Infinite Mage (Novel) Chapter 94


Alpheas liked her that way. Even with the intelligence of a ten-year-old, her mind was not that of a ten-year-old. Tears welled up in his eyes at her thoughtfulness, considering her husband might be upset if he failed to win the award.

"Honey, I…"

Alpheas took out the gold medal with his trembling hands.

"I did it! I won! It's the Gold Circle Award!"

Erina, always calm and composed, couldn't help but have her sparkling eyes waver this time. The day that Alpheas had been talking about tirelessly had really come.

"Congratulations. I knew you would win."

“Erina, it's all thanks to you. It's all because of you. Come here. Let me put it on you."

Alpheas thought that the true owner of the Gold Circle was Erina. Of course, the honest Klump didn't understand. He thought Alpheas, who decoded the true meaning, was greater than Erina's childlike words. But Alpheas knew. The small idea that came from Erina's head would become the core code responsible for humanity's future.

"You're the one who won the award. It's your idea that amazed the world."

As Alpheas approached with his lips puckered, Eriana shyly backed away.

"We need to eat. Come quickly."

"Oh, sorry. Klump is throwing a party, so I should go. I'll eat later."

"Oh, alright."

Erina couldn't hide her sadness this time either. Then, Alpheas grinned mischievously and lifted her up.

"Then we have to save time for eating as well."


Alpheas strode up the stairs to the second floor while holding Erina in his arms.

"Wait a minute! The bread will burn!"

"Let it burn! Otherwise, I'll burn!"

After Alpheas won the award, dozens of invitations came in every day. They were all sent by prestigious nobles or institutions that were said to be the best. Being sociable with everyone meant not fitting in with anyone. By rejecting unnecessary connections and raising his value, his reputation spread quickly. As part of this strategy, Alpheus left home today to attend a dinner party invited by the Alchemy Foundation. It was an indispensable event since the organization was responsible for 40 percent of the magic materials.

But Saroph and his friends, unaware of this fact, were camped out in front of Alpheas' house before the sun went down. They were getting more and more anxious as they waited for evening to come.

Saroph sighed.

"Haaa, this is humiliating."

"Is it just about pride? His value has risen too much. It's Alpheas we're talking about. He wasn't just good at magic; he was more than that. We should have anticipated this."

Saroph was also full of regret. He should have somehow mingled with the crowd and relieved his resentment when Alpheas won the Gold Circle Award. It had only been a month since he received the award, but Alpheas' reputation had risen to the point that it’s terrifying. All of this was due to his outstanding political skills. Now, as Alpheus began to choose his company, there was even less room for Saroph to barge in.

'Oh shit. I didn't want to lower my head, but I ended up on my knees. Why do these things always happen?’

There was no answer to the problem, no matter how much he thought about it. At least having friends with him made the embarrassment a little less if that was any consolation.

"Let's go in. I'll do the talkin

Saroph took the lead and knocked on the door of Alpheas' house.

"Is Alpheas there? I'm Saroph."

The person who opened the door was unexpectedly Erina.

"Who are you?"

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