Infinite Mage (Novel) Chapter 104


Iruki, who was lying on the table, said.

"Did you have any progress in the meantime? Until yesterday, you were determined to chase them down and beat them up."

Amy didn't even have the energy to get angry. Iruki probably felt the same way. They were too exhausted from a week of stress to even lift a finger.

Amy propped her chin on the bed and said,

"At least now I can see there are people fighting for Shirone. "

Nade, who was watching the protest from the window, chimed in.

"Even so, our side is mostly made up of lower and upperclassmen. In contrast, most of the protesters are about to graduate. If they really come in, we won't be able to stop them."

Cerielle said.

"But we should be fine for now. We have the teachers on our side. The Principal, Sienna, and Ms. Ethella are on our side."

"You don't know, senior. They... their actions have been suspicious since yesterday."

"Huh? What?”

Cerielle turned to Nade and asked, but Iruki answered.

"Some of them seem to be missing, especially Amira and Fermi. At least one of them should be left to instigate the crowd."

Amy snapped angrily.

"Hey! Why do you keep using informal language with me while being polite to Cerielle?"

Iruki looked away as if it was annoying. There was no special reason for it, but they simply thought that if Shirone's girlfriend was their friend, then Amy should be their friend as well.

As the door to the infirmary opened, Alpheas entered with Sienna and Ethella. The persistence of the student council had left the teachers' faces increasingly haggard..

"You've been through a lot. How's Shirone?"

"As you can see... still the same."

"I see. It is unavoidable.”

Now Alpheas couldn't help but have doubts. It had already been a week. If some Absolute Being being were to appear and say that Shirne would come back to life, they would wait for a year or even ten years. However, the problem was that no one could prove that Shirone would return alive. It was a race against time.

“I will cast a spell on Shirone.”

Amy and Cerielle opened the way. Alpheas put his hand on Shirone's chest and cast a Slow Magic. It was an embalming treatment that could be done without harming the body.

After finishing the magic, Alpheas retreated again. Now Shirone will be able to get through another day.

But for how long? Although the teachers were silently watching now, complaints would inevitably arise as time went on.

Sienna stared at Shirone and stroked his hair. The more she thought about it, the more unfair and resentful she was. To think that a promising mage would end up like this before he even blossomed.

'That's why I said I should stop him.'

Shirone passed Overflow well. But the price he paid was frequent contact with the Immortal Function. At that time, Ethella had said she would take full responsibility. She had no intention of criticizing now. If something went wrong with Shirone, she would spend her entire life comforting his soul.

"Teacher! There's big trouble!"

Cerielle shouted. Amy and Nade were also looking out the window, unable to hide their anger. Sienna walked to the window. Amira and Fermi, who had not been seen until yesterday, were pushing documents toward the infirmary.

"We, as representatives of the Alpheas Magic School students, will submit a lawsuit against all teachers! Please allow us to take over Principal Alpheas’ employment!”

Sienna's head ached. In the end, her concerns had occurred. The student council had gone all out. They not only intended to punish Alpheas, but also to enforce penalties on other teachers.

If the lawsuit was filed, the situation would spiral out of control. If the families of the students got involved, the school would collapse without any chance of recovery.

When Sienna opened the window, the protesters instantly fell silent.

"What on earth is this commotion? Is it the job of the student council to incite students and shake the school?"

Amira walked towards the window.

"It's not incitement. We don't want to go this far either. That's why we haven't submitted the lawsuit yet. However, there are too many suspicious points. It's already been 7 days since Shirone died. Still, the teachers are still hesitant to make it public.”

“Shirone is not dead. He’s just in a state of suspended animation.”

“There can be no suspended animation without a beating heart. We can't accept the fact that there's no decay. Couldn't it be possible with Principal Alpheas' magic?"

The student council seemed to have reached this conclusion. It was an accurate guess.

However, there are things in the world that should not be judged by the result alone. The student council didn't understand why Shirone had to be preserved.

The cause of the problem was the Immortal Function. Even the students of the magic school couldn't respond emotionally because they had no knowledge about the realm.

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