered why he made them, It seemed like they were specialized for fighting large monsters.

"That's right."

Kuberad nodded quietly.

"Anyway, I'm going to die soon. I just came out to get some air for the last time."

"Ha, you're saying that again. You heard that a lot of people died. You got up and said you were going to go."

Aris shrugged her shoulders, saying that he was an inevitable inspiration.

"Hah, you say that again. People are dying a lot, they say. Suddenly got up and said, 'Let's go.'” (하, 또 그런 말 하네. 사람들이 많이 죽었다고 하니까. 벌떡 일어나서 가자고 했으면서.)

Aris shrugged, calling it an inevitable inspiration.

"Don't talk nonsense!"

Kuberad waved his hand in embarrassment, saying it was nonsense.

'Of course...'

Raon smiled faintly as he looked at Kuberad, whose face was flushed.

'He's a good person.'

Kuberad made the Blade of Requiem to comfort the people who died by the White Blood Religion, and he even giving away the sword to him without any compensation.

With a substantial accumulation of wealth, he could have led a life of leisure, however witnessing him come out to the sea at the risk of his life to stop the dragon, he is a person deserving of utmost respect.


He looked at Aris, who was standing on the opposite side of Kuberad.

“Lady Aris is the same."

A dragon is like a natural disaster to humans. It was not a normal thought to try to hunt a dragon.

She is not just pursuing freedom, but she also seems to be a thoughtful person, seeing that she even created the existence of a Pirate King to protect those under her.


Raon rubbed his dry lips as he looked at the two of them.

‘Hunting a Blue Dragon in the sea is nearly impossible.'

Asking which dragon is the strongest would yield varied opinions.

The red dragon is impulsive and possesses the strongest firepower, the gold dragon adeptly controls lightning and exhibits wisdom, the green dragon induces poisoning when approached, and the black dragon is reputed to govern time, each had their unique strengths.

Since everyone has different thoughts, there will be many opinions.

However, if you ask what is the most difficult dragon to hunt, the answer will be the same for everyone.

The blue dragon in the sea.

The blue dragon, whose nest is in the sea and who freely controls water and cold, was no different from an impregnable fortress for humans.

"Can you really hunt a blue dragon?"

"Of course it's not easy. Kaibar is not only controlling sea monsters, but also the Sea Tribe. However…”

Aris raised her hand and clenched her fist. A sound like bones crunching could be heard from her fist.

"I'm not the type to just take a beating like this."

She smiled coldly, saying it's a job that needs to be done, whether it means life or death.


Raon narrowed his eyes as he looked at Aris' fist.

'It's a little different.'

At first, he thought Aris' personality was similar to Rimmer's, but now it seems that there are some differences.

If Rimmer was a cold wind that freely blows through the winter forest, Aris was like a sea breeze that could turn into a storm at any time.

"Can you help me?"

"Before that...

Raon postponed his answer and looked at Aris.

"I want to hear about the upper energy center you mentioned at first."

Aris said that if he helped with this, the recovery of the energy center would be faster. He wanted to know how that worked.

"Have you heard of the term JeongGiShen?" (정기신) (정 Jeong = physical body or vitality, 기 Gi = energy or mana, 신 Shen = mind or soul)

"I know."

Raon nodded.

'The head of house and the Sword Demon also emphasized it.'

Glenn and Rekhtar both said that physical body, energy, and mind must be in harmony in order to fully exert their martial power and reach higher realms, so he remembered it clearly.

Jeong is the body. It is important how suitable the body is for using martial arts, but your Jeong is…”

Aris curled her lips as she looked at Raon.

"Solid (strong) yet flexible. Honestly, your jeong is above that of a Grandmaster. Even though you haven't yet achieved the (body) transformation, I'm curious to see what you'll be capable of in the future.”

Her gaze shifted to Raon's energy center.

"Gi is mana. To us, it's the origin of energy. Yours is also strange. It's pure enough that it feels like you've imprisoned the mana of nature in your energy center. I don't understand how a child who is still a Master can do this."

Aris shook her head in disbelief.

"I think I was lucky."

Raon smiled faintly as he felt the Ring of Fire swirling around his heart.

'In fact, it's all thanks to the Ring of Fire.'

