Infinite Mage (Novel) Chapter 157


“Freeman, thank you.”

"Hehe, it's nothing. Let's get out of this damned place. Wherever we go, I can at least provide for you."

Marsha was taken aback by the unexpected words. Then she realized that it was time, and she said in a sad voice:

"Freeman, I'm sorry. I'm the only one leaving. I won't take you with me."

"What is this? Why? What is a woman going to do alone? The world outside is dangerous."

"I'm fine. I feel like I can handle anything now."

"No! I don't agree! I'll follow you. You can't go alone."

Marsha thought one last time. But no matter how much she thought about it, she couldn't see a way to take him along.

Freeman had a family.

Although his father wasn't much different from her abusive stepfather, he was still his real father, with whom he shared blood.

"Freeman, I don't love you."

Freeman's face heated up at Marsha's blunt words.

“What do you mean by that all of a sudden?”

“You are such a good friend. But I will never accept you as a man. It would be unfortunate for you to follow me. I may marry another man."

Freeman felt like his heart was tearing. That's cruel. That's cruel, Marsha.

How could she say that at a time like this? This could be the last time they see each other.

Freeman clasped his fists and clenched his teeth.

That's what Marsha is like. Even if she stayed by her side, she would only end up hurting herself.

"Don’t care. I'll still go with you. I don't want to live hearing insults from my alcoholic father. It's my choice."

Marsha was infuriated. He was so annoyed by Freeman's frustrating personality that it driving her mad.

"You idiot! Why can't you understand what I'm saying? I don't like you!"

"So what? If you don't want to like me, then don't! I'll still love you! You can marry another man, have a child, I don't care! I like what I like, that's it! You have no right to say anything about that!"

Marsha screamed back at him, too.

"Oh, really? Fine. Just look at me for the rest of your life, then grow old and die as a single. Shall I tell you the truth? You following me is a burden. When will I stop having to take care of a coward like you who can't even kill an ant? It just makes things harder for me!"

"I'm not a coward! I'll protect you!"

"Then how will you protect me? What can you do?"


Freeman screamed at the ground. Then he picked up a sharp stone and began to scrape off his eyebrows.

Marsha was startled and stopped Freeman.

“What are you doing, you idiot!”

"Let go! I said let go!"

Freeman was stubborn.

The sound of skin peeling made Marsha shudder. She stared at the gruesome sight in disbelief.

Freeman kept scraping until his eyebrows were entirely gone, then threw the stone to the ground. . His face, now soaked in blood, looked like Sura.

"How is it? Does this make me look scary? The reason I was a coward was all because of my eyebrows. Now, nobody will mess with me. So, I won't be a burden to you."

"Are you... insane?"

Marsha was so shocked that she was speechless. But Freeman was sincere.

His stern expression with scraped brows was definitely intimidating, but in reality, he wore the saddest face in the world.

“I will become stronger. I will become stronger no matter what. So can't you just stay by my side? I'll never ask you to like me, so can't you let me accompany you?"

"You... Ugh, you idiot.”

Marsha let out a heavy sigh. She thought this shouldn't happen, but even that feeling was also pushed away by her sigh.


Freeman's eyes brightened. His face, once distorted by burns, had fully recovered.

How much time had passed? It might already be too late. But he had to go. Because he had promised. Until Marsha died, even his life was not his own.

"I am coming now. Wait for me."

The energy spent on returning from the brink of life and death was enormous. His body was heavy, and his legs had no strength.

But Freeman kep walking without stop.

The energy spent on returning from the brink of life and death was enormous. His body was heavy, and his legs had no strength.

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