Infinite Mage (Novel) Chapter 174

 Eps 174 Kerugo Autonomous Region (6)

Shirone was right. Just like the difficulty level of the Room of Achievement and Sacrifice indicated, the people of Kerugo were not looking for just anyone.

A person who can prove their strength to Miro of Time and Space all eight at the same time. Without that level, one couldn't even enter the autonomous region, let alone access the gate to heaven.

- Canis, it seems like it's time to bring that out. If Shirone doesn't go, we won't be able to go to heaven either.

- But it’s unexpected. I never thought I would be this scared.

- If we look at it positively, it would be insight. Seems like they're acting on instincts based on the information they've heard. Anyway, let's get started.

Taking Harvest's suggestion into consideration, Canis looked around at everyone. Then he held out his hand and said something vaguely.

“What if I have a way... a way for us to return here, what would you do?”

The Gate of Gorphin (1)

As if electricity was flowing in the room, a light flashed in the eyes of Shirone and the others. It was a new phase.

The reason Shirone perceived heaven as dangerous is because the probability of returning is significantly low. However, if there's a way out, the story changes.

"Explain in detail. What do you mean by a way to return?"

"As you know, we were robbed of our inheritance by the Magic Association after our master passed away. We ended up sitting on the street. However, we didn't want to receive help from Alpheas either. Anyway, while thinking about what could be done, Harvest brought up an old memory of his. During your time at school, Arin and I traveled. We discovered a secret place that the Archmage Viltor Arcane never wanted to be revealed. Because the memories were erased, even the Magic Association couldn’t find this place.”

"You mean there's a way to return from that secret place?"

"No. This is beyond that. I'll show you directly."

Arin took out a cubic box from her bosom.

The surface was carved with intaglio and relief patterns. It was close to black, but depending on the direction from which the light came, it gave off a rainbow color. There was a gap like a cube, so it seemed like it would spin if he turned it with his hand.

Tess had never seen anything Arin was holding. However, she was well familiar with the iridescent color and the unique patterns that were impossible to imitate.

"That’s an ancient relic. It is made of a metal that does not exist in the world, and a pattern imbued with magical power is engraved on its surface. I've heard it's unusable until its powerful locking mechanism is unlocked. Am I right?"

"Yes. And to add, this one’s locking mechanism is already unlocked. It can be used immediately."

Tess's eyes gleamed.

The reason the Elzain family collects information on ancient weapons is because they have a power so powerful that they can shake the foundation of the nation.

As far as she knows, unsealing ancient artifacts is an international taboo. If a country unlocks an artifact, that country is essentially making a gesture that it is prepared to wage war against the world.

“Can I take a look?”

At Shirone's request, Arin handed over the ancient relic. Friends gathered around Shirone's bed.

Shirone rubbed its surface and examined the seams. As he was twisting it around, some mechanism was triggered, and the cube split along its central axis, revealing a glass tube.

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