The Ring of Fire is a cultivation method that transforms a martial artist's body into its most ideal state.

Rather than unconditional strength and speed, it transforms the body slowly to align with the martial arts practiced by the cultivator. The Ring of Fire was no different from the slow enlightenment that leads to transformation.

Due to the constant purification by the Ring of Fire, Raon's aura was purer than any other energy in the world, the reason he could defeat martial artists of a higher level or realm was because of this.

"Finally, shen is the upper energy center. It's a mysterious space also known as the realm of the soul (mind) or the mental world."

Aris lightly tapped near Raon's energy center, explaining.

"Your upper energy center has a problem right now. It seems like you've cultivated it to the point where you can use the incomplete sword field, but now you can't open it anymore?"

"That's right."

Raon nodded honestly.

"That's because a big hole has been created in your shen. Thanks to someone wonderful, you managed to avoid the terrible situation of the shen itself being destroyed.”

Aris chuckled, pointing at herself.

"…Thank you."

"I didn't do it to hear your thanks."

She waved her hand and continued speaking.

"As I mentioned earlier, the Upper energy center is similar to the realm of the soul or the mental world."

"That's right."

"You're not trying to cultivate your shen, your goal is to restore the level you previously achieved. So, if you accomplish one significant feat, you'll be able to fill that hole. And that is…”

She pointed with her finger, indicating the vast sea visible through the open door.

“If you just catch one crazy lizard that's being a pain in the ass in that sea, it will be solved.”


Raon looked at Wrath without responding

What that thief woman said is true.

Wrath nodded as he looked into Aris' eyes.

You tore apart the mental world after summoning me. If you achieve that much feat, as she says, you will recover quickly.

'Well, that's a good opportunity.'

He initially thought of returning to the family and spending a lot of time on recovery, but if what she said is true, he could recover much faster.

Of course, he had to capture the Blue Dragon to make it happen.

"May I ask one more question?"

“You talk a lot for someone who looks quiet.”

Aris chuckled and nodded.

"What is it? Go ahead."

"You mentioned that the Blue Dragon has monsters under its control. Are there any sea serpents?"

"Hey! Pirate King!"

Without immediately answering, she shouted towards the open door.


Labawin, who forcibly became the self-proclaimed Pirate King, rushed over.

"Were there any sea serpents among the monsters under the control of the dragon?"

"I witnessed about three Sea Serpents, including the King."

"Yes, there are."

Aris smiled as if she had answered the question.

"But why the sea serpent?"


Aris, was also a member of the family, assumed she would know, so he explained that he was in the process of creating Sylvia's energy center.

"You're a good son. I like that."


"Sure. I'll take care of that somehow, no need to worry."

She reassured Raon, patting his shoulder. Despite appearances, her personality was refreshing.

"So, what's your decision?"

"Considering my current state, I might not be of much help, but..."

Raon nodded, looking into Aris' eyes, which were like crashing waves.

"I'll do my best."

* * *

Advance chapters: 

For Indonesian:

The private coast of Robert family.

Derus Robert gazed at the calm sea, lost in thought. While he was staring at the horizon without realizing how time passed, Kubara appeared without a sound.

"The investigation is complete."

Kubara placed a tray of refreshments on the table and stood behind Derus.

Derus turned his back slowly, seemingly bored. Seated in a chair, he crossed his legs and sighed.


"First of all, the members of Light Wind division survived. Some of them were badly injured by Orgos and were on the verge of death, but miraculously, they were completely healed on the same day."

"I heard about that. I want to know how they recovered."

"I interrogated the healers on the spot, but they genuinely seem clueless. They just mentioned that those who had given up all hope were suddenly restored after sleeping."

Kubara reported in a dry tone, as if she were reading a book.

"It seems that strange things always happen when it's related to Zieghart. What about Raon Zieghart?"

Derus shook the gloved hand and narrowed his eyes.

"His whereabouts have not been found anywhere on the continent. Initially, it seemed like they were attempting to locate him. The Light Wind division, the Heavenly Blade division, and other armed groups affiliated with Zigheart came to Owen, Cameloon, and Barena to search thoroughly, but they all withdrew shortly thereafter."

