Infinite Mage (Novel) Chapter 141


The mage returned with a serious expression. Then, between the palms of both hands, a sphere of fire was born.

Unlike Amy, it was a single sphere, so it would be much easier to increase the density.

'She's going to concentrate the firepower, isn't she? She's so eager to win.'

As Amy expected, the mage was tense. Of course, since she had never calculated the power of magic numerically, she did not know how many points she would get.

But it seemed difficult to think that it could explode three times the power of Electric Arrow.


The mage held out both hands vigorously.

In the Spirit Zone under the control of the wizard, inertia is ignored, so there is no need to take a special motion to cast a spell.

Even so, taking a firing stance was the mage's struggle to increase her concentration even a little bit.

Amy followed the fireball with her gaze. As the Labyrinth of Time and Space held the Fireball, a whirlwind of flames raged.

The mage looked at the sphere with eyes full of expectation. But a moment later, her face changed to a gloomy expression.

The score is 1,330. It was only 310 points higher than Electric Arrow.

It was a huge difference for a swordsman who was purely evaluated for physical ability, but in the realm of magic that applied phenomena, it could be said that there was a difference there.

"Th- This can't be. No! This is because the firepower is distributed. I can pass at least 2,000.”

No one responded to the mage's voice.

The difference was too big. No matter what she did, she couldn't get over Amy's score.

The archer thought it was already too late to pass through this place. The girl who scored over 3,000 was expected to be the highest level here.

In the mercenary world, the mage called divine is also 1,330. And the fact that she showed more than twice her magical power meant that it was at least the greatest talent in her age group.

Rian and Tess were thinking the same thing.

They don't mean to disparage Shirone's skills, but Amy was Shirone's senior at school. If she, a senior, failed, they assumed it would be hard for evenShirone to show more.

Amy was the only one who didn't think this was the end.

“Shirone, you need to take this seriously. Maybe it's because it's so narrow that I couldn't cross it."

"Okay. I'll try my best.”

The leader sarcastically curled his lips.

"Hah! What's the use of doing your best? The results have to come out. It's already over. Let's fold and go back."

Shirone realized something from the sight of the leader who gave up without even trying. The Labyrinth of Time and Space was called the angel's eye. What on earth did she build such an altar for?

But it was time to put aside the fleeting insight for a while. Right now, the priority is to focus on the work of the altar.

Shirone closed his eyes and performed the sequence method. A faint point of light was born in the front. Subsequently, an innumerable number of photons flooded into the center and grew its size.

“Wha- What? Photon Output? What impact do you have with that?”

The mage said with an absurd expression. Despite this, the reason she couldn't take her eyes off Shirone was the force that could not be seen with a normal Photon Output.

The moment Shirone opened his eyes after completing the sequence method, a fist-sized white sphere began to vibrate as if it was about to die.

Shirone gritted his teeth and fired the Photon Cannon. A ray of light that stretched out at sub-light speed hit the Labyrinth of Time and Space as if to smash it.

The mercenaries, who were not expecting it at first, were fascinated by the beauty of the flash and trembled as they waited for the score.


People's eyes widened when an unexpected number came up.

In particular, the mage and the archers who were well versed in magic were astonished. It was because the magic Shirone cast was none other than photon output.

Light has no special firepower. It was only defined by the product of speed and mass, the momentum.

Still, 4,783 points came out. Compared to his colleagues, it was said that the impact was equivalent to the shock of 20 warriors who chose a strength-enhancing build and struck with all their might.

"What, what on earth are those things?”

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