TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 451

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Chapter 451

Raon turned around after leaving the lord's manor. He clapped his hands at the Light Wind members, who were following him, holding the silver plate given to them by Glenn.

"You all worked hard."

The Light Wind members fought with their lives on the line against the magicians of the Black Tower. Without a moment to rest, they carefully attended to the wounded Warring Steel members and the hostages.

They must have been exhausted, having put in more effort than when they were fighting.

"You'll have four days of rest starting tomorrow."

They needed not only physical but also mental recovery, so Raon granted them a vacation.


"Even though the training is so intense that it makes my mind go crazy, it's so refreshing when you give us a break!"

"That's why we can't hate our vice division leader."

"That's right, that's right."

The Light Wind swordsmen smiled faintly as they talked about what they would do during their vacation.

However, unlike usual, Burren, Martha, and Runaan did not say a word and gripped their swords.

'Those guys...'

Raon curled his lips as he looked into the eyes of the captains, who seemed to have a thin mist burning.

'They must be planning to train instead of taking a break.'

They had expressed their desire to become master before I became grandmaster. It seemed like they had no intention of resting or playing around.

'I don't know who they're going to learn from, but they seem to be serious.'

It was admirable that they were determined on their own, even though no one had told them that they were weak.

Raon turned around and believed that Burren, Runaan, and Martha would train on their own.

As he was about to go to the annex building, Trevin and the Warring Steel swordsmen approached him.

"We owe you our lives. I will repay this favor no matter what."

Trevin and the Warring Steel swordsmen bowed their bodies so that their waists were perpendicular, saying that they were really grateful.

"You don't need to do that."

Raon shook his head as he watched Trevin and the Warring Steel swordsmen stand up.

"If you're grateful to us, then please return as soon as possible. We don't want to be embarrassed if our rivals, the Warring Steel division, stop moving."

At those words, Trevin and the Warring Steel swordsmen expressions stiffened

"That's what I said..."

"Yes. When you came to the Arian family and saved us, you said the same thing."

Raon smiled as he looked into Trevin's wavering eyes.

"My thoughts, or rather, our thoughts are the same."

He nodded and continued with sincere words.

"We drew our swords with the same intention in Zieghart, and there's no need to think about debts of life. Just continue standing by our side and wielding your swords as before."

Raon bowed his head to Trevin and then walked in the direction of the annex building.

"This time it was our turn."

"Return quickly."

"We'll be waiting."

Martha, Runaan, and Burren also smiled at the Warring Steel swordsmen and then scattered in different directions.

"Let's meet again later."

"If you're late in returning, you won't be able to see our backs. Come back soon."

"Our only rivals are the Warring Steels. In fact, the only ones we're close to are them... ."

The Light Wind swordsmen also said a few words to the Warring Steel swordsmen and left the front of the lord's manor.


The Warring Steel swordsmen stood in front of lord's manor with their heads bowed for a long time even after the Light Wind division left.

"Phew... ."

Trevin let out a low sigh and raised his head.

"I thought it would take a while, but I have to get up soon."

He clenched his fists as he looked at the setting sun.

Although sadness had welled up in his eyes, a red vitality had resurfaced.

"That's right."

"We have to."

"Because we have those guys waiting for us."

The Warring Steel swordsmen also smiled and turned their gaze toward the setting sun, just like Trevin.

Trevin calmly turned around.

"Let's go."

He regained his energy and nodded at each of the Warring Steel swordsmen.

"We need to prepare to send them off."

* * *

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For Indonesian: 

Raon stood in front of the annex building entrance. The aroma of dishes being prepared for dinner drifted from the mansion, tantalizing the senses.


Wrath stretched his waist like a rubber band and flew to the window.

Ooo! There's pasta, steak, and ribs! There, there...


Everything has pineapple in it! Such audacity!

Wrath had not only recognized the types of dishes by their smell but also detected the presence of pineapple inside. It was a completely irrational sense of smell.

What are you doing? Go inside and sit at the table! The food will get cold!

'He's really extreme.'

The guy who is the Monarch of Wrath shows no interest in fighting, but as soon as he sees food, his eyes roll back.

He was genuinely curious about how he had become a demon king and why he had acquired the attribute of wrath..


Raon shook his head and opened the door of the annex building.


Yua, who was carrying cooking ingredients in a large basket, opened her eyes wide.

"Young master!"

Yua put the basket down and rushed to the entrance.

"Did you bring the Warring Steel division uncles with you, Young Master?"

It seemed like she was disappointed not to be able to go with them this time, as she immediately asked about their well-being


There were those who didn't return, but he didn't need to mention that, so he just nodded calmly.


Yua, as if she understood the meaning of that nod, wiped the smile that was hanging on her lips.


"Young master is here?"

"Do you mean young master has come!"

The maids who heard the their young master's voice ran to the entrance as if their feet were on fire.

"Young master!"

"Are you okay?"

"Is there any injury?"

"Are you hurt anywhere?"

"Did the mission go well?"

