Infinite Mage (Novel) Chapter 143


There was a secret space in the tavern Royal Palace. Even in the Freeman organization, only Falkoa can enter.

It was the Loop Manufacturing Plant.

"You insolent brats! Do you think it will end like this?"

Jis' heart pounded as he stood beside Falkoa. He had seen Falkoa's eccentricities for a long time, but the current situation was far from normal.

'What the hell he gonna do? Why did he bring me here all of a sudden?'

As usual, Jis, who was returning from his job as a tout at the port, was captured by Falkoa's subordinates and arrived here.

It's been a day since Shirone and the others left the tavern in a commotion, but Falkoa's anger didn't seem to subside.

"Kukuku, just watch. I won't let it go like this."

Falkoa laughed grotesquely, tearing the corners of his mouth open. In his mind, he could already see the faces of the detested Shirome and his group.

Of all of them, he particularly despised Amy.

Falkoa almost pulled out his sword right away when he poured the liquor mixed with the Loop that Falkoa had handed him and revealed his red eyes as if to look into it. (팔코아가 건넸던 루프가 섞여있는 술을 한 입에 털어 넣으며 보란 듯이 홍안을 드러낼 때는 팔코아도 돈이고 뭐고 바로 검을 뽑아들 뻔했다.)

Jis glanced sideways at Falkoa, terrified.

What Falkoa was fiddling with at the moment was the device that turned Loop into powder.

The root of Loop is pressed to extract the juice, and then grounded until all the moisture is removed, leaving only a fine powder.

But could this be called a drug?

Originally, Loop was chewed along with saliva to neutralize its effects. However, the current substance was nothing more than a highly toxic chemical with intensified efficacy.

"Jis, I need you to go back again."

"W- Where to?"

"To talk to that girl, Amy. Since we succeeded once, we can do it again this time. Don't say you can't. If you also have eyes, you will know what my condition is."

Jis gulped down his saliva. Of course, he thought Falkoa would take revenge, but it was unexpected that Falkoa would go this far.

Jis had noticed that Amy was the descendant of a powerful family. If he dared to harm her, it would only be a matter of time before the Galliant and or whatever to be be razed to the ground.

"Don't tell me... Do you intend to drug her?"

"Drug her? You stupid brat. That girl will never gets addicted. Don't you understand? If someone as prestigious as the bearer of Red Eyes, who have made their name known throughout continent, gets addicted to this weak Loop, what use is it?"

"Then there's no need for this, right? It will only stir up trouble."

Jis tried to convince Falkoa with a glimmer of hope.

However, it seemed that Falkoa had already stopped listening to anyone.

"What an idiot. Can't you think properly? I never thought this plan would succeed because she won't get addicted."

Falkoa placed the refined Loop powder onto blotting paper. Then he poured it all into a cup of water he had prepared.

Jis stopped breathing.

He knew how Loop was used even though he rarely used it.

Usually, one root was enough to chew on for about two hours, and there would still be some left. But the amount of Loop Falkoa had put into the water was three times that.

Moreover, since it was in liquid form, the effect of the drug, which would normally take 6 hours, should be received all at once.

"D- Don't tell me..."

“Yeah, that’s right. I'm going to make her ingest this. That girl would definitely accept and drink with confidence. But with this much Loop, she'll die without even being able to move. You know what I mean?”

"Wh- Why are you doing this? If she dies, you won't be able to sell her."

"Hahaha, it doesn't matter. Bring her body back, even if it’s the corpse."

Falkoa poured the Loop solution into a glass bottle. As the solution mixed with the drink already inside, it glowed with a beautiful jade color, resembling a cocktail.

"Here, take it. It's a simple task. Lure her in for a chat, give her this to drink, and then bring her back in the carriage. Can you do it?"

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