RDM (Novel) Chapter 557

Chapter 557


Deung Cheol-woong thought he had heard wrong.

It wasn't just because people with such a famous sword were rare. It was also because he couldn't understand why the question was being directed at him.

When Deung Cheol-woong seemed confused, a look of annoyance crossed King Gujin's face.

At that moment, Deung Cheol-woong felt his heart sink once again.

He hurriedly spoke up.

"Ah, no! I will tell you."

"Do you know anyone else who possesses a sword of such calibre?"

"There... There is a place called the Je-won merchant group."

"Je-won merchant group?"

"Yes! It's one of the top commercial guilds in the world, and their headquarters is here, in Poyang Lake. The warehouse of the Je-won merchant group is filled with all kinds of valuable items, including many famous swords.

"Is this true?"

"I swear it on my life."

Deung Cheol-woong loudly declared.

The truth was, even he wasn't sure if there were any legendary swords in the Je-won merchant group's warehouse. But the only place in Poyang Lake with the wealth and capability to secretly keep such items was the Je-won merchant group.

They were known for hoarding anything valuable.

The reason why Deung Cheol-woong made such a claim, despite his uncertainty, was due to his hatred.

Once living like an emperor on Lake Poyang, his downfall began when he became involved with the Je-won merchant group.

Noh Tae-tae had sent his great-grandson Jo Seolpung to harass Deung Cheol-woong's sect, the Blood Ant Chamber.

From that point on, the blood ant chamber declined, and Deung Cheol-woong had to hide in obscurity. He joined the Golden Heavenly Hall in order to take revenge on the Je-won merchant group and Jo Seolpung. However, the Je-won merchant group severed all ties with Jo Seolpung, preventing others from having a reason to interfere.

That's why powerful martial arts sects, including the Golden Heavenly Hall, couldn't dare touch the Je-won merchant group.

To confront a massive guild like the Je-won merchant group, there had to be a legitimate reason.

A nobody like Deng Cheol-woong couldn't do anything against the Je-won merchant group, no matter how much he complained

That's why he hadn't dared seek revenge until now.

'If I use this old man correctly, I can deal a significant blow to the Je-won merchant group.'

Deung Cheol-woong secretly flashed a wicked smile.

It was a plan that he had come up with on the spur of the moment, under the pressure of King Gujin. Still, it seemed like a pretty decent plan for something that had been conjured up in such haste.

"Je-won Merchant Group, you say... Can you stake your life on this claim?"

"Absolutely. However, it will not be easy to get a sword from the Je-won merchant group's armoury.

"What are you saying? Do you doubt my ability?"

"How can I question the king? It's the overwhelming military force that the Je-won merchant group has deployed to guard their arsenal that worries me: their wealth is vast, and they've hired many formidable warriors.  Breaking through their defenses would be a dangerous task.

"Ha, ha, ha, ha!"

King Gujin suddenly burst into thunderous laughter.




His laughter made the inn tremble, as if it were about to collapse, and caused the people who were drinking there to cover their ears and fall over.

Yet, Deung Cheol-woong, right in front of him, was unaffected.


Deung Cheol-woong swallowed his saliva again.

This single move was enough to show the immense prowess of King Gujin. It made him momentarily question the righteousness of his plan to manipulate such an individual.

'Maybe I miscalculated...'

For a brief moment, he regretted it, but it was already too late to change his mind.

Once you've mounted a tiger, it's hard to get off.

'Damn it! Whatever happens, will happen.'

If necessary, he could also use the commander of the Golden Heavenly Hall, Jang Ho-Yeon.

At worst, he could set King Gujin and the sect against each other, and make his own escape.

He was tired of being tossed around by others.

'Yes! I will forge my own fate.'

Deung Cheol-woong hardened his resolve.


King Gujin stood up, slamming the table with his large hand.

In a matter of seconds, the thick table turned to dust and scattered.

Deung Cheol-woong's eyes widened at this incredulous sight.

'Good heavens!'

It was one thing to smash a table, but to reduce it to dust required an unimaginable amount of internal energy.

He had known that King Gujin was an exceptional martial artist, but to see it first hand sent shivers down his spine.

King Gujin turned to Deung Cheol-woong and spoke,

"It seems I must show you my true skill myself. Lead the way to the Je-won merchant group.

"Ri, right now?"

"Yes! Lead me there right away."


"If you hesitate again, I'll pull off your head."

"Ah, understood. I will guide you immediately."

King Gujin was even crazier than Deung Cheol-woong had anticipated.

He had known that he was unpredictable, but not to this extent.

Cautiously, Deung Cheol-woong rose from his seat and moved towards the inn's exit.

King Gujin followed him.

Stepping out of the inn, familiar faces greeted him.

They were the subordinates he had sent out to gather information.

Deung Cheol-Woong's followers were startled by this unexpected situation. They sensed that the old man beside their leader was no ordinary master.

Otherwise, Deung Cheol-woong wouldn't act as timid as a mouse before a cat.

Deung Cheol-woong exchanged glances with his subordinates.

Fortunately, they were as quick-witted as him.

They understood that they must not be seen now.

Deung Cheol-woong subtly nodded his head.

It meant they should report back to the Golden Heavenly Hall.

Fortunately, his subordinates understood Deung Cheol-woong's intentions and blended into the crowd.

Then, King Gujin chuckled and said,

"So, they're your subordinates. Like master, like servant - all of them quick as rats."

"Erm, well..."

"I'm not interested in your excuses. Just lead the way to the destination."


Deung Cheol-woong abandoned his attempts at explaining and moved ahead.

"Ha, good."

King Gujin sipped the wine bottle he brought out from the inn.

The intense sensation of the strong wine excited him further.