The maids knew that he had gone to rescue the missing Warring Steel division, so they approached him with worried eyes and checked his body from head to toe.

"I'm fine."

Raon shook his head with a smile.

If other people approached him like this, he would be annoyed, but because they were family, a pleasant warmth blossomed in his chest.

"Rescuing our comrades is more important than anything."

Sylvia came down the stairs with a bright smile.

"Raon. You worked hard."

She approached with calm steps and embraced him tightly by the shoulders.

As if lying on a sun-dried blanket, a comforting scent enveloped his heart

"The foreign minister told us that you have completed your mission and returned, so everyone worked hard to prepare dinner. Hurry up and wash."

Sylvia smiled, saying, "Today, we received a lot of premium ingredients, so it's going to be really delicious."

"Alright," Raon nodded, feeling her tension dissipating.

When he was about to go to the bathroom, Wrath was looking up and down at Sylvia.

'Hey. What are you doing....'

Is all of this for the King of Essence?

Wrath seemed to think that the food was for him and clung to Sylvia's arm.



Is he really crazy...

* * *

After eating a hearty dinner prepared by Sylvia and the maids, Raon went to his room.


Wrath sighed and threw himself onto the bed.

This is home, and this is living. Filling your stomach with your mother's food and lying on the bed is paradise.

The guy smiled brightly, using the word paradise as a demon.

'It's not your house, and she's not your mother.'

Don't worry about such trivial things. There is a bigger issue.

Wrath raised his head from the bed, speaking in a low voice.

'What is it?'

Suddenly, his expression became serious, and unconsciously, Raon swallowed hard.

No matter how the King of Essence think about it, he can't choose just four bead ice creams out of 33! Choosing only four out of 33 is too cruel!


Wrath sighed deeply, saying that he still couldn't finish his worries.

Can't you just eat one more set? It's too harsh to choose only four out of 33!

'I don't want to!'

Raon shook his head, slapping away Wrath, who was clinging to him.

Although he had considered buying one more set to appease him, his mood dropped upon hearing his nonsense.

You cheap bastard! How much does that cost...

'Yeah. It's more expensive than you.'


While Raon and Wrath were arguing, there was a knock on the door three times. It was Judiel's signal, so he got up and opened the door.


Judiel bowed her head silently and entered the room. She calmly kneeled down and raised her eyes.

"I heard you clashed with the White Whale's warriors. Are you okay?"

"Yeah. There was no problem."

Raon nodded and briefly explained what had happened there.

"They are not ordinary in terms of strength, but they are more loyal to their master than I thought."

The strength of Blood Cloud Blade and White Wolf was also surprising, but even as they were brought here, they did not reveal anything about White Whale.

I thought it was a sand castle, but it seemed to be a more solid organization than expected.

"While you were away, I did some more research on the Five Divine Rulers."

Judiel whispered that she had looked into White Whale just in case.

"As you know, the leader of White Whale is Heukgeumje. She has an information network similar to the Black Market."


Raon raised his hand. A while ago, a word that was far from his expectations had just popped out of Judiel's mouth.

"She? Heukgeumje is a woman?"

"Yes, she's a woman. She appears to be around 30 in terms of appearance, but her actual age must be much older."

Judiel nodded slowly.

"To start over, White Whale's real power is not its military strength, but its intelligence or infomation gathering. It's said that they know everything happening across the continent."

"Like the Black Market?"

"It's similar, but there's a slight difference."

"What's the difference?"

"There is a rumor that the leader of White Whale, Heukgeumje, can read the stars."

"The stars?"

"Yes. It means that she can predict the future by reading the flow of the heavens." ("Yes. It means she reads the flow of the sky to predict future events.")

Judiel gestured towards the night sky, where the faint moonlight was casting its glow

"Heukgeumje's future predictions are quite accurate, so many people think of her as a prophet."

"Come to think of it..."

When Raon fought Blood Cloud Blade and White Wolf, they muttered that they had not expected this.

It seemed that they had learned of the Black Tower in the ice lake thanks to Heukgeumje's predictive ability.

"If that's true, it's a terrifying ability."

Raon licked his dry lips.

"Not only that, but because of Heukgeumje's dignity and leadership, many famous warriors are said to be affiliated with White Whale. There are even rumors that they have two or more grandmasters."

"What is Heukgeumjee's level of martial arts?"

"That has not been revealed."

Judiel shook her head, saying that she didn't know that. However, it was clear that she was above that level since she had a grandmaster in her possession.

"White Whale is a place among the Five Divine Rulers where predicting their movements is challenging. It's advisable to exercise caution when dealing with them."

"I understand."

Raon nodded.

"You've been a great help."

Starting tomorrow night, he would need to extract information from Blood Cloud Blade and White Wolf, and thanks to Judiel, he would save a lot of time.

She was like a treasure trove of information, always providing the necessary details when needed.

"Then I'll be leaving."

Judiel smiled gently and left the room.


Raon looked at the door Judiel had left and licked his lips.

'She didn't even bring up the topic of her  brother.'

