TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 410

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Chapter 410

Raon was startled by the new message and raised his eyebrows.


(Sloth Trait:Upon sleeping, you gain a small number of stats, and the recovery speed of stamina and aura is drastically increased)

"The effect of Sloth is enhanced?"

The [Sloth] trait has a ridiculous ability to increase stats while sleeping, and even increase the speed of recovery of stamina and aura.

It was hard to believe that this cheating trait could grow even further.


Wrath, who didn't expect that the trait of Sloth would be enhanced, bit his lip.

Sloth! That sleepy bastard should have been killed long ago! It was a mistake to left him alive!

'Go play somewhere else.'

Raon pushed Wrath off the table, who was making a fuss, and checked the newly appeared message.

[30 points of [Sloth] are created.]

[Aura and stamina recovery ability of the trait [Sloth] are enhanced.]

Unintentionally, Raon slammed the table with the palm of his hand.


The sudden noise roused Runaan from her slumber. She tilted her head towards Raon and then settled back into her bed, starting to doze off again.'What's going on with that girl…'

Runaan, who had been with the Light Wind squad, or rather, Zieghart, was the most mysterious member when it came to her thoughts.

Raon shook his head and was about to look at the message again when the energy that sprouted from the black flower bracelet that Sloth had made for him penetrated his body.

'This is…'

With a sense of apprehension, Raon sensed Sloth's energy permeating his soul.

He could have resisted it, but unlike

[Wrath], he didn't feel even a hint of malice, so he let it be."Is this Sloth's emotion?" (energy)

He felt sleepy. It felt like taking a nap in bed on a sunny Saturday afternoon with the warm sunlight pouring in.

"It's not bad."

Unlike [Wrath], it actually made his mind feel at ease. To the extent that he could easily crush it with his current soul level without operating the ring of fire.


'Since Sloth wasn't attached to his soul like Wrath, there was no risk of it taking over his body just because his Sloth points increased.

He just needs to use this ability properly.

'At this rate, my growth speed will be twice as fast.'

After calculating the effect of Sloth, the stats growth effect was doubled compared to before, and the recovery speed of aura and stamina was three times faster than before.

In this state, it seemed that he would be able to recover all of his aura in a few days without resting, even if he only slept.

Damn it...

Wrath's face turned even redder after seeing that the effect of Sloth had increased. He was like a strawberry-flavored cotton candy.

As soon as the King of Essence aquires a physical body, the King of Essence will go kill that Sloth fool!


Watching the trembling Wrath, Raon couldn't help but chuckle.'You're the biggest fool here.'

He had been born with a stronger aura of foolishness than anyone else. Seeing Wrath curse at others while having such a powerful trait was quite amusing.

'I should go see him once too.'

Why are you going to that sleepy guy!

Wrath trembled his lips as if he was worried about something.

'Because I got Sloth points. I have to ask him how to use it.'

Raon looked at the black flower bracelet with a greedy look.

'It might not just about sleeping.'

Since it is the points of a demon king similar to Wrath, there must be other abilities besides the effect of sleeping.

It was right to go find Sloth and ask him to use it properly.

There's no need to go.

Wrath was trembling with anxiety, his lips quivering.

You don't need to go. That guy's ability is nothing special!

Raon looked at Wrath, who was shaking his head slightly as he said he wouldn't like it.

'It's okay. I have to visit Habun Castle for Yua's sake.'

He was planning to visit Habun Castle to give Yua some time to spend with her grandfather, so he was planning to go there as well.

Grrr! You black sheep Sloth!

Wrath realized that it was difficult to stop him and started cursing Sloth again.

I will never forgive you!

'Feel free to do as you please.'

Raon chuckled and brushed his hand through his hair.

'That's right....'

After checking all of his new abilities, he remembered the guest that Wendy had mentioned a while ago.

'Sword Demon Rectar....' (Wow similar names again: Rectar, recktar, raptor, lecktar, rockta, rocktan, rocan city, rokan sullion)

He had some connection with him.