He carelessly threw the empty wine bottle on the ground, muttering.

"Heh heh, good wine."

Deung Cheol-woong’s neck tensed.

King Gujin's voice felt as menacing as a wolf's howl.

He felt as if a giant wolf would tear at his throat at any moment. It was a feeling he had never experienced before.

Deung Cheol-woong walked for some time and finally arrived in front of the Je-won merchant group.

The Je-won merchant group had kept its large front door firmly locked. Since the Great Kangho War, the Je-Won merchants' group had locked its doors to forbid any outside activities.

They had completely prohibited the entry of any martial artists, admitting only other trading groups and merchants.

It was a manifestation of their will to build a barrier that would completely separate them from Kangho.

Even though Jo Seolpung, the great-grandson of Noh Tae-tae, was involved with the Silver Lotus Hall, he maintained neutrality. That's why the Golden Heavenly Hall did not exert any particular pressure on the Je-won merchant group.

Only two guards were stationed at the main gate of the Je-won merchant group.

It was the bare minimum of security.

Upon seeing the unfamiliar figures, they became alert.

"Who goes there?"

"Halt, state your identity."

Despite their warning, Deung Cheol-woong and King Gujin did not stop.

"We said, halt!"

"State your identity now."

The guards warned again.

"Where are these flies coming from?"

King Gujin flicked his hand as if shooing away flies.


With a resounding crash, the warriors of the Je-won merchant group fell. Death came so quickly that they had no chance to scream.


Deung Cheol-woong stifled a groan at the horrifying sight.

Merely a swing of his hand, and the men of Je-won merchant group crumbled like mashed fish.

He had seen many deaths, but never one so gruesome.

Even though he was said to be a strong man who lived side by side with death, this manner of death was beyond comprehension.

'That crazy old man's martial arts truly are extraordinary.'

Truly a mad wolf, befitting the title of Wolf King.

He didn't even seem to think about the consequences of his actions.


King Gujin, with a single stroke of his hand, shattered the grand doors of the Je-won Merchant Group.

At the sound of the collapsing doors, martial artists from inside rushed out.

"Who goes there?"

"Who are you?"

Alternating glances between the broken doors and King Gujin, then they spotted Deung Cheol-woong standing behind him.

"Are you Deung Cheol-woong?"

"Why is the Blood Ant Chamber here..."

They identified Deung Cheol-woong instantly.

Deung Cheol-woong said to King Gujin.

"It seems they do not wish for the wolf king to take the treasure sword."

"Hmph! There's never been a thing I've wanted that I haven't taken."

King Gujin snorted, swinging his hand once more.


A powerful wave of Qi instantly engulfed the martial artists of the Je-won merchant group.



Like leaves in a storm, the martial artists were sent flying, crashing into the walls.

Heads were crushed, arms and legs were broken, and the martial artists were either knocked unconscious or killed.

Watching the sight of more than a dozen men incapacitated in an instant, Deung Cheol-woong shuddered.


He considered himself a veteran of Kangho's underworld, but the sight of King Gujin killing without any semblance of humanity repulsed him.

Ding, ding, ding!

The bells of Je-won merchant group rang out urgently.

The People who had been in deep sleep hurried out.

Some were armed martial artists, while others were ordinary workers.

The martial artists pushed the workers back and stepped forward.

"Old man, who are you to disturb our sect in the middle of the night?"

Radiating an intimidating aura, the man who stepped forward was Ki Hak Soo, the leader of the Je-won merchant group.

Though not well-known in Kangho, Ki Hak Soo was an incredible martial artist.

However, due to his connection with the Je-won merchant group, he kept his distance from Kangho and devoted his life to protecting the sect.

This made him largely unknown among the Kangho folks, but those in the region of Poyang Lake knew him well.

They knew how exceptional a warrior Ki Hak Soo was.

His martial arts skills, honed in real combat, could easily be called top-notch in Kangho.

King Gujin wore a grin.

"You seem to have some worth. What is your name?"

"I am Ki Hak Soo. May I ask for the esteemed name of my senior?"

"My name is King Gujin."

"Wolf... King?"

"That's right! I am the Wolf King."


Ki Hak Soo let out a low hum.

'Wolf King, one of the eight constellations. Why would this wolf-like old man come to the Je-won merchant group?’

He had a feeling that today's events would be far worse than expected.

King Gujin was a harbinger of bloodshed, wherever he went.

Regardless of the Je-won merchant group's strength, there was no guarantee that he would be able to survive the bloodshed he brought with him.

"Why has Senior Gu come to our Sangdan?"

"I won't beat around the bush. Hand over the treasure sword."

"Treasure sword?"

"I know that there is a treasure sword in the storage of the Je-won merchant group. Just give me the sword, and I'll quietly leave."

"I don't know where you heard such nonsense, but there is no treasure sword in our warehouse. We have a few decent swords, but none great enough to meet your high standards.

"I'll be the judge of that. All you have to do is open the storage for me."

"Ha! We can't just open the Je-won merchant group's warehouse to everyone. If we can't even guard a single warehouse and have to open it, what will the other sects in Kangho think of us?"

"What do I care? Your choices are simple. Either you obediently open the storage, or you die by my hand. What will it be?"

"I've always wanted to witness the skills of the eight constellations."

Ki Hak Soo exuded a fierce aura.

To this, King Gujin snorted.

"Hmph! You don't know your place."

"I ask for your guidance, Senior Gu!"

"Guidance? I am not so idle as to offer my guidance, and you are not worthy to receive it".

"Don't look down on me, senior!"

"Looking down? I'm just stating facts."


Unable to contain his anger, Ki Hak Soo lunged at King Gujin.

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