She didn't talk about her brother because she didn't want to burden him, and that consideration was both grateful and heavy.

'I definitely have to find him.'

Finding Judiel's brother was also one of his goals that he had to achieve.

If he couldn't get the information from the Black Market, he would have to extract the information from the master of Central Martial Palace Karoon, even if he had to clash with him head-on.

As Raon was reconfirming his determination and unpacking his luggage, Warth clung to his head.

The King of Essence understand now!

'What do you understand?'

You're taking your anger out on the King of Essence because you didn't get anything!

'Didn't get anything?'

That's right. You came back after saving the those people, but you only got one poop-colored plate.

Warth frowned, wondering if he wasn't buying ice cream because he didn't get a proper reward.

'No, that's not it...'

Raon shook his head. He had already gotten more than he expected with the golden plate, so he had no such thoughts.

Don't lie! There's no way a cheap bastard like you would be happy with a lousy reward like that...

Just as he shook his head, a violent vibration occurred from the Blade of Requiem that he was wearing around his waist.


Along with the majestic sword cry, a message appeared before his eyes.

[The Blade of Requiem has absorbed all the mana.]

[The purified mana of the Blade of Requiem is bestowed upon you.]

These were the messages that had appeared every time the  Blade of Requiem absorbed other negative energy.


Wrath seemed to have never imagined that such a message would appear.

[All stats increase by 10 points.]

[The rank of the <Ghastly Energy Adaptation> trait increases.]

[The rank of the <Divine Blossoming from Darkness> trait increases.]

Not only his stats, but the rank of his traits also increased by two levels. He could feel new vitality welling up in his body, which was still covered in fatigue.

[ The level of the Blade of Requiem's <Magical Blood> trait increases.]

Not only that, but the level of the Blade of Requiem's trait also increased. But the message was not over yet.

[You have defeated consecutive enemies who are standing at a higher level.]

[All stats increase by 10 points.]

[The rank of the <Perception of the Legend> trait increases.]

[The rank of the <Poison Resistance> trait increases.]

This time, it was the system itself that was giving the reward, not the Blade of Requiem.


Wrath's eyes began to bulge as if they were about to burst.

What is this? Why is there so much?

He shook his head wildly, saying that it was not possible. It was like seeing the appearance of cotton candy being made.

'Thank you, Wrath.'

Raon patted Wrath's shaking shoulder lightly.

'As expected, your mouth is like the gates of heaven. Whenever you speak, rewards pop out on their own. Is there anything else you'd like to say?'

Shut up! Shut up! Shut uuuuup!

* * *

The next day.

Raon went out to the fifth training ground alone and repeatedly used the Fangs of Insanity sword and the Blizzard Art from dawn.

He finally put down his sword and nodded in satisfaction as the sun began to set.

"Now I'm starting to get used to it."

With his stats and trait levels rising so dramatically, he had spent time in swordsmanship training to adapt his body to the newfound strength. By evening, his body was finally moving satisfactorily.

Raon smiled, clenching his right fist.

"Now my physical abilities seem to surpass even a grandmaster's."

It is said that when you reached grandmaster, a transformation process called "to change one's bones and flesh" would occur, turning his body into the most suitable vessel for his martial arts. However, thanks to Wrath's system, he felt like he had gained an even more exceptional physique without going through the transformation process.

If you're grateful for that, buy the King of Essence some ice cream! He felt like he was going to die standing in the hot sun all day!

Wrath gestured for him to run to the bead ice cream shop right away.

'Well, I have to keep my promise.'

Raon nodded and sheathed his  sword.

He thought he should buy Wrath some ice cream and then go torture. No, interrogate Blood Cloud Blade and White Wolf.

'So, have you chosen a flavor?'

Raon asked.

Well, that's...

Wrath rubbed his round hands and raised his head slightly.

Can't you let the King of Essence choose one more? He can't choose no matter how hard he think! There are too many flavors!

He shook his head, saying that choosing only one from four flavors was a sin. 

'Then I'll just buy one.'

You evil being!

Raon chuckled and left the training ground.

'I guess I can buy two or three more sets.'

Regardless of the rewards, Wrath was a big help during this mission. Instead of two sets, he could buy up to twenty sets.

As he left the training ground and headed towards the marketplace, he spotted a familiar face.

It was Dorian, with cookie crumbs around his mouth.

"Vice division leader!"

"What's the rush?"

"I-I'm seeing the White Lotus division returning right now."

"White Lotus?"

Yes. They were hanging out near the main gate, but they came back and went to the lord's manor!"

Dorian nodded, saying that he ran as soon as he saw the White Lotus division returning.

"But they were walking like defeated soldiers, their clothes looked tattered too."


Raon smiled coldly and shook his hand.

'Then it's not the time to go eat ice cream now.'

Since the White Lotus division was going to the lord's manor, it was time to follow them and tell Glenn how stupid and selfish they were.


When Raon turned his direction to the main building, thinking about how to deal with the White Lotus division, Wrath screamed.

The ice cream shop is about to close! Keep your promise! This darn evil bastard!


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