Infinite Mage (Novel) Chapter 114


But still, his grades didn't improve.

I heard that he mastered Schema a month ago, but the speed of reinforcement was so slow that it made me wonder if it was true.

“No matter how much I’m at the bottom, I won’t know unless I try. Who knows, things might go well when I actually challenge?”

“Huhu, yes, that sounds like you.”

Tess had never seen Rian nervous. It was a strange feeling that Rian, who had the weakest ability, remained calm before a test that could lead to amputation of limbs.

'Well, it was the same back then.'

Tess got to know Rian during the probation period.

Swordsmen are naturally fond of fighting. Since 300 such children gathered, the atmosphere was fierce from the first day. The instructors did not particularly interfere with the affair within the academy. Then, as expected, some wolves bared their teeth.

The hierarchy was sorted out in an instant.

Those who learned Schema were in the 1st group, those with strong physical abilities were in the 2nd group, and those who were not either of the two were in the 3rd group. The problem was that the cadets who couldn't even make it into 3rd group. They were boys who had no interest in swords but were pushed into it by their parents.

Group 1's leader, Richard Faiger, persistently bullied such boys. His nature was ferocious to begin with, and now he had come to a military academy that legally teaches murder techniques, his restraint was unleashed.

Tess didn't care. With her skills, she was one of the top 10 women among the cadets in group 1, and was free from the hierarchy competition.

At that time, Rian's rank was in the middle of group 2.

At this level, he wasn't in a position to be bullied, but Rian didn't fit in with anyone. There was one reason why he applied for swordsmanship school. Graduation doesn't matter. His only thought was to improve his skills somehow and become a swordsman who worthy of Shirone.

“Puhahaha! Hey, run! Faster!”

“Neiiigh! Neiiigh!”

One day, the cadets from group 1 rode on the backs of weak children and held a race in the barracks. Every time they hit the buttocks of the boys playing the role of horses with a stick, horse-like cries burst out.

Some of the cadets frowned, but most were engrossed in cheering, as if watching a real horse race. It was a small amount, but it was a real race with money on it. Besides, if they showed dislike, they could become the very person who crawls under them.

"Faster! We're winning! We're winning!"

Piger, who runs the lead, was excited. True to his character of not tolerating defeat in anything, he was giving his all even in a joking race. As the finish line came into view, his beating became more violent. The cadet who became a racehorse had to crawl on his knees, crying and bleeding.

“Neiiigh! Neiiigh!”

"Oh yea! I'm number one......!"

As he was about to cross the finish line, a blurry afterimage appeared in Faiger's eyes. Then, a strong impact struck his nose.


Faiger, who was kicked without realizing it, fell off the back of the racehorse. In the meantime, the latecomers crossed the finish line one after another.

"Be moderate. Is this your playground?"

Faiger held his throbbing nose and glared at the blue-haired boy.

"You little......!"

Ogent Rian.

As far as Faiger knew, even in the 2nd group, their skills were mediocre. His pride was hurt when he realized he had been hit by a guy who hadn't even mastered Schema.

"What's up with you? Want to die?"

Rian didn't answer. His reserved nature did not change even after entering the swordsmanship academy. He doesn't make up any words if he has nothing to say.

"Look at this kid......"

Faiger got up, showing his will to fight. It was a tense situation, but none of the cadets, stricken with fear, stepped forward.

Of course, there were those who didn't feel the need to do so. Tess was one of them.

This was a school of swordsmanship. Nothing would change if they stood up for the weak in a group learning warfare techniques. In the end, the situation would be settled according to the hierarchy of power.

"Hey, that's Rian, right? He's finally caused trouble."

Tess looked back. A girl cadet, the same as her, but taller than the boys by a head, was standing like a wall.

"Do you know his name? He doesn't look strong."

"He's weak. But stubborn. The other day, some kids from group 2 collected some money. It was for Faiger's birthday. But the only person who didn't contribute was Lian."

“Aha, is that why he's targeted?"

"I guess he was asking for it. But honestly, I was surprised. He seemed quiet, but he's surprisingly hot-tempered."


Only then did Tess take a closer look at Rian. He still kept his mouth shut, but he didn't seem to want to back down either.

'There are kids like that too. The kingdom is indeed vast.'

That was the end of her curiosity. She had grown up seeing many eccentrics due to the influence of her father, who was the commander of an occupied territory.

No matter how much they flaunt their convictions, if their sword is not strong, they will be broken. That was the principle of this world.

“Keukeukeu. Has this kid gone dumb? It's too late to regret. Surely you didn’t want to get away with it after doing something like this, did you?”

"Let's go outside. If the instructor finds out, it won't be good for the evaluation."

Faiger was stunned. The guy who should be begging for his life was instead suggesting to avoid the instructor's gaze and fight.

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