Infinite Mage (Novel) Chapter 98


Arcane made a displeased expression.

"Heh. You're praising me? Even a passing dog would laugh."

"Are you okay? Though your mental strength has been restored, it's still just a brain's illusion. If you think of doing more here, I can't guarantee your life."

There's no free lunch in magic. The mental strength recovered by Abyss Memory was an equivalent exchange, risking the possibility of brain death.

"So? Are you trying to stop me in the end?"

"If you step back, we can end this here. It might be your last chance. Since everyone is still safe, I can offer this. But if you can't let go of your obsession, you'll have to pay the price."

"Kekeke. You've always had a knack for words. Pretending to consider, but in the end, you only think of yourself. Do you think your past will be covered if I step back? It's already too late. Not only those present here, but the students who suffered from Abyss Nova are also listening with open ears. You won't be able to stay as the principal any longer."

Shirone looked back at the students who had lost their memories. When the magic was lifted, everything that had happened here would remain in their memories. Even if the battle ended safely, it would still be a big problem.

"Hehe! Do you finally understand the situation? How about killing everyone here instead? If so, I'm willing to cover it up for you."

Alpheas smirked slightly.

“Such a farce.”

“Then why don’t you go with me? I'm the one offering you the last chance. Don't you have to continue the legacy left by Erina? Now, look at the result I've achieved. It's the magical creature, Harvest!"

Shirone and the others looked back to where Arcane pointed. Harvest was lying on the floor, strewn like a rag.

"…Well, it's become a little less impressive. Anyway, the experiment was successful. If you help me, we can achieve even greater results. Moreover, that's precisely what Erina truly wanted."

Upon hearing Erina's name, Alpheas' eyes lit up with a cold light.

"Master, please come to your senses."

Arcane finally revealed his true intention. They had been exchanging trivial conversations, but in reality, they were just meaningless words. From the beginning, their relationship was doomed.

"Do you think you can beat me with your pathetic abilities? Principal? That's not even funny. Always making wise judgments, but still foolish at times, you haven't changed, Alpheas."

The Powers of Darkness that spread in the air united again in the form of fists. In response, Alpheas slowly raised both hands and prepared to cast his magic.

"No, this is right. One foolish judgment is enough."

Alpheas compressed the photons between his palms. Upon seeing the photon output that any mage of light can cast, Arcane snorted in displeasure.

"Do you think you can stop me with that? You have become weak, Alpheas.”

"We won't know unless we try."

"Ha! Wasn't that the phrase you hated the most? You always said that we should know before trying. Where did that Alpheas go?"

"A mage lives in the future. Though times have fallen out of my favor, I haven't just aged. Do you think I couldn't calculate your 40 years?"

“Hoo. Did you foresee today? And all you prepared was a mere Photon Output?"

"Let's end this."

Alpheas raised both hands to the sky. Then, the photons compressed between his palms became smaller than dust. At the same time, Arcane swung his fist. The enormous Power of Darkness poured down to the ground. This would end it. It was a strike that poured out all the resentment of 40 years.

Shirone and his party watched the dark power falling at an incredible speed with a blank look. Upon seeing it up close, it was much larger than they had expected.

Alpheas's hands slowly fell down. The movement of his arms flowed like water and began to split into dozens of afterimages. The eyes of those who watched were filled with wonder.

'What is this?'

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