Infinite Mage (Novel) Chapter 105


“You’re not a kid, but you taking a sides now? I am sincere too. I don't want them to take Shirone away."

Amira made a puzzled expression. She understood their desire to protect their friend, but they were just advanced students. There was no way they could fight against a group mostly consisting of seniors.

"Do you think you're really great just because I'm going easy on you? You think you can win against us?"

Starting with Amira, the entire protest group entered their Spirit Zone. The powerful zones of the senior students were conveyed to Nade and Iruki's synesthesia.

'Kekeke. Kekekeke.'

Watching their confrontation, Fermi secretly shook his shoulders. The current situation was ridiculous and to the point of death.

'Yes, fight, fight. Break yourselves to your heart's content.'

Fermi knew that all profits are created from chaos and confrontation. In that sense, war was the ultimate blue ocean. Accumulation of wealth was impossible without a minority of winners exploiting a majority of losers.

Fermi knew how to win a war. It was all about inciting emotions. Human weaknesses were ultimately emotions. Those who exploit the emotions of others dominate the world.

'Mourn, be angry, and shout that you are right. That's how you raise the stakes. Of course, I'll take all the stakes.'

Sienna, who was monitoring the situation in the infirmary, caught Fermi in her eyes.

'It's all your doing, isn't it? You're such a despicable guy.'

She was angry, but she couldn't criticize him. Fermi's philosophy was not shabby. Maybe he was even exploiting the situation Shirone in.

Alpheas approached Sienna.

"We can't do anything about it now."


"It seems this is as far as it goes. We'll have to accept the student council's demands."

Amy shouted.

"Principal! No! What about Shirone?"

"Amy, I'm sorry."

"How can you do this! You know, Principal! You know that Shirone isn't dead yet!"

"No. Actually, I don't know.”

Shocked, Amy froze. Alpheas put his hand on her shoulder and said.

"Amy, no one knows Shirone's condition. We only believe. I also believe that Shirone will return."

“But why….”

"But look. Now even unrelated kids are fighting, right? It doesn't matter why this happened. I can't ignore the situation where my students are fighting any longer."

The other students were as precious to Alpheas as Shirone. Such students were now spreading the Spirit Zone to kill each other. In this situation, prioritizing only Shirone was a selfish act.

"I'll go down and tell them myself. I'll inform Shirone's parents and proceed with the funeral arrangements. We'll discuss disciplinary matters later."

Amy slumped weakly in her chair. Cerielle approached with tears in her eyes.

"Amy, what do we do? Shirone, Shirone is..."

Amy's heart was no different. In the end, Shirone never returned. The moment Alpheas acknowledged it, it felt like Shirone had disappeared from her heart.


The atmosphere in front of the building was on the verge of exploding. Everyone had their Spirit Zones unfolded, and anyone could use lethal magic if they made a decision.

Amira felt a sense of doubt again. Was this really the right way? Could casting murderous magic at each other with their Spirit Zones expanded among fellow students make any sense?

She gnawed her lips and looked back and forth between Nade and Iruki. Nade was already ready for battle, but Iruki seemed open to conversation.

"You're Iruki, right? A Savant."

Iruki didn't answer.

"Do we really have to do this? Your friend is too emotional. But you're different, right?"

"I'm sorry, but I'm emotional right now."

"Liar. No, it doesn't matter even if that's true. You know, don't you? Do you really think your friend is alive? Is that the conclusion you've come to?"

"Hmm, a conclusion. If that's the case, there's only one answer."

Iruki, who lowered his eyes and was lost in thought, glared at Amira and said.

“Shirone is not dead.”

Nade looked back at Iruki with a surprised expression. He couldn't understand why Iruki, who had been insisting that Shirone was dead while they were in the infirmary, had suddenly changed his mind.

“Iruki, you….”

Iruki continued to stare straight ahead. Amira's disappointment grew. She had pinned her hopes on the person considered the most rational in the school, but he turned out to be just another kid in advanced class.

"If you really think that, then you must have some logic to convince us?"

"Of course."

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