After his activities in Habun Castle, he had obtained his first nickname the Sword Demon of Habun Castle or the young Sword Demon, so it was not an exaggeration to say that he had a connection with him.

'What kind of person is he?'

He heard that Rectar, the strongest of the Five Great Swordmasters, has the power to reach the top ten of the continent, but he never seen him in person, so he doesn't know how strong he really is.

He wanted to experience his swordsmanship firsthand.

Sword Demon, devil, whatever, keep your promise.

Wrath frowned and pounded the table with his chubby hands.

'Promise? What promise?'

Have you already forgotten? Didn't you promise to eat whatever the King of Essence wanted?

'Oh, that.'

Raon nodded slowly and took out the Nadine bread from his spatial pocket.

'Then with this Nadine bread...'

W-What are you doing!

Wrath trembled violently as soon as he saw the Nadine Bread, screaming as if he had seen something horrific.

Get rid of that abomination right now!

'I don't want to.'

You despicable man! You make a promise and then break it!

'You're blatantly misunderstanding that promise…'

'What nonsense! The King of Essence remembers every word you say, without exception!'

'Then recite it once.'


Wrath nodded and said the contents of the deal that had been made before the fight with Arch Lich.

Wrath nodded and recounted the terms of the deal that had taken place before the battle with Arch Lich.

You said, 'Not only after the war is over, but also after you leave this place, I'll eat whatever I want,' and you even said you'd eat the new ice cream product that the Ice Cream Girl mentioned!

'Doesn't that sound a bit strange to you?'

Hmph! I'm not fooled! What other tricks are you planning?

He glared at Raon fiercely.

What's so strange about a simple sentence like 'I'll eat whatever I want'? Wait a minute…

Wrath stopped abruptly as he retraced his words. He seemed to have finally noticed the strangeness of the deal.

'Now you get it. There's no mention of 'who' will eat it in that statement.'

Raon looked at the trembling Wrath and raised an eyebrow, his lips curling into a sly smile.

'So, I can eat whatever I want. Like this Nadine Bread.'

W-What a sneaky trickster!

'You're the one who pulled a dirty trick first, changing the terms of the deal in a critical moment.'

Raon felt no pangs of conscience for responding to Wrath's dirty trick with a dirty trick. He had only responded to a dirty trick with a dirty trick, so he felt no guilt.

'If you're going to mess with me, eat 100 more of Nadine Bread.'

S-sorry the King of Essence was wrong!

Wrath lay on the table with his stomach and folded his hands.

Please! Please spear the the Nadine bread!

He begged Raon not to eat the Nadine bread, saying that he would never make such a deal again.

'Nope. I won't.'

Raon smiled as he lifted the Nadine bread.

'I'll eat Nadine bread every day until I go back.'

Of course, he didn't mean that. He was going to fill Wrath's stomach with his favorite food tomorrow because he had suffered enough. But for now, he needed to assert his dominance.


Raon ate the Nadine bread, which was full of rubber, as he listened to Wrath's screams.

Behave yourself from now on.

* * *

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Raon opened his eyes to the pouring sunlight. He was a little tired, but his condition was much better than it had been the day before.

'Is this the real power of Sloth?'

Thanks to the enhanced effect of Sloth, the speed of recovery of aura and stamina and the effect of stats increase were much better.

Now he could really say that he was getting stronger just by sleeping.

'Wrath is still unconscious.'

Wrath seemed to still be unconscious, perhaps due to the rubbery taste of Nadine Bread and the shock of their bizarre deal.


As Raon attempted to get up, he noticed something hanging on his blanket. He turned his head and saw Runaan, lying in the same position as yesterday, asleep on the bed.

'What is it?'

Was it Déjà vu?

He had left her in another room yesterday, so he couldn't understand why she had come all the way here to sleep uncomfortably.

'She's a strange girl.'

Raon smiled wryly as he got up, and the door opened and Dorian entered.

"Oh? Déjà vu?"

He looked at Raon getting up and Runaan sleeping with her arm on the bed, and tilted his head.

"No, it's not."

