Infinite Mage (Novel) Chapter 95


Arcane knew that someone broke into his dungeon last night. But he didn't care. It was because there were many people who entered the Archmage's dungeon aiming for riches. By now, the intruder would have been turned into a corpse from a monster or trap.

Arcane shook off his thoughts for a while and focused on his research again. Lately, he had been delving into the effects of dark magic on memory. His hands, which were frantically writing down the thesis, suddenly stopped. He took off his glasses and looked toward the door. Mechanical devices were being rapidly disarmed. This intruder was not ordinary.

"Did I catch a big fish for the first time in a while?"

Dungeon raiders were good entertainment for Arcane, who would lock himself away in his dungeon for years. Moreover, today's intruder seemed to be quite a promising human.

As the iron door opened with a thud, Arcane looked at his watch. Exactly 32 hours 28 minutes 5 seconds. hat was the time it took for the intruder to disarm the devices and reach this point.

“The Archmage…. Are you Viltor Arcane?”

The man was covered in blood. He had a decent appearance, and his eyes shone like a barrel of guns.

"You don't seem like someone after money or power. Who are you?"

"My name is Mirhi Alpheas. I had no other way to meet you, so I had to come to you directly."


Arcane's eyebrows went up. It doesn't make sense to turn a blind eye to the outside situation just because he’s stuck in a dungeon. He had already come across Alpheas' Photon Theory through a secret route.

"A Light Mage seeking a Dark Mage. A truly unusual event. Sit down, and I'll heal you."

Arcane activated the life support device. Alpheas, who entered the hemispherical device filled with green liquid, fell into a deep sleep as soon as he was submerged.

3 hours after that.

“Puha! Haak!”

Alpheas raised his upper body above the water. He had nearly suffocated. But how could he fall asleep? As he turned his head with his doubts, Arcane was sitting at his desk writing his thesis. He had a scholarly demeanor that made it hard to believe he was the Archmage who had thrown the continent into chaos.

"Thank you for the treatment. It's a good device. I'm curious about the principle behind it."

"No need to beat around the bush. That doesn't change the fact that you're an uninvited guest. Tell me why you came to see me."

A person driven by curiosity and interest would not need to waste time.

Alpheas went straight to the point.

"I want to learn dark magic. Please accept me as your disciple."


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