Infinite Mage (Novel) Chapter 144


At first, Amy couldn't understand and blinked her eyes, but when she realized what Tess was trying to say, she turned her head away with a puzzled expression.

"Why are you saying something weird all of a sudden? What does Shirone have to do with my graduation?”

"But think about it. Shirone is still in class four, and you're in the graduating class. Moreover, with your skills, you will definitely be able to graduate next year. If that happens, won't you leave for the capital?"

As soon as she heard the words "leave for the capital," Amy's heart suddenly beat faster.

She had never thought about it before. But realistically, it wasn't that far off.

"It has nothing to do with me."

“Hoo, is it?”

Amy spoke coldly, but Tess couldn't sense the slightest hint of sincerity in her tone.

Amy, who remained silent for a moment, finally revealed what she had been keeping insidw, as Tess had expected.

"Still... We made a promise. He have to catch up to me, no matter what. That's what he said on the condition that we could speak comfortably."

Tess let out a surprised "ho" sound. If they had gone that far in their conversation, then their feelings for each other were far from trivial.

"Hmm. Shirone is undoubtedly amazing too. But you said she moved up to Class Four in just half a year, right? Even if he's a genius, do you think graduating so easily would be possible?"

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