Raon shook his hand lightly.

"Are you feeling better now?"

"Yeah, it's much better."

He had filled his stomach, and his aura, stamina, and mental strength had all recovered a lot.

The injury was unavoidable, but his body was light enough to fight right away.

"Then would you like to come with me? The head of the Arian family said that the guest is returning now."

"Is the guest is Rectar-nim?"

"Oh? You know him?"

Dorian muttered to himself, wondering how he knew without even listening.

"I heard from Wendy-nim."

Raon got up and put on his coat.

"Let's go. I have to say thank you for his help."

He also have to thank him for bringing back the executives, but he wanted to experience how strong he was as a warrior.

As he followed Dorian out of the recovery room and headed for the west gate, people from the Arian family began to gather around him.


"You're awake!"

"Are you feeling well?"

"Thank you so much for saving Arian!"

"We will never forget this favor!"

The people of the Arian family bowed their heads with their hands folded in respect, thanking him for leading them to victory in the war.

"Thank you for taking care of the trash of the family!"

"Thanks to Sir Raon's decision, we have also made up our minds!"

"We will follow Zieghart and the Light Wind squad for life!"

"Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!"

Rumors about the bloody execution ceremony last night had also spread, and many people were expressing their gratitude for getting rid of Wigen and the executives.

'As expected.'

Before the war, many people longed for the fallen executives, but their reputation was completely ruined when they abandoned their families and fled.

Among the many people, no one seemed to be looking for the former officers.

'Wendy-nim should find it easier to move now.'

Since the reputation of the previous head and executives has hit rock bottom, Wendy, who has become the new head of the Arian family, can gain their support with just moderate efforts.

While accepting the greetings of the people, Raon headed for the west gate. When the walls came into view, the gates opened and the Light Wind squad and the Rangers began to enter.

"What? You're already up?"

Burren raised his hand and smiled with joy.

"You used collapse as soon as you fought, and now you're out of bed?"

Martha smiled in a way that was indistinguishable from concern or mockery.

"Vice-squad leader! Are you okay?"

"Isn't it too early to get up?"

"Why don't you rest more?"

"I'm okay now."

Raon met eyes with the Light Wind members and gestured to them not to worry, saying that he was fine.

"Raon! You fainted, and I had to go all the way to bring you here!"

Rimmer approached with his body slumped over like a zombie. He sighed at the sight of him, the only one who wasn't worried but was expressing his annoyance.

"By the way, why did the squad leader go out?"

"Martha dragged him out by the collar. She said that she didn't know what the guest would do."

He spread his mana to silence his voice and pointed to the back.

Raon followed his gesture and raised his eyes.

A white-haired old man in a light white robe was slowly walking towards him, as if he had come out for a walk. He was tall, well-built, and his eyes were as sharp as a knife blade.

'Is that the Sword Demon?'

He thought that the Sword Demon would spread a sharp aura, like his cold nickname, but he didn't feel any aura from him.

'Was my level of perception not enough to sense his aura?'

It would be difficult for you to sense it.

Wrath looked up and down at the Sword Demon and nodded.

Not bad at all. There are plenty of humans in this era who are reasonably strong.

'That's all?'

To be acknowledged by Wrath, who ignores the world, it seemed that the rumors that his sword could reach the top ten of the continent were true.


The Sword Demon also noticed him and approached with his eyes fixed on him.

'Something strange.'

His appearance is like a carefree old man like a Taoist, but his eyes are as terrifying as a knife blade. It felt like a Taoist and an evil spirit were in one body.

"I am pleased to meet you, Sword Demon Rectar."

Raon approached the Sword Demon first and bowed his head.

"I heard that you came to capture the deserters who abandoned the family. Thank you for your help."

"It was nothing."

The Sword Demon waved his hand. His voice was cold, like the wind blowing in the North Sea. His voice matched the expectations.

"I sensed a strong aura of death and encountered bandits on my way here, so I had them guide me."

He said that he originally intended to kill them, but he brought them back alive because they said they were executives of the Arian family.

