Infinite Mage (Novel) Chapter 158


As Amy's shout erupted, Tess' rapier pierced through Falkoa's heart. Subsequently, Rian's eyes opened wide, and blood poured out of his mouth.

There were no mistakes in Tess’ swordsmanship. Her rapier had accurately penetrated Falkoa's heart, and soon its functions would cease.

Falkoa sensed his impending death. He wasn't particularly afraid. Maybe, he thought, death was a drug closest to pleasure in this world.


Surprisingly, the last words that came out of Falkoa's mouth before death were his leader's name. It was as if he was experiencing his life flashing before his eyes as the corners of his mouth faintly lifted.

'Take me to the battlefield.'

When Tess pulled out the rapier, Falkoa's body fell backward. He fell down with a thud, and then Rian fell to his knees, unable to withstand the physical pain any longer.

“Rian! are you okay?"

Amy rushed over in a panic. Rian looked back at her with a forced smile.

"Hey, Amy. Did you take care of everything?"

"Tell me. Where and how are you hurt? Tess! How could you stab him too?"

Amy shouted at Tess as if in disappointment. But Tess was just wiping the blood off the rapier. Then she suddenly smiled and squinted her eyes.

“Huhu, what are you talking about? What do you take me for? Even after all this, I am confident in controlling my strikes. The only place I stabbed was Falkoa's torso. Rian is safe.”

Amy looked at Tess with a dumbfounded expression.

"But... there's blood pouring from Rian's chest?"


Tess raised her eyes wide and looked at Rian. Just as Amy said, a thin streams of blood were leaking out.

“Rian! Rian! Are you okay? Snap out of it!"

As Tess, whose face became pale, cried out by his ear, Rian, having briefly lost consciousness, returned to his senses and gestured with his hand annoyingly as he got up.

"Don't make a fuss. It's just a little stab."

“I’m sorry, Rian. Because my lack of skill..."

“Don’t say that. If it had been any shallower, Falkoa wouldn't have fallen. Then both of us would have been in danger. Your judgment was right."

“Hng, but...”

Rian truly believed that. No matter how much one worried about a friend's safety, a deeper wound was preferable to an insufficient one. That's why Tess was able to achieve maximum concentration.

“Come on! A wound like this is nothing. Let's go quickly. I’m worried about Shirone.”

Even while the fight was in full swing, strange sounds and explosions could be heard inside the building. It was clear that he was fighting with the leader. It must have been at least as dangerous as Falkoa's fight, if not more so.

At that moment, the building's wall burst open, and Shirone leaped out.


Just before hitting the ground, Shirone cast a teleportation to retreat 10 meters. As the photonization state was undone, Shirone, who had taken a landing stance, was pushed away, sliding across the ground.

“Shirone, are you okay?”

"Don't come!"

Shirone shouted urgently. The fact that Shirone, who was always composed, was unusually excited made his friends freeze in their tracks.

"It's not over yet. It’s Sound Magic, so it’s dangerous to come close.”

Marsha's Sonar was able to freely manipulate targeted and area attacks. It was clear that the three people, who were clearly exhausted from the battle, would be caught up in the powerful Sound Magic that came and went.

"Not bad. To last this long against me."

Marsha bent her waist and smiled as she exited the building and approached. However, her smile faded away in front of the corpse of Falkoa.

Falkoa was dead.

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