Infinite Mage (Novel) Chapter 99


‘Such a fool... Really, such a fool...’

Even though he had approached her first and handed her coffee, she ruthlessly brushed away his hand. Amy closed her eyes tightly as if turning away from the scenes dotted with her regret. She then shouted with all her might.


Shirone smiled. It was fortunate that Amy had her memories back. At least in the last moments, he could leave as Shirone, who remained in someone's memory.

"Thank you, Amy."

Shirone's tears fell on Amy's cheeks.

'Why are you crying, Shirone?'

Amy was anxious. Something was wrong. Then, the moment she saw the will to live slowly slipping out of Shirone's eyes, she realized.

“Shirone! no!"

"I'm sorry. I couldn't keep my promise."

Shirone embraced Amy and fully opened Immortal Function. As his consciousness expanded infinitely, his ego began to fade away like dissolving in water.

'Goodbye to everyone...'

Father, mother, members of the Ogent Family, and friends at school. Receiving the love of so many people, Shirone could smile. A huge light filled the area below the cliff. The falling students, Iruki and Nade, even Thad, were all enveloped in the light.

The next moment, a massive flash surged vertically.

It was Mass Teleport that moved as many as 400 people at the same time.

'Ah, I see.'

Lying on the ground, Arcane watched the flash above the cliff split into dozens of strands. In the final moments, he was finally convinced. Where he had been and what a wonderful life he had lived.

'It's a playground that you'd never tire of playing in for a lifetime. Isn't that right, Alfeas?'

The legendary Archmage who dominated the world passed away just like that.


Canis was dumbfounded in front of Arcane's corpse. Wasn't he still a disciple of him? But he left without even leaving a will, doing only what he wanted until the end.

"Was it really nothing? Were we just tools?"

Canis ran to Arcane and shook his collar.

"Get up! How can this be! I should die instead! Why did you leave me behind!"

Arin approached Canis with sad eyes. Reflected in the crystal, his figure was that of a person made of a viscous liquid. That figure did not stay still for a moment, spreading like a liquid and then rising again into the shape of a person.

"No, Canis. It's not because of you that he died. That man used us. He's a villain."

“Kekeke, what’s wrong? It looks like you've realized it now."

Harvest said in a muffled voice.

"That's right, Canis. We all died because of you. Arcane, me, and someday Arin will die too."

Arin, who had been glaring at Harvest, hurriedly turned his head to Canis. As expected, his figure had collapsed into a watery liquid and clung to the ground.

"Why? What did I do? Because I survived in Ladum? Because I'm an unlucky child?"

"It's because you're weak."

Harvest's conclusion was simple.

"How long are you going to live, just waiting for others to recognize you? There's no such thing as having to live like this or having to die like that. Arcane just lived his life."

Arcane gave up his life to uphold his evil beliefs. Harvest fulfilled his contract as a magic creature, even choosing to self-destruct.

'I... What was I going to die for?’

He couldn't find anything. He was nothing more than a wild horse with covered eyes. His life was made up of nothing but shells.

"Like Master...."

"Yes, and like that boy."

In the center of the 400 scattered students, Shirone was lying down. He said he wouldn't hurt anyone, and he kept his faith until the end.

Canis approached Harvest and checked its condition.

“How are you?”

‘If you ask me, I will die. Because if I don't parasitize life, I can't live.”

Arin said.

“All you have to do is sign a Master-Servant contract with me. Canis will not be able to hold on because his mental strength is exhausted."

Harvest shook his head.

"I'm sorry, but that's not possible."

"What? Why? You will perish at this rate!”

“Because my master is Canis.”

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