Kubara raised her calm gaze, like the sea.

"If you combine the current situation and the rumors that have been spreading..."

"He is dead?"

"That's what the judgment of the Shadows is."

"What about Zieghart?"

"They are still keeping their mouths shut."

"I see."

Derus closed his eyes as he turned his gaze to the sea.

‘That seems plausible.'

Certainly, that must be the case.

Currently, Raon Zieghart has defeated the disciple of the leader of the Holy Sword Union, saved the Light Wind division from Orgos, and earned a great reputation throughout the continent.

Since he was already famous, there should be rumors about where he is right now.

However, Zieghart gave up searching and kept their mouths shut, and Raon's whereabouts were not found anywhere. When you combine these contents, the only result is death.


Derus took off his black leather gloves. Sticky blood dripped from the wound on his palm, which was carved like a burn. He licked his lips with the blood that dripped from the wound, and his eyes sank low.

‘It wasn’t so?’

Too bad.

* * *

Raon leaned against the railing of the deck and looked out at the turbulent night sea. The wind was strong.

They were on their way to the coastal city of Aikar to prepare for the dragon hunt, and they were moving at full speed even at night because they didn't have time, so the ship was rocking violently.

'This is good too.'

In fact, Raon didn't like the sea very much because Robert family was located on the coast, but when he saw the night sea in the middle of nowhere, his mind became calm.

What's good about it? The food is just soup and jerky!

Wrath shook his head wildly, saying that the taste of tree roots came out of his mouth.

'It can't be helped. They're busy.'

Currently, everyone, including the cooks, was occupied with hunt preparations. It wasn't the time to throw a tantrum about food.

'Once we arrive in the city, I'll make sure you get what you want, so don't worry.'


'Yeah. I said I'd postpone the three-week promise.'

It was not an exaggeration to say that Wrath had saved the entire Light Wind members, so he was determined to keep his promise to let him eat whatever he wanted for three weeks.

Hu, the King of Essence can't believe you have such a conscience.

'Aren't you looking at me too much like a villain?'

You're the seed of a demon. No, the seed of an angel. You can't be trusted.

'Is that a compliment or an insult?'

Obviously, it's an insult!

Anyway, Wrath seemed to lighten up, chuckling, at the news that the promise would be kept.


Raon bit his lip as he looked at the sea, which was dyed black like a shadow.

'I don't know if we can win.'

The Blue Dragon?

'Yeah. It's not an easy opponent, is it?'

It's no different from a baby eel. If it doesn't come out of the sea, just freeze it whole.

Wrath blinked his eyes as if he didn't understand why he was worrying about such an easy thing.

'That's something only you can do.'

Heh. Are you now realizing the greatness of the King of Essence? Worship me. You foolish human.

He waved his sausage-like hand as if to tell him to bow down quickly.

'Well then...'

Raon swallowed his saliva and approached Wrath.

'Can you teach me the abilities you used this time?'

Wrath demonstrated a level of power that could freeze even the transcendents' martial arts. If he could learn that, it would be a significant help in the upcoming battle


Wrath's sky-blue eyes began to sparkle cunningly.

You want to learn from the King of Essence?


Why would the King of Essence bother teaching you?

He turned his head abruptly, seeming to realize he was in a superior position.

'Good things are good, right? If we succeed in this, you can enjoy the foods you desire.'

Hmm, then there is an additional condition.

'Additional condition?'

Indeed. For one month, to the King of Essence...

Just as he was about to smirk and say the new condition,

[You have defeated the one who has surpassed the human realm and reached the heavens.] 

[You have achieved a great feat that is impossible to achieve at your current realm.] 

[All stats have increased....] 

[New traits....] 

[New title has been acquired....] 


Various messages flooded in, making it difficult to regain composure to the point where it was almost impossible to collect one's thoughts.


Wrath opened his eyes wide when he saw the first message.

The one who has surpassed the human realm and reached the heavens? Could it be referring to the one who used that crude magic?

With an incredulous expression, he shook his open jaw.

I killed that scum, so why is the reward going to you? Isn't this too much! Where's the justice in this!


Raon calmly nodded while examining the messages.

‘Forget what I said earlier. I don't need your help.’



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