"Are you Raon Zieghart, who was called the young Sword Demon?"

"Yes, that's right."

The Sword Demon referred to his nickname he aquired when he was in Habun Castle, not the White Sword Dragon. It seemed like he had known about Raon for sometime.

"I've been curious since then. Who was the swordsman who acquired my nickname? I came to inspect the marks you've created…"

As he spoke of the sword marks, he suddenly stopped.


The Sword Demon stared at Raon's face with his beady eyes, as if he had seen something he shouldn't have.

"Sir Sword Demon Rectar?"

Raon frowned, then opened his eyes, looking at the Sword Demon, who was frowning and then smiling.

'What's going on?'

Despite being known as the Demon of the Sword, he had expected questions about swordsmanship, but Rectar said nothing and simply stared blankly at his face.

"Sir Rectar?"

"Oh, I'm sorry."

The Sword Demon shook his head slightly and took a step back.

"Hmm, I'll see you next time."

He seemed to have something to say, but he shook his head and left.

The man seemed to have something to say, but he shook his head and left.


A young man in white followed him, calling him master.

Raon tilted his head at the Sword Demon, who suddenly seemed to be in low spirits.

'What is it?'

He's probably hungry.


* * *

That evening.

The Arian family held a festival to celebrate Raon's awakening.

The entire castle was ablaze with light, and the tired people's lips were even more radiant with smiles.

Raon stood on the west wall and smiled faintly as he watched the people cheering and laughing.

'This is a family.'

One thing he has realized while living in Zieghart is that

'A family is a place where you share joy and sorrow.'

If a member of the family is in danger, you must save them wherever you are, and if they are killed, you must avenge them, no matter who they are.

The Arian family has not been such a family until now, but Wendy, as the new family leader, will become a huge wall that can protect all the members.

'I have to do that too.'

I still don't intend to become the head of house Zieghart, but I will protect the Light Wind squad members at all costs, no matter what happens.

That's the natural attitude a leader should have.

Wrath nodded as he listened to the people's laughter.

In the Devildom, there are many families and castles, but what remains until the end are the lords or family heads who share life and death with the lower demons.

The man sneered at the fact that humans could not do what even demons do.

Of course, there are exceptions.


Some fools don't care about their subordinates and only believe in their own power, but they still manage to thrive.

'Like Sloth?'

-That idiot is just a lazy bum. Other than him, there is a Monarch among... huh?

Wrath was about to say the name of another demon king when he stopped and looked down, sniffing his nose.

I smell something!

'What smell?'

The sweet scent of concentrated juice melting in the heat!

He stared at the center of the street, where the festival was in full swing, and raised his chubby hand.

There it is! They're selling blueberry pies there!


Raon licked his lips and fiddled with the spatial pocket in his arms.

'I was planning to fill up on Nadine's bread for dinner tonight.'

Please! Just this once, stop eating that rubbery stuff!

Wrath started begging him to stop.



Just when he was about to tease him a little more, Runaan waved her hand from below.

"There are a lot of ice creams."

She raised a bowl filled with various ice creams and stomped her feet.

"What are you doing there, acting like a snob?"

Martha frowned, asking why he was acting so pretentious there.

"Anyway, since the atmosphere doesn't seem right."

Burren laughed as he held a mug of beer.

"Here's a table and chairs ready!"

Dorian pulled out a large table and chairs from his belly pocket and gestured.

Y-you don't have to say it like that.

Wrath awkwardly chuckled and nudged below.

Raon looked at Wrath's eyes, which were darting around like a fish, and offered a faint smile.

'He's probably have come to his senses by now.'

After all the tough love from Nadine's bread whip, it seemed like it was finally time to reward him with delicious food.

Just as he was about to go down the castle wall, something suddenly emerged from the swamp that was filled with mud again. A swamp crocodile with a shell that looked as hard as a crustacean and a long snout.

'Crocodile... huh?'

Raon's mouth dropped open. The crocodile was looking at him and smiling grotesquely, waving its stubby forelimbs.

A…A crocodile…


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