Infinite Mage (Novel) Chapter 96


“Master! How did it go? Was the experiment successful?”

Yes, we succeeded! Our magic has succeeded!"

But Alpheas couldn't be happy. No matter how he looked at it, Erina's condition was strange.

"But why is my wife like this? Honey! Pull yourself together!"

Arcane looked at the instrument panel once again and was shocked. The balance of each item was normal, but the overall body rhythm was dropping simultaneously. It was as if life itself was fading away.

"Why- Why is this happening? It didn't happen in clinical trials."

"Honey! Erina! Open your eyes!"

Erina half-opened her eyes and smiled faintly.

"Honey... I'm fine."

"Erina! What happened? Why are you like this? What's wrong?"

"There was a rejection reaction from the terminal nerves. The human brain must have some differences. But you've done something amazing. With a little more research... Huuk!"

Erina took a deep breath and convulsed.

"Honey! Don't talk! I'll do something! I'll save you no matter what...!"

Alpheas cursed his intellectual ability, realizing that it was already too late to turn back. But he had no choice but to say so.

Erina shook her head slowly. She knew what her husband knew.

"Honey... hold my

Alpheas gripped his wife's hand tightly. If there was even a 1 percent chance, he would have tried. But now, all he could do was stay by her side.

"Erina, this can't be happening. How could this...?"

Erina smiled sadly.

"Honey, I'm sorry."

"What are you sorry for? What..."

"For being a fool."

Alpheas' heart was torn to pieces. Trying to change his wife, why had he forgotten her words that she was beautiful just by existing?

"No... why are you sorry? What are you sorry for! It's me! I was the fool! I'm the fool!"

"Meeting you was a blessing."

Erina was finally able to understand her husband. A wonderful world where rationality reigns. He had been living here. She was happy to be with him for a brief moment and to take his memories with her.

"Honey! Open your eyes! Please… I was wrong, Honey!”

As Erina's eyes closed, Alpheas hugged her face and sobbed.

“Uwaaah! Honey! Honey!"

Arcane lowered his head with a solemn expression. What's different between a human brain and an animal's? If they had started with human experiments, there would have been no tragedy.

But it was a meaningless assumption. There was only one condition that Erina had set for experimenting on herself. They absolutely could not experiment on anyone else.

That's why they had put in more effort. The data they had obtained so far would be valuable for humanity.

'I'm sorry. I won't let your sacrifice be in vain.'

A dull thud sounded. When he turned his head, Alpheas was banging his head against the wall.


A breaking sound was heard every time his forehead collided. It was impossible to tell whether the wall or his head was breaking.

"What? The light of the Mirhi Family? Light? Light!"

Thud! Thud! Thud!

Alpheas's body bounced off like a rubber ball after hitting his head repeatedly. But he didn't stop. The horror of having survived alone, leaving his wife behind, turned his insides upside down.

"Arrogant Alpheas!"

Alpheas rushed into the wall again.


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