Infinite Mage (Novel) Chapter 155


When Marsha fired Sound Cannon again, Shirone pressed his ears with both hands. At this moment, no magic was more effective than blocking one's ears.


However, Shirone's expectations were greatly missed.

Sound Cannon of a different level of power than ever before pierced through the back of his hand. If he hadn't covered his ears, his eardrums would have burst.

“Huu, you’re ignoring this noona too much. Even though I couldn’t go to academy, I know how to do sequence equations.”

Marsha may be a non-magic academy graduate by the classification of the Mage Society (Prev. Magic Society), but she's also a veteran who had defeated numerous mages. It's no exaggeration to say she acquired important theories through experience.

“Banshee’s Scream.”

When Marsha vibrated her Spirit Zone, a strange, elongated sound filled the room.

Shirone leapt to his feet in fear of the sudden phenomenon. He couldn't see. It was as if the world was darkened, like ink had been spilled on his retina.

'What is this? What kind of magic is this?'

Sound Mages travel the world collecting various sounds. Among them, the Banshee is a winged humanoid monster that lives in mountainous areas and has a female upper body.

It sends out a unique high-frequency sound to blind its prey and devour it, and Marsha uses sound magic to imitate that frequency.

Shirone became anxious. He could not determine the opponent's location through spirit zone.

The narrow space was dizzy by the reverberation of sound waves, and Marsha was being sensed solely through the sound, being the origin of the sound waves.

While Shirone's senses were paralyzed, Marsha had already come next to him. Then she held out her palm towards Shirone’s ear. At this distance, a direct hit from Sound Cannon would cause her brain functions to cease.

'Goodbye, Shirone.'

At that moment, Shirone's spirit zone vibrated violently. Marsha, sensing crisis through her Sonar, immediately retreated. At the same time, a light burst out and pushed out the furniture in the room.

Shirone, with his eyes tightly closed, encircled himself with lasers.

While shooting lasers rapidly around may not deliver a significant impact, Marsha, who had verified their power at the first gate, crouched down beneath the desk.

Taking cover behind the desk, Marsha couldn't visually confirm what was in front of her. However, using her Sonar, she could clearly feel what Shirone was doing.


Marsha's heart dropped. Shirone was precisely aiming Photon Cannon right in front of her.

How was it possible? The echoing Banshee's scream doesn't usually disappear easily within a confined space.

Marsha recalled that the laser had encircled the room earlier.

'No way? Did he cut the sound?'

Disrupting the vibration of sound waves isn't easily achievable through regular magic. However, with a high-efficiency energy amplification like lasers, it was possible to slice through the sound waves.

Marsha may not have known the principles behind lasers, but Shirone knew the principles of sound. The difference in responsiveness that occurs there. This was the reason why magic academy taught numerous disciplines in addition to their majors.


With his eyes wide open, Shirone fired Photon Cannon at Marsha's location. At the same time, Marsha sprang out like a flying squirrel and rolled to the side.


A heavy sphere of light pierced through the building's wall and extended outward.


The battle within the forest was reminiscent of war.

It was evident that Freeman's subordinates didn't understand the value of Magic Projectiles. They had been firing their guns recklessly, and as a result, the landscape of the surrounding area had been entirely destroyed.

Yet, they were the ones being cornered. Their numbers, which had been 20, had now dwindled down to 7. Despite this, they hadn't been able to even determine Amy's location.

"Damn it! Where is she?"

"Over there! She just passed by that way!"

A burning stone flew from deep within the forest. It hit the back of the head of a gunman who hadn't had time to turn around, and knocked him out of consciousness even with his Schema active.

"Damn! She's deliberately using fire-element magic."

“Such a ghost. She moves so quickly, yet her accuracy is tremendous."

For a gunman, mobility and accuracy are important. Amy was overwhelming them in both aspects.

The reason she was able to use flight magic stably and that her targeting was so accurate that it was close to perfect was because she was the owner of Red Eye.

“Huu, now there are 6 left. No, 7 including Freeman."

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